A Conference to Remember

A Conference to Remember A Conference to Remember

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


When her boss shows up at her out of town conference, things become very interesting.


When her boss shows up at her out of town conference, things become very interesting.


Submitted: August 17, 2015

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Submitted: August 17, 2015



As Ally was standing in line waiting to check into the conference, she wasn’t really looking forward to the next three days, but she quickly reasoned that it had to be better than being in the office.  But then she corrected herself as she’d recently switched departments at her company and she was enjoying the chaos of learning that had been the result.  It had been a whirlwind of sorts as she’d been recruited into the department even though it hadn’t taken much effort as she had really gotten tired of her previous position.

Little did she know that the man that was principally responsible for her recruitment was eyeballing her from a check in table a few feet from where she was currently standing.  He was the CFO of Acme, Inc. and he’d seen something in Ally that spurred him into motion to get her into his department.  He’d always noticed her at company events because he thought she was a natural and stunning beauty, but then she’d worked with some people from his group on a project and he’d seen firsthand that not only was she beautiful but she was intelligent and possessed an exceptional knowledge of business and whether something just made sense or not. 

However, his thoughts were certainly not businesslike as he looked at her.  She was wearing a professional, yet form fitting black dress that molded to her petite frame and her always amazing ass looked even more incredible today. As always her hair and makeup looked impeccable and he tugged at his tie nervously as he made his way over to her.  He’d arranged to have her go to this conference as he wanted to test her business acumen as well as her drive to advance.  He also had countless fantasies of spending nights alone with her in his hotel suite, but as far as he knew, she didn’t even know who he was so he would be satisfied in just helping a talented young woman reach her business potential.  But, oh did he like to fantasize about her.  Just the thought of undressing her occupied his mind for large parts of the day and he felt like an idiot teenager when he saw her walk by.

Suddenly he realized she had finished checking in and he was going to run into her and he fought to calm his nerves.  “Hey, Ally!  All checked in I see?” 

She looked completely stunned as she obviously didn’t know anyone else from the company was going to be at the conference, let alone the guy that sat several rungs up the organizational chart of her new department.  “Hi Mr. Smith, I didn’t know you were going to be at this.  What a nice surprise.”

He laughed and said, “Oh, you don’t have to lie, Ally.  And call me Hubie; calling me Mr. Smith makes me feel old.” 

She smiled and he wondered if she was going to say something like, “But you are old, Mr. Smith” but instead she said, “Why would I lie about it being a nice surprise?” 

He smiled in return and together they walked towards the auditorium where the lectures would be and he leaned in and said, “Oh, I know you young folks look forward to getting away from the office and kicking your heels up a little.  Don’t worry I won’t interfere with any social outings.” 

She was laughing and finally said, “I passed up this comment earlier, but after you used a phrase like “Kicking your heels up, I have to say that you are old, Hubie.” 

Her eyes were sparkling and although he’d always thought she had beautiful eyes now that he really saw them up close he was even more mesmerized.  Just enough green in the chocolate pools that they were exceptionally beautiful. 

He was chuckling and she added, “Besides, all this new stuff I’m having to learn from moving into your understaffed department will keep me busy in the hotel room at night.”

He chuckled again and squeezed her forearm and said, “Oh, that won’t do at all.  In fact, I need you to join me for lunch today.” 

He guided her to a table and as he watched her deftly slide into her seat, he wished he wondered if she knew the effect she had on him.  Little did he know that one of the reasons she’d moved into his department was that she found him very handsome and had always been impressed with how he handled himself and she hoped she would learn a lot from him.  In fact, after being in some recent meetings with him, she’d actually had a few nights where she’d fantasized about learning all kinds of things from him. 

Now here they were at an out of conference and he was asking her to lunch.  Her mind was racing and she suddenly fixated on why she hadn’t worn a different bra today.  Something lacy so if he caught a glimpse it would be more interesting than the plain black one she was wearing.She was surprised that she was having these thoughts and even more surprised at how exciting it was to think of him looking at her.  She caught his eyes glancing at her ass and she fought a smile as she wondered if he had any idea that as usual she was commando and the idea of this powerful executive wanting to have lunch with her was turning her on more than just a little. 

He leaned in and whispered, “Listen, this is incredibly confidential, but I’m not here by accident; and neither are you.  I’ve been really impressed with you and that’s the reason I had you recruited into my department.  We’re in the middle of negotiations to acquire another company and I’m having lunch with their CEO and CFO and I need you there.  I want your input as I think you’ll offer a different perspective than all the others I’ve been getting. 

She was leaning towards him to better hear him and he was getting an eyeful of tanned cleavage and it was sexy and distracting as hell.  At one point the dress billowed out enough that he did see her bra and being the perv that he was, he fantasized about buying her some sexier lingerie.  She had such a sweet little body and he could smell her perfume and he was fighting a growing erection and losing the battle and he wondered how much of a loser she would think he is if she caught sight of it.  In her mind, she was completely shocked.  He’d just admitted that he was the one that had wanted her recruited to his department and now he was offering her a chance of being involved in the negotiations of an acquisition and she was both thrilled and scared half to death.  But that wasn’t all, the more they talked and being in such close proximity to him was making her notice him even more. 

He’d taken off his glasses and she’d never seen him before like that and he had such wonderful eyes and his smile was sexy and god, did his mouth look perfect for ravishing her lips.  He was obviously letting what he told her sink in, but then he whispered, “Is that a new dress?  You look really amazing and it’s perfect for the lunch.” 

Now her brain was really on overload as it was a new dress.  She’d worn it to work one other time, but she knew he was out of the office that day because she’d walked by his office a couple different times and noticed his office was dark each time.  So he was aware enough of her that he knew her clothes and that was such a compliment and thoughtful as well.  “What do I need to do; or say at lunch?” she finally asked. 

“Just be yourself” he quickly replied.  He then added, “I guarantee the lunch will be better quality than whatever slop they are serving at this conference and I promise I won’t tell your boss you missed part of the lectures.

She laughed and then they had to stop talking as the first lecturer was starting.  For the next hour or so, he made a few sarcastic comments about different people and so she did as well and she found that they shared a similar smart ass sense of humor.  She asked a question during the Q&A part and somewhat stumped the lecturer so he asked for her thoughts and she was thrilled as she could see Hubie nodding his head when she explained her position.As he listened and watched her, he felt hypnotized.  She was making an excellent point and was so damn attractive it made his eyes hurt.  The way she talked had a sweet melody to it and he decided he was definitely going to have to jerk off before lunch or he might not be able to focus on the meeting. 

When she finally finished and the following comments from other attendees illustrated that most people agreed with her, she was beaming.  She then realized Hubie had written something on his notepad and pushed it towards her.  She glanced down and her vision seemed to swim, “SMART, A SMART ASS, & BEAUTIFUL; TRIFECTA!!”

She smiled at him and whispered, “Have you been drinking?” 

He laughed and she realized she really liked his laugh and then she got goose bumps when he said, “No, if I had been drinking I probably would have written, “Smart, a smart ass and an incredible ass, trifecta!” 

She blushed a beautiful shade of pink and he thought of apologizing, but he sensed he didn’t need to and so instead he said, “Just stating the facts, Ally.” 

She rolled her eyes to try and hide just how much his compliment was affecting her, but fuck was this man sexy she thought.  Another hour passed and they shared a few snarky comments when he leaned in and said, “I need to run up to my room for a few minutes; shall we meet in the lobby in say 30 minutes?” 

She suddenly felt panicked and she grabbed his forearm before he could leave and she noticed him looking at her hand on his arm and she wondered if he was feeling the same electrical current but she whispered, “Can we talk about the meeting for a few minutes.  Hopefully, it will calm me down.” 

She looked so sweet and adorable right then he decided he’d have to manage without relieving his stress beforehand and he said, “Okay, want to come upstairs to my suite?” 

She nodded, but then added, “I do need to freshen up my makeup and it’s in my room; give me two minutes?” 

He smiled and gave her his room number and as they walked out together he whispered, “Two minutes, huh?” 

She playfully punched him as she said, “I promise, just a couple minutes, you ass” and then look mortified at being so casual with him. 

He smiled and quickly said, “Oh Ally, don’t worry about it.  I don’t mind getting knocked around from time to time and if you’re going to work for me, you’ll need to learn I can’t keep up this façade of being serious and uber professional all the time.” 

She giggled; nearly snorted actually as she said, “That’s not real shocking after your ass comment.” 

He laughed hard and then she shivered as his hand went to her lower back as he escorted her onto the elevator before saying, “Oh god; you’re telling HR on me, aren’t you?  You know it was just a compliment” and then he brazenly glanced back at her ass and said, “You do have a phenomenal ass.” 

She was laughing and couldn’t believe how easy they seem to get along and the chemistry was off the charts.  She finally said, “No HR complaint just yet, but I’m keeping an eye on you.” 

She gave him a mock stern look and then quickly added, “Don’t say it.”  They shared a knowing look as he had certainly considered saying that he was going to be keeping an eye on her too.  He thought it was hilarious that she’d read his mind. 

It turned out that they were on the same floor and they split up.  Once inside her room, she quickly freshened her makeup and added the necessary make up items to her purse for later and then pulled open her suitcase.  She couldn’t believe she was thinking about changing her bra and even more so just how thinking about wearing something sexier for him was really turning her on.She’d been attracted to this man before this morning, but now that she knew he was funny and sweet while also clearly being interested in her and them being out of town together it was a lot to handle. 

She pulled out the lacy black and deep maroon bra and quickly pulled her dress down and removed the plain one and put on the new one.  She checked in the mirror several times to see if it would show if she leaned different ways and then hustled to his room.She knocked and he opened the door and he motioned at the little living room area.  She quipped, “I see executives have privileges us normal folk don’t.” 

She drawled out the words normal folk and he laughed and admitted, “Yes, we do.  Keep in mind that I might have to entertain these guys here if this moves forward.” 

She smiled and they quickly talked about the meeting and he even mentioned areas that maybe she could ask questions since she didn’t know anything about the proposed deal.  She thought it was very sweet of him trying to make sure she felt included and then she suddenly couldn’t breathe.  He was motioning awkwardly with his hand and he then sheepishly whispered, “Um, Ally, your bra is showing” and as she started to reach to the shoulder of her dress to push the offending strap back out of sight he added “Did you change…… um, nevermind.” 

She felt her heart racing as she realized he’d gotten a glimpse of it earlier and now was probably wondering why she changed it and then he said, “Um, actually; it’s the lace of one of the cups that is showing and it’s pretty obvious and actually really fucking sexy and……well damn, the bathroom is over there if you need to do something to fix it.”

She couldn’t even look at him as she rushed towards the bathroom and sure enough a lot of the bra was showing and she thought, “Christ, why am I so turned on; he must think I’m an idiot.”  But then her brain reminded her that he’d said it was sexy and he’d seen his eyes and it was clear he was affected by it.  She told herself to breathe as she adjusted the straps so that the problem shouldn’t happen again. 

As soon as she walked out, Hubie was standing and he smiled sheepishly and said, “Sorry about making that all awkward……um, I just thought you might want to know.” 

She smiled at how adorable he looked and then she noticed a subtle lump in his slacks and she knew he was hard and she was getting wet as she whispered, “Don’t be sorry.  You’re very sweet to notice and let me know.  I don’t mind you seeing it, but we women are particular about who sees our unmentionables.” 

She knew what she’d just said would probably send his brain reeling and she was breathless at being so flirty and she was quite impressed when he recovered quickly enough to say, “Unmentionables?  Now who sounds old, Ally?” 

She couldn’t help but laugh and then the tension was somewhat broken as he announced they better get going.  The lunch was nothing short of breathtaking.  Hubie was outstanding as he alternated between soft selling them on the deal and questioning various numbers which were in reports she obviously hadn’t seen.  He prompted her several times and after early nervousness she felt like she more than held her on during the conversation and towards the end of lunch he praised the job she was doing for the company and went so far as saying she would be heavily involved in any future negotiations and post-acquisition integration discussions if it got that far.It was flattering and the other men were very professional to her, but she had one moment of indecision and wondered if she was just there because she was an attractive woman. 

The restaurant was just down the street from their hotel and the conference and so they simply walked back.  Hubie was effusive with his praise for her and it was infectious and she was glowing, but she had to know.  So before they went back into the hotel she stopped him and point blank asked him, “Hubie – does my involvement in this have anything at all to do with me being a woman?” 

He gave her a confused look and then his eyes showed he understood and they took on the softest look she’d ever seen in a man’s eyes.  He dropped his briefcase and then took both her hands in his and as he gazed deeply into her eyes, he softly and earnestly said, “Oh Ally.  Do you think I’m just trotting you out as eye candy for them?”He paused and took a deep breath as she fought to keep her emotions in check before he continued, “I know you don’t know me well, but I would never put anyone into a position like that; especially you.  I truly believe in your capabilities and this was a perfect opportunity to see if my gut feelings about you were right or not and based on how well you handled that lunch, I would say they are.  You are here strictly for your capabilities in business; the fact that you’re exceptionally beautiful has nothing to do with it.” 

She wanted to kiss him; she really did but she knew that would be incredibly inappropriate even though she knew they would both thoroughly enjoy it so she managed to whisper, “Okay Hubie.  I believe you as that was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.” 

They went into the conference room and they shared a few more jokes before he announced, “Well damn” as he looked at his email on his phone.  “Looks like they sent a bunch of new reports so I guess I’ll be working tonight so don’t have too much fun without me.” 

She quickly offered to help and he smiled and said he’d have to review everything first but maybe she could help tomorrow.  She then whispered, “Well, you can’t work all night” and then she gave him her phone number and told him to text her if he finished early and wanted to have a drink. 

He was clearly surprised and excited about the idea of that and he gave his number as well and then he told her he was going to get an early start on his homework.  She was very disappointed at this change of events and even during the social hour after class she was very distracted.  She went to the dinner and wondered what he was doing and in his room he was wondering the same about her as he ate a quick room service meal and tried to hammer through all the paperwork.  He took a break at around 7:30 and thought about texting her, but decided he had at least 2 hours of work left and if she told him to meet her anywhere he’d likely go and this deal was just too big to screw up. 

After he ran an errand that had been on his mind, he buried himself in his work until his phone rang at around 9:00 PM.  He recognized her voice immediately as she said, “Mr. Davis, you have a lot of explaining to do.” 

He found himself very breathless and he fought to calm his voice before responding, “What do you mean?” 

“This gift, you goof!” she quickly said.  “It’s completely inappropriate.” 

For a moment he thought the store had messed up and he squeaked out, “You mean the dress, right?” 

She laughed as she must have been able to read his mind as she said, “Yes, the dress.  It’s just too much of a gift; I just went to lunch with you.  It wasn’t some huge accomplishment like you make it sound in the lovely card you wrote.” 

He smiled into his phone because she clearly liked the card and unless he was wrong she liked the dress too.  It was a green silk shirt dress and he knew she was going to look amazing in it.  He took a deep breath and proceeded to tell her that he put her on the spot and she came through with flying colors and so yes it was a very big accomplishment and he wanted her to have something nice to remember her big moment.  If it was too much she could take it back, but he really did want her to keep it because he knew she was going to look incredible in it.  Furthermore, he had a feeling that they were going to be celebrating with those same executives tomorrow night at dinner and figured she would want something new to wear and it wouldn’t have been fair to expect her to go shopping while out of town. 

There was a long pause and he finally said, “Tell me you like it and you’ll keep it, Ally.” 

She quickly said, “I love it, Hubie and I want to keep it and wearing it to a celebration dinner sounds really nice.  But……the dress is really sheer and I don’t have anything to wear under it.” 

He blushed a little and then breathlessly said, “Oh damn; I thought they were going to put a note in with it.  The woman mentioned that and she said that they had several different items there that would work really well with that dress, but I thought that would be weird if I picked that out as well.” 

She laughed really loud and he suspected she might have had a few drinks when she said, “Yeah Hubie; that might have seemed weird at first, but I kind of like the idea of you picking things out for me.  You obviously like nice things……like the bra I was wearing earlier.” 

He’d also had a couple vodka tonics as he’d worked and so the filter on his mouth wasn’t working because he quickly said, “Definitely the second one for sure.” 

She giggled lightly and said, “Yes, the second one.  What did you say again?  That it was fucking sexy?” 

He chuckled and said, “Yes, I have a way with words, don’t I?  But it’s sexy because you’re wearing it, Ally.” He then softly added, “I think the store was open until 10 PM and they kept my credit card information so you can find what you need and I’ll take care of it.” 

Her voice sounded sexy as hell as she said, “Is that what you want me to do, Mr. Davis?  Are you ordering me to go shopping for lingerie for my new dress?”

His cock was throbbing and he was almost afraid to reach down to adjust it to a more comfortable position as he thought just touching it might be enough to cause him to explode and he whispered, “Yes, Ally.  That’s what I want and it’s an order.  I’ll be thinking of you.” 

Her voice seemed just as breathless as she said, “You better be.”  There was a pause before she added, “Do you like to think about me, Mr. Davis?” 

He didn’t even hesitate as he replied, “Very much so, Ally; so very much.” 

She whispered, “Good” and then the line went dead. 

He really couldn’t breathe as he sat his phone down and looked at his trembling hand.  He’d never met a woman that made him feel like this and he wanted her desperately.  He wondered if she had any plans for how far she might let this flirtation go, but god he hoped it was farther than this.  He knew it was dangerous to be messing around in the company playground but this woman was worth the risks. 

He forced himself to focus on the work at hand and an hour had gone by when his phone signaled a text had come in.  “I forgot to bring the dress with me, so I picked out two; which one do you prefer, Hubie?”  A moment later two pictures came in and he nearly dropped his phone.  It was Ally in two very form fitting slips.  The first one was a green one; probably very close to the color of the dress, but trimmed in some sexy black lace.  It had a middle slit that went well up her thighs and as he suspected she looked absolutely sinfully amazing in green.  Especially since she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra and the cups of the slip did nothing to restrain her hard nipples.  The second one was similar to the first, but shorter in length with no middle slit and a light pink color.  He imagined it would be sexy as hell to catch glimpses of it under the dress and he couldn’t believe she’d sent these pictures.  It was all he could do to not pull out his cock and jerk it right then and there, but he took several deep breaths and tried to figure out how to respond.

“Ally – you look absolutely fantastic in both of them.  I mean, really heart pounding incredible.  And although a picture is worth a thousand words, I really don’t feel like I should make a decision even with these sensational pictures.  In other words, keep them both.” 

Her response was immediate, “Hmmmm, aren’t you indecisive!  Do you really think I look okay?” 

He was about to start typing, but instead he called her.  Even before she said hello he quickly said, “Are you kidding me?  Do I think you look okay?  You looking fucking amazing.  Sexy as hell, Ally.  And no I’m not being indecisive; I’m just saying before I decided I’d want to see you in person in them.” 

His jaw dropped when a woman’s voice said, “Who is this?”  For a second he thought he’d dialed the wrong number, but then she was giggling into the phone. 

“Fuck me” he gasped, “I about had a heart attack.” 

She sounded sleepy and he added, “You sound tired; I don’t want to keep you, but I needed you to know that you look way better than okay, beautiful lady.” 

“Oh I’m not tired; just lying on the bed thinking about stuff, Hubie” she said sexily.  She then added, “Are you thinking about me now, Hubie?  Maybe thinking about stuff too?” 

Suddenly he wondered if she was playing with herself and that was a spine tingling turn on.  “Oh Ally, I’m definitely thinking about you; thinking how lucky I am that you shared those pictures with me.  They’ll definitely come in handy after such a long day.” 

She giggled lightly and said, “Come in handy, huh; pun intended, Mr. Davis?” 

His face was flushed and he imagined her nude on her bed; her hands roaming her sweet body as she thought of him.  He finally choked out, “Yes, pun intended, Ally.  My cock is so hard because of you; it has been all day.  I wish I was inside you.” 

He wondered if he’d stepped over the line as all he could hear was her breathing but then she said, “Oh Mr. Davis, that would be amazing; really amazing, maybe someday.  I should go, but promise me you’ll be thinking of me as you do your handiwork.” 

“I promise Ally” he softly said as he lowered his zipper wondering if she could hear it.  She sighed softly and he imagined her fingers pressing into her molten core as she whispered, “I’ll be thinking of you, too, Mr. Davis” and then the phone went dead.  He quickly switched over to the pictures and soon he was reaching for the room service napkin to catch the voluminous load that exploded from his cock.

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