A quickie at work: Part 2

A quickie at work: Part 2 A quickie at work: Part 2

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica



Part 2 of the short story "A quickie at work".



Part 2 of the short story "A quickie at work".


Submitted: April 15, 2015

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Submitted: April 15, 2015



Part 2

That night I dreamt of the new coworker named Ryan. No man has ever dared to come near me, because I was serious about my career and my learning. My friends say I was considered "intimidating", but that didn't seem to faze Ryan in the least. It definetely wasn't normal for me to immediately drop my panties for someone I just met, especially a coworker.

In the dream his dark green eyes were sparkling and he was staring at me intensely. It was raining. I felt drawn to him by a force that was not my own. We walked towards each other and his lips went down on mine. Rainwater dripped from his jet black hair, and my clothes clung to my body. I let my eyes close and savored his soft lips. He pulled away. I opened my eyes in confusion. He had a serious expression on his perfectly chiseled face.

"I am not who you think I am," he whispered.

"Who are you then?" I said.

He didn't say anything. He just pulled off his shirt and suddenly his body was transforming. Fur covered his arms and his body enlarged to what looked like a werewolf. His sharp claws were the first thing I noticed, and I screamed.

My eyes opened and I realized it was just a dream. I sighed with relief and turned on my side. I hoped he wouldn't tell anyone at work what happened, or I'd lose my job. With those worrying thoughts in mind, I fell back asleep but never forgetting his touches.


The next morning I woke up, determined not to fool around again. There's no way Ryan will get my gaurd down again. I brushed my long wavy brown hair and put on a black suit like small shrug on with my khaki pants. I realized I was subconciously wanting to look hot. Oh well, let him drool, I thought. I was going to look like I didn't care. I also donned a small silver necklace and was finally ready for work. I went downstairs and had a quick bite to eat. While munching on a bagel, I remembered the disturbing dream about Ryan being some kind of werewolf. It just seemed so real. Even when I woke up, my hair felt wet from the rain in the dream. I must be going crazy, I thought.

At work, I walked in towards the break room to drop my purse off. I felt like everyone was staring at me. Paranoid thoughts set it, like everyone knew what happened yesterday in the coat room. I still didn't see Ryan, and part of me was relieved but also sad that he hadn't arrived yet. I left the breakroom full of people and walked towards the registers. I turned a corner and crashed into a muscle-toned body.

"Oh my goodness, excuse me," I said breathlessly.

"It's no problem sweetness," said a deep voice. His hand was on my arm steadying me.

I looked up quickly and my heart jumped with excitement at seeing Ryan standing there with a smirk.

"Eh well, it's nice to see you," I said, tongue-tied.

"I was getting worried, you wouldn't show up. What would we do without our sexy supervisor?" he winked.

"Um, I'm here now. You should be getting back to work," I said, side-stepping around him to pass him without further incidence.

He let go of my arm reluctantly and watched me from behind as I headed to my domain. The men, customers and coworkers as well, stared at me as I made my way to the schedule.

"Hi everyone," I said, greeting the cashiers.

"Hey Sophie, thank goodness you're here," said the morning supervisor, named Erick. "It was starting to get busy as hell."

Erick was a tall blond guy who wore glasses, but he was well-built and was very much a gentleman.

"Ah Ryan you're back, I need you get on your register as soon as possible," said Erick.

Ryan's face looked serious as he looked from me to Erick. Erick left to go on his break, and Ryan touched the small of my back as he got on a register that was right next to me. I looked back at him quickly to give him a look to stop, but he seemed lost in his own thoughts as he started to ring some customers up. 

"Hey Sophie, can you come help me," called a cashier from across us.

"Sure, I'll be right there," I said. Here comes the first problem of the day. I accessed the situation and could see they'd probably need an approval to do a return without a reciept. Sure enough the cashier explained, she'd need my approval because it was a lot of items and went way over hundred dollars.

"I'm sorry ma'am. You'll need a reciept to do a return," I said, looking at the customer in the eye. If you weren't tough, they'd argue to no end.

"You're being completely racist," said the customer loudly.

"Don't even play the race card with me," I said, both hands on the counter.

"I need to talk to the manager," she said.

"She is the manager," said the cashier angrily.

"Do you wanna get slapped?" said the customer.

"Excuse me," I said. I could tell there was no way I'd be able to calm her down. As if it was in slow-motion, she came around the counter and leaped towards me. From the side of my eye, I saw Ryan jump in front of me and take the blow. A cashier went on the intercom to call security. I felt like I was in a dream. Ryan was blocking her way as she yelled expletives and tried to get to me. Finally security arrived and took her away. She gave me one last look of hatred before she left with security. The line of customers were quietly watching, as well as the cashiers. A cashier named Cassy gave me a hug, but I was still shaken.

"Are you ok?" asked Ryan, with a concerned look on his face.

"I think so," I said, trying to sound bright.

"No you're not ok," said Ryan, looking deep in my eyes. "Go sit for a while." 

"No I can't," I said.

"I said go, we can handle it for a couple of minutes," said Ryan, taking charge.

It looked like I had no choice, but I gratefully left the registers and sat for a while in the break room. Erick was sitting there on his cell phone and eating his sandwich.

"Why are you in here too?" asked Erick. "They need one of us out there."

"It's just for a minute," I assured him.

"What's wrong? Oh never mind, I don't want to be stressed on my break as well," said Erick.

I took a quick drink of water and went back to work. Crazy customers like her always made me want to quit, but I needed the money.

"Back so soon?" asked Ryan. "That customer was a bitch, don't let it get to you."

"Yeah I know. Thanks so much for your help though," I said.

"Anytime I can be your knight my queen," said Ryan with a wink. I smiled and he smiled back.

At the end of our shifts, Ryan asked me out to dinner and I refused.

"Why Sophie? I want to get to know you," said Ryan.

"It's against policy, and plus I'm not interested," I said, looking away from his hot body.

He hovered over me and leaned his hands against the wall, trapping me in.

"You seem too interested yesterday, while I was sucking on your pussy," said Ryan, with a gleam in his eye.

"That was an accident," I muttered.

"I can guarantee that was no accident babe," said Ryan. "You had your legs wide open."

"Oh shutup," I said, getting weaker. "It's not happening again."

Ryan growled. "Are you sure?"

"No," I said. "Just don't tell people."

"I promise," said Ryan.

So that's how I agreed to my first official date with hunky Ryan.


*author's note: The story of the customer was actually based on true events. The cashier who saved me was actually a really unattractive guy in real life ;), but I still thanked him after. Thank you for reading!









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