You Do As I Say

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  No Houses

Lesbian Brings new Friend home

The coffee house girl was brought into the bedroom. In handcuffs, she could not fight. It took both ladies a while to get the coffee house girl restrained on the bed.

Coffee is her name, a 19 year old girl from back east; attending night school. 

"Now wer'e gonna have some fun you nasty whore" said Teddy. "That's right" said Buddy. Both ladies were tomboys and were in for some good old fashioned lesbian domination.

Teddy was a masculine girl and she knew how to get the girls. Buddy was a very feminine girl that swings both ways, masculine, feminine and bisexual. Tonight, both girls were in the masculine mind set.

Coffee yelled, "Please don't, I will do anything to get out of here." 

"Let's get her naked" said Buddy. Just then Teddy & Buddy put tongues in each other's mouths and were ready for a threesome.

On the bed, Coffee was spread eagled and in restraints. All she could do was accept her fate.

Buddy started cutting off Coffee's clothing, and Teddy helped.

"Fucken whore, you better do as you are told, or you get the strap" said Teddy.

Down to her panties and bra, Coffee was terrified, of what was to come.

With scissors, Teddy cut off Coffee's bra and panties.

Teddy started touching Coffee's body. "No, NO, please don't, I will do whatever you say, just don't touch me." yelled the coffee girl.

"From now on, you will do as I say, or you will be whipped" said Teddy.

Teddy was on the left and Buddy on the right. Both ladies began sucking Coffee's nipples.

Coffee had big pink erect nipples and a flat chest. She was quite skinny and looked like a supermodel.

"Fucken good" said Teddy, "Damn good" declared Buddy.

They sucked long and deep, taking turns in pinching her nipples and biting and sucking the pink buds. Buddy began sucking Coffee's neck and sucked her armpits.

"Fucken she's getting aroused" said Buddy. "No, no, I am not" yelled Coffee. Coffee was squirming on the bed, pushing out her pelvis and trying to control her 19 year old body. Coffee could not stand it, she was becoming sexually aroused.

Buddy said, "let's do it" and Buddy & Teddy both began to strip down to their birthday suits.

Two horny masculine lesbians, in the mood for oral and anal, and other nasty habits.

Buddy turned out the lights, and the room was dim, with many large candles burning.

Buddy had huge melons, big tits, and a very hairy pubic region. With her crew cut and tomboy ways, she could pass for a man or woman, in the way she dressed. Teddy was a construction gal, and wore all workboots and solid man-girl. Her muscular arms could hold down any lesbian feminine and adore their bodies, any way she liked. This attracted many fem-girls, because they sought the strong type sometimes, such as Teddy.

Working their way down to Coffee's belly button, both ladies orally kissed and pinched Coffee's nipples. Coffee turned side to side with her head, and could not control the situation.

Teddy touched Coffee's inner thighs with a feather, and Coffee tried to back off. Again, Teddy applied the feather. "Ohhhhhhm quit it quit it" Coffee yelled. Buddy touched Coffee's pussy on the outside. Buddy put a tip in Coffee's horny honey hole. "NO NO don't touch me there" she protested.

Buddy opened Coffee's labial lips of her pussy and began licking and licking. Put her tongue all around her sexy hole. "MMMhhhhhhm oooohhh please no" Coffee yelled.

She began making oral motions and moving and thrasing about the bed. "Like it don't you whore?" asked Buddy. "No, No, I don't like anything" she said.

Teddy put her tongue in Coffee's mouth and said "Make love to me." Coffee did her best in orally frenching Teddy. It was very seductive and Coffee was turned on. "She's getting very wet" said Buddy.

Buddy began masturbating and Teddy also masturbated herself with fast fingers. "Yah baby" Teddy said.

"Get her out of bondage, I want to fuck her in the ass" said Buddy. "NO, NO, you will not" yelled Coffee. They turned her over and put her ass in the air, like a dog. "No, No,I will not" she cried.

Teddy got in front of Coffee so she could comfort Coffee. Buddy was behind with a strap on Jelly Dildo. "MMMMMHhhhhhhhh oooooooh, damn you damn you" said Coffee. The penile tip entered Coffee's lubricated ass.

"Fuck" said Buddy. Buddy began riding Coffee and derived some pleasure from the dildo rubbing against her pubic region. Teddy began orally kissing Coffee in the front.

"Oh, fuck me, fuck me, goooooood, so fucken deep" said Coffee.

Coffee completely gave in, and was taking the cock in deep.

"Yeah whores, fuck me fuck me good in the ass" she said. "Make it good make it good for nasty fucken whore" she said.

Buddy continued to ride Coffee as she submitted to the deep pleasures of forbidden fruit.

Teddy made Coffee suck her nipples and lick her toes. "Eat the whole foot" said Teddy. Coffee was becoming orally satisfied. "I want to suck pussy and eat your asshole" yelled Coffee. "Make me your slave baby" she yelled.

Buddy pulled out the fake cock and slapped Coffee on the ass. "Suck my toes, then my feet, then you get my pussy" Buddy said.

Hungrily, Coffee ate Buddy's pussy and then Teddy's pussy. Side by side the ladies had their legs spread, and  Coffee serviced both of them.

Teddy let out a loud gasping noise, and Buddy also had an orgasm.

The ladies carried Coffee across the room to the Day Phallus. In the day room, the phallus stood erect in the center of the room. Huge, and with balls and veins, the dildo was not meant for beginners. It could split a girl in half like a log.

Mounted on a floor stand with feet stirrups, the device was fully evil.

"Oh please not that" cried Coffee. 'But you said you would be our slave" said Buddy.

"You will do as you are fucken told you whore" yelled Buddy.

They played with Coffee's pussy and her asshole, lubricating both of her sexy openings.

"Sit on Mr. Phallus" yelled Teddy. Quickly handcuffing Coffee with rope restraints, she could no longer fight.

They played with her ass, and masturbated her anally. "OH God no, not that, it is too fucken big" she yelled. Coffee was sweating profusely.

"Up into your chocolate woman hole" Buddy replied,

They eased the massive cock into Coffee's ass, and put her feet in the stirrups. "Oh, fucken big cock" Coffee yelled out.

"There it goes, she's taking it" said Buddy.

"Ride the cock whore" yelled Teddy.

"Oh fucken whores, you like me to tell you how delicious this big cock is, baby mmmhhhhhhh, oh so fucken gooooooood" yelled Coffee.

Coffee turned into an animal riding the rubber phallus.

"Oh fuck me fuck me babies, fuck me all night long" yelled Coffee.

Coffee was gaining extreme pleasure as the ladies played with her nipples while riding the phallus.

Sliding up and down, the shaft. Taking turns the lesbian ladies orally frenched Coffee.

Then it happened, "Oh fuck, slave gonna' cum, slave gonna' cum" yelled Coffee.

She arched her back and she tried to get away, knowing the strength of what was about to happen. MMMMMMMMhhhhhhoooohhh jusssshhshshhshsh oh fuck,cum fuck it" she yelled and made gasping sounds in her throat.

The ladies wiped the sweat off of Coffee's face and french kissed her, before taking her to bed for a final fuck.

Submitted: March 08, 2017

© Copyright 2021 yvettechocolatelezdom. All rights reserved.

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XXX! all the way!

Tue, March 14th, 2017 11:35am

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