Coffee House

Coffee House

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Life is a unique journey for all, some people just have a bizarre one. Random chance and strange luck


Life is a unique journey for all, some people just have a bizarre one. Random chance and strange luck

Chapter1 (v.1) - Coffee House

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Life is a unique journey for all, some people just have a bizarre one. Random chance and strange luck

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 13, 2014

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: December 13, 2014



She felt so lost looking at the small oak coffin. It gleamed in the light it's occupant looking angelic and finally at peace. Looking at the small woman made Alice's eyes burn with tears she couldn't believe it. Six months ago she'd known nothing of her grandmother's illness. They had all the time in the world, a simple fall robbed her of that illusion. That fall led to stage four cancer, and a shattered family. They had broken, a pane of glass that so fractured may never be put back together. The family her grandmother strove to keep united and together.  

Shaking she stood to take her turn to pay her respects she wanted to do it now before everyone else arrived. Her legs felt dead and hard to move she neared the coffin looking at the small woman within. In thirty years there was no question of what she would look like. The two had looked so similar and even acted the same most of the time. Yet in Alice's mind there was no way to take the place of such a strong woman. She couldn't even pretend to be so strong.  

Tears fell faster than she could control and she touched the frail hand. " Please, I don't know what to do without you. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing, what am I going to do? Please don't do this. Please don't leave me. " She knew in the back of her mind that was what was wrong with her she was too selfish. Couldn't she just be grateful that her grandmother was finally out of pain? She reverently kissed the forehead of the woman that she loved more than anything and sat in the chair assigned to her.  

It was a beautiful funeral she thought later that night. Her small home seemingly alarmingly large tonight as she laid there on her oversized couch. The past two months had let her know how it felt to really be alone. Tomorrow she would have to go and start packing up the house. The thought was almost more than she could bear, pack away a lifetime of memories. She wondered if the old saying that you could cry yourself out was true. So far she was dismissing the notion as a myth. She fell asleep still weeping.  


The next day dawned clear and bright the summer full of promise; that Alice felt was some sort of sick cosmic joke. She went to a small cafe and sat outside to have her first cup of coffee for the day. She watched all the people around her laughing with one another like nothing in the world was wrong. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs, to somehow lash out and make all of them feel her pain. Her heart was dying she was alone and the only person who could save her was just buried the day before. Her hand shook as she went to drink her coffee and she watched the ceramic mug fall into her lap the scalding liquid burning her, except she didn't jump didn't move realizing that the pain of the burn still in no way came close to her emotional turmoil.  

" Excuse me miss? Can I get you a towel if your okay? That was a horrible spill, you need anything ice or medical attention? " The man stood by her table she hadn't even noticed his arrival. She looked up at him his brown almost a shade of black displaying concern. In another world Alice would have been speechless if a man that looked like this came anywhere near her. But gorgeous or not today she could care less. She stood leaving the cup overturned on the table with a shake of her head and a mumbled I'm fine she made her way to her car. Today she didn't care about the burn or the coffee stained shirt and jeans. Today she had to go complete this task she at least had to pack up things to go through them later. Silent tears fell as she pulled into the driveway it looked the same. How could everything look the same when it wasn't. She tried to find strength in herself as she walked up the three steps to the wooden door. She was failing, but this was not an option so with hands that shook she opened the door to walk into her old home. Amazing how one woman brought all much warmth but now it felt so cold and empty. How was she ever going to survive this? 


One month later


Alice found herself at the same cafe after work. Tonight she should call a friend go out do something. She sipped the coffee and rubbed her temples it had been a long day. She had meetings with everyone today or seemed to have had. She had been herself today during those meetings now sitting alone she felt her dispair coming back. Undoubtedly she should go out with anyone she knew tonight but as emotions threatened her she found herself in the restroom looking in the mirror. Her face was pale and she seemed alien to herself. Her smile disappeared months ago, and the stress of taking care of someone for months had taken its toll. She looked haggard she thought a wry smile crossed her face she finally looked her age. She shook her head and washed her hands. Leaving the bathroom she went back to her table in the cafe only to find it taken with the gentleman holding her phone. Alice couldn't breathe as she got closer. The guy at her table was beautiful and all she could see was his profile.  

  " Ahhhh... Excuse me sir but you seem to have my phone. " Dark brown almost black angular eyes turned to regard her. She was right he was beautiful, this was some kind of Asian god. His full lips turned in to a smile. 

" Miss Alice I presume? " Damn even his voice was gorgeous. He handed her back her phone. " You left it here and it was going off over and over. Apparently someone needs to get a hold of you. However I thought you may have left it so I answered. Christian was very suprised, he would like you to call back. I also threw your coffee away please sit let me buy you another. "

Was this guy serious? She knew her boss was hardly patient. She had to call and find out what he needed." I was done anyway I think. No worries, thanks though." She grabbed for her phone and grabbed only half the other half was still in his hand.  

" Then allow me to buy you a drink later. "

She couldn't believe this guy, she nodded. He took her phone and entered his own phone number calling himself. Handing the phone back he smiled at her and it was a heart stopping sight. She almost dropped the phone he handed her who did he think he was to do this? " Well I appreciate your offer but sadly I don't think that is good. I don't want you to buy me a drink you feel obligated to buy, really I was done with the coffee."

" I see this Christian, he is someone you are with? You two are a couple? "

Alice laughed, really laughed for the first time in what seemed like forever. She could feel the heat rising in her face " um, no. Christian is not like that. He's my boss," oh goodness she thought I sound like such an idiot.  

" I see, you have to go to work? Perhaps you still will allow me to buy you a drink? Not because of any obligation but because I want to. " She was small with a delicate face. Her mouth reminded him of a rose bud. She was cute but one that didn't know how cute really was. 

She thought about it and nodded guys like this don't ask girls like me out she thought to herself. But he had made her laugh even if it was unintentional.

" Great call your boss I'll call you later and set it up. Pleasure to meet you Miss Alice."

" Nice to meet you too uhhh... "

" Jigoku. Matsuma Jigoku. Matt is fine."

She took his offered hand and shook it. " Alice Highland"

As she walked back to her car she smiled to herself. This really was a crazy day. She opened the door of her white mustang as her cell phone went off. Of course there was Christian. 

" Sunshine, sorry about that, I must have left my phone. So what's up? "

" I just wanted to say that you were great today. I've been worried about you everyone has been worried about you but you nailed it today. Thanks for that. You know I was wary of your part today but you seemed like your old self. It'll get better. "

" Thanks buttercup. " She called him these things all the time. It was truly nice to hear she had impressed everyone. 

" Actually I called to tell you to take today and tomorrow with the weekend. You have been working non stop for the past month. Take a weekend go out of town enjoy yourself. If you want come out to a game with us. Me and Desi would love to have you. "

"Maybe later in the weekend. Tonight I actually have plans. " She cursed herself she could hear her own nervousness.  

Christian laughed a deep laugh. He knew her so well. " Good luck love. Call Mel, she will help you get it together if you need her. I have never heard you nervous. Snap chat me your face, it has to be priceless. "

" Hey sugar plum? "

" I know you don't have a snapchat. "

" No that wasn't it. "

" Oh no? Then what?"

" Fuck off and thanks. "

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