Weekend With a Special Friend

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Thinking of my special friend and an amazing weekend together. Secret friends and lovers!

To my special friend, you know who your are...

Across the sky your presence so far 
The miles between us like a distant star
Are your thoughts upon me tonight my friend
Continuous thoughts of our secret weekend
I'm thinking of you right now you know
Erotic images of our love from my mind flow
I lay here alone remembering our encounter
The feel of your touch upon the hot nectar of my flower
Soft kisses across my face my lips you devour 
As your tongue and lips find that spot beneath my ear
Fear of impending release as you melt the walls of my weir
The tip of your tongue now dancing with the peak of my mounds
From my lips escape sweet sensual sounds
Now seeking the treasure that lies within my tulips
You move further down my body, your head now between my hips
I grab hold of your hair as you part my pedals with your lips
In search of moist treasure your tongue buried deep
Thick masculine fingers soon find what you seek
Within my moist walls your tongue and finger glide
My body quivers uncontrolled impending what will betide
Your name I scream out as I can no longer hold my release
My eyes now closed sweet ecstasy takes hold I am in an euphoric peace

The quiver of my body now coming to an end 
My eyes now open, before me my handsome friend
A sly grin on your face as you stare down at me
Knowing that you bought me to that sweet ecstasy

Now on your back my sweet sexy man
The root of your passion I caress in my hand
Thickening in my grasp as I stroke and massage 
My mouth waters for a taste, this is not a mirage
As I position myself to kiss you there
With masculine hands you grab hold of my hair
Kissing and licking your passion root tip
Stroking and massaging as you move your hips
Sucking and licking your root as you whisper my name
The taste of your warm release my ultimate aim
The sounds of sexual pleasure escaping from your lips
The motion of my head in rhythm with your hips 
No longer in control your pulsating release of sweet nectar
As I taste your salty-sweetness between my lips the interceptor

Now as we lay wrapped in the sheets our legs intertwined 
The glowing colors of our skin so beautifully combined
Erotic essence of passion still lingering in the air 
As I lay on your chest your hand in my hair
Your finger under my chin you tilt my face up to receive your kiss
Tongues dancing the tango, our lips locked in a sensual bliss
The passion between us again rising as our bodies reminisce
My body now on top of yours as you embrace me lovingly
Erotic heat between us as I grind my hips seductively
The root of your passion now thickening beneath me
Still grinding my hips as my legs now straddle your waist 
Space no longer between us our bodies interlaced 
Parting the pedals of my tulips with the tip of your passion root
In search of my moist treasure your only pursuit
In harmony our bodies move carmel vanilla combined
Beautiful erotic passion...sensual pleasure so devine
Firmly gripping my round cheeks as you move harder, faster, deeper
Pleasure so intense my legs grow weaker
From your lips my name escapes as we continue our fevered pace
Harder, faster, wetter, deeper, sublime ecstasy upon our face
No longer in control in unison we release still buried deep is your root
Filling me with your salty sweet nectar twined with the juices of my fruit
Tightly embraced my body quivers we are in poetic bliss
Euphoric ecstasy encompasses us we are lost in our erotic abyss 

To my special friend, you know who you are...anticipating our next weekend...until we meet again...






Submitted: July 21, 2014

© Copyright 2023 YSunique. All rights reserved.

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Very graphic poetry. I liked it very much. Hope you read some of mine and comments please.

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 5:48am


Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed my poem! I look forward to reading your writing.

Sun, August 3rd, 2014 6:47am

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