Trusting him, obeying him.

Trusting him, obeying him. Trusting him, obeying him.

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Annabelle shot him, she watched as his blood dropped down. And Tristian saw, a few videotapes and a blackmail means Annabelle, she now belongs to him.


Annabelle shot him, she watched as his blood dropped down. And Tristian saw, a few videotapes and a blackmail means Annabelle, she now belongs to him.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Trusting him, obeying him.

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Annabelle shot him, she watched as his blood dropped down. And Tristian saw, a few videotapes and a blackmail means Annabelle, she now belongs to him.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 02, 2012



This is a better (less sick) rewrite of Obeying him. I can't seem to delete it and my paragraphs aren't working so until then you will have to do with this, or not read at all. Thanks for all the comments, hope this will be better. Some scenes will be the same mostly different. .+++++Chapter 1++++++

Annabelle watched the blood trickle of her hands, her head was pounding and the quick clank of the knife on the ground told her she had actually done it. She had killed her bastard of a boyfriend who had abused her, pretending it was rough sex, for so long. And she had believed it. Stupid. She was so stupid.

She turned around as she heard a click, then gasped. A man on the other side of the dark alleyway was watching. He was much taller than her, she could see that, but nothing else was visible. Annabelle did not know what to do, her passport was in her bag- supposedly for a month away with Jacob White but now she was going to use it to run.

The man stepped forward, Annabelle tried to discreetly hid the body by standing before it- hoping he did not know. "Don't move,"

Annabelle froze and nodded; watching as he walked towards her. Standing in front of her, she could see more. He was wearing a long black clock, wrapped around a muscular frame. His wavy dark hair framed his face and lastly his oozing blue eyes. He reminded her of Jacob, it was Jacob's brother!

"Good evening," She said shakily. Hoping the fact his eyes were on her meant he hadn't saw. Or he could not smell the stench of death in the air.

"Don't play stupid, why did you do it?"

"D-Do what?"

He growled and Annabelle looked back, eyes scanning for the knife."Kill the bastard, I know the family thought of him a disgrace but at least do it decently."

Annabelle's arms felt sore, her body ached in so many places and she wanted to cry."What do you want?"

He raided her body with his eyes."You Annabelle," He pulled a brown lock."If the little shit couldn't take it, I'll be happy to have you warm my bed,"

Annabelle pushed away from him."Don't touch me,"

"You have two options now, I'm a busy man and get what I want," He pulled on her ponytail, arching her breasts and forcing her to face him."Come with me, do as I say and not get hurt. Or come with me, and hand yourself in. Make it quick."

Annabelle tried to struggle and he pulled harder, making her gasp and cry out. Tears began to well in her eyes, and she shook her head violently."Please stop,"

"I want an answer, I have evidence Anna, the blood. What alibi do you have? I have recorded evidence. My driver luckily saw the lovebirds and I decided to join you for dinner. Following you here meant I saw you and he did too."

Annabelle's face paled dramtically and she shook her head. She cried out again as he pulled her hair and he watched with a wicked grin."He abused me!"

"I know, I saw." He traced the bruise on her cheek, his grip still firm."But you were too weak, now you are stronger. And I can't wait to break you,"

His breath was laboured, he was enjoying it. Sicko. He thrust his clothed hip to her backside, then smiled and stopped."Ten Annabelle,"


Tristan did not reply and yet he somehow managed to get his phone out his pocket and flip it open."Now Annabelle,"

"I'll come with you,"


"What do you mean?"

"God you are stupid," He smirked and kissed her cheek."I love a dumb woman, very submissive in the bed,"

She shook and he grazed her chest with his phone. Cold and hard before putting I away."To the police station or to my house?"

"Your house!" She cried out as he kicked her to the ground.

"As what?"

"I don't know! Your sex toy?"

He laughed and locked eyes with her."That will be the last time you joke with me, without punishment." He grinned."Let's hear you say that you are coming to my house as my willing servant. Ready to honour and obey, as such a wife."

She turned away, looking at Jacob's dead body and cringing."I can't say that,"

"Then stay here with the body till the police come, kiss your career goodbye and have a good sleep,"

Tristan spun around and turned to walk off."Wait!"

He waited for her admittance to his arms.

"I'll be your willing servant, ready to honour and obey,"

He laughed coldly."Elaborate Annabelle, don't make me disappointed."

Anna waited. Sick shit."I'll be your willing servant as long as you desire, ready to honour and obey; ready to love and serve.

"That's a girl! Well have you licking my feet yet, up now!"

She slowly got off the ground and watched as he brought a collar to her. He clipped it around her neck, and smiled as the pretty black collar almost strangled her neck."It's too tight,"

"You will learn, you will keep it on and will never take it off. Maybe if you ask right you can have it loosened,"

"Tristain can you take this off please?"

"I'm not Tristain to you my dove,"

"Then who are you? Ben?" Anna shrieked without thinking.

"Master, pet. Or Sir Tristain,"

"You are a sad," She began before she was interrupted.

"Don't be stupid Annabelle,"

"Sir can you loosen my collar please?"

Tristan looked at the moonlight sky."No, you did not ask a question. When you ask, you must ask to ask. For example pet, Master my I ask to remove my collar, which belongs to you as do I?"

"That will take forever!"

"You will get use to it," He replied sharply.

Annabelle swallowed her pride. Once Tristain took her to his house she would escape. She knew the staff, as Jacob lived there and she could get help. Maybe run away." Sir Tristin may I remove the collar which belongs to you, as I do?"

"No, but well done pet. You will be rewarded,"

Annabelle ignored him until his next words."You have a choice whether to take your panties off for the remainder of the journey or your bra?"

Annabelle pondered. He would not fondle her in the car."Panties, sir," She added belatedly.

"I can do whatever I want with you Anna, but go ahead,"

Annabelle ignored him and slowly took off her pants. Once she had reached her heels she looked at his leering gaze on her long firm legs and her riding flimsy dress. She pulled it up."Bra,"

"As you wish, quickly now. The car is coming." He was still looking at her, but glancing on his phone. She shrugged off her jacket, her head held high and unzipped the dress. She tried to not feel the embrassment he caused her and unclipped the black lingere set. Red roses were at the nipples and she took it off and shoved it in his hand. She then pulled back her dress: stopping when he spoke again.

"No upper dress, you may have your crotch covered though, I want to enjoy my purchase,"


"Yes. At the end of our agreement, which lasts as long as I deem suitable, you will be paid two million dollars."

A black limo came around and stopped in front of Tristan. Annabelle tried to avoid his gaze which were on her breasts. They slightly sagged and the nipples(because of the night air) stuck out boldly. Almost stinging. Annabelle covered them, and he looked in her eyes, before she dropped them again.

He was fearsome. She trembled beneath him, even Jacob was not that scary. Jacob was aggressive. A man came out, his driver, and seemed to not care of Annabelle's state. He simply opened the limo door, with his head down and bent his head slightly to Tristan.

"We will go home right away,"

"Yes sir," The driver responded quickly.

"Have the body disposed of,"

"Yes sir,"

Tristain then slid into the car and looked at Annabelle who entered. The door was shut and several minutes later the car started to move."Come sit with me Annabelle,"

Anna shook her head and curled in the corner- almost, but not, crying."Anna,"

She continued to sob and shake and wish she could pull up the blasted dress."Anna I will forgive you for your previous transgressions, however if you do not come here: you will be punished. Now up here, on daddy's lap."

She shuffled closer and watched his glare intensity until she sat quite close to him."As you wish, be slient the rest of the journey and prepare to be punished,"

She looked at him and saw he was deadly serious."I'm sorry;"

"Yes, maybe there is some sense in your head. You've caught me on a good day, now crawl here like a good girl and sit on daddy's lap."

She quickly scrambled onto his warm lap and watched as he brought his hands around and tweaked her nipples."I can't wait to play with you little one, I've wanted you for so long."

He pulled her nipple and made her arch again."Please sir, I've done ws you asked."

He pinched harder and pulled both nipples. A shooting of pain went into Annabelle, but she kept quiet. He rocked into her gently still cupping her two bountiful globes. His hips showing his passion. One hand moved to her hair and pulled her pony tail. She arched more, her ass felt his movements and she felt the signs of passion from both of them.

His hand was pulling her tail, tracing her collar and pulling. His other hand was on her breast and mainly the beautifu tips at the end, he couldn't wait to nibble on. He thrust his hips into her, the jeans rubbing against her- making her dress ride up. He continued to grind and pull and pinch.

She moaned involuntarily and watched as he brought one nipple to his mouth, and sucked."Stop!"

"Oh shut up," She was in his strong grip. As she straddled him and he moved she couldn't.


He grunted, almost animal like and slapped her breast. One, two, one two, until she stopped talking and whimpered instead. Then he let go and pushed her to the floor."Animals sleep on the floor,"

She curled up, highly aroused and confused at his feet. She did not reply to his quip and closed her eyes, ignoring his kicking,

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