Obeying him

Obeying him Obeying him

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


He found me and I knew I had no choice


He found me and I knew I had no choice

Chapter1 (v.1) - Obeying him

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He found me and I knew I had no choice. Why? Because I had killed his brother whilst he watched.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2012



Chapter 1:

I watched the blood slowly drain away, shivering and I dropped the knife in my hands. There was a clatter as it hit the solid ground. I shivered again, and whispered a prayer for the dead body which now lay before me."What have you done?"

I spun around. There was a man, he had his hands stuffed in his pockets and was watching me at the scene."Y-You saw?"

"Of course," He began. He looked to the left and I looked at the shadows in the dark alleyway."And my man has recorded it,"

I gasped and looked as another man came with a camera, smirking at me he whispered something into the mans ear."So you killed my brother, because he got a little possessive,"

"Y-Your brother," I stepped back from the man and frowned at the previously advantageous back alleyway."I did not know,"

"But you killed him all the same," He looked at his man again, and nodded."I hope to see you in court then,"

The narrow alleyway became even more restricted and I frowned as the man stepped closer. His words still flowing in my mind."You want me to go to the police?"

"Of course," The man tousled his shoulder length dark hair and with a sly grin talked again. "Unless you are willing to pay the fees that it will cost to make up for the loss of my sibling,"

I shook my head and my heart pounded. I looked at the older man in front of me, he was probably older than my twenty yet he had the power of a successful forty year old. He oozed power and the fact he spoke so causally sent a shorting of mind power to my kind."How much?"

"A life little one," He said gently, his words flying into my ears.

"You want to kill me,"

He chuckled darkly and his man was gone. I felt scared and knew I needed to run. I slowly tried to step back, feel how long it would take to get over the dead body, burn it and run. Too long, the mans long and lean legs would instantly catch me."No, I do not want to kill you,"

"Then what do you want?"

He smiled again, his teeth perfect."I want your body Anna." He stepped forward."You will be mine, until I can say you can leave. And then well forget you even killed the family failure,"

I froze."Im no ones whore," I lifted my chin to meet his gaze, and found unsurprisingly he was just next to me. He slapped me, and I fell to the ground. His hand was powerful, and I could feel the throb. Tears were locked in my throat.

"There's a good girl," He looked at the moonlight sky."I don't need any feminist lectures from you. Do you agree or not? It is a simple term. You will be well looked after, fed and housed. You know the wealth we Johnsons have, you wont want for anything, you won't even need to work for anyone,"

"Apart from you," I spat at him, so desparate to slap him.

He stepped up to me and I cringed."i don't think that will be too painful, knowing you lost your virginity to my brother will also make it easier for the both of us, mainly me."

I stayed slient."For how long?"

"Until I say so," He lifted me up by the arm, my body now soaked in his brothers blood."You will not ask me again,"

"I want to go to the police, I'd rather go to prison,"

He nodded. But then laughed."No, the option was gone once you disrespected me." He dipped into my ear."If you go to the police, I will use the fact we are on a border and have you killed by the state. That electic chair, with everyone watching you and before you die, I think I will fuck you. Just one last time. Or stay with me in comfort and serve me, as it is a woman's job."

"Sexist bastard!" I clenched my knuckles and he pulled down on my hair, making me cry out."You will not do that again, it was funny for a moment. Now it is rude,"

I nodded."Good, I suppose this is adieu brother;" He paused and fumbled in his pocket. He brought out an expensive looking phone and then spoke into it."Bring the car round,"

I trembled and looked up at him again, he halted his speech into the phone to look at me before continuing again. His eyes were the deepest grey, they made me so afraid and once he hung up he continued to stare at me again."Are we going to your families house?"

He shook his head."I'm not stupid, you had a good relationship with my sister. And my brother is not dead now, he's moved to Australia and he's never coming back. Is that clear?"


"Good," He opened the limo door which had just arrived and ordered me in. He shut the door and sat next to me, he didn't relent in the space and he continued to talk on his phone. The car began to move and I suddenly knew I couldn't do it. I touched the car handle and he looked at me again.

I pretended I was toying with it, and he continued his conversation. He seemed very pissed, and the only thing I knew of him was his name. He was my late boyfriend's brother. He was Tristain White, brother to Jacob White who had abused me for so long that I could not take it. I had killed him, and his brother had saw.

"Let go of the handle Annabelle," I would soon come to learn that this was to be obeyed. But for now I continued to toy with it and ignore his gaze.•As you wish,"

I let to after that, I didn't like the sound of the threat behind it and I continued to look out the window. The car drove out of town, and I continued to panic. I looked at him helplessly and he was still ignoring me."Tristain?"

He looked at me and shook his head."I suppose that is your first lesson, you will not refer to me as Tristain. Sir to you, or master." I allowed the words to run past me, before I cradled my stomach and ignored him."Is there a problem with that?"

"This is not slavery,"

"You may continue with your snide marks as well Annabelle," He dralled out my name and frowned again."But I will just punish you, I will not spank you- I'm not a sexual sadist. But I promise after you will be begging me for my forgiveness,"

I tried to ignore the past, Jacob's possessive attiutide towards me. The way I let him, till I couldn't take it anymore."Where are we going?"

"To a hotel," He said simply."You look too dirty- people will wonder. Tomorrow we will leave for my home in the city and you will start work,"


"Anna, Annabelle," He pressed a button and his window opened."You work for me, you aren't a sex slave no matter what your duites intail. You are my servant, ready to serve with loyalty."

I swallowed my salvia, he was being sarcastic."Douche," I muttered.

"What's that?" He counted to ten and hearing my lack of reply, he continued."You will cook, clean and get ready to please me. A man needs a good woman to come home to, and that will be you."

"You are ri-"

"Oh shut up, all I want to hear is yes sir from that pretty little mouth of yours. In feudal times you would of been a peasant, a whore in a whorehouse or a beggar. Nowadays it's illegal, so the help is here. You are the unpaid, unfree and obedient help. Is that clear or shall I repeat myself?"

I looked over his frame, his strong voice and certainty and nodded. I rubbed the bruise on my arm and nodded again.

"Good. And when it is time, you will tell my family that you broke with up with Jacob, you were secretly loving me and you are a decitiful bitch."

"I'm not a-"

"God, you talk so much. He laughed and touched my neck, he was feeling my pulse. It was rapid and I was scared."Fear is good, it's fun to play with."

I scrambled away in the corner and he shook his head, returning to his book. Several minutes later he motioned for me to sit next to him. I shook my head and he glared. I continued; knowing I was on thin ice to ignore him."Come sit on my lap Annabelle,"


"Right lets get this straight. I will never force you to come to my lap, other things I may, but there will be a punsishment if you don't," I nodded."However Annabelle, if that tape gets out. You, a doctor, killing another human being. Consider your life ruined."

I nodded and scrambled onto his lap. I sat on him, blood dripping onto our bodies. His body making me feel hot, and sweaty. I felt scared. I barely saw him when I was with Jacob, a dark assent and a good morning when I joined their family for breakfast. He barely spoke and all I knew was he was a very good pianoist. But he had never let me hear him play, I had never been invited to one of those events.

"Good," He began to rub my back mindlessly, and looked out the window."We will arrive at the hotel soon, and then you can get some sleep," He stated, more mumbled.

I didn't reply. There was no need. I was a doctor, yet I had killed another human being. My long brown hair was stained with blood, and my hands were crinkly pink- blood and colour.

The car stopped and the driver- who was the man, opened the door. Tristain told me to get off and I slowly got out the car and stumbled into the night air. He got out and brushed some blood crusts."Buy her some clothes, she can't return to the house like this,"

"Yes sir," Was the swift reply of the driver before he got back into the magnificent vehicle and drove off.

I stood at Tristain's side and looked at the posh hotel in front of us. "Do not say a word, and take the jacket off,"

I did as he said, slowly taking off the brown blood stained coat. My arms, my dress was now visible to the eye. It was marginally cleaner, I had planned to burn the jacket afterwards. And the dress was a long black dress. Jacob had bought it, and told me to tie my hair up and wear it. But when he had tried to rape me after hitting me I had enough. I had grabbed the knife he always kept on his table and chased his running ass. I had stabbed him, and I had been so cold in doing so.

Tristain took my arm and led me inside. Suddenly I was offered drinks and rooms, Tristain steered me to the front desk and ordered a room. The penthouse, he wanted. The lady smiled and winked at me. She thought I was here willingly."Enjoy your evening, do you have any condoms?"

I stayed quiet, but then had to deny it."We have plenty," Came Tristain's curt reply. He took my arm and the key. We walked to the elevator and a man got out. He looked at us. Tristain imprecisely neat whereas I looked a tired mess.

"Get off me," I whined. I shook my hand and Tristian snarled.

He then looked at the richly attired man."Whores,"

The man nodded and walked away, to the direction of the reception. My face burned, he hadn't even looked me in the eye, he had believed Tristain.

"Do something stupid again and I will beat it out of you," He warned.

I stayed quiet and watched as the elevators door closed on me.

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