This Is Wrong But It Feels Oh So Right

This Is Wrong But It Feels Oh So Right

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Zach and Anna are partners in the F.B.I, the highest ranked in the facility. They've been through every mission that could ever be possible... or have they? When Zach and Anna have to play a married couple on their honey moon, things get a little more confusing then they should with hot tubs, skinny dipping, and a jealous ex-boyfriend of Anna's meanwhile Zach is actually engaged in real life... But there's a secret to that. Read to find out what happens.


Zach and Anna are partners in the F.B.I, the highest ranked in the facility. They've been through every mission that could ever be possible... or have they? When Zach and Anna have to play a married couple on their honey moon, things get a little more confusing then they should with hot tubs, skinny dipping, and a jealous ex-boyfriend of Anna's meanwhile Zach is actually engaged in real life... But there's a secret to that. Read to find out what happens.

Chapter1 (v.1) - This Is Wrong But It Feels Oh So Right

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Zach and Anna are partners in the F.B.I, the highest ranked in the facility. They've been through every mission that could ever be possible... or have they? When Zach and Anna have to play a married couple on their honey moon, things get a little more confusing then they should with hot tubs, skinny dipping, and a jealous ex-boyfriend of Anna's meanwhile Zach is actually engaged in real life... But there's a secret to that. Read to find out what happens.

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Chapter Content - ver.1

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Anna P.O.V Our breathing was quiet as we hid in the dark alleyway after being chased by the top most wanted criminals in the United States at the moment. Zach's arms were wrapped tightly around my body and he could most likely feel my heart beat going faster as footsteps could be heard. The footsteps came closer until they stopped suddenly.

Oh thank god. I was really not in the mood for a fight tonight. I had a dinner with the head of the FBI and showing up with two black eyes and bruises all over my arms was not necessary. The alley way was marked safe so Zach unwrapped his arms and stepped away. We were practically best friends, not that we had much of a choice. We saw each other almost 24 hours a day and when we weren't on missions we were at his house working on cases on file.

He shot me a smirk and I laughed silently at his boyish behavior. Zach was honestly really good looking. He had a very toned body that I got to see almost everyday when we trained in the gym and he had brown hair and blue eyes. His dimples were on show whenever he smiled and that famous smirk of his was popular with all the ladies not just me. He was set to marry a girl by the name of Diane. I had never actually met the girl but I'm sure she was everything Zach loved in a girl; funny, sweet, gorgeous, athletic, shy. Knowing him she was probably a model.

I know, you must think I'm secretly in love with him... Well honestly? I kind of am. You would be too if you saw past his rough outer look. Not that he would ever fall in love with someone like me. I'm too shy and he even told me I "wasn't his type". Even if it would've been awkward if he had admitted he liked me it was better than being called "not his type".

"Anna, are you okay?" Zach asked worriedly. I looked over at him in the street light and smiled softly. He always knew when I was upset or stressed.

"Ya I'm okay I've just been really stressed with all the-"

"No I mean your arm." I looked at him in confusion. There was nothing wrong with my arm. I glanced down and literally almost fainted. I had seen a lot of blood in my years but had never seen so much of my own blood. I swallowed and looked back up at him.

"I'm fine. Just a scratch," I replied while trying not to look at it. I knew when I got back to my tiny apartment I was going to stitch it up.

"No you're not and you know not to lie to me," he said shooting me a disapproving look. I sighed. Nothing got past him anymore, he seemed to know me better than I knew myself. "I'll take you back to my place and we can stitch it up there. Oh that reminds me. Diane is coming home tonight if you want to meet her."

"I would love to..... Oh wait. I'm sorry I don't have time. Oh shoot I have to go! I'm late for the meeting with Mr.Davidson!" I shouted. He smirked at me and I punched his arm. It's not funny! I'm always late to things and he knew he had to remind me of this kind of stuff.

"I'll take you home so you can change and can clean that cut fast," he said as we jogged to his jaguar. I was jealous of his wealth. Yes, we had the same job but all of my money went to my mother in the hospital. Not even Zach knew about her being in the hospital due to cancer found in her neck. I watched him drive carefully and marveled at his strong hands and how safe they looked.

He caught me looking and sent me another smirk. I rolled my eyes again. I ran up the stairs to my small apartment and slipped on my dress. God I hate freakin dresses so much but it was required tonight. It was a black dress that barely fit me due to my muscular figure. I sighed as I looked in the mirror. I wish I had a more girly figure because my boobs were too small for my liking and I had small hips that barely showed. I was insecure about my body and Zach didn't know that either. I let my hair fall naturally and applied some lipstick and a small amount of eyeshadow and eyeliner. Thinking I looked not perfect but at least presentable I left the room with nothin but my purse.

"You ready Princess?" He joked as he turned around. His mouth dropped open and he gulped visibly, his eyes traveling slowly up and down my body. I felt very self conscious and I cleared my throat.

"We gotta go," he mumbled as he shook his head and climbed into the car. I blushed and got in and grabbed the seat as he slammed his foot on the accelerator. We arrived in about 10 minutes and I was only 2 minutes late as I hopped out and wobbled in my 2 inch high heels.

"Hi Mr.Davidson," I breathed out as I stumbled in, Zach trailing behind me still. "Zach you can go now."

"Um no I'm apart of this meeting too. Didn't he tell you what this is about? Oh shit Mr.Davidson.. She doesn't know?!" He exclaimed. I looked between them in confusion and saw Mr.Davidson look guiltly at the floor.

"I'm not getting fired am I? I really need the money for my mom-" I stopped myself. Did I seriously just say that? Zach shot me a look saying "we will talk about that later." I cursed mentally and shook my head.

"You guys will be on a mission together playing a couple honeymooning," Mr.Davidson blurted out. I stared at him in surprise. A honey mooning couple? I don't think I could do that. I mean I kind of already like him but pretending we were happily married and him acting like he loved me, I would surely lose my mind.

"Sit. We need to discuss arrangements for tomorrow. You will be leaving early in the morning so enjoy this meal and go get some sleep." I sat next to Zach and glared at him. How could he not have told me? We told each other everything except for a couple of my secrets here and there.

"Don't be mad at me, Princess. Perhaps it won't be that hard acting like I am attracted to you if you look like this every day of the mission," Zach whispered in my ear, causing me to shiver. His hand rested on my knee and began tracing circles. Diane was in town tonight and he was doing this? Oh but it felt so good. How long I had waited to be touched by those hands of his.

"I don't know if this will w-w-work," I stammered as his hand traveled closer to my wet core. Thinking about all the things his hands could do to me were not very innocent things to think about.

I imagined his hot mouth kissing every inch of my aching body, dying for him to touch me again. He would kiss me passionately as his hands went down to my aching core and gently added a finger causing me to gasp into his mouth, allowing him to take full control. He would add another finger and I would softly moan into his ear- wait what the heck am I thinking?

When I came back to reality they were both staring at me and I realized they had asked me a question. I blushed and looked down but my breathing became heavier as his hand gently brushed over my core again. He rubbed softly causing me to moan softly and I pretended I was moaning in pleasure of the food. Zach was still talking as he played and teased me and I wanted so badly for him to take me and show me what I had been missing for the 2 years I've worked as his partner.

"Do you like that, Princess? I think you do," he whispered again as he gently inserted a finger just like in my dream. I bit my tongue so hard it drew blood and he chuckled as he saw what was happening. That made him insert another finger and shoot me a smirk as a look of pleasure passed through my face.

"What happened to your arm, Anna?" Mr. Davidson asked unexpectedly. I glanced over at Zach as he stopped fingering me and abruptly left the table. I watched his figure walk to the bathroom and all the girls in here watched him like a hawk. A girl followed shortly behind and I marveled at her beauty. She was brunette unlike me and had an hourglass figure all girls wanted. She was wearing revealing clothing but I would be too if I had a figure like that. She walked to the bathrooms right after Zach and looked around before going through the door. Huh, that was weird.

"I'm not really sure how I hurt my arm. I did it today while we were running from the Bishop gang. We're still working on that case sir," I answered quietly. Zach still hadn't come back after 10 minutes and I began to wonder where he was. The brunette was still gone as well but I didn't think much into it. "I'm really tired and I think I'm going to head home."

"You can't head home without Zach," Mr. Davidson answered and I sighed knowing he was right. "Let me go check on him." He left as well and that left me alone at the table. I glanced around the restaraunt and smiled at an old lady looking at me. She smiled back and I noticed an old man with her. Aw how cute. They were surely a couple that had been together for a long time. That's what I wanted.

"Hello dear," she said, coming over to me. I said hello back and she smiled again. "Such a polite manner for a gorgeous young girl. We were just wondering why you were sitting alone. A girl like you shouldn't be sitting alone on a Friday night."

"Oh I'm waiting for someone in the bathroom. Oh there they both are now... Or three?" I told her as three figures emerged from the bathroom together. The first thing I noticed as they got closer was that Zach was frowning and his hair and shirt was messed up. Before, he had looked neatly groomed. The girl was also disheveled looking but still looked like a freakin super model. Not fair! I don't even look like that now and I'm all dazzled up and stuff.

"Mrs. Garcia! What are you doing here?" Zach asked worriedly. His gaze traveled from her happy smile to my face that was looking him up and down. I knew exactly what had happened and I wasn't happy. Playing with my feelings like that, I had been through a lot in relationships and he knew that so why would he do this? He knew I didnt take rejection well and I didnt like being lied or cheated to.

"Oh Zach! We flew in with Diane here," the old lady beamed back. Wait... Diane? That was Diane. And this was Diane's mom. Who I just talked to. About boy issues.

"Can I talk to you Anna?" Mr. Davidson asked. I nodded and smiled again at Mrs. Garcia and met eyes with Zach who just looked plain guilty. "Zach and that girl were..... Very heavily kissing when I walked in. I just thought you should know since you guys will be playing a married couple. I think he is engaged to her so please do not do anything I would not approve of," he whispered as we walked away.

I looked back at Zach who was watching me worriedly. He offered a smile and when nobody was looking I stuck my finger up at him. He opened his mouth in surprise. I never curse or do anything bad. I'm always the good girl, the girl who can get hurt but hurts nobody. I just don't freakin deserve anything I get. It's not fair. The next 30 minutes were torture with Mrs. Garcia proudly talking about the wedding and the engagment and Zach and Diane holding hands the whole time. I know I shouldnt even be jealous but seriously? 

"I can explain," Zach said as we walked outside to his car. The rest of dinner had been quite awkward and Diane had kept looking at my cut in disgust. I know I'm not perfect but does she have to do that? "I'm sorry I was touching you I shouldn't have done it and I-"

"I don't care, Zach. If I had wanted you to stop I would have told you. I liked it and we both know that but I feel very bad now because I had to sit for a half hour next to your freakin Fiancé after you had just fingered me not even 10 minutes ago! That's not fair to her. Don't even care about me. I don't need your pity or sympathy but she does. At least be faithful to her because she deserves it," I yelled at him once we were in the car. I had been cheated on plenty of times to know it was not fun and she didn't deserve that no matter how slutty she may be. He pulled onto the road and the rain started the pour down. I shifted uncomfortably. The night I had gotten that phone call from the doctor it was raining out and ever since I had been scared of thunderstorms. He noticed my uneasiness of course and I heard him sigh.

"Please don't say anything. I don't want to hear it. We are friends and I don't want to mess with that okay? So just go back to ignoring me in any romantic way and just think of me as a guy again." All of a sudden his hands gripped the wheel tighter and he looked over at me angrily. He glanced behind him and pulled us over so he could turn to me.

"I don't want to think of you as another guy. I've always been attracted to you even if you didn't know and I will have you. I always get what I want in the end and tonight, I fucking want you Anna and god dammit I'm going to have you," he growled. And then he did something we all know he shouldn't have done. He slammed his lips onto mine and the worst part? I kissed him right back.

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