The Secrets of Oliver Elway

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Oliver Elway, business man from the city returns to his small town home. He's trying to escape but Rylee Spencer is making it hard. He thought she had moved away along with everyone else from his high school. Rylee is just as shocked to see the boy turned to man that she crushed in high school. Will the secrets tear them apart, or cause them to be inseparable.

Written by aa1020 and yesmaster69

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Oliver To say the least I was fucked, very fucked. Escape was the only thing I could think as I drove out of the city, the lights p... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Rylee I walked through the grocery store of the small town, doing my best to stick with my list, which is a difficult task. I peere... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Rylee “It’s fine” Oliver told me with a clearly forced smile  “Do you need help?” I asked, peering around the cart... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Oliver:  It had been a week since I’d had the first encounter with Rylee. I hadn’t left my apartment much in that time as ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Rylee I was already late for work. The conversation with Oliver delayed me even more. Not that I minded.  I slipped on my ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Olvier I fixed my posture and sat up as I placed my hands on my lap and made sure everything was perfect, but she still didn’t ar... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Rylee My head throbbed. I slowly opened my eyes, The room was dimly lit. My throat was dry. I tried to move but I was weak. I hadn... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Oliver:  I stood in front of the phone sitting on my desk as my hand reached out to grab it, but instead pulled back as I pace... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Rylee The car eventually stopped in front of a large estate. I was dragged from the car by the man. Up the steps and through a set ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Rylee I gasped at the sudden feeling. My hips involuntarily moved. I tried to remove the cloth from my eyes, but a strong hand grab... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Oliver The drive into the city was depressing to say the least. As the skyline rose from the hills my heart fell. It was a skyline ... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Rylee: As soon as the door closed I let out a deep breath. Oliver was the last person I wanted to see right now.  “Maste... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Rylee I worked my way through the crowd doing my best to not bump into the people dancing, grinding on each other. I was almost cer... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Rylee: I kneeled in front of Jasper as Master watched. Jasper undid his zipper to his pants allowing his dick to spring to life. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Oliver:  I was pissed for so many reasons. For one, Jaxon only made me drive to the estate so that I would see Riley. He knew ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Rylee Master had finally woken up, but he continued to ignore my presence. He moved to the bathroom, neglecting to release my leash... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Oliver I pulled into my usual parking spot. Quickly grabbing the sack of money from the trunk. The sun was still low in the sky. I ... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Please be aware that from this point on there may be some intense scenes. Message me, and I can give you a quick summary if you would like :) Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Rylee The machine continued its relentless attack as Master left me with Oliver. I didn’t want him to go. I needed him here. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Rylee:  When I heard the door open again a glimpse of fear ran through my body as I prayed it wasn’t Oliver. For once, luck ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Oliver I heard a commotion coming down the hall, so I decided I should investigate. As I turned the corner I saw one of the doors c... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Arayana: As I saw the room of men I gulped and looked over at Rylee for reassurance. She seemed just as scared as I was. After Si... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Rylee I slid off the table. Master motioned  for me to come over to him. My pussy was still throbbing since Aryana hadn’t fi... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Oliver After dropping the girls off  to be with their Masters I  made my way to my mailbox to pick up my next assignment.... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Oliver   It was late when I returned to the mansion. I left my car in its original spot and walked through the door. The s... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Rylee: He wasn’t going to actually sell me? Was he?  I dried my tears from my face as Oliver left. I can’t believe the t... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Rylee I knelt on the ground by the bed while Master dressed in one of his black suits and matching jacket.  I was still na... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Rylee   Master led me from the balcony down a set of stairs to an area with two doors, one to right and one to the left.&n... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Oliver I was surprised when Jaxon left the auction early. He typically stayed the whole time. I kept my attention on the stage. The... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Rylee “Lay on the bed pet. I want that sweet ass of yours in the air.” Mistress commanded. I sat staring at the two objects in ... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Rylee: Mistress was not a person you wanted to piss off and I found that out the hard way…  She used a whip hitting my b... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Oliver:  After leaving Jaxon’s office discouraged and definitely hard after seeing the pictures of Rylee I continued pacing ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Rylee:  Brother?! Mistress’ Brother is… Master?!  “Yes he is” I heard a response and realized that I was thinki... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Jaxon:  Rylee was now home again after her day with my sister. As soon as I saw the bags under her eyes I knew how exhausted s... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Rylee   I sat next to Master in the car, laying my head in his lap as we drove. He hadn’t told me where we were going. I... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Rylee   When I woke up I was back on my pet bed in Master’s office as he worked away again barely noticing as I got up a... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Oliver:  It had been a relatively boring night. I’d had a job this morning where another person was overdue on money but it ... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Isabella   The station is always busy but today, it was a madhouse! Cops were bringing offenders in left and right, people... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Rylee The punishment had ended hours ago but I was left with the live video as I hung from the cross. My body sore as the bonds hel... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Isabella:  Tensions were high the next day. Everyone was on high alert. The tactical team was called in early and have reviewe... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Rylee:  The demons had returned and there were more of them. I could hear screams from other rooms this time too as I realized... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Oliver:  It hurt me to see what Jaxon had done to her. Rylee, once the bubbly girl who was never seen without a smile was brok... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Isabella:  I could see the stress in Oliver’s eyes from a mile away. As he took me out of the room to tell me that he didn... Read Chapter