Skylar's Master

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: The Erotic Vampire

Skylar managed to escape the petshop that was holding her captive. Zander Hoffman found and "saved" her. While he be her knight in shining armor, the devil in disguise.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Zander   It was late. I was sipping a glass of whiskey as woman was dancing in front of me. The music was loud and had a hea... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Skylar   My wrists struggled against the restraints that held me against the mattress. My sight was gone due to the blindfol... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Zander   It was near 1am. I took a step outside the club. Smelling the air. Trash, everything here smells like trash. I... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Skylar   I felt softness all around me, and warmth. This must be what death feels like. I must be dead. What sweet relief th... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Zander   Skylar was currently resting. I carefully attended to her feet and back. First I took care of her feet, they were r... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Zander   It was time to have a little a fun with my new pet. Her injuries were healing nicely and she had rested a little, s... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Skylar   That fucking asshole of a vampire. I was so close, seconds away from climaxing. The wetness filled the space betwee... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Zander   She was fully asleep now. In my experience pets need lots of sleep in order to be fully functioning. Her small warm... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

I hope you are enjoying it! Read Chapter

Chapter 10

The sun was shining and it felt warm on my face. The spring time air was swirling around me bringing me the sweet scents. The collar... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

I'm sorry! Thought I messed up the chapter posting. Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Zander I was already formulating my plan as I closed the door softly behind me. I have to go in to town and get Sky something to... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Skylar   I held a mirror up examining my hair and make-up. “Do you like it?” Josie asked “Josie, I love it tha... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

The dining room was filled with about thirty people, fifteen vampires and their pets. Tonight’s show was a little more exclusive. Once ... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Skylar “Remember love, be quiet, respectful, and whatever you do don’t cum” Master whispered in my ear. The lights dimmed, a sp... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Zander I quickly thanked those that came and reminded them that they could sign up until the morning of the next Elite show if they w... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Skylar All of my holes were being filled. Master pumping away in my pussy. Sir Milo had his fingers in my ass. Kristoff in my mouth. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Zander   Skylar kneeled next to my desk. She was wearing almost nothing. A band across her chest to cover her breast and a t... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Zander   I shoved Skylar into the car and climbed in. “Master! You’re being rough.” She wailed. “Good. I tol... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Skylar The week of my punishment was almost up. After my lashing I could barely sit. Master took every opportunity to tease me. It ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Zander   I looked Skylar over with satisfaction. She was wearing a lace underwear that hugged her just right, especially whe... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Zander I opened the door to my room. I could feel the vibration of anticipation from Skylar. I was proud of her. She didn’t break h... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Skylar Master left me laying on the bed after he finished. He had walked into the bathroom. I was still trying to calm my heart rate.... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Thank you so much for reading my story! Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Skylar   Light streamed in through the window. I slowly opened my eyes, rubbing the sleep from them. “Morning sleepy head.... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Zander I waited patiently for Skylar on the bed, my head resting against the headboard eyes closed. She was in the bathroom doing her... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Skylar The music was almost deafening, but I didn’t mind. I followed Master as he walked me through the club. The lights changing r... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

This chapter may be triggering to those who have been sexually assaulted. Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Skylar My heart was beating out of control. I needed out of here. I needed Master. Sir bowed his head to my chest his tongue gliding ... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Zander  My face grimaced at the news. “When you’re done with Kristoff can you please go get some bandages for me?” Milo no... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Zander I sat in my chair feeling numb. Milo rubbed Kristoff’s head until he fell asleep. When his breathing became even Milo carefu... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Skylar It was dark, and I had no idea where I was. I tried to move and felt restraints on my wrists and ankles. What the hell&nb... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Zander The events of the night drained me. I needed to hunt. I hated to leave Skylar without her knowing, but I trusted Milo. She wil... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Skylar It had been a few weeks since the incident at the night club. I spent most of my time in the library, getting lost on the book... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Zander “Strip Pet” I commanded. Skylar took what clothing she had on off. Milo had Kristoff do the same. I admired my pet’s... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Milo I softly bit Kristoff on the chest before leaving him to attend to Skylar. I looked over my pet assessing his body. His cock was... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Skylar We laid together a little longer coming down from our highs. Our naked bodies were entangled with one another.  “Ar... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Zander “Fuck!” I slammed my fist down on my desk “Why did I say that to her?”  Milo lounged in a chair throwing a ba... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Skylar  The sun streamed in through the window. Basking me in the warmth. I felt a body on either side of me. I stretched grunti... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Zander   I placed Skylar onto her feet. I felt better telling her how I felt. I could tell she felt confused and out of her ... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

I stood in the shower cleaning up for the event. Tears silently rolled down my face. Hearing not only about the event, but about Lazarus ... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Thank you so very much to those who have helped giving me feedback and inspiring new paths. Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Zander After another round we collapsed on the bed. I pulled Skylar close as one of the on lookers reached his climax.  Skyl... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Zander Story time: I was around the age of 28. The sweat poured down my body as I worked on the family farm.  My muscles ach... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Zander I sighed heavily as I finished my story for Skylar. Knots tore at my stomach waiting for her reaction. Regretting my past mist... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Skylar I woke the next morning, Master was still resting. I carefully untangled myself from him, noticing that Sir Milo and Kristoff ... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Zander The door closed behind me with a giant thud. I took a deep breath analyzing the emotions that had overtaken me.  When... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Skylar My muscles were aching, I was desperate to move, but I didn’t. I didn’t want to disappoint Master again.  I heard... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Zander  We played a few board games. Skylar pouted when I beat her in checkers twice. It was quite cute seeing her stick out her... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Skylar Masters fingers ran across my arm as we listened to the rain. “I’m sorry for swearing Master” I whispered.  “... Read Chapter

Chapter 52

Skylar The electronic whirring woke me from sleep. I was excited to see Master, to ask him what was going on. The door swung open, bu... Read Chapter

Chapter 53

Zander The three hours ticked by as I drove. I followed the GPS as it led me away from the city and directed me to the next biggest c... Read Chapter

Chapter 54

Skylar I heard shuffling near me and my hands were bound. I opened my eyes, still heavy from whatever Sir Milo drugged me with. The r... Read Chapter

Chapter 55

Zander I watched as Kristoff hit and fucked Skylar. My blood boiled, my anger reaching new heights. I growled and punched the screen,... Read Chapter

Chapter 56

Skylar Kristoff led me intto the small room. Inside there was a bed and blanket. Along the back wall a very small window. In one... Read Chapter

Chapter 57

Kristoff   I watched as Skylar slept. I wanted to take her out of this place and back to the mansion. She didn’t deserve t... Read Chapter

Chapter 58

Skylar I laid on the small bed wrapped in Kristoff’s arms. I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep but a commotion outside the d... Read Chapter

Chapter 59

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy :) Read Chapter

Chapter 60

Skylar The pain was unbearable. Countless men and women visited me through the night. Marcus had also come in several times to admini... Read Chapter

Chapter 61

Zander Milo sat across from in the back of the limo. We were on our way to Marcus’ estate. I hadn’t spoken to him since last nigh... Read Chapter

Chapter 62

If you made it this far, thank you! Thank you for your patience. Please leave a comment and tell me how you liked it! Read Chapter