Succumb Lotus Cum (2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Second part :3 Lotus & Ruka

Lotus had a familiar visit

The busty and bouncy Ruka

She stays over for fun

Falling asleep soon after

Waking up from a slumber

Ruka begin a search of the flower

Following the trail of clothing

From the top to bottum

With a grip of curiosity

Turning the knob with widen eyes

A sight of sexy Lotus in sheer passion*


Ruka happily on the bed very intrigued

Soft fingers massage from the back

Her neck completely caught in a web of saliva

The squeezement of her shoulders with a bit of the lip

Her flesh with chills of exploring got fingers

The blood pumping deeply in lust

Ruka snuggling upon Lotus warmth body

Her head rubbed between big breasts

Biting the nipples through the sheer

Licking away only to develop a yearn*


Ruka exposing her two melons with cherry red dots

Letting a device between them stimulate pleassure

Lotus at the time holding a identical device

Keeping still with intense motion on Ruka's nipples

In strong erection spraying Lotus face and hair

Using her wet hair, Lotus seduces Ruka's breasts more

There leaning upon and against sexually

As she suck passionately on the device

Still in the breasts of ecstasy Ruka*


Midnight creeping through a storm

Ruka peacefully in short rest

But a hungry Lotus crawls over

Moving a feather on her body to arousel and tempt

Up the legs to thighs with a lick of lips

Down the stomach with a deep stare

In time a glass object twist into a tight entrance

Sliding in more easily as cum filled began to spill*


A wet pussy pushing walls even more tight

Upon the visitor pounding for acceptance

Ruka's loud moans could break mirrors

But definitely steam up in heated fog

Lotus began to grip the object

Thrusting it nonstop in her friend until she plead*


Now on top inserting the other half in her pussy

Slowly and passionate sexing up on the small bed

Complete with a long make out of groans

Squeezing hands in strong orgasm pleassure

Cum dripping from the sheets from the climax

Submitted: November 25, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Yaya634. All rights reserved.

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