Sex in the Shower

Sex in the Shower

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


I can feel your arousal pressing against my flesh


I can feel your arousal pressing against my flesh


Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011




Sex in the Shower

Your strong arms around me

My butt against the stall

Your body leans me

Against the shower wall

Water flowing over us

Running down my breasts

The movement of your body

The motion is your art

The way you press your pecks

Tight against my bosom

The feeling of your breath

Hot against my neck

Oh, my love

The beating of my heart

Your touch is patent

Not just another boy

In your soft caress

I can feel the thrill

The way you enjoy

You know me

You make me

Want to be your lover

The deep affection

In your soft caress

The trace of your lips

Against my nakedness

You're such a charmer

Your rhythm's a song

Music on my skin

Your fingers know

The melody

Of my flower

You're sweet play

Letting me feel

The passion

Of your power

Oh, how I love

Who you are

You're such a joy

Making me love

This moment

Making me smile

Pressed against

The tile

You are a full man

Older, giving

Moving me slower

Not a boy

Who has to have something

Quick and now


Before it's even over

So I don't mind

You're old

And your hair is gray

Still, I know

You're afraid

Because I'm young

And it's funny

When you tease

I'm your bait for jail

But inside, maybe

You think I'd tell

But you could have

Fucked me

The night we met

The night I fell for you

But that's been weeks

And I really love you

So yesterday

Proudly now eighteen

On my legal birthday

At the very minute

At midnight

I tried to get you

To give in to me

But no, you didn't

You had to make me wait

My whole birthday

All day long

Making anticipation

Taking me out

Going to lunch


Walking by the lake

Kissing in the park

It was kind of sweet

Your lingering

Savoring the wait

To make love to me

Taking the slow trail to sex

Teasing, leading


Making me love

Your meandering path

But it's not that way now

With us in the shower

I have no want to beg

I can feel your arousal

Pressing against my flesh

Opening the satin soft

Moving between my legs

It's not the shower

That makes me wet

It's your fingers

Making my nipples hard

Water rippling over us

Down my chest

Over my belly

And your hand

Finding the drops of water

That trickle

From the hair

Between my legs

Your touch

So adventurous

Finding, exciting

My clitoris

Oh, how I love

You inside of me

Like you were last night

In the dark

Before the light of dawn

When you made me feel

The feeling

The one I'd never felt before

Shaking me

Trembling me

The quivering satisfaction

Of a woman's first climax

My mother was wrong

So totally mistaken

When she told me

There is nothing in sex

For a girl

Saying definitely

Once a week

Was enough for any man

So my love

You were quite a surprise

Doing something

I didn't even know

A man could do

Making me cum

And then doing it again

Before the sun could rise

I so love your game

You older man

And in your arms

From your motion

Right here

Right now


From my belly


From my flower

You make me

Cum again

Held against tiles

My orgasm in the shower

And mother, maybe


If I can

I might even let you know

What is true

But until then

One thing is certain

One thing is sure

And that is

Once a week

Can never be enough

For this young girl


© Copyright 2018 yacolt. All rights reserved.

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