The Pureblood Way

The Pureblood Way

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Draco Malfoy had a problem... Evelyn O'Connell had a problem too... Draco being the 'kind', 'thoughtful', and 'selfless' person he is, offered to help her. However, what will he ask for in return. Super cute Draco Oc love story with lots of twists and turns, enjoy!


Draco Malfoy had a problem... Evelyn O'Connell had a problem too... Draco being the 'kind', 'thoughtful', and 'selfless' person he is, offered to help her. However, what will he ask for in return. Super cute Draco Oc love story with lots of twists and turns, enjoy!

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Pureblood Way

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Draco Malfoy had a problem... Evelyn O'Connell had a problem too... Draco being the 'kind', 'thoughtful', and 'selfless' person he is, offered to help her. However, what will he ask for in return. Super cute Draco Oc love story with lots of twists and turns, enjoy!

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 23, 2011



"For early muggles they believed in polytheism, or in other words multiple gods

"For early muggles they believed in polytheism, or in other words multiple gods. Of course being muggles, they could only find places of worship, and texts no actual proof of gods. However, many great works of literature has come from those theories…" Many groans came from around the room as the professor droned on about muggle Mythology.

"I don't see why we have to take this class, it's so useless, unless you plan to become like the Weasley's." Draco Malfoy sneered, Ron Weasley, whom happened to be sitting right in front of him, said nothing, only out of fear of detention. Though he was shaking with anger, and it was all to clear Draco was trying to get him worked up.

"The next couple of weeks I have something brilliant planned, we will be reading the Trojan War!" More groans were let out. "One of the many famous stories written about Greek Mythology." Again groans spilled out, it was as if it was automatic. Every time the Professor finished a sentence it was automatic that the students had to groan, or perhaps habit. "We will be testing on it once every two weeks and an exam on the overall book when we're through." Suddenly without cause or warning the back row of the class burst into laughter. All heads turned to a group in the back, the group consisted of Luna Lovegood whose cheeks were bright red, Jason Perkins who was laughing the loudest, Alan Grounds who was also a little pink, and Evelyn O'Connell who was also laughing. "Is there something funny?" The professor asked, they stopped laughing and glanced to the front of the room, as if realizing for the first time they were in class. They all shook their heads no. The Professor frowned. "Are you sure you can handle this assignment?"

"Of course." The class received their books and was dismissed. Next Period was Draco's last and he had a free period, like so many others. The perfect period to have free, so he could relax before Quidditch practice. On His way to the dungeons he passed Luna Lovegood and Evelyn O'Connell again, his friend Blaise suddenly gave him a nudge.

"Wouldn't you like to shag her?" Blaise snickered while eyeing Evelyn.

"Guess I don't know much about her." Draco answered absentmindly. He watched them for a moment, looking over the girl. He knew she was a year younger than himself and in his house, most likely a pureblood, but that was debatable. Normally he would know all about someone in his own house, especially if they were pureblood. His father was well known, making it easy to know everyone, from parties and other such things. But for some reason he was drawing a blank when it came to her.

"Well I'm going to try and get a shag in before practice." Blaise commented before strutting over to the pair of girls. Draco watched in amusement, Blaise never had been as good with the ladies as Draco. He often found joy in watching Blaise get shot down, knowing if it was him, he wouldn't walk away empty handed. "Hello Evelyn, what are you doing with Ravenclaw scum?" 'Fool' thought Draco; he knew that making fun of a girl's friend was a risky gamble, yet Blaise openly did it. 'This won't take long.' He thought to himself.

"Excuse me?" Evelyn asked slightly shocked.

"A girl like you shouldn't be talking to scum." Blaise explained to Evelyn, and she frowned.

"Well than maybe you should leave!" Evelyn snapped and turned away from him. Draco shook his head in slight disgrace. Luna noticed Draco's presence and decided to leave, she had always been a little scared of him. Draco shrugs it off and approaches the situation.

"You bitch!" Blaise yelled and made a move to strike her, Draco restrained his hand with ease. "Mate, what are you doing?" Blaise screamed in annoyance. "I'm going to teach her a lesson!" Draco rolled his eyes; he knew that Pureblood males were to always have control, even if that meant beating their women to prove it. Such things were past down by their fathers. However, Blaise didn't know if this girl was really a pureblood nor did Draco, it wasn't wise to strike her. Plus in Draco's opinion she hadn't really done anything wrong.

"Just leave her be Blaise…" Draco drawled, know full well if he acted bored Blaise would stop. Draco was indeed right Blaise ripped his arm out of his friends grasp and hastily walked away. After Blaise was gone from his sight Draco turned to the girl.

"Thank you." She whispered, she still held a slight look of fear on her face.

"Being from a pureblood family you should know not to upset a male, haven't you learned that from your parents?" Draco noticed the girl slightly wince at his comment.

"I'm an orphan…" Evelyn whispered, turning her head from his, this was obviously a soft subject for her. Draco slightly lost his composure, but that lasted for only a second.

"Oh, well, then I'm telling you now, pureblood girls are to be submissive to the man, it's expected of you." Draco explained and noticed again the girl looked ashamed.

"Who will expect it of me?" Evelyn asked in interest.

"Suitors of course, you're a pureblood many pureblood males are interested in you for that reason alone." Draco explained one of the simplest rules of the purebloods.

"Well how do I know if they're pureblood?" She asked, the subject was slightly fascinating to her.

"Basically every boy in Slytherin." Draco answered simply.

"So. If I would have insulted you tonight, you would have been the one to slap me?" Evelyn asked suddenly.

"No, I am not so stupid as to insult a woman friends unless of course it was a mudblood. But if it were over something else I might have yes." Draco explained thruthfuly to the girl, as he looked her over thoroughly. Her hair was long, to her lower back, the color of it matched his own, oddly enough there were several dark red streaks flowing through it, she was small in frame, very small, slightly taller than five foot, thin, and smooth curves. Draco could easily over power her if he wanted to. The most striking thing to Draco was her face; it was delicate, like that of a porcelain doll. It amazed him that he had not noticed her before.

"Oh, well, thank you for educating me, but I don't think I will be living a normal pureblood life anytime soon…" Evelyn commented bitterly.

"And why is that?" Draco asked with a raised eyebrow. Did this girl really think that being an orphan would keep her safe from the pureblood ways? Draco asked himself in disbelief.

"I'm an Orphan, and I know nothing of my Family." Evelyn stated before she began walking away, she obviously wasn't fond of being reminded she was an Orphan. Draco watched her walk away, she was a curious little thing, and he was intrigued. He shook his head, and walked into the Common Room and grabbed the first decent looking girl he could find and made his way to the Head boy and Girl common room. A little action would help him forget all about the orphaned girl. While the girl went down on him, something strange happened, he thought about the girl again. This just wouldn't do, Draco Malfoy washed his hands of girls feelings, but for some reason she stuck out. He decided he would look further into it after he was done with his previous engagement. After that refreshing encounter Draco headed to practice with Blaise.

"Blaise, what do you know of Evelyn O'Connell?" Draco asked hoping to get further information.

"Not much, she's an orphan from an all magic Orphanage, believed to be a pureblood but no one really knows for sure, hangs out with mainly Purebloods, and Bloody Hell is she fit." Blaise didn't help Draco much with his explanation; he already knew most of the things he mentioned. During drills at practice he notice the Blonde girl once again, she was sitting in the stands peacefully doing her homework. "Oi, Evelyn, come to watch me practice?" Blaise boasted floating over to her.

"No." Her answer was brisk and firm, she didn't even bother looking up.

"Rubbish, I know you did." Draco sighed at Blaise's comment; his friend didn't seem to want give up.

"Actually I'm doing my homework." Evelyn tried her best to ignore him, but his snide remarks were starting to get on her nerves. "Could you fly up really high for me?" She asked sweetly.

Blaise grinned and puffed out his chest; in Evelyn's opinion he looked rather like a balloon when he did that. "Ah, you want to check out my flying skills?" There was pride and satisfaction in his voice; Evelyn almost didn't want to ruin it for him.

"No, I was going to ask you to jump off after you got all the way up there." Evelyn laughed out, and then turned her attention back to her homework.

"You little bitch!" Blaise shouted and Draco decided he should step in.

"Blaise are you going to practice or not?" Blaise ignored Draco; he instead landed his broom on the stand and began walking towards Evelyn. "Bloody hell..." Draco whispered, running his hand through his hair.

"Excuse me, something wrong here?" Jason Perkins asked as he walked over to Evelyn.

"Perkins, what are you doing here?" Blaise raged.

"Picking up Evelyn, to walk her back to her common room." Blaise looked stunned, Draco could tell his friend wasn't happy about this. He was ready to jump in the middle. Evelyn however, ignored the dominant display. She simply gathered up her belongings.

"How did you know she was a pureblood?" Draco asked, he could tell from the way Jason acted around Evelyn, he was courting her. Though Draco didn't believe Evelyn knew about it. To purebloods it was either find the best Pureblood to marry or their parents would arrange a marriage for you. Draco would bet money that Jason's parents told him to find a wife or face arranged marriage. Draco's parents had told him the very same thing, though they didn't really worry about it too much.

"Just a guess since she was placed into Slytherin." That was a lie; Draco could tell he knew more than he was letting on. He answered the question robotically, like it was rehearsed. That alone was proof enough. There wasn't time to question him. Evelyn had already dragged him away.

"What a git! Stealing her from right under my bloody nose!" Blaise yells.

"Calm yourself Blaise." Draco commanded. Secretly however, the young master Malfoy was also upset. Why had he not noticed her before? Now he would have to work twice as hard to win her over from Jason. Oh yes Draco had found his bride.

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