21 and Fun

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Short stories of lady's being naughty . Let's play

Sirs one shots

21 and fun 

"Damn , I'm on Welfare " as Chris collects the coin from the floor that missed the shot glass . His fingers run through his thick brow hair . Chris takes a drink of his jack on the rocks "Your deal my dear " Anna takes the deck from her boy friend of 6 years " Thank you love " . Anna ropes in her brunette locks behind her ear , holding them back to shuffle . 

Anna passes out the cards to her friends whom are having game night at there place . David didn't mine having the neighbors over they were cool and his girlfriend could make friends anywhere . David's deep blue eyes kept going to Alison , the foreign exchange student that Anna and Chris where hosting . 

David having his member growing felt a hand on his leg under the table and rub up to his growing shaft . He looks over to his lady as she is biting her lip . Meaning only one thing , Jena  was in need . Alison looked at her cards after I knocked on the oak table letting everyone know I was going out my next turn . 

Alison slowly licked her lips , undecided to which card to discard . She bent over just a bit and David couldn't help himself but to look her cleavage on display for everyone to consume . Getting back to Dave he lays down his hand "31 , readem and weep " .

Game night was one of the things Alison loved about her host family and a good reason to drink . Being in collage in a foreign country does have some perks . 

Alison lays her cards down "All well , maybe next time " her cards tell the tail of losing the hand . Alison excuses herself  to the wash room . The others continue the game and so does Jen's hand now rubbing Dave's staff wanting the game to be over and a different game to start . 

"I got Jack " Dave fibs about his hand ending the game . Anna giggling  from the nights drinks "I knew I'd win " her feet being rubbed on Chris's lap . Amy could only smirk giving Anna a victory kiss leaving some lip gloss behind . So hot when they did that there lips meeting in a brief moment of lust . 

Both guys hard and wanting could only pray that the shirt that they wore covered the rise in there jeans . "Uhmm " Dave swallows hard clearing his voice . "Thanks for another good game guys " picking up the empty glasses . "Thanks for having us " Chris checks to see if the Tall tell sign of his erection is apparent to every one . 

" Bye baby girl " the lady's kiss once more Anna's hand rests on Amy's bum "see yea later baby " Amy smiles devilishly . The guys exchange a wave good bye before there leaving . Alison squeezes out almost bumping into Amy "I almost forgot about you , night Ali " . "See yea later " Ali gives a smile and a wave . 

"You girls are so evil , giving a show like that . You can hang a coat off of it now " Dave looking down at the evidence in his boxers . "I told you Anna and I are good friends , you just don't know how good I guess " Amy pushes up against his hardness making Chris want more of her . 

His nature coming out more like a animal a deep growl shakes her inner core . Wanting to rip her clothes to get to his desire , the burning heat in his chest builds up like a fire out of control . Dave grabs Amy harshly forcing her against the refrigerator,  her eyes taking him in . Amy reaches down to free his restrained wanting cock . 

Dave knows how she likes being treated like a possession , his personal sex toy . Pushing her down to her knees to take her rightful place . Opening her mouth he pushes in easily " Your my good little slut aren't you " ,"Mmmm-humm " she answers with her mouth full of his manhood . Her tongue dances around his member , Amy only wanting to please him fully .  Filling her mouth he releases his seed into her , Amy keeps her lips and eyes  locked on him , or else face a punishment from his hand . 

Her reward in her mouth Dave loosens up his hold on her head . Amy swallows her prize as his seed pours down her throat. The hot liquid flows down in to her tummy . 

The next day Dave gets home and finds a note on the table "Hey Babe , I'm at Anna's ,love yea , can't wait to tell you all about it . Xoxo Amy 

"Tell what " Dave thought . Going into the back yard to the red cedar gate . Dave enters the back yard of his friends place . The grass always kept short and still lush he makes his way to the kitchen window not seeing anyone . Dave seeing the master bedroom curtains wide open glances over as he walks by to round to the front door . 

Catching a bit of movement he stops and looks better . Amy and Anna entangled in a hot lip lock . Just staring at the two of them making out he could of cumed . The lady's were naked rubbing and feeling each other , Dave knows how good of friends they have become now . 

Amy laying back on the king size bed letting Anna take as she sees fit of her body . Anna's tongue and lips take in her skin bit by bit reaching her wet sex . Her eyes closed and a hand on her head she enjoys Anna's assault on her pussy . 

Amy opens her eyes and sees her hearts love David , he smiles at her and blows her a kiss . She knows she has the perfect man she blows a kiss back and nods to the right . He looks in the direction of her motion . The sliding glass door open , the currents blowing in the cool evening breeze . 

Alison playing solo with herself rubbing her clit through a pair of boxers . Dave leans on the door to the room enjoying the view with his cock in hand . Alison looks up seeing  Dave stroking his member  "Ali ,where did you get those boxers ?" She keeps her fingers working on her bud a little embarrassed to answer "from your dresser Davie , when you had game night . " 

His eyebrow lifts "oh really my dear , I might have to teach you a lesson about stealing , you must pay . You've giving me no choice in the matter  . " Alison smiles from ear to ear , thinking her fantasy becoming reality . 

Dave meets her lips as she rests in the bed . He takes off his belt flipping her on her stomach . The belt cracks against her skin as the burning sinks into her heart shaped bum . Ali loving to be controlled  keeps her hands from instinctively covering her arse . 

The echo of moans drown out the lady's playing in the other room adjacent to Ali's . "Say your sorry baby , " his voice a octave low , seducing his pray . " I'm sorry Sir " her pleads pour out between each blow . Pulling her up Dave takes advantage of the young obedient flesh . 

"Strip " Ali does as told her full B cups floating , defining gravity as the perky flesh is kneaded like dough between his fingers . Her small nips hard as his man hood  ,standing at attention for his pleasure. 

Dave takes his belt and lashes it around her wrists pulling it tightly. Bound to the head board Ali is wanting him , all of him . She gulps , her parched mouth wanting to quenched his need . 

Dave's manhood far from flaccid gives her eyes a full view as he straddles her body with his legs . His cock just a breath away Ali's tongue reaches out for a taste . Catching just the precum , his seed dances on her tongue . 

The saliva cooling on Dave's member he backs up just out of reach and strokes himself . The heat grows in between her legs for him as his hand works the length of his cock . What felt like a eternity to Ali , he parts her legs sliding in her wet channel . Her walls enjoying to be filled to the brim , he works in deep . 

Pounding into her , his desires turn into needs . Needs that must be filled by her . Ali's body responds to his as they work together . He empties his seed deep inside her . Her lips waning a kiss Dave satisfies her mouth with his . 

"When can I see you next Davie " Ali's breath pants on his chest . "Next game night baby " a evil glint in his eyes . "That's tomorrow " she responds with excitement . 

After dressing Dave meets Amy on the way back to the house . "I'm glad you can make such good friends my dear " kissing the side of Amy's head . "Do you have any more GOOD friends you would like to share ? " Amy looks up at her man "Well there is this nice piece of ass down the street " 

/// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// 

Hope you all enjoyed as I did writing this 

Stay Naughty my Friends 

/// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// /// 





Submitted: August 23, 2014

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