Love Is So Damn Easy Part 3

Love Is So Damn Easy Part 3

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Julia finds that 'getting raped by a teenager' wasn't all...


Julia finds that 'getting raped by a teenager' wasn't all...

Chapter1 (v.1) - Love Is So Damn Easy Part 3

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Julia finds that 'getting raped by a teenager' wasn't all...

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Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 16, 2011



I covered the sheets over Derek's athletic, he had gotten a terrible cold, so I couldn't be bothered to wake him up. I put on my pink bra and panties, and slipped into my casual wear. I opened the front door and he was standing there. The boy. The rapist. Mitchell was his name. I remember as when I was leaving his house that night of the 'incident' I noticed his excellent report card. 4 A+'s and a B.

"Hey Julia. We meet again." He gave me a cheap grin on his face. There was only one thing to do. I kicked his nuts and walked away. Leaving him kneeled down on the floor, checking his balls.

I went to the corner shop to buy some milk, I accidently bumped into another woman. She had redish hair that flowed down to her shoulders and she looked more like a 'punk', because of the black jacket and chains.

"Sorry" I gave a little smile back. She looked at me in a seductive way.

"That's okay sweetie!" I felt uncomfortable. I knew at this point that she was gay, and i'm okay with that. But I don't like being on the other end.

I walked over to the freezer section, knowing she was now following me. I opened the door to one of the freezers, but then she slide her from my hips to my breasts and started to massage them very slowly. I bit my lip to stop me from moaning.

"You like that don't you?" She whispered in my ear, then started kissing my neck. I felt on of her hands go under my top, underneath my bra, and massage my breasts even more, while the other went down into my skinny jeans, then to my panties, right where my pussy was.

"How about we take this somewhere else?" She said, though I didn't answer. As she slowly took her hands away from, I made a run for it. She soon followed behind. Speeding down the road, I hurried to my house, 12 blocks away. Looking behind me I saw her catching up to me. Suddenly I bumped into Mitchell. Somehow I was glad to see him. Without even thinking, I began kissing him. He was probably as suprized as I was. His soft hands wrapped round my waist. I could feel him getting hard already. Finally the woman had stopped; probably relizing i'm not a lesbian. She turned round and left my sight, and hopefully me life.

I pulled away from Mitchell, seeing the smile on his face made me worry that this was a bad idea.

"Was that a apology for this morning?" He moved in closer to me. I didn't want anyone to see me with him, so I pulled him over to a nearby alley. I think I was giving him the WRONG signs, and he pushed me behind a dumpster and began french kissing me.

Being older than him, I knew I had to stop this, but, it felt so good. He wrapped his tongue round mine, I trailed my hand dwn his chest to his crotch. He had gotten quite big. I rubbed him gentley, hearing breath heavily, made me want to do more stuff to him.

I slide my hands down into his boxers and grabbed hold of his dick. It was very slippery, I knew he had been masturbating this morning. He always did ever since that night. I gave him a quick hand job before he was hard enough to fuck me.

"You know you want it, just beg for it!" He wispered into my ear. I couldn't take it anymore. My pussy was already wet and nipples were hard and erect just like his cock. I turned myself around and he pinned himself against me. He removed my panties, noticing I was dripping my juicy goodness down my thigh. I spread my legs wider for more pleasure. He held his erect member above my ass, stroking very slowly. Then he shoved it in. I let out a big moan, not carinf if anyone heard. He started thrusting fast, my pussy was very tight, and I knew he was about to cum. I kept moaning for more.

"Fuck me harder!" I begged as he was pounding.

He blew his load in me and took his dick out afterwards. I knelt down and cleaned off his juice. We both quickly got dresses and walked outof the alley way.

"You do know, if you tell anyone aboutthis, I will kill you?" I looked at him seriously.

"Only if we can do this again" He gave me a smirk. I knew I wanted his hard, long, thick dick inside me. We both agreed and headed home.

Derek was awake he was sitting on the couch in his tight boxer, I could tell he had been watching porn due to the tissue box on the floor, with a dozen tissues near it. Plus his boner was very visible.

"So I guess you had fun" I said as  sat down next to him. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. Though he didn't know that I was cheating on him from this point onwards (just like him), love is so damn easy.

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