Lacey's Bedroom Adventures

Lacey's Bedroom Adventures Lacey's Bedroom Adventures

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica




Submitted: March 25, 2016

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Submitted: March 25, 2016



Lacey opened her eyes, only to be met with darkness. She didn't know where she was or frankly how she got there. She also had no memory of anything that had happened over the past twenty four hours. 

It took her a moment to realize that some sort of blindfold had been secured over her eyes, hence the darkness. Then finally she became aware of the rest of her body. She was lying on some sort of surface, and judging by the chill of her skin and the lack of material, she was naked. She could move neither her arms nor her legs - she was spread eagled, each limb attached to what must have been separate bed posts. The next thing she noticed was the strange feeling in her jaw. Something had been secured in her mouth, forcing it wide open. 

The fear came next. Where was she? What was happening to her? She began to struggle fruitlessly in her bonds. It was no use - she could hardly move. A door opened and close nearby and Lacey ceased her struggling. Footsteps approached. Then a low, cold, yet somehow undeniably attractive and arousing voice spoke. 

"Ah, and the whore awakes. How are you feeling my slut? You look delicious, all tied up and ready for me." 

Lacey was too frightened to struggle anymore, too frightened to cry out. If any story she had ever read was anything to go by, she knew what was about to happen to her. 

The footsteps began moving about the room and she heard lots of shuffling and clinking, before the man returned to the bed. 

"Now, whore, let's begin. While I've got you - which admittedly could be a long while - you're mine. My slave, my whore, whichever suits you best. You're expressly for my pleasure, which means I'll take you when I want, how I want, and you'll accept everything I give you and do everything I ask. So essentially you'll hardly get a break - my sexual appetite is remarkable. I'll share you how I see fit, or I won't. And you'll love everything I give you, slut, just like the whore you are. Let's play." 

Lacey trembled where she lay. She knew there was nothing she could do. She cried out as she felt his warm fingers brush along her stomach, up to her breasts. He caresses them, then, without warning, pinched each nipple roughly. Lacey nearly screamed. 

"Quiet whore!" 

His hands left her body, but a moment later they returned. The man pressed nipple clamps tightly onto each breast, so tightly that a tear ran down Lacey's cheek. He then tugged mercilessly on the chain attached to the clamps and Lacey screamed. The man seemed to be getting some sort of satisfaction out of her pain. 

"No need to scream yet, slut. The fun is only just beginning." 

The man's hands found themselves on her body again, this time traveling up toward her face. Suddenly he shoved a thick dildo down her throat. She gagged, unable to do anything due to the guard keeping her jaw wide as it would go. 

"Suck that dildo. Get it nice and wet for me. Suck it like you would suck my big cock. Suck it like the good whore you are." 

The man slapped Lacey around the face when she didn't comply, so she forced herself to do as he said. She sucked on the dildo as best as she could around the guard until he pulled it out of her mouth. He trailed it slowly down her body until he reached her hips. He pulled away and she thought he was done with it until she felt him lift up her hips and mercilessly shoved the dildo into her ass. 

Lacey screamed in pain, more tears streaming down her face. The man chuckled darkly, and Lacey's body jerked when suddenly the plastic cock in her ass began to vibrate. 

"You like that, don't you, you dirty whore? A cock shoved up your ass? You're used to it though, a slut like you, aren't you? You've had plenty of dicks in every hole." 

The man ran a finger up her slit, delighted to find it soaked. Lacey hadn't even realized how aroused she was until now - she had been too frightened. 

"Oh you dirty bitch! All soaking wet for me and I haven't even touched your pussy! Tut tut. You really are a bad little pet, aren't you?" 

He moved away again, and Lacey was left whimpering as the dildo vibrated violently in her ass. Fingers pried at Lacey's pussy, and she moaned when he pushed something inside her. It was too small to be another dildo. It was a little round thing, almost like a bead. She cried out again when he pushed another bead inside her, this one larger. He forced five beads into her tight pussy, each larger than the last. Then they began to vibrate as well. Lacey moaned uncontrollably. 

"That's a tight cunt for a whore. All the better for me really. Look at you, all filled up, moaning like a common slut. I can't wait to hear you scream as I fuck you. I'm going to fuck your pussy so hard you won't be able to walk straight for weeks. Not that you'll be walking anywhere. I like you all tied up." 

Lacey heard more shuffling in the room, but was too caught up in the pleasure building in her abdomen to really care what was happening. She screamed as an orgasm ripped through her body, drawn out as the items inside her continued to vibrate. They didn't stop, and moments later she exploded in another gut wrenching orgasm. The pleasure was so intense. 

She felt the bed dip next to her head, and knew that her captor was kneeling there. She whimpered in protest when she felt him straddle her face and the head of his huge cock brushed her lips. 

He mercilessly shoved his huge dick down her throat, and more tears escaped. He gripped her by the hair and began roughly fucking her mouth, not seeming to care that she could barely suck him or that she continuously gagged. Minutes later - which may as well have been torturous hours to Lacey - he shot his load down her throat. She choked. 

"I expect you to swallow every last bit, whore or there will be consequences." 

Lacey swallowed as another powerful orgasm flowed through her. The sheets beneath her were soaked with her juices. The man moved away, giving Lacey momentary relief before she felt his fingers at her pussy again. She moaned as he removed each of the beads, dripping with her juices. 

Andrew slipped each bead into his mouth as he removed them, savoring Lacey's pussy juices. God, how he loved torturing young women this way. He had seen her one night two weeks ago at the bar and knew he had to have her. And now that she was here, he could hardly wait to do all the wicked things he wanted to do to her. He'd been hard since the moment he walked into the room and found her struggling, and even after getting off in her sinful mouth, he was still rock hard. He was getting restless now. As much fun as it was to play with her and watch her squirm as she orgasmed, he needed to be inside her. He couldn't wait. 


Lacey was exhausted. She'd already struggled through five orgasms and wasn't sure how much more she could take. But he wasn't done with her yet, not at all. She squealed when he roughly shoved a finger into her dripping pussy, followed by another and then a third. Lacey cried out and moaned as he finger fucked her through two more orgasms. It was absolute fucking torture. 

He removed his fingers and Lacet sighed in relief. Then gasped in shock when she felt his fingers pulling at the ropes that secured her feet. She was too out of it to realize that her legs were now free, and anyway was too exhausted to struggle. The man proceeded to tie her right leg up with her right hand and her left leg up with her left hand, leaving her fully exposed and incredibly uncomfortable. Which was nothing to the excruciating pain she felt when he shoved his huge cock into her waiting pussy. 

It was the largest cock Lacey had ever taken - incredibly wide and long. Each rough stroke of his dick in her pussy was painful, though it was incredibly pleasant as well. He stroked his massive cock mercilessly in and out of her pussy, pulling her hair, tugging at the nipple clamps and even biting her clamped nipples and fucking her ass with the vibrating dildo. Lacey screamed louder than ever through another orgasm, followed by a cry of pain as he shoved even deeper into her. He reached down between them and began roughly fingering her clit as he fucked her hard, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Finally, after she came countless times, he blew another load into her sore and swollen pussy. 

He pulled out and stood, watching as Lacey whimpered helplessly in her bonds. He was done for now. But he'd be back, she knew, and she wasn't sure she was looking forward to it. Her pussy had never been so sore in her life, and she was sure she would pass out if she had to endure anymore. 

So she moaned when the man roughly removed the vibrating dildo from her ass. Then she cried out in protest and more tears fell when he shoved the dildo into her aching pussy, still vibrating. There was a crash as he left the room, slamming the door behind him. 

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