The Princess's of Heart

The Princess's of Heart

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure


Intro (The Girls) Stephanie handed Zoe a coke and they started the game back up. “This is the best video game I have ever played!” Steph exclaimed, using Sora’s KeyBlade to kill another Heartless. Zoe sneered and used Jack’s magic on a whole group of Heartless, wiping them all out and boosting both of their health meters at the same time. “Told ya, now we need to destroy the big one and the Gummi ship should beam us up.” Zoe said as they regrouped with Donald. “Kay.” Steph said concentrating on the screen and starting the KeyBlade’s magic. Combined together they defeated the Heartless and the Gummi ship beamed them up. “Excellent.” Zoe laughed, collapsing onto the huge king size bed and stretching. “Were gonna beat this game in no time!” Steph added.


Intro (The Girls)
Stephanie handed Zoe a coke and they started the game back up.
“This is the best video game I have ever played!” Steph exclaimed, using Sora’s KeyBlade to kill another Heartless.
Zoe sneered and used Jack’s magic on a whole group of Heartless, wiping them all out and boosting both of their health meters at the same time.
“Told ya, now we need to destroy the big one and the Gummi ship should beam us up.” Zoe said as they regrouped with Donald.
“Kay.” Steph said concentrating on the screen and starting the KeyBlade’s magic. Combined together they defeated the Heartless and the Gummi ship beamed them up.
“Excellent.” Zoe laughed, collapsing onto the huge king size bed and stretching.
“Were gonna beat this game in no time!” Steph added.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Princess of Heart

Author Chapter Note

Intro (The Girls)<br /> Stephanie handed Zoe a coke and they started the game back up. <br /> “This is the best video game I have ever played!” Steph exclaimed, using Sora’s KeyBlade to kill another Heartless.<br /> Zoe sneered and used Jack’s magic on a whole group of Heartless, wiping them all out and boosting both of their health meters at the same time.<br /> “Told ya, now we need to destroy the big one and the Gummi ship should beam us up.” Zoe said as they regrouped with Donald.<br /> “Kay.” Steph said concentrating on the screen and starting the KeyBlade’s magic. Combined together they defeated the Heartless and the Gummi ship beamed them up. <br /> “Excellent.” Zoe laughed, collapsing onto the huge king size bed and stretching.<br /> “Were gonna beat this game in no time!” Steph added.<br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 03, 2011

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: January 03, 2011



Chapter One

Authors Note. Hey this is my first Kingdom Hearts story and it’s based on a strange fantasy I’ve recently been thinking about. This story will contain strong and profane language and racy scenes. I plan on adding new characters and some characters from different shows, games etc. Stephanie and I will be two of the main characters and I will be paired with Axel, and Stephanie will be with Ash from Pokémon. Later on I might ask for some girls to be the girlfriends of other characters so keep an eye open ;)

Sora’s Point of View

“Do you hear that?” I asked once we had collapsed on the deck of the Gummi ship.Goofy just yawned, heading below deck.

“You must be hearing things Sora.” He said sleepily. I sighed and slowly sat down. I was exhausted. Jack said this war would end when more heroes came but I’m so sick of being alone like this. King Mickey had promised reinforcements ages ago. When are they going to get here?!

“I hear it Sora. It sounds like something’s flying.” Ven said looking into the sky.

“Your right. Hmmm. I’m sorry to ask but will you keep watch while I get some rest? I know you’re probably tired too but I haven’t slept in days…”

Ven nodded and I immediately went below to my quarters.

***BANG! ***

My eyes snapped open and I jumped out of my hammock running up to the main deck.

“I told you not to touch it!” a girl’s voice yelled stopping me in my tracks.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for us—“I had reached the top of the stairs and was staring at two beautiful girls. One with red choppy hair, deep chocolate brown eyes that almost looked red. Gothic looking chains, skinny jeans, combat boot, and tank top with a cross on it.

The other girl had dark chestnut brown hair that was slightly windswept, lighter brown eyes that looked a tad bit yellow in direct sun light. A black t-shirt with a white lightning bolt on it, black cargo pants, black rebel boots, and a sliver necklace in the shape of a black widow spider but silver.

“Zo-Zoe? Is that -?!” the brunette girl started but the red head cut her off.

“I think so. Look! We look like anime too!” she gasped, touching her bare arms almost like she was going to shatter.

“And who the hell are you?” I asked calmly, leaning against the door frame of the stair way.

Red head looked at me nervously then muttered something under her breath. Without a blink a sort of familiar Keyblade appeared in her hand.

“It worked! Steph just say yours’s name and it will appear!” red head said. Lifting the beautiful blade and gazing at the shinning metal with shock on displayed across her face.

Little did I know they were both harmless to my friends and me…

Summoning my own blade I quick hacked the red heads side causing her to drop her blade and fall to the ground, clutching her side to try and stop the bleeding and the pain which was probably excruciating. I aimed my next blow at the brunette who was crying and collapsing next to the red head trying to help her up.

“Stop!” She cried pressing her hands against the red heads wound and trying to force the blood to stop flowing onto the Gummi ships deck with no apparent success. “Were not your enemies! Please we have to get her help now!”

Next thing I knew Ven had me tackled face first on the deck, my blade skidding across to the other side of the ship and vanishing.

“Help! Please she’s bleeding too much you stupid Blondie!!!!” Brunette yelled tears streaming down her face smearing some black eyeliner that had been gently applied beforehand.

“Take her and go back to wherever the hell you came from you stupid brunette! And what the hell Ven! Their enemies! Let! ME! GO!!” I growled venomously before realizing that wasn’t Ven’s arms... Black sleeves… ORGANIZATION XIII!!!!!!WERE’S VEN!!! GOOFY! DONALD BAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lol I’m making him sound crazy J)

“Enough. They don’t work for the Organization. You tried to kill an innocent you dumbass.” Axel growled, walking over to the girls after letting me fall on my face… God this isn’t my day.


Zoe’s Pov

I see him, my FAVORITE character of my favorite video game… am I dead???

“A-Axel?” I gasped through the pain and clenched teeth. His green eyes narrowed but kneeling down he examined my bloody abdomen gently.

“How do you know my name Little One?” He asked softly, placing a warm hand against my wound. Gasping as the pain slowly drifted away and was replaced by a giddy tickling sensation.

“It’s hard to explain and I know I shouldn’t actually tell you how because there is something else I don’t even know about here… And I am babbling like a fool! God… by the way whatever you are doing to me tickles like crazy and its making me feel like a little girl that’s excited.” Looking down as I was speaking I saw that the wound was healed except for a pale pink scar surrounded by dried blood… Dang he’s good.

Axel only smirked and nodded his head, laughing while he helped me to my feet.

“You’re a funny one… you feel any more pain then Shorty?”

I blushed and hung my head. “Nah… It’s cool…”

“Good. Sora now’s the time for you to apologize to her and-“I interrupted him by placing a hand on his arm.

“It’s okay. I understand why he would be suspicious. The Organization already took Kairi. Please don’t blame him for protecting his friends and himself… the Organization was a good guess.” I gasped out of breath. Axel just stared at me with confusion on his face causing me to laugh.

“ Okay I’m going to be completely honest when I say this. You are scaring the hell out of me. How do you know that stuff? How do you know my name? What else do you know?” He asked, shocked and oddly nervous.

“Well for one thing I know what you would do for a Klondike bar, I know your real name is Lea, You Organization number VIII and your main weapons are enchanted fire and two Chakrams.” I smirked leaving him and Sora dumbfounded with Stephanie nowhere to been seen for the time being.

Axel’s POV

I stared at the girl; she knows wayyyy to much. Next thing I know is the brunette running towards Sora with another unknown Keyblade

“HAVE AT THEE SORA!” She screamed (At what I assume to be) at the top of her lungs, pummeling him with her Keyblade hilt which was in the shape of lightning so it has gotta hurt like a bitch. (Crap why am I talking about Larxene)

“STEPHANIE!” Red Head screamed, pulling Stephanie girl off of Sora and placing a petite hand against his forehead, trying to stop a deep gash that the hilt tore into it.

Sora winched but smiled half heartedly.

“Karma’s a bitch huh?” he laughed and pretty little red head blushed and smiled.

“Why are you helping him Zoe? He damn near killed you!” Stephanie yelled angrily, trying to launch back at Sora, but I held on to her tightly, her blade slicing through my cloak causing me to bleed. I ignored the pain and stared at the girl.

“Your name is Zoe?” Sora asked curiously after he had gotten up off of the floor and holding a rag to his forehead. Both Zoe and Sora ignoring the frantic objections of the Little Stephanie who was fighting against my arm as I held her blade away from my body to stop any further damage to the new cloak I had just got in Traverse Town.

“Yeah… Axel you can let her go now. Steph calm down.” I like the way she said my- NO! Don’t think like that! She’s not even closely interested in you! She helped Sora even after he’d tried to kill her… So she must like him.

“You heard her. Let me go you gigantic over grown fireball!” Stephanie snarled aiming a viscous blow directly at my shoulder.

“Alright, ALRIGHT! Relax! Jeez!” I grumbled pulling Ven up from the place where the place where the girls landed and crumpled him.

“Where’s Donald and Goofy Sora?” Zoe asked trying to lighten the tense feelings and air surrounding us. My anger levels were slightly elevated because Stephanie calling me an over grown fire ball but mainly because of Sora.

He’s already took Roxas now this Angel- Wait why am I thinking like this? I’ve barely known this girl for five minutes and I’m already calling her an Angel? WTF!!!!

“Below trying to get some rest. Axel can talk to you for a minute?” Sora said motioning to the stairs for down below.

“Uh. Yeah sure.” I muttered. Leaning Ven against the wall then following him below the deck.

“They’re the ones I’ve been waiting for!” (No I do not mean this in a grossy way) Sora exclaimed quietly running his hands through his hair.

“What do you mean ‘the ones’?” I asked leaning against the wall opposite Sora and crossing my arms, “and what do you mean that you have been waiting for them?”

“I mean—you know what just read this.” Sora said reaching into one of his many pants pockets. He pulled out a piece of parchment and handed it to me. It was one of his letters from Mickey. It read:

Dear Sora,

I will find and send three new Keyblade warriors. The leader will be named Life and SHE will be equal to your power. The other two will be slightly less powerful than her but will excel in two fields. Together with you your combined strengths shall be strong.

Good luck,

The King

“Mickey sent them?!” I exclaimed after reading the letter,” but what it says three… where’s the third?”

“I don’t know, but if they are here then the last can’t be far behind.” Answered Sora as he pulled out another piece of parchment. It contained sketches of four KeyBlade’s.

“Soul Reaper, Crystal Lightning, Oath Keeper and Oblivion….

“Wait. OathKeeper and Oblivion look different.” I said.Sora looked more closely at the sketches and noticed slight changes.

“Your right the key chains and the color tones.. Other minor things to are different. Huh. “Sora wondered aloud.

“Soul Reaper… Wait. You mean the actual Keyblade of death himself… I remember Saix telling me about that.Even OathKeeper and Oblivion together are not as strong.”

“Your right! Wait a second! How did you know the name of the fourth Keyblade! The Crystal Lightning one… Right?” Sora said shocked. I chuckled and turned walking back up the stairs to the main deck.

“Not your business. Got it memorized?”I paused when the thought hit me. I turned back to face Sora once again.

“There the new princess… of Kingdom Hearts. Xemnas told all of us about them but there is another on the way. He never said anything about a ninth princess.”

Sora scratched his neck. “I don’t know either. Well we have time to figure it out later. Let’s make sure Ven is okay and the girls didn’t run away.” I simply nodded and followed Sora up the stairs. We heard hushed talking between the girls though so we stepped lightly and listened in… (Yeah yeah I know there eavesdropping so shove it!)

“- He so totally likes you! Didn’t you see the look on his face when he saw you!” Stephanie exclaimed.

Zoe sighed and I heard a thump. “Whatever. One I was bleeding. Two I was crying and Three that look was probably disgust. .. And how would you really know that look you don’t like to date you don’t really like to hang out around guys that way anyway…” She said angrily.

Stephanie sniggered and I heard footsteps. “I’m taking Nightcrawlers line here but you should know and trust me “I can sense these things!”” She laughed.“Don’t doubt the scaly one hahaha!”

I blinked again and Sora snorted pushing past me and up to the deck where he called out to the girls.

“You two are coming with Ven, Goofy, Donald and Me to Destiny Islands were we can train you. We don’t know where you are from and we could use your help. Of course if that’s okay.”

Sora changed the direction of the Gummi Ship that was going to go to Atlantica for some strange reason to Destiny Islands.

“What about Axel?” I froze and looked down at Zoe; she was blushing bright red and looked quite nervous. Also she was taking quick glances at me from under her bangs.

“What about him? He’s going to go back to doing whatever mission Xemnas sent him on and then return to Castle Oblivion.” Sora answered quickly.

My fists tightened and Zoe immediately noticed the glowing Chakrams.

“Axel…” She slid her hands over top of mine even though fire surrounded them. Her face contorted with pain but she pulled the Chakrams away and let them disappear.

“Why are you trying to stop me?” I grumbled, folding my arms across my chest and leaning against the wall.

“Because. I know you’re better than that…” Her voice was quiet and Sora stared at us in confusion. Stephanie just grinning away.

“Axel? Better than an Assassin that only cares about himself? Please.” Someone scoffed causing everyone to jump.

Larxene stepped out off the shadows, her eyes cold and stern.

“Larxene?” Stephanie said confused, only to receive a quick jab in the ribs from Zoe.

“Yes you stupid human girl! Us Nobodies are in the need of more respect from your pathetic excuses as heroes! Right Sora? Your precious Kairi knows this all too well.” Larxene cooed viciously. Walking towards me and wrapping her arms around my waist.

“What are you doing?!” I growled

Larxene backed away once my chakrams started to appear again. She glared at me evilly and you could literally feel the electricity in the air.

“Your no fun Axel! That red head seriously looked upset.” She smirked at Zoe. I pushed past her and looked at Zoe. Her face was bright red and she stared at the floor nervously.

“Get out of here. I’ll be back to the castle soon. I need to get some information from Sora for the mission Saix sent me on this morning. I said trying to ride the anger that wanted to burst forth.

“Mhm. Sure… Come home soon Axel. I want to show you something that even Marluxia hasn’t seen.” With that she disappeared. Leaving us all in a tense awkward silence.

“She didn’t even fight anyone!” Stephanie said breaking the silence. Disappointment was thick in her voice.

“Yeah. She knows better.” I said absent mindly… Zoë was upset because Larxene hugged me?

***************************************Zoe’s POV***********************************************************

“Can I get some rest Sora?” I asked quietly, unable to look up at Axel in fear of him yelling at me or something.

“Yeah, go down to my cabin. Last door on the left” (I know, I know, Gummi Ships are supposed to be small but this is a big one okay!)

“Okay. Thanks.” I walked down right away not even waiting for Stephanie who was obviously worried about me.

“Is she okay?” Axel said softly once I got halfway down the stairs.

“I don’t know. You should go talk to her. You’ve always have been her favorite Axel. She probably thinks your mad at her or something.” Stephanie said. I didn’t listen to Axel’s comment. Instead I pushed off the wall and wiped away my warm tears that streamed down my face.

Why did I have to screw things up already? He didn’t know me! Why and how did Larxene know I was upset when she hugged him? Larxene has always lusted after Axel even in the games and manga’s!But I thought Nobodies couldn’t feel real emotions… no hearts.

“What do you mean she’s always like me as her favorite? And why would I hate her? I barley met her!” He exclaimed walking down the stairs right after me. Running I got to the door Sora told me to go to and opened it while slipping in closing and locking the door behind me.

Heavy footsteps suddenly stopped outside of the room but oddly enough they went away.

“Thank God-“I breathed. Lying on the bed and closing my eyes letting all the feelings flood my mind.

“She’s a bitch.”

I froze were I lay and opened my eyes.

He was standing over me, looking directly into my eyes. A pained expression on his face. Those piercing emerald eyes warming me.

“H-how did you-“He sat next to me and sighed cutting me off.

“Corridor of Darkness… thought you would of known that since you know everything else… I’m sorry you had to deal with Larxene up there. She’s a snobby bitch and it’s not your fault.” He said pulling off his Organization coat and throwing it down onto a chair that was in the corner. I have never seen or heard of axel taking of his coat! His chest pressed against a black v-neck tee shirt and once his gloves came off I saw black flame tattoo’s running up his left arm. A simple pair of black pants and black combat boots.

“Why did you take off your cloak? N-not that I mind but…” I rambled until he stopped me by putting his finger on my lips.


“Ow!” He was interrupted by a crash and a yell. We went out of the room but not before Axel put his cloak back on. We walked out to see Stephanie sprawled out face first on the floor below the stairs.

“Are you okay?!” Sora said, a concerned look on his face.

“Yeah, Yeah. I’ll be fine. You know me grade a klutz. Hahaha.” She joked getting up.

“Sora what did you do!?” I yelled at him.

“I didn’t do anything! She fell!” He replied, holding his hands up in defense.

“Are you sure your okay?” Axel asked, helping her up to her feet gently.

“Yeah. Thanks.” She said standing shakily. Then when she tried to walk she stumbled and almost fell if Axel hadn’t been there to catch her.

She blushed “Thanks again.” She said in embarrassment. “Looks like Karma got me too. Sorry about earlier Sora.”

“Hey, I deserved it. So it’s alright.” Sora replied. “Hell yeah did!” I thought

“Yeah, but I still feel horrible about it. My anger gets the best of me at times.” She said bowing her head slightly in shame and embarrassment.

“You shouldn’t because as he said he deserved it.” Axel and me said at the same time. I blushed and I think he might of, at least as much as a nobodie could.

*****************************************Stephanie’s Pov*****************************************************

I walked solely and carefully over to Sora. “Kinda reminds you of Kairi huh?” I said causing him to blush. “Hahaha!”

“How do you know about all of this?” He asked.

“Wish I could tell you, but if I did I would break the fourth wall.” I replied.

“The what?” He asked confused.

“The fourth wall, and until I know it’s okay to tell you I can’t, sorry.”

“Ugh what I miss?” asked a voice… Ven had finally woken up.

“Oh my God! Ven are you okay! I’m so sorry we fell on you!” Zoe and I both exclaimed at the same time.

“A little sore but a good rest and some food and I’ll be good.” He said. “By the way, you two know my but I don’t know you.” Taking the hint I introduced Zoe and myself. Ven looked from her to me back to her then back to me. After he asked. “So, Stephanie are you single?” I bet my face looked funny because it felt weird.

“Why- Uh… do you ask?” I said confused and nervous.

“Well I’m interested if you are?” He said moving closer to me.

“NO Not really.” I said trying to back up from him but pain shot up my right leg as I put pressure on it. “Ouch!” I said and again almost tripping but this time Ven caught me.

“Jesus Steph! I think you hurt yourself more than you let us know!” Zoe exclaimed rushing over. “Ven your holding her wrong.” Then she helped me down from Ven’s arms where he held me bridal style.

“Why don’t you rest in my cabin?” Suggested Sora.

“Sure, thank you Sora. Zoe will you help me down there?” I asked her softly.

She nodded her head and we walked down to Sora’s cabin my right arm over her shoulders, keeping my right as off the floor as possible.

Once in the room Zoe helped me into the hammock. I sub-consciously reached into my many pockets and felt something in it. Grabbing it I found it to be my I-Pod Touch.

“No way! This is just what I need right now!” I said turning it on and putting in my password. It activated one of my favorite apps called “Pocket God”. While playing I didn’t notice Zoe leave me. I played and played constantly torturing the little Islanders that I named Lucas, Sean, Aaron, Samuel, Tyson, and Rallen. Laughing the entire time not getting tired of killing them and bringing them back only to be killed again. Mainly by lightning strikes that I controlled.( Hehe Foreshadowing here people!!!)

“Yeah I’m just that evil. Muhahahahaha!!!” I thought. Then Sora came in, “Dinners ready if you want some, what are you playing?”

“I’m playing Pocket God. A game on my I-Pod touch were you get to torture Islanders you name” I said showing him how it worked.

“That’s a little bit cruel if you think of it.” He said

“I know, but look at it this way. If I don’t take out my evil thoughts on these Islanders in a game, then I take it out on real people.” I said. He looked at me and then dismissed it. “Anyway you want food or not?” He asked changing the subject.

“Yeah of course” I said, “You’ll help me over there right?”

“Of course I will! What do you think I am a Heartless? Hahaha!” He joked while helping me up and supporting me gently.

“Hahahaha!” I laughed at his joke. We walked over to the stairs the same way as Zoe and I did like four hours earlier. “This may be a problem.” I said looking up at the stairs. *sigh* “Oh well, at least try Stephanie.” I said answering myself.

“Who are you talking to?” Sora asked confused.

“Myself.” I said and tried to go up the stairs slowly but surely. I finally got up the stairs with a lot of help and little pain.

“Good thing there aren’t allot of them to worry about ha-ha” I chuckled sitting on a chair and looking at Zoe who was glancing at Axel behind her bangs. He didn’t seem to notice because he was staring intently at her cell phone that was beeping and making noise.

“So what are we eating?” I asked trying to make the stupid silence go away… I really hate the intense quiet.

“Just some fruit and vegetables. We don’t have a kitchen on this ship. So we can’t have hot meals.” Sora explained.

“No meat. That sucks… oh well just toss me a cucumber and a green granny smith apple please.” I asked. Ben looked at the two bowls then at me. He grabbed a cucumber and threw it to me then started to look for a green apple.

It didn’t matter since I already had it because Axel handed me his and placed his feet on the table reclining on the chair. Zoe nearly fainted as a bit more of his chest became visible.

“Thanks” I chuckled to both Axel and Ven digging in.

I just opened my mouth when Donald made a noise that sounded like a choked quack.

“She has fangs!” He gasped coughing on his salad making Goofy snort up his water and cough as well.

“Really.” Asked Sora and Ven at the same time. Axel just looked at me curiously.

I sighed and chuckled at the same time. “Yes, I really have fangs. They are my natural teeth to. Sometimes you will find my behavior will be strange and inhuman also.” I said and pointing to my upper and lower canines that were indeed sharper and longer than normal humans.

“Are you?” Goofy asked suddenly.

“Am I what?” I asked taking a bite of my apple. “You know. Human.” Goofy said.

“At this point in my life *sigh* I am really having doubts.” I replied distantly.

****************************************Zoe’s POV***********************************************************

“You are human! Jesus I toldyou that this morning!” I laughed, biting into my red delicious apple.

“ I know, I know. Please sit by me Zoe!” Steph asked sitting right across from a very sexy Axel who had been staring at me intensely since we came up the stairs after taking Steph down to get some rest.

“Uh sure.” I laughed nervously. Sora sat next to me and everything got really quiet and sort of uncomfortable.

Eating in silence I glanced in between Axel and Stephanie trying to think of a topic so I could start up a friendly conversation.

“I’m going to have to leave… Larxene’s going to be mad as it is that I didn’t finish my mission that I was assigned to this morning…” Axel finally said, standing and fixing his hood over his head. I watched his green eyes leave my vision and immediately felt lost and lonely without them.

“Okay.” Sora and Ven said together simply not even looking up.

“Are you coming back?” Stephanie asked saving me from asking myself and being obvious about how much I like him…

“Not right away. I need to get some stuff done first. I promise I’ll be back though.” He said slowly. Then in an odd display of fire and smoke he was gone. When he had turned away he had smiled warmly at me. Making my lips tingle were his finger had been earlier.

“You okay Zoe?” Ven asked snapping me out of my daze.

“Yeah I’m fine. How long will it actually take to get to Destiny Islands?” I asked throwing away my apple core into a bin at the end of the table and sitting in a corner pulling out my cell phone and checking for service. Oddly enough it had all the bars. Dang.

‘About an hour and a half.”

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