mindlessly thinking

mindlessly thinking mindlessly thinking

Status: Finished

Genre: Other


Status: Finished

Genre: Other


something that came randomly


something that came randomly


Submitted: July 02, 2011

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Submitted: July 02, 2011



A slow dance begins.

As everyone takes a hand.

The musical melodies play.

Except for me.

As usual, no one can see.

The last rising cresendo comes to and end.

The masks come up as the tradition begins.

Kissing ever so soft.

Now the clothes come off.

Sitting in the background wishing you were here.

I glance down into my mirror.

There you are watching with a smile on your face.

Ah how I jumped and we wrapped into that embrace..

Now you lead me away as we both slip a pill.

oh, how this feeling could kill.



Now our clothes come off.

Followed by a whisper and a sigh.

So used to cigarretts you cough.

I look down and like everyone else I begin to wonder why...

You lift my face and in your eyes theres no shame at all.

More in love with you I fall.

Now you push me against the wall.

And i slip away from it all.

Its not love i feel.

You pull my hair so hard it makes me squeal.


Now were on my  bed.

And i begin to give you head.

With a cock so ripe and hard.

Once again ive dealt this card.

Flipping me over before you  could cum

you whisper in my ear

"its your turn to get some"

I no longer care who will hear.

And for just once all my memories dissappear,

I know ive contradicted myself,

But that books long gone from the shelf.

You slowly slip in and out.

Then move so damn fast it makes me wanna shout.



Putting us under the covers,

I begin to feel queasy.

This is all just to easy.

Sensing my hesitation you bite my neck.

Pullig ur hair as you go deeper.

A moan and a kiss,

I almost forgot this kind of bliss.

Kissing and thrusting.

Whispering and satisfying out lusting.


All in all its over too soon.

As you com on my breasts and we look up at the moon.

You get dressed and slip away.

Now my mind begins to sway.

Dizzy from the pill.

I now begin to feel ill.


It wasnt love i felt,

It was the thrill.

Now youre gone and i lay here naked.

Under the moon as it begins to rain.

I dont want to do this as images of your cock and various positions run through my mind.

All of this shall go behind.

Numbing myself i sway into unconsiousness.

only to awake and realize it was a dream.



© Copyright 2018 xXApril RoseXx. All rights reserved.

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