The Game

The Game

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Welcome to The Game a fantasy simulation where your pleasures await you. Choose your fantasy. Choose computer or live action. Answer this question...Do you want to play The Game?


Welcome to The Game a fantasy simulation where your pleasures await you. Choose your fantasy. Choose computer or live action. Answer this question...Do you want to play The Game?

Chapter1 (v.1) - Do You Want to Play The Game?

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Eric receives a red postcard...Welcome to The Game a fantasy simulation where your pleasures await you. Choose your fantasy. Choose computer or live action. Answer this question...Do you want to play The Game?<br /> <br /> Swan Taylor the creator of The Game moves into a new apartment across from Eric. <br /> <br /> Let the Game begin.<br />

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 09, 2015

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 09, 2015




Eric was flipping through his mail when his eyes fell on the red post card. Embossed on the front in silver lettering, “Do you want to play THE GAME?” He chuckled. He walked back to his apartment. He saw that someone had rented the apartment across the courtyard from his. He looked up just in time to see a pair of red converse hi-tops come down the stairs. The feet that filled those shoes belonged to what he could only assume was his new neighbor. Eric’s mouth went dry and his jeans suddenly felt two sizes too small as his pulse quickened and his sleeping member stirred. She was gorgeous and she left a profound effect on him.

She paused at the foot of the steps and turned back towards the courtyard and whistled. Eric’s eyes followed the direction and saw a couple of guys lugging a loveseat and behind them a trail of boxes waited. She stood with her hands on her hips and cocked her head to her left and called out, “Come on Lance, my 90 year old grandmother moves faster than you do. We are running out of daylight.”

The guy at the head of the loveseat swore, “Dammit woman, your grandmother has a one of those electric granny chairs!”

Eric assumed he was Lance. He watched the woman walk over to the men and she reached up to him and Eric saw something akin to love in her eyes. He didn’t need to see anymore. He didn’t even know her and already she made him feel like a voyeur spying on her uninvited. He walked up the stairs she had just vacated and even though she was no longer standing there her jasmine scent hung lightly on the air.

Eric breathed in her scent and became more aware of the stiffness in his boxers. It had been quite some time since anyone had had this effect on him. He knew he had to stop this from happening again. The woman was taken and he was through with women. After Mari, he swore he would never be hurt by a woman again.

Eric entered his apartment and quickly crossed over to his den window and pulled the curtains closed to block out the scene unfolding outside. He would block further temptations and put his name on the list for any apartments that became available on the other side of the complex. He should ask the landlord to put him in the middle of geriatric row to avoid any messy complications that a woman his age could cause.

The mail was tossed on his bed and forgotten. Eric removed his clothes and took a cold shower. The water cascaded down his body. The fires were put out and the need to be inside a woman washed away and the ache would disappear with time. It had been six months and he could still remember the feel and taste of Mari. When the memories surfaced, he would stamp them back with the final memory of walking into his bedroom to find his fiancé in the arms of his best man. Their bodies locked in a primal dance of two bodies doing things that were sacred to him but given with wanton abandonment to someone who was not him. He recalled the sickening kick to his guts and the pan that ripped through his head. He remembered it all and what lead them far from the chapel and separated forever.

That night was engraved on his heart. He could have killed Carl, but seeing how he and Mari were in sync, showed more than a casual fuck but an intimacy that he had been blind to. It was so obvious that he simply slammed the door and walked away. Carl could have Mari. Eric hoped they would be happy together; until the day came where one or the other cheated again and they would know exactly how he felt.

Eric turned off the faucet and stepped gingerly out of the shower onto his bath mat and wrapped the towel around his hips. He swiped the moisture from the mirror and stared at his reflection. He was forty and thought he looked decent enough. He body was toned from hours in the gym and the divorcees who frequented the parks knew him as the lone runner who they saw early in the morning running through the park. He had been whistled at which always made him smile. To be appreciated if only for a passing moment was enough. He never wondered what they thought of him running alone. If he wondered, it would mean he cared what others thought and after Mari, he stopped caring.

“Time to fix supper old man, if you hurry, you can catch up on The Apprentice.” Eric returned to his bedroom and threw on some sweats and started on his supper. He flicked on the stereo and became lost on the “Highway to Hell” with AC/|DC.



Lance and his little brother Jacob struggled with the loveseat up the stairs. Not for the first time today had he wondered why he was breaking both their backs for Swan. She is the one who called it quits but called three months later to announce she was moving and needed a favor. He had jumped like a lovesick puppy to gas up the truck and call Jacob. He had positively swooned when she answered her door at the old apartment. She had just finished her shower and her hair was damp and the wisps around her face had curled. She smelled of jasmines, her signature scent that drove him wild. He wanted to crush her to his body and kick the door shut and get lost in her again.

Jacob chose that moment to brush pass and reached to hug his brother’s ex-girlfriend. He knew next few days were going to be difficult for Lance and he was there to be the buffer between him and Swan. Jacob didn’t pause, but had he…he would have sighed. Swan Taylor was gorgeous and she looked so happy. The woman had broken his brother’s heart and disappeared from his life. She resurfaced in a new place and with one phone call, he found himself and Lance on her doorstep to help her move again.

“Good morning Swan.” Jacob hugged her tight. All thoughts of anger melted when he pulled back and she smiled at him. He could never stay mad at her for long. Neither of them could. She just had that effect on them.

“Good morning Jake,” Swan smiled. She glanced around the handsome teenager to an older version of him, “Hello Lance.” Swan stepped aside and allowed the brothers inside. She pointed to the stacks of boxes and over breakfast she told them of her plans.

“I’m leaving the north and going south. I’ve bought a state of the art studio where my work can be enjoyed and shared. It’s what I have been working towards for years. The Game is ready to be played.”

She showed Lance and Jacob photographs of the studio and the guys whistled. Lance knew more about the Game than Jacob and he was impressed with how Swan had brought all her ideas to fruition and knew the South had no idea what was coming. It looked like her dreams were becoming a reality. He only wished he was going with her, but her lifestyle was not acceptable and the reason they parted.

 The next few days spent moving her was going to be hell, but he would take her anywhere. He was still half in love with her. He hoped the time together would be enough and when the time came for goodbye that he could leave her.


They cleaned up their breakfast and started loading the truck and Swan had rented a U-Haul. Between the three of them they were on the road by ten and arrived at her new apartment two days later.


Swan bid the guys farewell with promises to stay in touch, the lie came easy to her. She never intended to contact Lance again. Seeing him again was a reminder of giving her heart away.  She wasn’t suited to settle for “Ozzie and Harriet”, she still wanted to explore. Her wants and desires were “too bizarre” for Lance.  

She closed the door and turned to lean against it lost in her memories. The night she had first introduced Lance to her paddle had ended in tears and left her frustrated. He pulled away from her and slept with his back to her. His move made her feel shame and it started a seed of doubt for their relationship. If he couldn’t be adventurous with her, she feared their sex life would become boring and lifeless. She had always had desires and needs that exceeded the same missionary positions in the bedroom. Her wants soon became stronger and she wanted to try more new things and Lance was repulsed by her “little adventures” and told her, “This stuff is slutty and not normal. I want better for you. You are not a slut, so stop acting like one.”

His remarks cut her deep. She tried to hide her kinky desires, but with the easy access to the Internet, she was discovering more and more that her needs were not abnormal and there were many people out in the world with her same dark desires and she soon stopped hiding.  She decided on Valentine’s Day to show Lance how her world could be woven into his and bring him as much pleasure as she was sure it would do for her.

She had researched fetishes and shopped online for the toys that would make their special night one to remember. She had planned a sexy role-playing game of Red Riding Hood/Big Bad Wolf. She had purchased from an online shop a red velvet lined cape with a hood and from another site a sexy see-thru red bra and red lace crotch less panties. She drove to a neighboring city to go to a spa. She emerged a new woman. She had been waxed, buffed and moisturized from head to foot. She gave the make-up artist ideas for her look and when she held up the mirror she gasped, “I look exotic.”

The other woman stood back to admire her work and smiled. “Yes, you look good enough to eat.” The two women shared a giggle and Swan whispered, “I hope he thinks so too.”

She made it home before Lance. She had the sounds of the forest playing on their stereo and she had transformed their bedroom into a wolf’s den. Their bed she had spritzed with the scent of woodsy pine room spray she had bought at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The lights were down low and she was displayed on the bed with her red cape flared out. She had timed it all perfectly. On the wall she had hung a black velvet padded paddle, black ties, a pair of lover’s cuffs, and by the bed a selection of oils.

The door’s lock popped and she heard Lance enter the apartment. Her breath became a pant as she waited with anticipation of the night of pleasures to come. Her nipples hardened under the lace bra and she could feel her nectar dampening her panties. Her blood was rushing in her ears and she felt a delicious stirring down deep. Her sexual inhibitions were ready to be loosed.

She left a note on the bar where Lance usually tossed his keys. She instructed him to go straight to the shower and wash away his job and enter the bedroom with his towel wrapped around his hips. To come freely with love and she would be waiting in the bedroom. She shivered and was counting when the overhead light came on and Lance stormed into their bedroom griping the letter. He was not turned on...he was furious.

“What the hell are you doing Swan? I told you to stop this shit. You ignored everything I said. I will not have my wife-to-be acting like a common whore!”

“Lance, wait…DID YOU JUST CALL ME A WHORE?” Swan screamed back. All her sexual frustrations over the last few months came to a head and the heat she was feeling was not was anger…raw anger. “HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT LANCE!” Swan had stormed back.

They argued and he crossed the room in a few furious steps and jerked the cape from her body and threw it to the floor. In slow motion all her plans were fluttering to the ground and trampled by the big bad wolf. He was not taking her into his arms and thrusting his heated cock into her body with wanton lust, no he was lifting Swan up off the bed and ripping the garments from free of her body. His words were laced with anger and meant to shame. He pushed Swan towards the shower and ordered her to shower and dress-up. They was going out for drinks and meeting up with friends Jeff and Lauren.

Swan stumbled to the bathroom. She glanced back at Red’s lover’s den and tears fell from her eyes. Their night of pleasure had turned to pain. She showered and dressed. Later that night, Lance proposed with their friends seated a few feet away from our table. Their song, “The Lady in Red” was softly playing in the background. Swan turned away and left Lance down on bended knee. She gave him her back and her answer was obviously "no".

"Swan! Swan, where the hell are you going?" SWAN!" Lance called out. Swan hailed down a cab and she rode away, she swore, no man would ever hurt her again. 


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