Waiting On You

Waiting On You

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


serenity loves brandon but does he love her?


serenity loves brandon but does he love her?


Submitted: June 28, 2016

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Submitted: June 27, 2016




I was in love with Brandon from the time I met him at a wrap party for my very first movie. Well that’s not technically true, it came some time later. At first I was enjoying my first taste of fame and although I noticed him, I hadn’t set my cap after him.


“Hey sweets, what’re you doing?” Brandon asked as he came in carrying a large duffel bag. “I thought you would be ready to go by now. What’s that you were writing.”


Serenity hurriedly closed her journal, stashed it in her bag and jumped up.


“Let’s go. We don’t wanna be late,” she replied as she hustled out the door and into the car, leaving Brandon to lock up.


They were going to her parents mountain home for two weeks. Serenity wasn’t sure why her parents had told her to bring Brandon but she could only hope that they didn’t harbour any ideas that she and Brandon were a couple. At first Serenity wanted to drive but then the thought of being cooped up with Brandon for days cured her of that misguided notion, so she suggested they travel by plane.

When they boarded, Serenity was surprised to find their seats in first class because she had booked them in coach.


“Brandon? Why are we in first class?” she asked after they were seated.

“We’re here because I refuse to fold myself into those things they pass off as seats in coach. I would rather be comfortable, and besides, sweets, I didn’t think you would mind.”


“I don’t but I wish you would have said something. I’ll pay you back.”


“That’s ok I don’t mind. I wanted us to travel in style and comfort,” he replied and gave her hand an affectionate pat.


She decided to drop the subject and went to the bathroom. On her way back she saw one of the air hostesses offering Brandon champagne. When she got close enough serenity heard her asking if his girlfriend would also like a glass. And to Serenity’s surprise he said yes and then asked if he could buy a bottle.

Serenity reached the seat in time to catch the envious glance the air hostess sent her way. “Why didn’t you correct her and tell her that we’re not together?” she asked curiously.


“Well, sweets, if I did that then she would have tried chatting me up at every opportunity. This is the second time that I have travelled with her and she didn’t look like she would give up her pursuit anytime soon. In fact she might still try to slip me her number.”


“Uh huh, cause you’re just that irresistible,” Serenity teased.


The air hostess, whose name was Brandi, came back with the champagne while they were kidding around. She plunked it down on the tray and left quickly. This sent them into a fit of laughter. When they finally calmed down, they settled in and spent the rest of the flight doing their own thing. All too soon the flight was over and they were in Montana.

As they walked towards the exit Serenity heard someone shout her name and when she looked she saw her mother racing towards her. She quickly dropped her bags and braced herself for the hug her mom enveloped her in. Serenity hadn’t seen her mother in almost six months and she was surprised at just how much she had missed her. When all the greetings and introductions were finished they set off for the house. As soon as they got there Serenity was once again caught up in a bear hug. This time from her father, Johnson, who swung her around like when she was a little girl.


“Daddy, stop it!” Serenity squealed. “Put me down!”


After one finally swing, Johnson put her down and stood back waiting for an introduction.


“Daddy, this is Brandon, my friend from LA. Remember? The one you told me to invite.”


The men shook hands and Brandon said, “Pleased to meet you sir. Serenity’s told me a lot about you.”


“Nice to meet you too son. And there’s someone else who’ll be pleased to meet you too.”


Serenity was a little puzzled as to what her father was talking about ;then it dawned on her. That ‘someone’ was surely her cousin, Xanthia. By the time she put two and two together, Serenity was rip roaring mad. It was all a set up.

For years Xanthia used her to pull unsuspecting boys into her web. And now that they were adults it seemed as if nothing had changed. Serenity had always made friends easier with boys than with girls and more often than not these boys were fairly good looking and had a lot going for them. Xanthia realised this and stuck to serenity like glue waiting for the opportunity to get close and then BAM! They stopped talking to serenity because Xanthia was jealous and had told them that serenity harboured secret crushes on them.

Serenity always told them that she understood and didn’t care if they refused to sit with her at lunch or in class. She had accepted that it was inevitable that they would get girlfriends who would be jealous of her friendship with their boyfriends. Then she realised that Xanthia was the girlfriend in most of these cases and there was a pattern. Every time she got close to a boy, Xanthia swooped in and made off with them. And now it seemed that Xanthia was up to her old tricks again.

But she wasn’t overly worried because Brandon possessed more spine that those boys that she used to know. Serenity was right about Xanthia being the someone. As soon as Serenity got settled in her room and went back downstairs there Xanthis was, dressed in a powder blue summer dress and a mass of curls cascading down her back. Next to her Serenity felt a little washed out but she knew that Xanthia couldn’t hold a candle to her when she was decked out.


Xanthia spied her and said, “Hello cuz, I loved your last movie. When’s the next one coming out?”


“Well I can’t tell you Thia. You should know better than to ask me that. How have you been though? Still working for daddy?”


Serenity knew what Xanthia was trying to do. It was an old trick. She would cry down Serenity in the presence of her prey. Something about making her look pathetic. Xanthia knew that she hadn’t worked much in the last year, or so she thought. Serenity had long since learned not to tell her mother anything that she didn’t want repeated.


Brandon sensing the tension said, “Sweets your father was telling me that there is a lake nearby. When are you going to show it to me?”


“I can show it to you,” Xanthia interrupted. “Tomorrow is my day off and I don’t have anything to do. What do you say?”


Brandon glanced at Serenity who shrugged her shoulders and walked out of the room. The next few days went just like the first one. Xanthia had decided to move in temporarily so that she would be on hand should Brandon want to do anything touristy. It seemed as if Brandon was falling under her spell and Serenity let him. Since that was the case she kept out of their way and spent the time looking up old friends. About a week after she arrived she ran into an old boyfriend and they got together for lunch.


“So what’s up with you randy? Married, single or in a relationship?” Serenity asked.


“Why you asking darlin’? You interested?” he replied with a chuckle.


“No you idiot. Those are the standard questions you ask,” Serenity retorted. “So are you gonna answer my question?”


“Well I’m dating your cousin or I was until you blew into town with that friend of yours.”


“You were dating Thia? How’d you manage that one?”


“I didn’t manage anything. She came after me once she heard a group of us discussing you and then someone mentioned that you left me heartbroken.”


“Oh my God! That girl is missing a few crucial parts upstairs,” Serenity exclaimed. “And I can’t believe you went out with her after all the things I told you.”


“Hell Ti-ti, I wasn’t falling in love with her I was just having some fun. You know like we used to until you left me here and went off to pursue your dream.”


“I’m sorry Rand’ but I always talked about it and you knew that I wanted to leave. I told you to come with me.”


“I know you did but you knew that I was happy here.”


At that point Xanthia and Brandon came in. Her arm was hooked through his and they were laughing at something. Xanthia spotted Serenity and Randy and made her way over to their table.


“Hey guys, mind if we join you?” Xanthia asked.


Serenity looked at Randy who shook his head slightly. “Um we were just leaving so you can have our table,” she replied and slid out the booth.


She told randy she would meet him outside and went to pay the bill. She also made a stop at the bathroom and when she came out, Brandon was waiting for her. It was a unisex bathroom and so she thought he was waiting to use it.


“Hey wait up,” he said. “What’s going on? I’ve hardly seen you all week.”


“Well you’ve been playing tourist so that’s pretty obvious. Most of the time you’re already gone by the time I wake up,” Serenity pointed out. “What’s wrong? Isn’t Thia being a good tour guide?”


“Yeah she’s ok but I kinda miss you. Let’s do something tonight, just the two of us, ok?”


“Um I’ll have to let you know. I might be doing something with Randy and I don’t know what time I’ll get home.”


“What are you planning? You’re my friend too ya know.”


“I don’t know what we’re gonna do. And I know you’re my friend, we see each other all the time. I haven’t seen Randy in almost a year; naturally we want to catch up.”


“Well whatever time you get back just stop by my room ok?”


“Fine. See ya.”


By the time Serenity got back home, it was almost one in the morning. She was exhausted from the hike Randy had persuaded her to take. Living in LA, one didn’t get the opportunity to hike up a mountain so to say she wasn’t accustomed was putting it mildly. All she could think about was taking a hot shower and going to bed. When she emerged from the bathroom, she bumped into Brandon in the hallway.


“Hey Brandon, I thought you’d be sleeping? I’m wiped out and I need to sleep.”


“Geez Serenity, it’s one o’clock in the morning. Where were you and what were you doing?” he asked suspiciously.


“Hey what’s with the questions? I was out having a good time with an old friend of mine. And by the way I don’t have a curfew,” she said and pushed past him.


“Wait a minute,” Brandon said, catching hold of her arm. “Did you have sex with Randy tonight? Is that why you’re so tired? Xanthia told me y’all were involved before you left town.”


“What?!” Serenity exclaimed. “First of all we went hiking and second, even if we did have sex that isn’t any of your business.”


She wrenched her arm out of his grasp and stormed to her bedroom.


Serenity didn’t talk to him the next day and stayed over by randy for the next two nights. Nothing happened and she was a bit disappointed, but randy maintained that he didn’t want to start something that had no future. Apparently he had matured into a man who now thought having sex with someone was supposed to be meaningful and he didn’t go about fucking everything in sight. Despite him saying he was only having fun with Xanthia, he was actually committed to her. Serenity admired him for that and didn’t try to seduce him.

When she arrived home Friday morning to a deserted house. She found a note saying the family had gone to a barbecue at her aunt’s house and she was to come as soon as she got home. Her aunt Cassie’s parties were legendary. Everyone who was anyone attended, there was always a lot of food and they lasted until the last person left. Serenity’s family usually stayed for the party and then left after a day or two, so Serenity packed an overnight bag and drove over.

Aunt Cassie’s house sat on four acres of land and would be better classified as a mansion but not quite so opulent. Her aunt didn’t have any children of her own so she doted on her nieces and nephews, Serenity especially. Notably because Serenity was the only one who never expected anything from her rich aunt. On Serenity’s sixteenth birthday her aunt built her own mini ranch at the edge of the property near the lake. As a result Serenity often went there to relax while visiting her aunt. Much of the family didn’t know about it though because if they did there would be a huge uproar. The only people who knew about it besides Serenity and her aunt were Serenity’s parents.

With this in mind Serenity decided to stay there until it was time to leave for LA. She could have some solitude and the farce that was Xanthia would be out of sight and out of mind. When she arrived the party was in full swing. She had dressed with care and looked like a cowgirl in her mini skirt, plaid shirt and scarf, complete with a Stetson. She carried her stuff inside and told Hans, her aunt’s butler, to ready her place and make sure it was stocked with enough food to last a couple of days. Then she joined everyone else outside. She received a lot of admiring glances and was enjoying trading sallies with a group of young men when Xanthia strolled up with Brandon at her side.


“Hey cuz, where’s Randy? Y’all have been so tight lately that I expected him to be here with you,” she said, making a show of looking around.


“We’re nothing but old friends Thia. Don’t let my love life weigh on your conscience, cousin dear. Be concerned with yours,” Serenity replied with a smile and asked Brandon to dance. At that point a couple of slow tunes were playing and she pulled Brandon in close.


“Are you having fun? Aunt Cassie always throws the most ridiculous parties,” Serenity asked.


“Yeah it’s ok. Look I want to apologize for the other night I was out of line. I came off sounding jealous,” Brandon replied, pulling away slightly to look into her eyes.


“That’s ok. No hard feelings. Hey listen I don’t know if Thia filled you in but the family is accustomed to staying until the next day.”


“Yeah she told me and I brought a change of clothes.”


“Ok I just wanted to make sure you knew.”




“Hmm?” Serenity answered putting her head on his shoulder.


“I got a new contract, starting in the next two months. I’m going to Italy.”


“Oh that’s great Brandon,” she exclaimed and gave him a squeeze. “I know you’ll love it. It’s so beautiful there.”


“Um right. The thing is that I mailed a photo of us together and they want you to come too.”


Serenity pushed away from him and stared at him. “What!” she shouted. Brandon nodded, and she ran into the house.

Serenity couldn’t think. How could Brandon do something so important and neglect to even mention it. She wasn’t upset that she had gotten some form of work but she had spent the whole holiday ignoring him. And now she was expected to be in close contact with him for an unspecified amount of time. Brandon found her on her bedroom’s balcony.


“Why’d you run? I thought you’d be happy to do a project with me. This whole trip you’ve hardly talked to me or spent any time with me and I want to know why.”


“I was just giving you and Xanthia space. And we could have caught up when we got back to LA.”


Brandon caught her arm and turned her around. “Did I tell you how hot you look in that skirt,” he teased.


Serenity broke out laughing and then gave him a kiss on the cheek. As she was pulling away she saw something flash in his eyes. She thought it was desire but she chided herself for even thinking that. Brandon loved her like a sister and just about treated her like one too. He hasn’t dated in a while though, she mused to herself. Serenity shook her head a little to dislodge the thought of Brandon desiring her. He complimented her whenever she deigned to put her good looks to use.


“Are you interested in Xanthia though?”


“Hell no. I pegged her from the moment she opened her mouth. I’ve only been entertaining her because I knew you wanted to relax and then when I did ask you didn’t seem interested in playing tourist with me.”


Serenity knew that wasn’t her main reason for avoiding him but he didn’t need to know that.

“Ok well tomorrow I’ll show you my favourite spot. We’re going to have to leave really early so we can avoid Xanthia. She doesn’t know about it and I want to keep it that way.”

“Ok whatever you say. Now let’s go back down and enjoy the party.”


They went back down and enjoyed themselves until it two in the morning. As a result they didn’t get to serenity’s spot until afternoon. On the ride over she explained to Brandon that there were two routes to get the lake as a rule but the path they were taking led to the more secluded part of it. Brandon had brought a basket and they sat and ate in relative silence. Serenity was about to suggest a swim when Brandon’s cell phone rang.

It was Xanthia calling to tell him that the other cousins he had met last night were anxious to talk to him some more before they left.


“Sorry sweets I have to go. I promised a couple of people I would talk to them some more, give them some insight on the industry,” Brandon said, pulling her into his arms for a hug.


Serenity smiled as he hugged her tight and ran his hand up and down her back. Lately she had noticed that he hugged her a bit too long and she was the one who pulled away first. Serenity wanted to read something in his actions but she often chided herself for even thinking that. If Brandon was interested in her, surely he would have made his move by now.


With a sigh Serenity pulled away, “That’s ok. You go ahead I’m just gonna hang out a while longer.”


Serenity watched him ride off and settled in to take a nap. When she woke up, she was feeling hot and sticky so she decided she would take a dip after all. She had just finished two laps when she heard a splash. But when she looked around she didn’t see anyone. Then she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and she was pulled up against a bare chest. When she tried to turn the arms left her waist and she came face to face with Brandon.


“Hey were you trying to give me heart attack?” she shrieked and shoved water at him.

She tried to swim away but he caught up to her. When he caught her they both realised that she was naked at the same time. But Brandon didn’t let go of her, instead he kissed her. The kiss caught Serenity off guard but as it went on she clutched his shoulders. The kiss deepened and Brandon started caressing her. When he stopped, they were both gasping. Serenity was the first one to catch her breath and she swam ashore.

She had become increasingly attracted to Brandon in the last few months and wasn’t sure how to proceed after that steamy kiss, so she did the next best thing she ran. Rather she raced away and went to her little house. It wasn’t that far from her spot but Brandon couldn’t follow her because by the time she was racing away he was still in the lake so she was reasonably sure that he couldn’t find her. She always kept spare clothes at her house so she phoned her aunt and told her where she was and that she would see her in a couple of days.

After she got warm and found something to eat she curled up on the bed with a book and eventually fell asleep. She awoke to the feeling of being trapped under something heavy and when she opened her eyes she saw an arm thrown over her. A scream froze in her throat when she recognized the ring of the person’s finger. It was Brandon.


“Hey sleepy head are you finally awake?” he asked.


Brandon lifted his arm and she sat up. “How did you get here? Who told you where I was?”


“I was your aunt. Why’d you run earlier?” he asked, pulling himself up on his elbow and looked at Serenity strangely. “You were responding to the kiss and then you ran. I’m not complaining about the view, I never saw anyone ride a horse naked before.”


Brandon chuckled and Serenity punched him on the arm. Then he caught her off guard and kissed her. A skin searing kiss. Serenity felt as if flames were racing all over her body and then concentrating in one place. Then he started to caress her and before she knew it she was naked. Somewhere in between those scorching kisses he had managed to take off her tank top and her briefs. When they came skin to skin she swept her hands over his shoulders down his chest until finally her hand encircled his cock.

She had seen pictures but nothing had prepared her for the feel of his thick cock in her hands. All of sudden a need to taste him swept through her and she pushed him onto his back and kissed her way down to his stiff member. Her first taste of him sent a rush of power and desire coursing through her. He stretched her mouth to limit as she tried to fit all of him inside.


“Oh shit,” he groaned. “Wait baby, I wanna taste you too.”

He guided her on top of him and she literally sat in his face. And when she sat his tongue went straight into her and she moaned and grinded her pussy into his mouth. He lapped and sucked her until she orgasmed. She slid off him and lay there panting, her eyes closed. Her eyes flew open when she felt him thrust into her and a scream was torn out of her along with another climax. Brandon stilled and let her pussy milk him until he felt as if he would come too but when the contractions subsided he started a slow intoxicating rhythm that had Serenity begging for more until he gave in and started slamming into her forcefully.

Her pussy felt stretched and stuffed and on the brink of another orgasm. When he slid his arms under her legs and changed the angle she came so violently that she triggered his as well. He collapsed on her and lay there panting.


“I love you,” was all he said and all she heard before they both passed out. When Serenity finally woke up, Brandon was staring at her.


“Did you mean it?” she asked, her heart thundering in her chest.

“I did and I do and I want to spend the rest of my life loving you. I was just waiting on you,” Brandon replied and proceeded to give her the first kiss of their next fifty years together.

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