One Night's Pleasure

One Night's Pleasure

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Can one night turn into something more?



Can one night turn into something more?


Submitted: June 26, 2016

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Submitted: June 26, 2016



“Oh my gosh its him,” Daria breathed. She couldn’t believe that the most amazing sex of her life was with the new owner of the company she worked for.

“Him who?” Jenna asked.

“It’s one the guys from the masked party.”

“Um how do you know that, I thought everyone was masked,” Jenna asked, her eyes widening.

“Well, I was a hostess, we had the option of being masked or not but the guys weren’t given masks. Oh shit what am I going to do. I talked to him, I just hope he doesn’t recognise my voice.”

“How would he? I doubt that y’all be interacting that much. You’re only a lowly clerk after all.”

“I really hope so.” Daria went back to work worrying for the rest of the day that she would be found out. What she hadn’t told Jenna was that she had sex with him. She was by no means a knockout with a killer body and being with him had boosted her self confidence like nothing else had. She felt a familiar tightening in her stomach as she remembered how responsive he had been. She soon banished all thoughts and got back to work.


Dominic felt frustrated. All attempts to find the woman from that erotic night three weeks ago were met with a dead end. Andrea, one of the hosts of the party, was being unusually tight-lipped and he couldn’t understand why. He had attended twice before and she was always willing to divulge the identity of his partner for the evening. Until now that is. Thoughts of an encounter with one of his employees, a woman, suddenly came unbidden to his thoughts.

 A smile tugged at his lips as he remembered how flustered she had seemed when he had returned a planner she had left behind at that morning’s meeting. When she thanked him her voice stirred some distant memory and her scent seemed familiar. He dismissed any thoughts that she could possibly be the woman who haunted his dreams. For one thing she wasn’t his usual type, she had too many curves and was quite short although everything was well proportioned. He put her out of his mind and buried himself in sorting through some discrepancies in the business he had bought on a whim.

Before he knew it the day was over and his stomach was growling. He stretched and prepared to leave. On his way out he noticed that one of the cubicle lights was still burning. Thinking that someone had accidentally left it on he crossed the floor to turn it off. When he got there he was surprised to see the woman from earlier , Ms. Daria Conway he belatedly remembered, feverishly typing out what looked like a proposal of some sort. He cleared his throat and chuckled when she jumped, sending a stack of papers flying.

“Sorry about that I didn’t mean to startle you,” Dominic managed as he helped her, trying to restrain a smile.

“Um that’s ok I just didn’t expect anyone to be here this late. I’m usually the last one to leave,” Daria replied, struggling to gather the papers without seeming affected by his proximity.

“Really? Do you get extra credit for all those late hours?”

“Ha-ha you made a joke. Good for you,” she retorted sarcastically. “If you don’t mind I’d like to get back to work, did you need something?”

“No. I saw the light and thought maybe someone had left it on. Well sorry to disturb but its after nine don’t you need to be getting home?”

“I don’t have a reason to rush home and I have to finish this for tomorrow,” she said indicating the mound of paperwork.

“Don’t work too hard. I would hate to lose such a valuable asset.” He gave her a charming smile and left her to it.

Daria breathed a sigh of relief when he left and resolved to put  him out of her mind. When she turned back to continue her work she found that he had shattered her concentration and  her stomach was now announcing its hunger. When she looked at her watch she saw that it was indeed time to go; she would finish at home. She called downstairs to get Larry, the night watchman, to call her a cab. When she got downstairs she didn’t see the cab. Instead Dominic was waiting in a silver Porsche. When she questioned Larry he said that the boss had been there when she called and told him that it wouldn’t be a problem dropping her home so he didn’t call the cab. Daria scolded him and warned him to not let it happen again. When she got in she told him her address and didn’t dare look at him. Thankfully he didn’t attempt to make conversation and the drive was a short one, so there wasn‘t a lot of awkward silence. When they arrived she thanked him and got out of the car as fast as was politely possible. She noticed that he stayed outside until she had closed the door and turned on a light.

Dominic didn’t know if he should feel offended or grateful that the voluptuous Ms. Conway hadn’t decided to be overly effusive in her thanks. He smirked as he drove away, thinking about the rest of the changes he had in store for his new business venture. The next few weeks passed without incident. And he never encountered Ms. Conway during his late nights. If he hadn’t known that she had been prone to working late before, he wouldn’t have noticed that she hadn’t done so since the night he dropped her home. Dominic found it particularly amusing and a bit baffling that she was apparently avoiding him. He was about to make it harder on her because she was on his shortlist of candidates to be his personal assistant. The more he thought about it he was sure that Ms. Conway would be a perfect choice. He had enjoyed their little tête-à-tête and there was something about her that intrigued him so he made a impulsive decision and told his secretary Mrs. Bird to have her come to his office immediately. While he was waiting he wondered how she would take the news. Mrs. Bird announced that she had arrived and he told her to send her in. From the first time he had met her, he noticed that she never looked neat. Her hair was always coming loose from the pins and it was often in a curly style. Her simple skirt an blouse looked unremarkable but they accentuated her curves lovingly and her breasts looked like ripe fruit waiting for the right man to come along and taste them. Dominic shook his head to clear the disturbing thoughts he was entertaining about a woman that normally wouldn’t stir up his desire.


Daria cleared her throat to catch Dominic’s attention, “You wanted to see me sir?” he had been staring at her like she was something to devour.

“First thing, cut the ‘sir’ thing. From now on you are to address me by my first name.”

Daria was startled, “And pray tell why would I be doing that?’

He flashed his kilowatt smile, “Because you are about to become my personal assistant and I will not tolerate being called ‘sir’. It makes me feel old and as you are aware I am from being considered elderly.”

“Personal assistant?” she asked. Daria was stunned, she hadn’t seen this coming. “I hardly think that I am qualified for such a post.”

“You’re neither over or under qualified. And as for what the job entails, your duties will be more personalized than those of a normal secretary. You will be expected to accompany me to all business meetings and occasionally dinners, whenever I feel that I may need your presence. As we go along I will explain what is required of you.  But before I go any further are you willing to accept the post?”

“Um, well I’m not sure. Can I have a moment to think about it?” Daria was fighting to keep her composure. Nightly she was assailed by erotic dreams of him and now he wanted to make her his PA. She didn’t see how was going to get out of this one but she had to try.

“Yes but don’t take too long I will be needing someone to fill the post as soon as possible and I am expected at a meeting in a hour’s time. Please have an answer for me before then.” He didn’t need one that urgently but knew if he gave her too long she might come up with a myriad of excuses for some reason.

“Ok I’ll just take a minute,” she replied and hurried away.


Oh crap, Daria thought, how am I going to be able to work with him. I’ve been avoiding him and now he’s offering me a job where I’ll have to be around him for like 24/7. She went back to her cubicle and called Jenna. When Jenna picked up she blurted out the offer she had just received. At first Jenna seemed a little shocked and then she asked why was she hesitating if it was her she would have said yes the moment the words left his mouth. And then she proceeded to list his attributes as if Daria wasn’t well aware of them and many more. When Jenna finally let her off the phone, she was ready to put aside her misgivings and accept the job. It would certainly be a leg up from her current position and from what she knew she could finally give up with carrying her work home. She made her way back to Dominic’s office, gave him her answer and was rewarded with a broad smile.


The months soon flew by and Daria and Dominic settled into a comfortable routine. Dom found her to be very witty and sarcastic and at the same time very stubborn and caring. And Daria realised that he was actually very charming and intelligent, and they shared very similar likes and dislikes. He still starred in her dreams every night but she not longer got as aroused in his presence and her fears that he might recognise her as being the one he had sex with at the Erotische party soon disappeared. Dom on the other hand was still very much interested in learning the identity of his mystery lady. His only consolation was that Andrea had assured him that she would be there at the next party which would be in two weeks. And this time it was the men who would be able to choose their partners and the women would be blindfolded. Andrea had also promised that she would pair him up with her. In the meantime he was enjoying his new PA and was still confused by the attraction he felt to her. Sometimes when he dreamed of his mystery lady, she was revealed as Daria. And at odd moments her voice sparked some hidden memory but he could never quite hold on to the thought.


One night their attraction flared. It had been an exhausting day and Daria was almost asleep on her feet. Dom had taken to dropping her home at the end of the day and she was lightly dozing when they came to a stop. Opening her eyes she recognised Dom’s building.


Yawning she asked, “What are we doing here?”

“I’m meeting someone for dinner and need to change my clothes. Since your apartment is on the way I thought I would stop off one time and then take you home. Do you mind?”

“Not really but I’m really tired and I need to be in my bed.” Daria stifled another yawn. “I’ll stay in the car while you go change.”

“Don’t be silly come up and relax. It won’t take long and I don’t want to leave you down here alone.”

“Ok fine.” Daria was hesitant because she knew that as soon as she sat down again, she would be tempted to fall asleep.

It happened just as she suspected, one minute her eyes were open and the next she had fallen into a deep sleep. Dominic smiled at her sleeping form and decided to carry her to his bedroom where she would be more comfortable. He debated whether he should risk undressing her and then decided that since she was out for the night she might as well be comfortable.

Her underwear were very practical even though on her they looked like the finest lingerie. Her breasts looked enticing and Dom was forced to stifle a wave of desire and hurriedly put her in an old college shirt. He had just turned off the lights when her eyes flickered open and she murmured, “Please stay.”

He remembered that she had told him once that she was very afraid of the dark and slept with a large teddy bear so she wouldn’t feel alone. Dom did the first thing that came to mind; stripped down to his boxers and climbed in beside her. Sometime during the night Daria moulded herself to him and he awakened to the feel of her hands making a trail down his back to cup his buttocks. Her eyes were still closed and she didn’t seem to be conscious of what she was doing. He inhaled sharply when one of her hands delved into his boxer. And he could have sworn he heard her murmur, “Relax big boy, I’m not going to hurt.”

Something in his memory clicked, those were the same words his mystery lady said to him. He relaxed and let her continue her exploration, realising that she was probably reliving that night as he had hundreds of times. She was stroking him just as she had done before. And he quickly dispensed with that last piece of clothing to give her better access. Dom wanted to touch her but he was afraid that if he did she might wake up. Although he knew it was wrong to let her continue he just couldn’t make himself stop her. She straddled him and continued rubbing his shaft. He was surprised when she took off the shirt along with her underwear and placed his hands on her breasts. He went along with it since it was her dream after all. Her breasts felt good in his hands and he gave into the temptation to taste them. When he flicked his tongue over her right nipple she moaned and clutched his head to her chest. When she had her fill she pushed him back. She took his straining cock and guided him into her. When she sank down he felt her pussy grip him tightly and it almost sent him towards an orgasm of his own. She set a slow pace, taking her time, putting him through an exquisite torture. Finally he could take it no more and flipped her over. He drove into her so hard that they had simultaneous orgasms. It was one of the most explosive he had ever experienced. He collapsed on her and fell asleep in the valley between her breasts.


Daria felt weighted down and struggled to move. Her eyes flew open and she realised that the weight belonged to Dominic. His body was spooned against hers and his hand lay on one of her breasts. He raised his head when he felt her moving and said “Good morning”. 

She muttered back the greeting and promptly moved away from him. When she drew back the covers to get up, she realised they were both naked.

“Ok tell me I’m dreaming and what I think happened, didn’t.”

“Sorry to disappoint you love, but it did,” he replied with a chuckle, and tried to pull her back into his arms.

Daria swatted him away while she cursed under her breath, gathered the sheet around her and asked for the bathroom. Dominic bit back a smile and pointed to it. In the bathroom she caught her reflection in the mirror and saw that her hair had come loose and was falling all over the place. And when she lowered the sheet she saw a hickey on her right breast. She couldn’t believe that she had let her guard down enough to have sex with Dom. The dream she’d had crashed into her mind. It had been her usual erotic dream, but this time it was reality as well. She groaned at the enormity of what she had done and wondered how she was going to get herself out of this mess. She was in the midst of her hot shower contemplating just that when she felt a draft of wind. When she looked around she saw Dominic entering the bath.


“What are you doing?” Daria shrieked, covering herself with her hands. “I’m trying to have a shower here.”

“I came to rub your back. What do you think I’m doing” I want to have a shower too and you’re taking forever, so I thought I would join you,” he replied with an evil grin.

“Ok if you could just give me a couple minutes I’ll be right out, and you can have it all to yourself. So get out.” She reached across him to open the shower door and her breasts accidentally brushed his chest. She jerked back, slipped and fell against him. She felt her nipples tighten and a warmth flood her stomach. She also felt Dom start to get an erection. Before she could disentangle herself, his mouth came crashing down on hers and he backed her against the wall. She started to struggle against him but when he started kissing her neck she gave into the sweet sensations. He lifted her and she helped him find the ache that only he could soothe. He pumped into her and she felt his muscles cording with the exertion. She was on the brink of an orgasm when he withdrew. She cried out at the loss and her eyes snapped open. He had pulled away from her to turn off the water. Dom was breathing hard as was Daria, and he hesitated only a second more before he picked her up and carried her to the bed to finish up where he left off.


It was three hours later when Daria realised that she hadn’t taken her pill and she hadn’t used a condom. She was exhausted and was barely able to move but she tried. She was also starving. She was half sprawled on Dom, so she slowly started to inch away. She was almost off of him when an arm snaked around her and pulled her back.


“And where do you think you’re going?” Dominic asked his voice rough from sleep.

“I’m trying to get up so I can go home,” Daria returned, starting to pull away from him again.

“And why do you want to go home?”

“Well I want to get something to eat, shower in peace and take my pill.”

“You don’t have to go home to do any of those things. I already took care of everything. While you were resting between bouts one and two, I took the liberty of making a run to your apartment for some of your stuff.”

Daria was livid. “You did what? Why would you do that?” she shouted and bolted upright. “You had no right to go through my stuff.”

“Hey why are you getting all upset? I didn’t bring any granny panties. You actually have some very nice underwear. Do you only wear them on special occasions?”

Daria knocked him over the head with a pillow and slammed into the bathroom. When she came out, Dom had finally stopped laughing and was busy preparing something to eat. He turned when he smelled her familiar scent and said, “We missed breakfast so I’m making brunch.”

“Hmm, you can actually cook?” she asked grabbing a piece of toast.

“Ha-ha. When the need arises, I do a fair job.” He set a plate filled with eggs, bacon and toast in front of her before sitting with his own. “So…..”

“So…. What? Oh I get it. You’re talking about what happens now that we slept together? Well let me tell you what happens Dominic Costello, nothing. Nada. not one single thing. I’m still your PA and you’re still my boss. We’re not lovers ok? This was just a one time thing, never to be repeated.”

Dominic stared at her for a moment, “So you’re telling me that if I was to come and kiss you on your neck right now that you would push me away?”

“I’m telling that if you come anywhere near me in a sexual manner that you will no longer have family jewels. Ok?” gesturing to his crotch with her fork.

Dom held up his hands and said “Ok if that’s how you want it.”


They ate in silence and Daria strived to get some work done. At six she called it quits and told him she was going home. He was going to offer to drive her home but he thought better of it and was surprised when she told him she wanted a drop home. After Dom had dropped her off Daria collapsed on her couch and marvelled at what had happened. She still couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that Dominic found her attractive enough to have sex with her not once but for almost a whole night. She knew that she wasn’t his usual type and that made it all the more baffling and then she had to consider that another Erotische party was coming up and Andrea had told her that he had specifically requested the same partner. Daria wondered if when they had sex if he would notice the similarities and figure out that his mystery lady and his PA as one person. She just hoped that he wouldn’t.


During the next two weeks Daria acted like nothing happened so Dom did the same and hoped she would be more accepting of what was happening between them when he unmasked her at the party. He was smart enough to figure out that she had some misconceptions about what happened the other night. He had shown her often enough that he preferred models with svelte figures and she was neither one of those things. The truth of the matter was that he couldn’t help himself when  he was around her, everything about her turned him on and two cold showers a night were not helping. Sometimes he found excuses to brush up against her or touch her and he knew she was asa affected as him because she always became flustered and usual forgot what she was doing or saying for a couple of minutes and he just couldn’t understand why she was fighting the attraction. Then the day of the party came and he dismissed her early so she wouldn’t have to search for an excuse to get away from him.


Dom arrived early so he could see the exact moment when Daria did. And when she did he was blown away. She had spent her time wisely. Her hair was curlier and it was loosely pinned up with some curls escaping. And she was dressed in a hot red, leather bustier leotard complete with matching red stilettos. She was already blindfolded so he just walked up to her, took her hand and lead her to a private room. Daria was unsure why she felt as if something momentous was going to happen. But when she felt Dom take her hand she wished she could see his face and he hers so she would know that it wasn’t all pretend and he actually wanted her. She was in a fever pitch and she couldn’t wait for him to sink into her. She was surprised when he sat her down and proceeded to take off her heels and kiss her feet. The first touch of his lips sent a white hot jolt of desire up her spine. The leotard she was wearing was crotchless and when she felt his warm breath on her, she tensed in anticipation. The first touch of his tongue nearly brought her to an orgasm. He nibbled, sucked and licked her into two earth shattering orgasms. And when she thought she could take no more he surged into her. As he did so he took off her blinfold and whispered, “I want you to see who you’re making love to.”


She was shocked to realise that he wasn’t surprised to find out her identity and wondered how he had figured it out. But she couldn’t form a coherent thought, he was thrusting into her at just the right angle and in a matter of minutes they were both hurtling towards release. He took her two more times after that. When he was finished he collapsed on top of her.


Daria was in a mild state of shock. Dominic knew that it had been here that night. But how had he found out, then it clicked. She must have said something while she was having her dream and he realised it was her. And he hadn’t said anything! He was playing with her. The thought sent her surging to her feet. She dimly heard Dominic calling her name but she was seeing red and she only wanted to be as far away as possible in that moment. He had known it was her that had seduced him for two weeks and he hadn’t said a word. To be fair 

 Daria had been treating him pretty frostily and she seemed very unapproachable. Every time he tried to steer the conversation into more personal waters she steered it right back to business.

Anger powered her straight back to her apartment and into the fridge for a bottle of wine that Jenna had given her. Around her third glass, the anger left and was replaced by horniness. She hadn't showered and she could still fell the residual wetness of her orgasm. When she rubbed her thighs together, a fresh wave of wetness dampened her core and she was seized by an idea. Daria told herself that she was drunk because that was the only reason she would even consider calling Dom.

Dom was still at the party, not engaging in the sexual banquet but nursing a glass of scotch when his phone rang. When he saw the number his heart started to pound.

"Hello," he said hesitantly. "Daria? Is something wrong?"

"The only thing wrong," she replied, "Is that you aren't here fucking me into oblivion right now."

Dom was startled speechless but then he caught himself. "I'll be right there. Be naked and wet by the time I get there."

"I already am."

Daria was working her way to an orgasm, trying to take the edge off and following Dom's instructions to be wet when he arrived. She was on the brink when the doorbell rang. She groaned and for a brief second thought about ignoring it but it could be Dom, even though she didn't think so. When she answered though it was indeed Dom and before she could utter a word, she was in his arms and he was kissing her frantically. She clutched at his shoulders and wrapped her legs around him, grinding into his erection. Daria had already been on the cusp of cumming before the doorbell chased away her orgasm, but the stroking of Dom's tongue alongside hers and the grinding against him had her once again on the precipice. 

When Dom released her mouth and bit her neck, she was fell into orgasm. She clutched at his head and moaned, grinding against him still. Dom walked with her, dropped her on the couch and stripped. Then he fell on her breasts, biting, sucking and licking until she was in a frenzy once more.

"I need you inside me Dom,” Daria moaned as she thrust her pussy at him.

Dom knelt in front of her looking at her, all pink and glistening before him and knew he had to taste her first. Daria watched as Dom buried his face in her core. Her eyes drifted shut as his tongue pierced her and she wrapped her legs around his neck and rode his face. His tongue was alternately thrusting into her and sweeping across her clit. She felt the beginnings of an orgasm and her hands found themselves in his hair, clutching his head to her and she started to chase that feeling. When Dom felt the urgency in Daria’s hands he thrust two fingers into her and started licking her clit faster. As soon as he felt the first contractions of her orgasm, he removed his fingers, pulled her to the edge of the couch and rammed into her.

Daria screamed and thrashed as she came while Dom pounded into her. He put her legs on his shoulders and the position had him going even deeper into her, bumping into her cervix and it only served to ratchet her orgasm higher. Dom could feel Daria’s pussy milking him, trying to pull out his seed. It was so mind-blowing watching her cum, she was kneading her breast, pulling at her nipples and arching into him. His orgasm started in his toes and built until finally he exploded into her. He had never felt anything better and he couldn’t stop cumming. It was so intense that he could no longer kneel and sat back taking Daria with him. Daria sprawled over Dom, still shaking from her climax as well as his. Daria would swear the force of Dom’s orgasm had left her bruised, since she had never felt anything like it. They were both boneless and it took them a while to move to Daria’s bedroom, where they immediately passed out.

Daria had a sense of déjà vu when she woke up again trapped under Dom’s arm, but this time she was fully aware of what happened the night before. She felt Dom stir behind her and couldn’t stop the smile from blossoming on her face. Last night, even though she told herself she was drunk, she had realised that Dom’s actions had proven what words never could. He wanted her and she wasn’t going to push him away; for however long he wanted her, she was going to stay with him.

“This isn’t a dream Daria,” Dom rasped, turning her towards him. “And we’re gonna be waking up like this from now on. This is more than one night’s pleasure, I aim to make it a lifetime.”

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