Because of You

Because of You

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


Michelle and Mac are two sides of the same coin. Their whirlwind lust turns into a love that will be tested by their family. Can their love stand the trials to come?


Michelle and Mac are two sides of the same coin. Their whirlwind lust turns into a love that will be tested by their family. Can their love stand the trials to come?

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Submitted: June 25, 2016

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Submitted: June 25, 2016



Chapter 1

My life sucks. And university isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I wish my mom had told me sooner. The guys who are super gorgeous barely glance at you and if they do, it’s high school all over again. Then there are of course the nerds who actually want to get up to you but they’re totally gross.

My first week there was nothing to write home about but I did anyway, because that is what my mom expected. My roommate was kinda cool and she wasn’t super friendly or completely anti-social. Her name is Maureen Sandiford and she came to Westwood University on a lacrosse scholarship. We went to one of the fresher mixers together and we totally had fun. After that though I realized that, she had already had a group of friends that came over from her high school so she wasn’t in desperate need for people to hang with like me.

The classes were kind of slow since people were still rushing around trying to find their classes and get settled in. in my first class cute guys dominated and there were only like two or three visibly nerdy guys. It was just my luck that I sat next to one of the sexiest guy I had ever seen.

Since he was sitting I didn’t know how tall he was but he was white, muscular and had a face that could permanently put Johnny Depp out of my mind. He had emerald eyes and jet black hair which was curly but kind of on the long side. And he was like a magnet. He was literally surrounded when he sat and there was like a huge circle of girls around him.

I really wanted to move and sit somewhere else because the girls were constantly trying to get his attention and not paying any attention to what the lecturer was saying. I didn’t want to endure that for 2 hours so I found a seat near the front and decided that it would have to be my regular spot. When the class ended, I was relieved that we had no homework and hoped I would be just as lucky in my next class.

That class was at 2:00 and it was only 12:00, so I decided to do some exploring. I spotted the library and was on my way there when I heard my cell phone going off. I was so busy digging into my bag that I got knocked down when I walked into someone.

“Oh shit,” I said, looking all around and seeing the contents of my bag scattered on the ground. My phone was still ringing so I quickly found it and answered. It was my brother calling to check up on me. Charlie was 3 years older than me and was in the midst of transferring to Westwood. Fortunately, he wasn’t doing it for me but because somehow his university was shutting down and Westwood was one of the few where he could still complete his degree instead of having to wait for a year.

I was still sitting on the ground before I realized that people were staring and my stuff was still all over the place. I heard a few chuckles and when I looked up, I saw that I had apparently bumped into the “girl magnet”. I was almost mortified but I really didn’t care about making impressions on anyone like that so I got up, dusted myself off and gathered my things. As I was walking away, I heard someone say, “Hey, I think this yours”

When I looked around ‘girl magnet’ was holding out my day planner. I reached for it and said, “Thanks.” I checked to see if anything had fallen out. Being satisfied that everything was still intact, I put it back into my bag. After that it was smooth sailing and I passed the time quietly in the library. When I reached my next class it was almost full but I managed to get a sit at the end of an aisle.

There was one seat left which was next to me and to my unfortunate surprise, it was ‘girl magnet’ who sat in it. He must have heard my groan because he looked around and asked, “Hey, you’re the litterbug right?”

I looked at him as if he was from outer space and then promptly ignored him when the lecturer started to speak. I was saying to myself that it seemed that all the lecturers were taking it easy on us when Dr. Magnus, my sociology lecturer, announced that we had a peer project due at the end of the semester. I groaned with the rest of the class and nearly fainted when the he said that he had pre-chosen our partners.

Although I didn’t mind since there wasn’t anyone I preferred because I didn’t know anyone, I hoped I wasn’t going to be paired with someone who would expect me to do all the work. ‘Guy magnet’ however, was telling the girl beside him, if they were allowed to pick, he would have chosen her. I rolled my eyes and shifted in my seat, anxious to get out of there and to my room. I heard my name coupled with ‘Angus McCullough’. It was a weird name and I was looking around to see if anyone was looking around too.

When I looked to my right I found myself staring into ‘girl magnet’s’ eyes. “Tell me that your name isn’t Angus McCullough, please,” I literally begged him.

“Yea but my friends call me Mac. I assume that you’re Michelle King,” he replied.

I didn’t reply and went to Dr. Magnus as soon as he was finished calling out the names. “Excuse me sir?” I said. When he looked around I asked him if I could switch partners with someone else. He gave me a look and told me he chose everyone’s partners, if he wanted it otherwise we would have been left to our devices. I was unhappy with that answer, so I just collected my things and left.

I was almost halfway to my room when I heard someone shouting my name. When I looked behind me I saw that Angus was following me. I continued to walk and was in my room before I realized that Angus had not caught up with me. I decided it was just as well since I really hadn’t wanted to talk to him anyway.

As soon as I stepped in my cell phone rang. When I saw who it was I just threw it on the bed and grabbed some stuff to take a shower. When I opened the door to go out I saw that Angus had found me. I sighed and asked, “What do you want?”

He looked at me incredulously before replying, “Um, we’re supposed to be partners for a project and I thought it would be nice if we worked together.”

“Look what do you say I do it myself and then slap your name on it?”

“Excuse me? I get that you don’t want to work with me but do you also think that I can’t do my share?”

“I never said that. You know what fine. The project isn’t all that hard do I don’t think you can fuck it up when you have the whole semester to work on it,” I conceded. “I’m going to take a shower. How about you meet me at the library in half an hour.”

“Fine, I’ll be waiting,” he said and walked away.

I had my bath and was almost changing into something borderline sexy when I caught myself. I gave myself a mental shake and settled for an old pair of sweats and a vest. When I got to the library I had no trouble finding him since he was as always surrounded by girls. He saw me and beckoned me over. As I got closer I saw the girls assessing me like I was some sort of threat. Most of them looked me up and down once and then dismissed me and the others just ignored me all together.

I heard him invite the girls to a party that night and then told them he had some work to do, a lame project and I was his partner. It was like he had them under a spell because they left en masse like a flock of birds or something. While they were leaving, I started looking for some books I thought would be useful. But then I realized that most of them were already on the table.

I sat down and immediately started outlining what I thought would be the most appropriate way to handle it. When I was about halfway through I noticed he wasn’t listening to me.

“Am I boring you?” I asked dryly. And I would swear he was sleeping with eyes open or daydreaming or something because I had to snap my fingers.

“I was just wondering why you’re talking at me like I’m sort of dummy instead of talking with me,” he responded after about 5 seconds.

At that exact moment my phone rang and I saw that it was my father. “Shit,” I said softly. “Look I have to take this.” and I walked away.

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