Be Ready

Be Ready

Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


Status: In Progress

Genre: Erotica


A beginning, from online to in life. Taking a chance.


A beginning, from online to in life. Taking a chance.


Submitted: September 27, 2015

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Submitted: September 27, 2015



I was prepared, I was excited, and I was scared. I thought I knew him well, I  trusted him, because I knew he would not harm me, I knew he would take care of  me. I knew that I was going to submit, but I was still nervous, I had never  experienced anything like this before. I don’t know if we would experiment like this  again. Yes, there was that sexual tension between us, but it was different than with  anyone else. I did not really know what he looked like, and I knew that while or  minds may have a close connection, the appeal and sensual attraction just may not  be there.  

It was 5 o’clock the 2 days before, we usually ended our conversations  around four when we both finished at our respective jobs, but the talk we were  having continued on to while we were riding the train home, a bit of that tension in  untyped comments as much as typed, my train just one ahead of his. I was tempted  to wait at the last station just so I could wave as his pulled in and then run down the  stairs to my car. I didn’t, I decided to go straight to the car and text him one more  time before heading home. He told me that there would be a package waiting for me  at work the next day when I got there and that I was to go ahead and open it, but the  letter inside had to wait until after work. He actually had me promise not to open it.  So I did, and meant it, I liked him, a nice guy.

Upon arriving at my desk, I found a UPS delivery guy just walking up as I was and I received the package that my friend had been talking about, fairly light and not  too big, slightly scented of vanilla. I looked at the sealed envelope, it was hand  written in a cursive script that looked to be drawn more than written and had my  first name on it. I set this aside, putting it in a place where I would not lose track of it  and continued with my day. All through the day in our conversations, not much was  approached concerning the letter the package or its contents. We had a normal day  of jokes and friendly banter, a bit of harmless flirting and some shoulder leaning, the  usual. He did ask me something a little different close to the end of the day; he asked  me to text or email him prior to opening the letter, so that he could be “present”  when I did so. So I agreed to have him online while I opened this letter and by now I  was completely intrigued by what may lay inside.

At precisely 8:15 that evening, I hear the familiar ping noise that lets me know I have received a message from him. I check and sure enough, he is there  saying that I can open the letter now if I like and that I am not obligated to do  anything, but to please read it. This sounded a bit strange to me, but sometimes he  came across as weird, so I let it slide. I opened the letter with some hesitancy  knowing that I was actually handling something that he had, that he had written for  me. It was kind of off putting as up to now we had only been online friends. In the  envelope in the same fancy writing as the outside were 3 actual letters, with one  marked “Read first”, one as “Yes” and one as “No”. I began to think maybe, I’d better  think this through, but my hands seemed to have a mind of their own as I open the  first part and begin to read.

“Hi there, you are reading this part of the letter first as I asked, I hope and I  want you to make a decision by the time you finish reading this short letter. I have  also included 2 others in the package marked yes and no and I would like you to  open only 1 of them dependent on your answer to the next question. I know we have  been talking a lot lately about meeting up for a coffee and a laugh, but we have also  been talking about how we are both interested in a level of excitement in our  bedroom lives, that neither of us has really been to. No matter your answer, I do  want that coffee, and I would love to meet you face to face. Also, nothing that you  may say to the question I am asking will be brought up unless you do it.

Would you like to delve somewhat further into control and pleasure? Do you want to experience some new things? And most importantly, do you want to explore  those with me?  Now having asked that, all 3 must be yes, in order to answer yes,  otherwise the answer is no. I want you to please really think about that and IF your  answer to all three is yes, then the last question:

Do you Trust me?

Now based on your answer to the above, please go ahead and open the appropriate letter. You can tell me online now, where you are, but do not tell me yet what you have chosen, read the second letter first please.”

I texted that I was deciding, and I sat back to really think about this, my first  instinct was to just accept it all and go ahead with whatever was planned, and could  chicken out at anytime I wished. I, however, sat for a good 45 minutes, rereading the  letter, and thinking about the possible outcomes and finally made my decision to  open one of the second letters. I began to read the letter of my choice and it struck  me as I hit the second paragraph, this IS what I wanted, I wanted to explore new  things, but I also wanted to feel safe in doing so, I did not want to be in a position  that I would feel obligated to either do things like that or not at all. I knew there  could be a middle road with him. We had discussed this and we were on the same  page.

I began again at the top of the letter:

“So you do trust me, I am glad to hear that. I am also glad that you are open to  me asking the next question. Will you explore this with me as of tomorrow? Please  let me know by text, I am probably sweating like crazy about now. If you are  answering yes, then you can continue reading, otherwise, please keep the clothes  and things as gifts and we will carry on.  

Please text to me, ‘I am yours and I trust you completely’ and we will continue” the letter ended. I looked at the screen of my phone for a while before  texting those words. I was a bit unsure, after all we had never even met and now we  were going to explore each other, we were going to reach for the limits we had been  talking about. I trust him, I feel safe about him.

Saturday. Today. I received one text from him at close to 2 o’clock, instructing  me to be at a certain hotel booked in his name anytime before 7. I headed there for  about 5 o’clock, I wanted to be comfortable with the space so I decided to have a  long luxurious soak in the Jacuzzi as I enjoyed a glass of my favorite wine.  That’s  when I noticed a package, a white box, wrapped in a purple bow sitting on the edge  of the tub, my name written on a tag in the same script as the letters from before. I  place the package on the table and untie the ribbon, examining each object as I  removed it from the box, a length of rope, soft and supple to the touch made of  twisted felt, it had an almost springy feel to it. A black silk kerchief of sorts, doubled  so it was thick and it had extra length on two ends, a blindfold? A larger white  candle, vanilla scented set into a dark pewter holder and strangely a small flog with  numerous tails, made of a soft white leather and smelling faintly like black tea. Also  in the package were massage oil, a box of condoms, lubricating gel and a new  vibrator. Best of all, the clothing; A bra, mostly black with turquoise accents fanning  the cups, a matching pair of very tiny underwear that were again black with the  same turquoise accents. To go with these there was an exquisite dressing gown,  sheer so as to almost transparent in the same blue green as the accents on the other  clothes.

I carefully set aside all of these things, and I thought to myself that a small bit of preparation wouldn’t hurt and smiled to myself, besides I wasn’t told not to. I  imagined that he was there watching me as I started to undress, the thought making  me a little warmer and more excited for what might happen in just a short time. A  playful smile on my face as I slowly remove my blouse, undoing one button at a time,  allowing my finger to trail along the exposed flesh as it becomes available. I can  almost see him, sitting on the bed watching as I proffer a small glimpse of lacy white  bra I am currently wearing, my finger drawing just around the edge of the material. I  feel my nipples harden as I continue touching myself like this and my eyes close so I  can concentrate on the sensation of my finger on myself. A small gasp escapes my  red lips and my breathing quickens a little as I allow the blouse to slip from my  shoulders, the soft material caressing my back as it slides down me.

I reach to my neck and faintly caress with my fingers, down across my shoulder pushing the straps of my bra down to my arms. I can see him on the bed  now in my mind’s eye, the light from the candle reflecting off his eyes while he  watches. Reaching behind, I unfasten the hooks and allow the bra to fall to the floor  as well, my full breasts now exposed, nipples erect. Starting at my waist, I draw my  hands slowly up my stomach, causing goose bumps as my hands travel. I cup a  breast in each hand, moving from under to up and over, showing them off to the  imaginary him. I walk to the edge of the bed and place one knee on it as I softy knead  as I feel he would, ending each pass with a bit of a pinch at the nipple with thumb  and forefinger. I continue this for a few minutes, feeling the warm sensations and  tingling growing within me.

My mouth forms a loose pout, as I step back and move my hands to my waist,  my fingers a feather touch as I trace the edge of the skirt I am wearing. I stare at the  place I imagine him from through my lashes and hook my thumbs into the  waistband, moving my hips in a slow figure eight, while pushing the skirt down and  stepping out of it. I turn so that I am now facing away from the bed and slowly bend  at the waist placing my hands behind my knees and sliding them up the backs of my  legs, over my shapely ass and to the waistband of the white lace trimmed panties I  have on.  

I turn back around, one finger drawing a line down the front of me, from my  throat, down between my breasts and over my stomach. I can imagine his eyes,  intent on my finger, and as I think about my finger being a row of kisses or a tongue,  I gasp, a familiar wanting between my thighs and I close my eyes enjoying the  feeling. Both of my hands reach to the front of the panties, fingers spread and  searching, caressing every part. I can feel the warm wet of my crotch as I reach there  and tease myself a bit by giving slightly more pressure, feeling the rise and fall of the  folds of my skin through the soft smooth cloth. I slide the underwear down and off,  and move my hands to myself, my skin as smooth to the touch as silk, my freshly  shaved self a pleasure to touch as be touched, I allow my fingers to roam seemingly  of their own will.

I pull myself out of where I am long enough to step into the large tub now, the  hot water engulfing me in an embrace of its heat, I sink down to a comfortable  position and move my hands back to their place between my spread legs. Tracing  lines down the insides of my thighs, circling around the most sensitive areas, I tease  myself even further, the strong vanilla scent overwhelming me in my ecstasy. I moan  out loud when I trace one finger up my center, pushing the folds of skin aside  rubbing along the sensitive pink underneath and back down to where I started.

I bite at my bottom lip when I find the silky skin at the entrance to me and I  circle around it, the tip of my finger applying just enough pressure to tease. I move  my hips somewhat as that finger dips slightly inside, exploring, feeling the juices  from me mix and blend with the perfumed hot water. I whine a bit at myself, a  begging whimper and move my fingers to massage at my clit, rubbing first,  squeezing a little between two fingers and then faintly touching.

I can feel that buzzing buildup inside me growing, the faint surge that grows from a faint whisper as if hearing a loud noise from a far away place, my heart is  beating faster and my breathing is heavier, I need my release. It is building at a  quicker pace than I am used to, but I’m glad, the static electricity feeling like l have  collected it for months is inside me. I can feel every part of me as I touch, my hand  moving faster and the moans now coming freely. I rub furiously at myself, splashing  the water some unnoticed, I could feel the expansion of my insides as it grows to  consume me, that full feeling of pure pleasure. Another whine escapes as I feel the  first of my release, the smallest of cracks in that expansion, allowing so much feeling  to flow through me. I must have it all; I rub my fingers just inside my tightness, and up and over my sensitive clit, my hips bucking against the workings of my hand. I  arch my back, my neck against the cool porcelain of the tub is the trigger that I  needed and I sense the star forming at my center, a complete contraction of all that  has built up and in a split second, the explosion as it releases itself into me. All of my  being focused into that one point as it expands to engulf all of me with wave after  wave of sheer pleasure. Tears pour from my eyes as I allow my body to completely  feel all of it, the pureness of my orgasm.

I languished for a while there, the sweet scent of the soap clinging to me as I  stepped out of the water, I pat myself off so I don’t drip, but lay the towel on the bed  and allow my hair and skin to mostly air dry, speculating on what was to come. After  I dried off, I refilled my glass, just sipping on it and found that the scant underwear  were a perfect fit, complementing my shape in a way I never thought possible. The  bra was a silky satin material, sexy to look at and even more so to the touch as I  slipped it on. Another great fit, accentuating what I have more than producing  something that was not there. The dressing gown I left draped on the bedpost and  walked around a bit, feeling catAlike sexy and wolf like hungry for something. I could  get used to this.

I placed the items as I was instructed and looked out the window to judge  how dark it was getting; a smile crept to my lips as I realized that it was close to  time. I sat for a while on the bed, my fingers trailing along the lace line of the bra,  thinking about the touch I have yet to feel, the kiss I had yet to share. As I was  leaning to reach for the gown, my phone gives off its familiar noise, and I read that I  am to sit on the edge of the bed facing away from the door and not to look up until  asked to do so. Feeling a bit excited, he was close and soon we would touch. I sat  down on the edge of the bed put on the gown, and turned off the last light as I lit the  scented candle, and waited. 

 A jump and a small squeal, almost a twinge of wanting in my being as I hear  the door open and then close and the lock being turned. He was here. I could hear  him as he made his way around the room, the slight flickering of the candle leading  his way. I could hear sureness in his breathing, his scent a mixture of clean and man.I felt the bed move as he sat down on the opposite side and a sigh as he inhaled,  likely catching my scent along with the candle and soap. My God, but I was itching to  turn around, to see for real, this man I was involving myself with.

I feel him get off the bed and can sense him walking around to my side, I am  getting wet again with excitement just to look at him, to have him look at me, but I  keep my eyes cast down as I was asked, no told. I see his bare feet at mine, showing  from under the legs of faded black jeans.

I can feel as he touches my hair and a gasp comes form me at even that touch,  of fear, wanting or needing I don’t know. His fingers comb into my hair and down  past my ear. A single rough finger send a jolt of sexual electricity through me as it  glides along the outline of my jaw and guides me to raise my glance upward.

I keep my gaze fixed forward as he slowly raises my head, and I take stock of  his body while doing so. His obviously muscular legs are within those jeans,  stretching the denim at the thighs and meeting at a very conspicuous package, above  which, a thick belt around the top. A light colored button down shirt is tight over a  slightly bigger stomach. The top couple of buttons undone to show a bit of his chest,  some dark hair peeking out from the shirt. I can see his strong arms now as well, not  muscle bound, but large and powerful looking. A closeAcropped black beard with a  bit of grey adorns his jaw. An almost olive complexion is accented with small  wrinkles at the corners of his mouth, wonderfully soft looking lips exposed from the  hair and sensually inviting. A bit of a crooked nose above his moustache, wrinkles  slightly as he smiles. I smile too as my gaze reaches his face and our eyes meet for  the first time, a milk chocolate color, melted and delicious meeting my sensuous  hazel. A deep caring shining from within, I know I am safe with this man. He  removes his hand from my face and never looking away from my eyes, begins to  speak in the rich baritone of his voice.

“Thank you, for being here,” he begins. “You are beautiful, I want you to know  that you are safe here with me and that nothing that we both do not agree on will  happen. The way that you can tell me that something is uncomfortable, or hurting  you is to use a safe word. Please do not speak just yet, let me explain first. I have  come to care for you over time we have spent together online, I do not want to  damage what we have built in any fashion, but I believe that we have a connection  that can and will be enhanced by our being together. I have chosen a safe word for  us, ‘Unicorn’ if for any reason, you need to stop because you are uncomfortable  about where it is going or something hurts or you are scared, just say ‘Unicorn’, nod  if you understand”

I have read enough novels that I knew this was about security and safeness  and understood, I nod in reply and close my eyes to concentrate on that voice as he  opened his mouth to speak once again.

“Very good,” he says, his hand playing once again with my hair, “I want to look at you for a bit, I want to see you in every possible way. Do not speak just do as  I ask. I want you to stand and walk around for me after I sit, I want to watch you  move.” He states, and I can sense him moving to the bed.

I raise myself from the bed and stretch my arms up and back to my waist  knowing that this shows my figure to its best advantage, pushing my breasts out  slightly and laying my head to one side I look towards him with a smoky intent in  my eyes, turning at the last second so that he gets a perfect side view of my shape. I  side step a little, while turning to face away from him, me between the candle and  his line of sight. I know that the light shines directly through the gossamer fabric;  giving the outline of my figure it’s fullest showing. I walk around the room slowly,  stately, all of my femaleness to show and just for him. I am a tigress and he is the  hunter, I am the dance and he is the music. I move sensually knowing that I am going  to give all of me to this man and he will take care of me and more.

He gestures to me to come to him as he stands and I walk over, my eyes locked with his and I stop a step away, looking, searching in those wonderful eyes  for a hint of what he has planned. His strong hand reaches out and grasps the tie of  the gown and he pulls me close, our bodies brought together. I can smell him  strongly now, his cologne a light whisper of citrus and spice. He is somewhat taller  than myself, but not overly so, his nose at about my eye level. His strong chest  against me, I can feel him breathing as I look up once again into those eyes, I get lost  for the few seconds that we stand there, just looking.

My eyes close and I tilt my head up to him, a very soft moan issues from me  as our lips meet for the very first time, a gentle kiss, the velvety feel of his lips on  mine, begging a desire from me that I had never felt before. His hands moving  against my back, exploring my shape, holding me tight and safe. This kiss felt like  hours, but only lasted a few seconds and truly took my breath away, he breaks the  hold that he had on me and guides me to sitting once again on the bed, while he goes  over to the objects by the candle. He grabs the lot and brings them to the bed sitting  them there beside me. I shiver with a combination of excitement and nervousness as  he picks up the blindfold, and looks at me.

I swallow hard as he approaches and sits close; the warmth of his body  touching mine sends my mind reeling with desire and need. The sound of his  breathing, the tempo of his heartbeat is the clock to which I am keeping time. Those  liquid chocolate eyes looking through the outer shell of me. To the me that is deep  inside. He reaches over and around my head, pulling my hair back and positioning  the blindfold carefully over my eyes and tying it securely in place at the back. I can  feel his hot breath on my neck as he whispers into my ear that we are going to build trust, I in him to protect me and treat me well, he in me that I am sure in what he is doing and that I will do as asked.  

The blindfold is such that no light whatsoever can get in and I feel my other senses begin to work overtime. Recognizing ignored sounds and smells of the room.  I can hear the flickering of the candle, smell the remnants of the water I soaked in  and I swear I can taste his cologne. I react much like a cat when he runs his fingers  through my hair, arching toward him, wanting more. Each strand feeling him  sending signals through my scalp and into me. I feel each hair as it falls from his  grasp and hear it as it bemoans the loss of the touch.

I jump a small bit as the back of his hand, soft and firm warmth, graze my left cheek as he reaches and touches my face and my neck, the warmth spreading down  and to my chest, filling me with a sense of being wanted. I part my lips to lick them,  and feel a finger trace their outline and a small sound of pleasure much like a tiny  growl come from him. He then gently grasps my chin with his fingers and kisses me  deeply, his hot wet tongue parting my teeth and dancing playfully with my own. I  lose all sense of time as we kiss, my need of him growing, my nipples hardening at  the prospect of these lips on them. I press toward him to feel more of him against  me, but he pulls back gently and presses his thumb against my bottom lip, and in a  coarse whisper, with a smile lets me know we are going to take this slow. I can tell  that the demand of taking it slow is also a sweet torture for him as well. We stand  there for a while, him holding my lip with his thumb, looking deep into my eyes,  saying nothing and not moving, just existing together.

He moves away from me and I can hear his bare feet on the thick carpet as he  walks around a little, my hearing tuned in due to my eyes being covered. I know he  is behind me before I feel him on the bed and his hands on my shoulders. As he sits  in place, a leg on each side of me, a part of me warms even more to the feel of his  legs against mine and now the complete closeness as he moves up close, his groin at  my back, I can feel his total warmth enveloping me as he presses his chest into my  back and wraps his arms around my middle, pulling me close to him, another soft  comfortable moan comes from me as I feel his mouth on the side of my neck, just  below my ear. Shivers of pure pleasure rippling through me when he speaks that  close to my neck, telling me that he is going to relax me completely, so that I know  all is well and that I know his touch and trust his presence.

I wonder if realizes that while he is rubbing my shoulder through the thin cloth, he is humming softly to himself, the notes of baritone and bass coming from  his throat as much a turn on as the hands themselves. Strong hands kneading and  sliding, thumbs digging in at certain points. Starting at the base of my neck he  spreads his fingers and rakes them outward and down, pivoting on his thumbs at  the crest of my shoulder blade and back. I bend my neck forward, offering more for  him to concentrate on and he runs his fingers up and up through my hair, allowing it  to fall back into place, as he massages my scalp gently. He reaches around me, brushing my arms with his as he unties the robe and trails his fingers up my arms  reaching for the neckline. Pulling gently down, he removes my arms from the gown,  and lets it fall between us.

A series of small kisses at the base of my neck sends electricity flowing in me and I feel him move back from me. I am aware next of him guiding me back and  down to lie on my back; I lay back, following him in his touch. His hands go to either  side of my neck, drawing backward and up to my jaw, they follow that line to just  behind my ears and he applies slightly stronger pressure there, working the muscles  of my neck into pliancy.  He moves his magic fingers to underneath my head at the  base, manipulating the muscles there, lulling me to a calm place.

As he removes his hands from me, I feel the bed move when he gets off of it and I miss his touch already. I can feel him as he walks around the bed to my feet,  my body craving the warm feeling of hands on me. He lays one hand on the top of  each foot, fingers practically wrapping around. Sliding slowly from my toes to my  ankles, and back the sensation of the touch is making me warm. The slow squeeze  he applies while drawing his hands downwards ending with slipping almost all the  way off of my toes, but never quite losing contact with me. He continues this action  up my legs, alternating with both hands on each. Between my ankle and knee, from  my knee to ¾ of the way up my thigh. I am breathing heavier, both from the  relaxation and the intense way in which he is touching all of me. Wanting him to  reach higher I move my hips a little and I hear him whisper that all will be covered  in good time. He repeats the same process with each of my arms drawing any last  bits of stress from my extremities. 

He climbs on the bed once again and is kneeling next to me, the heat from his  body radiating to me. I hold my breath in anticipation of his next touch, and a quiet  sigh escapes my lips as he reaches to my shoulders and lightly drags his fingers  along the shape of my collarbone. Millimeters away from the strap of my bra, the  trail he follows changes and moves downward slightly, then back in and his hands  meet up at the center of my chest. He follows the shape of my cleavage down to the  cloth barrier and once again back up and around the edge of my bra. I am almost  whimpering from the intensity of the need I have for him to touch more, my back  arching slightly as he runs his hands down my sides and brings them together on my  stomach. He lazily drags his hands down to the top hem of the undies, barely  touching the cloth limit and traces the line from hip to hip. I am so worked up now  that I know I am moving in sync with his hand, my mouth open and breath catching  to his slightest of touches.

I feel him move and then he takes my hands and places them on my stomach.  I feel a touch to one shoulder, but it is not his hands. It is a soft, but also a bit firm, it  must be the rope. He drags it down my shoulder and arm, goose bumps rising as it  passes over my skin. I let out a bit of a whimper and he gently reminds me that if I  am scared to use the safe word. I clamp my lips tight, I am not scared, I am not sure  what I am feeling, but it is not scared, I am a combination of excited and nervous, I want this to continue, I want to meet my limits with him. He drags the rope down  over my hand and onto my stomach, then begins feeding it out, allowing it to loop on  itself there, it rolling off my sides and falling to between my legs as well. He must  have ahold of the end of the rope because I can feel the movements he makes as he  snakes it across me, the velvety surface brushing against me, across my thighs, and  against my pubic area. It is a sensation like I have never felt before, my hips  instinctively roll towards this slight pressure, wanting to feel more.

He rests a hand on my trembling stomach, and loosely loops the ropes  around my wrists, and I have a feeling that this is more for me to accept the feeling  of it than it is for him to see me that way. I like it, the slight restrictive feeling, the  loss of, no the giving up of the control to him, I turn my head toward where I feel  him to be and smile, getting a kiss in return. I feel the rope move as it is pulled away  from me, and I am guided up to a sitting position. He reaches behind me, and  unclasps the bra and pulls at it, allowing it to fall away. I hear a slight intake of  breath and a murmur of appreciation and I know he is admiring my breasts,  naturally large and round with a brown areolae and a large nipple, which is now  erect and sensitive. His large hand gently cups first my left and then my right breast,  caressing, feeling, transferring the heat from him through his hand and into me. I  can feel his warm breath on me when he bends and kisses around my right breast,  ending with a long slow suckle at my nipple. The want for him is now building once  again, to feel him kiss and touch me the way is has been doing, to have him on top of  and inside me, my mind goes to places that I can never get myself to when I  masturbate, I feel my body shudder as I have a small one, with him back to sucking  my tit. 

As my breathing is relaxing fro the tiny orgasm I have just had, I feel his  strong hands reaching at my hips and fingers hooking into the waist of the  underwear, I raise myself up to help him and he easily slips them down and off, and  even I can smell my musk, I am wetter than I have ever been, the aroma of me,  mixing with the vanilla of the candle and the spiciness of him. I feel his hand on the  inside of my knee and sliding upwards, without words I obey and spread my legs to  give access, fingers tracing along my inner thigh and up to the crease line between  my leg and body. I shiver as he pauses there, one of my more sensitive areas and a  spot that I love to touch when teasing myself, before he grazes over my mound with  his fingers. He moves his fingers down to my vagina, just very tip of one finger  dipping inside of me and rubbing slightly up and down, causing my juices to flow  onto his finger. He takes his hand away from me as I begin to moan and I feel a sense  of loss until there is a finger on my lips and I can taste myself, I hear him say no  licking, as he moves this finger all over my lips, smearing my lubrication onto them.  The next thing I feel is his weight against me as he kisses me very deeply, licking my  lips clean of me and pushing back to laying down with him laying half on top of me.  His hand once again between my thighs, but this time with that rope dragged over  the opposite leg to which he is on.

“One moment”, he says, moving again away from me and I hear and feel him  reaching around me, as he brings a pillow and places it under my head. He draws a  slow line down my side, over my hip, studying my shape I think. “Roll over to your  belly, and put the pillow under you chest, then put your arms behind you”, he says in  a coarse whisper. I comply, rolling over slowly toward him, and placing my arms as  instructed, the rope slides away from me and I can feel him gripping my wrist firmly  but not roughly and placing it inside a loop of the rope and it being tightened to  snug, but not overly uncomfortable. He does the same with my other arm and then  loops the rope around them both and between, securing my arms. I feel him tweak  at my fingertips and hear him ask if it is too tight, I simply shake my head no and he  gives one final tug at the rope to be sure it will not come undone. I sigh and relax,  completing my surrender to him. 

I am with her. She is here and she has surrendered to me, I now know I must  protect and care for her with all of my being. I made sure that her circulation is still  good after binding her arms behind her. I look at her form on the bed, naked, tied  and almost ready. She is smiling the smile of a woman who has found new freedom  in surrender. Her soft skin glowing in the candlelight, the roundness of her hips and  ass forming an inviting sight and the taste of her still on my lips as I lick them  slightly, thinking of the pleasures to come. I reach and trace along her hip and up  and over the smooth arc of her lovely behind, marveling at the softness of that globe.  I bring my hands back to my chest and unbutton my shirt, shrugging it off of my  shoulders with a slight movement and toss it on the floor along with her panties. I  then unbuckle my belt and pull from the buckle end, it making a slap, slap as it pulls  out of the loops of my jeans on its way. I see her shiver a bit and push her bottom up  almost unconsciously as she hears this, I am not going to strike her with this, not  this time, we neither one of us are ready for that level, but the sound of it is  something for both of us to remember. I have worn the jeans that I have on purpose  because of the loud sound the zipper makes when moving and I can see her move  her hips again as I unzip the jeans and step out of them and my underwear.

We are both completely nude now, and I crawl back to the bed close to her, the soft hair of my chest brushing against her arm as I touch her, following the  beautiful lines of her arms, the muscles of her lower back, again to the curve of her  waist and up over her hip. I am creating a path of touch with my fingers; I must  allow her to trust me in this touch, our relationship, being what it is, depends on it. I  find the flog, and drag it up the closest arm, the leather tails falling behind and to  either side as I move it from her elbow to shoulder and back, giving her the sense of  the touch, knowing it is my caring that is driving the sensation and the potential of  what it can bring. I hear a sigh of pleasure from her as I reach her shoulder one more  time and move it so that I can trail it down her back, between her arms, covering  every bit of skin that is bare there. I move back up and down the other arm, and  down to the small of her back. I cause a gasp from her as I follow behind the tickling  flog with small fluttering kisses at the base of her spine. I trace the flog down over  that sweet behind and down her left leg and back up, down her right leg and back  up, her hips pushing as if to meet the leather each time I get back to her ass. I use my  hand to gently caress her backside, and lightly slap with the flog to gauge her  reaction. A small moan from her as I am tapping her with the tails and then  smoothing out the touch with my hand, I am striking no harder than I would if I  were touching someone on the shoulder in a crowd, but she begins to squirm a bit  and I can tell she is enjoying the experience. I gradually increase the slap of the flog,  not enough to bring redness, but surely strong enough to be felt, my hand always  sliding over after in a loving manner. I speak to her in hushed tones as she  whimpers a little, assuring her. This is not an anger thing, any emotion other than  the loving and caring would negate any trust built, and that would be the end of this.  I feel her moving beneath my hand, her hips forcing her behind to it, a slight  moaning of pleasure with each stroke of the flog and caress. Increasing again, I am  now raising a redness, a slight pink hue to her cheeks with each strike, the caresses  even lighter, the moaning more pronounced. I lean over and kiss each cheek delicately, feeling the heat that my strikes have brought to the surface and causing her to raise her head and scream out as another orgasm flows through her. 

Wanting the new experience to be everything that it can be, I open the  massage oil, a slight cinnamon scent intermixing with the aroma of woman sex and  vanilla, I think strangely of cinnamon rolls and remind myself to consider this as a  nickname for her, sweet and slightly spicy. I dribble a little oil into my palms and  gently apply it to her buttocks, making sure that the soothing lotion covers all areas  that I have been striking. She breathes deep and sighs and I know that this will be  our scent, our aroma of choice and from now and into forever, this combination will  remind us of each other and this night.

I roll my now lover to her side and help her to her feet, she stands just  slightly shorter than I do so when I reach around her waist and pull her close to me,  she is easily able to rest her forehead against my lips so I may kiss it. My hardness  from viewing her body over the last while is evident and is pressing against her  stomach, but it does not seem to bother her as she wriggles closer to me, trapping  me between us. I kiss down the side of her face and find those delicious lips with my  own, and kiss her with all the feeling that is within me, and she returns it, just as  eager. After a long prolonged embrace in this manner, I pull away long enough to  untie her arms and rub them with a little oil, making sure again that the bond were  not too tight.

When her arms return to a regular strength, she raises them up and I place  them around my neck, once again pulling this loving woman to me for an embrace,  our bodies slick with sweat and oil sliding against each other. Still with the blindfold  on, her hands come to the front of my face and she trails her fingers down the shape  of my beard, following the line of my jaw. I see a smile play on her face while she  tickles the sides of my neck with her fingertips. Her hands reach my shoulders and  she runs her fingers along the muscle there, circling back to my neck along the  collarbones. Her deft fingers rest on my chest, playing with the hair there as she  leans in, laying a kiss first on my throat and then my chest, playfully nipping at my  nipples as she slowly sinks down the front of me. Not an inch of my chest and  stomach is missed by her lips or fingers as she kisses her way down, lingering to  flick her tongue at my navel, her hands going to my hips, her breasts cradling my  hard self. She begins to sway her body so slightly, brushing her breasts against me,  causing a groan of delight from me. She giggles girlishly as she sinks fully to her  knees, kissing my pubic area and the tops of my thighs. She slides her hand from my  hip, down to my knee crossing my strong thigh, then drags her fingers upward,  thumb sliding along the inside of my leg. When her hand reaches my crotch, it  moves across and grasps the base of my penis, fingers dragging into the thick black  hair. She pumps her hand slowly up the length, about twice the width of her hand, to  judge the size. A smile at first and then a bit of a confused sound as she felt the soft  silky foreskin covering the bottom half of the head, she trace it with her fingers,  confusion becoming intrigue at the texture and pliancy of the skin and the contrast  against the hardness of the rest of me.

She cautiously pumps her hand back down my shaft, lightly pulling the  sheath of skin with her hand to expose the full head and the sensitive area hidden  beneath, holding the skin down by keeping her hand gripping at the base, she licks a  finger of her other hand and traces around the shape of my head, tickling the ridge  all the way round and sending delicious shivers through me. I tell her to hold there a  moment as I reach and take one of the condom packets from the box and place it in  her hand, temporarily releases me in order to open the package, using her teeth to  rip the plastic and carefully take out the condom, this one is lightly lubricated,  especially made for oral and is supposed to be a cinnamon taste. I can smell a  stronger bit of the spice as she rolls it out a little on her finger and reaches up to pull  back the skin on me again. She places the covered fingers into her mouth, catching the rolled plastic at the edge of her teeth.  She then leans forward, slowly engulfing  me in her mouth, using her free hand to unroll the condom down the length of me, it  holding me now in place, she places both of her hands on my hips. The warmth of  her sexy mouth is amazing, the pressure of her tongue on the underside of my shaft  driving me nuts already, she begins to slowly bob her head back and forth varying  the pressure of her gorgeous lips to keep a secure hold on me as she moves. I moan  in delight as I feel her pleasuring me, my hardness in her mouth, I move my hands to  behind her head, not to guide her, but to reassure her that what she is doing is  exciting me beyond belief. She begins to move faster, the head of my penis hitting  the roof of her mouth and the contrast of that against the soft warmth of her tongue  makes me close my eyes and just feel, just enjoy. My fingers entangling in her soft  brown hair, not pulling, but holding so as to keep my grip on the reality of a  beautiful woman sucking me.

All too soon she allowed me to fall from her mouth with a small pop, and  wiped the saliva from her chin with her hand. She pulled the condom back off of me  and tossed it into the nearby wastebasket and sat back on her legs, waiting. I look  down to her, the beauty truly shining now, luscious lips wet with her spit and a little  slack from her relaxing her mouth from the work out it just received. I reach to her  and hug her close to me, turning a little so that my relaxing penis does not slap her,  untying the blindfold from her and warning her to keep her eyes closed, because  even the sole candle may seem harsh after having the blindfold on for so long. She  flutters open her wondrous hazel eyes and looks up at me a shy smile now on her  lips, and a slight tilt to her head. I help her up to her feet and once again embrace her  to me, kissing deeply. I take a slow small step guiding her once again to her back on  the bed, this time laying down with her, one leg between hers, half on her while my  weight is mostly on my arm and other leg. I continue this long searching kiss with  her, giving her my caring and soul in a different way. MY hand drawing circles on  her stomach and her side makes it way up her body until I am cupping one breast in  my hand, thumb and forefinger firmly gripping the nipple, twisting slightly, pulling  upwards and releasing, and again. I hear her gasp at this treatment and kiss harder,  my tongue dancing against hers, my chest pressing against hers, my hips grinding a  bit against her and she to me. Her arms wrapped around my neck, playing with the  sparse hair on my head and holding me tight against her. My hand slides back down  her stomach and over her hip, my thumb tracing over her mound and down to the  warm wetness between her thighs. I turn my hand so that my middle finger can  trace up the shape of her slit, barely parting her labia and rubbing lightly up and  down. She moans deeply into my mouth at this and rolls her hips some in order to  have me touch harder, to try and have my finger enter her, I resist this and keep my  hand just barely touching her, her wetness growing, the heat of her growing. I enter  her just to the first knuckle sliding along the inside of the lip and back down the  other, avoiding her button for now. I circle just the very entrance of her with my  finger, the smooth, wet, hot muscles attempting to clamp down on my finger as I  trace around and around.  

She is openly gasping and moaning as I continue to tease her with my finger,  pushing back against me with a need to be touched, a want to release. She almost  cries out in protest as I remove my hand from her, reach to the side table for the  vibrator, a relatively smaller one and smooth. I place one of the condoms onto the  toy, and drag it across her upper thigh. I turn it on to low, brushing it over her bare  lower abdomen, just hinting at where this toy is going to stimulate. I move it back  and forth, applying firm pressure just above her clitoris, it slides easily across her  shaved pubic area. Moving it down, I place the tip where my finger just was and  smile as she squirms against the vibrations, pushing her hips to try and get more of  it inside her. I lay the vibrator so it the tip is toward her opening and the base is  laying up her lengthwise, resting against the hood of her clit, and she screams out as  she comes almost immediately from the stimulation of her clit.

She goes limp and continues to moan, spreading her legs for me and I know  what she wants. I turn the toy around so that the tip is positioned to enter her as if it  were me, and enter her slowly, firmly. Just the first bit of length, enough so that she  can feel the probing inside. I turn the speed up to an intermittent setting that gives a  few short lighter vibrations and then a couple of really strong throbbing ones. She is  on the verge of a completeness now, I can tell, a full body orgasm that will make her  weak and helpless after, I am there for that reason right now, this is for her and I  whisper so in her ear. I encourage her to feel with all of her being, allow the feelings  within her to take over. I want her to let me drive this orgasm, to not be afraid to  take it one step further than she has before, to let it wash over her and carry her  away, down the flowing pleasure to release.

I hear deeper moan come from her and I know she is there, her arm grips mine with an intensity, her hips forcing down on the vibrator as it continues to  pleasure her and the arching of her back and long drawn moan as she comes fully,  collapsing to the bed, spent and complete. I turn off and carefully remove the toy  from her, and move to hold her close so she can sleep. I can wait until tomorrow for  me.

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