Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Leo is a Fae demon who hunts the creatures that are out to kill humans. Hakyeon is his human helper. One day, Hakyeon reads Leo's journal with mind-blowing desires that he never thought possible from his friend. The journal gives him ideas...if he can go through with them.



Leo is a Fae demon who hunts the creatures that are out to kill humans. Hakyeon is his human helper. One day, Hakyeon reads Leo's journal with mind-blowing desires that he never thought possible from his friend. The journal gives him ideas...if he can go through with them.


Submitted: August 20, 2015

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Submitted: August 20, 2015



Hakyeon watched as his friend, Leo, got dressed, placing his gun into its holster. Leo turned to him, giving a dead stare. “What?”


Hakyeon smiled at him, shaking his head. “Nothing. Be careful, okay?” Hakyeon knew that Leo could get into a lot of trouble, going out against the yetis that had attacked them the week before. He was a Fae demon, so he had a lot of power and could defend himself. However, Hakyeon still worried about him. 


Leo snorted, grabbing his bag of food that he was taking with him. “I’ll be back this evening, after I kill the bastards that almost killed us…” he smiled, a rare occurrence.   “Correction. The yetis that almost killed you, not me. Bye. Don’t leave the house, okay?”


Hakyeon smiled at him again, settling back on the bed again. “I won’t. I’ll just stay here, waiting as a nervous wreck. You could be killed, and that worries me.”


Leo gave him another dead stare. “As if I would die…Have some faith in me, okay? Bye...” He left the cabin before Hakyeon could say another word. As soon as he left, Hakyeon closed his eyes and went back to sleep. His dreams were filled with killing and blood. When he woke up again, he definitely didn’t feel rested, at all. 


Getting out of his bed, he walked to restroom and took a quick shower. While he was looking for a shirt to wear, he was irritated that he couldn’t find one of his own shirts to wear. Rummaging through Leo’s dresser, he went through several of the different shirts in the dresser, not finding one that fit him correctly. 


In the last drawer, he finally found one that wouldn’t be too long for him. When he pulled it out, he paused when he saw a dark red book under it. Intrigued, Hakyeon picked it up, opening it. The first page was labeled in large, bold print. LEO’S. ANYONE WHO READS THIS WILL DIE AS SOON AS I FIND OUT, SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. IT’S YOUR FUNERAL…


Hakyeon smiled, curious. He wasn’t going to leave something that said to not read alone. It would be as difficult as resisting a piece of chocolate cake that was set in front of him, but told to not eat it. Opening the first page, he saw a simple statement: 


‘This is the journal of Jung Taekwoon. If you ignored the warning (like someone I know…), I will kill you in the worst ways possible. DON’T DO IT…IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE. THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES…’


Hakyeon laughed to himself, turning the page. Leo’s warning wasn’t scary at all. He began reading, and the start of the journal wasn’t really anything special. It had a lot of talk about worries, monsters and killing, which made him almost want to stop reading. However, when he was about to close it, he came across a line that grabbed his attention. 


‘Hakyeon is the worst monster I have ever met, and I would love to kill him…in so many ways. First I would tie him to the bed, using the same leather that I use on (other) monsters. I would tear his clothes off, piece by piece, making certain to touch his smooth, dark skin as I did so.’ 


Hakyeon stopped momentarily, feeling his cock growing hard with the arousing words of his stoic friend. Taking a deep breath, he turned the page and continued reading. ‘As soon as all of his clothing was off, I would torture him as he tortures me, but in an nonthreatening way. I would kissing him gently on the inner thighs, licking and sucking until he’s moaning like a cat in heat. His cock would be hard by then, making it very easy for me to fondle his balls with my hands while licking around the base of his beautiful cock. I would drag my tongue up his long length, stopping at the tip and flicking me tongue across the slit, which would begin to leak cum, at that point. He would be watching me as I took his cock into my mouth, sucking and biting as he began to thrust into my mouth forcefully. As I bobbed my head down on his cock, he would suddenly tense and shoot his hot, wonderful seed down my throat.’


Hakyeon took a deep breath, his cock now uncomfortably hard. He unbuttoned and pushed his pants down, pumping his cock as he read further. He could imagine what was coming next, and he didn’t want to miss out on it.


‘After he is satisfied, I would travel up to his neck, sucking hard and creating a dark red mark on his beautiful skin. I would then kiss him on the mouth for the first time, slipping my tongue inside to let him taste his own bitter release. I would let him suck on my fingers, coating them thoroughly with his saliva. While he is distracted by the kiss, I would pull his leg up and press two of my fingers into his tight hole, thrusting them in and out until he began to loosen up more. Adding a third finger, I would thrust them harder until he is completely stretched and ready for my painfully hard cock. Kissing him again, I would align my cock with his hole, thrusting the head in carefully and watching as he tenses up at the action, his tight muscles squeezing my cock painfully. I would kiss him gently, distracting him from the pain and letting him get used to me inside of him. He would get used to me and relax enough for me to thrust the rest of the way into him, inch by inch. Once fully inside of him, I would stop and kiss him again, this time fiercely. He would thrust against me, begging me to move. I would oblige him, pulling out of his tight, wonderful heat, just to thrust back in just as carefully. He would arch against my stomach, his hard cock poking me as I fucked him. He would begin to move with me as I thrust into him more forcefully, and his moans would now turn into full out screams of pleasure and I hit his prostate, causing his eyes to roll back into his head in the creepy, wonderful way that he’s so good at. I would grab him around the waist as I continued to thrust into him, now groaning in pleasure myself as he feels so amazing around my cock. I would feel myself getting close to my release as he tenses around me. Pulling out before either of us could cum, I would untie the leather and turn him over on his stomach.’


Hakyeon stared at the journal, having already cum in his blankets. He couldn’t believe that LEO had written all of that. Calm, shy, quiet Leo. It was also the most incredible thing he had ever read. Focusing on the page again, he continued reading. 


‘Once he is on his stomach, I would slip my hand down his grip his cock as I leaned over him, entering him again with one hard thrust that would cause him to buck  against me, the friction from the action feeling amazing. I would pull all the way out, just to slam into him harshly. When I was almost all the way out again, I would thrust in, fucking him mercilessly as he screamed my name. We would move together, fitting so perfectly with one another. I would finally cry out and thrust harder and faster as I came deep inside of him. He would soon follow me, cumming in my hand. I would kiss him gently on the neck again, pulling out carefully and pressing him to me. I would kiss him gently on the mouth as we began to drift off to sleep. That’s when I would touch him softly on the cheek and tell him the words that I have been longing to say for the years that I have known him and worked with him by my side. 


I love you, Cha Hakyeon. Maybe now you know how much I want you and only you…for eternity.’


Hakyeon set the journal down, his hands shaking. He pulled his pants all the way off and changed into clean clothes, his mind still on the journal. It wasn’t funny or awkward, as he thought it might be. The last two sentences had really hit his heart hard, and he had his mind made up about how he would respond. 



Leo hunted all day, his muscles tired from traveling and not coming up with anything past tracks and that was making him very nervous. Walking through the woods with his gun ready, he heard something up ahead, smiling as he heard the tell-tale heavy footsteps of the yeti. He hid behind a tree and waited, his heart beating quickly. He checked his gun, holding it ready to shoot as he heard the yeti approaching. He counted the estimated footsteps it would take for him to shoot it and kill it. This was how he had fought them every other time. 


When the yeti was within his range, Leo stepped out with his body tense and his claws out. Pointing the gun at the yeti’s head, he fired the shot…only to hear a ‘click.’ His gun had jammed, and Leo was mentally cursing himself for not checking it thoroughly beforehand. The yeti continued to approach him, and Leo thought quickly, placing the gun back into its holster and making a run for it. He would have to come back after he fixed his gun. 



Hakyeon was waiting for Leo, pacing now. He had read that journal and had been planning on “responding” to it when Leo got home, but he was taking too long. He felt as if something was wrong, so he stood to his feet and grabbed his gun and walked out the door. 



Leo ran as fast as he could, his demon reflexes kicking in a giving him more speed. He would take care of this yeti later. Focused on getting away from the yeti, Leo couldn’t catch himself as he tripped over a stump, falling onto his face. He heard the yeti closing in on him, cringing as he knew the yeti would catch him. He had twisted his ankle, so he rolled over onto his back to fight the yeti on the ground with his claws. That was his best chance at beating the large, ugly yeti now.


He winced as the yeti began to lean down toward him, its sharp teeth bared. That was when he heard a shot from behind the yeti, hitting it in the side of its head and falling to the ground. 


He lay staring at it, trying to process what had just happened, when he heard someone approaching him. Glancing over, he was relieved to see Hakyeon walking toward him with a worried expression on his handsome face. When he reached Leo, Hakyeon touched his face lightly. “Are you okay? What happened? I thought you said this was going to be an easy job.” Hakyeon flooded him with questions, while checking him over, at the same time. 


Leo smiled at him, a rare occurrence, then hugged him tightly. Surprised, Hakyeon buried his face in Leo’s hair, thankful that he had been able to reach him in time. He really didn’t want to lose him. “I’m okay now, thanks to you…though I thought I had told you to not come out after me, silly human.” He frowned at Hakyeon. 


Hakyeon shook his head. “Well, I got a bad feeling, and besides that, who else would have saved your ass, anyway?” He glanced around. “I don’t see anyone else around, other than him.” He pointed at the yeti, smirking. 


Leo searched his friend’s face thoughtfully, contemplating something. That caused Hakyeon to blush, thinking about the journal and Leo’s previous dirty thoughts. Despite it only being about twenty minutes before, it felt so long ago. “What is it?” The young demon watched him with curiosity. 


Hakyeon laughed, shaking his head. “I’m just glad you’re okay, that all.”


Leo’s began to stand to his feet, forgetting about his injured ankle and almost falling. Hakyeon helped him to steady himself and they walked home in silence. 


Once they got home, Hakyeon helped him into their room, and watched as Leo walked out to take a shower.


He waited patiently, and as soon as Leo was back in the room, he wrapped his ankle gently.  Once the taller man was in the bed, Hakyeon slipped in beside him and touched Leo lightly on the arm. Now that the yeti was dead, he had the time to think about the journal again. His mind made up, he leaned over and kissed Leo on the neck. Leo tensed, watching as Hakyeon kissed him again, this time on the throat. He shivered, feeling as if he had been electrocuted. The demon finally couldn’t take it any longer, placing a long finger to Hakyeon’s lips. “What are you doing?”


Hakyeon smiled, his expression intense. “What does it look like, you fierce hunter?”


“Why?” Leo whispered, looking into his eyes. “What do you want from this?” He sounded uncertain and afraid. 


Hakyeon stopped smiling, serious for once in his life. “A certain Fae demon…you.” He replied, poking Leo on the cheek and causing him to squirm. 


Leo gave him a blank stare. “You read it, didn’t you?” 


Hakyeon grinned at him. “Read what?” He knew he was caught, but wasn’t giving in that easily. 


“My journal,” Leo replied flatly. “You read my journal, and that’s why you want me now.”


Hakyeon was so caught up in the game that he didn’t contemplate his answer for very long. “That’s not why I want you. It’s because you are…”


“See! I knew you read it, you little snake,” Leo laughed, shaking his head. “Well, you know there are consequences for reading my journal.” Before the human could stop him, Leo had pinned Hakyeon to the bed, kissing him hard on the mouth. “You know, I’ve wanted to do that for a long time.” He kissed Hakyeon again, this time gently. “Now tell me what you want me to do to you, since you are taking punishment now.” 


Hakyeon glanced at the leather straps on the floor. “You’ll tie me to the bed first…” 


Leo smiled at him again. “Okay.” He then proceeded to tie Hakyeon to the bed, ignoring his injured ankle as he began repeating everything that was in the journal. 



The next morning, Leo woke up to Hakyeon lying on his chest. 


“Good morning.”  The tired human greeted him with a smile. Hakyeon touched him on the face, kissing him. “I love you, my demon.” 


Leo was surprised, but didn’t pull away. It was the best phrase he had ever heard from his friend. “I love you, too. Thank you for saving my life, so I could show you how much.” 


Hakyeon laughed, grinning playfully. “Why do you think I saved you? I wouldn't have let you die, after a journal confession like that one.” 


Leo nodded quietly, pulling Hakyeon’s head back onto his chest. There was nothing left to say. Everything was perfect. 

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