The Awakening (Awakenings Book 1)

The Awakening (Awakenings Book 1)

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Cian and Margo hated each other....until they didn't. Pronunciation and meanings of the Irish words: Aoife- ‘Ee-fa’ Breandan- ‘Brendon’ Cian- ‘Key-an’ Daideó- ‘dadj yoh’ grandpa Eoin- ‘Oh in’ Áilleacht- ‘awl-yukht’ beauty Mhamó- ‘mum oh’ grandma Chuisle- ‘koo-shla’ a romantic term, literally means pulse Eejit- ‘ee-jit’ foolish person Gobdaw- ‘gob-da’ idiot Leanbh- ‘l-yon-ov’ my child Muppet- dummy Nollaig Shona- ‘Nul eek hon a’ merry Christmas. Pissing-raining Póg mo thoin- ‘pog ma hone’ kiss my ass “You’ve got a face on you like a well slapped backside”-angry Wagon- An overbearing, contrary and unattractive woman


Cian and Margo hated each other....until they didn't.

Pronunciation and meanings of the Irish words:
Aoife- ‘Ee-fa’
Breandan- ‘Brendon’
Cian- ‘Key-an’
Daideó- ‘dadj yoh’ grandpa
Eoin- ‘Oh in’
Áilleacht- ‘awl-yukht’ beauty
Mhamó- ‘mum oh’ grandma
Chuisle- ‘koo-shla’ a romantic term, literally means pulse
Eejit- ‘ee-jit’ foolish person
Gobdaw- ‘gob-da’ idiot
Leanbh- ‘l-yon-ov’ my child
Muppet- dummy
Nollaig Shona- ‘Nul eek hon a’ merry Christmas.
Póg mo thoin- ‘pog ma hone’ kiss my ass
“You’ve got a face on you like a well slapped backside”-angry
Wagon- An overbearing, contrary and unattractive woman

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: July 25, 2017



I hated him.  I legitimately hated him.  I hated his arrogant attitude and how he knew that he was gorgeous.  I hated how he talked to everyone as if they weren’t as smart as he was.  I hated that he treated me as though I didn’t even exist.  

I sat there at the dinner table and listened to him drone on and on about this classical orchestra he had just seen, explaining in explicit detail how each instrument sounded, his favorite parts, where they made mistakes.  Did anybody listen to classical music anymore?   I just sat there wanting to punch him in his stupid, perfect face.

Cian, Alexander, and I grew up together.  We were neighbors and our parents were best friends, so we were always forced to be together.  Alexander, or Xander as he liked to be called, and I were the same age and best friends; Cian was Xander’s brother and older than us by three years.  Cian was very protective of us.  He was forever rolling his eyes at the stupid things Xander and I did, but always watching our steps to make sure we were safe.  Oh, how my five year old self loved him.  I loved his bright blue eyes, his crooked smile, and his wavy, blond hair that he never combed.  I would sit by his side for hours listening to him butcher songs on the piano.  Cian took care of me and made me laugh.  Until he didn’t anymore.

One day he was taking care of my scraped knee, literally the next day he wouldn’t talk to me.  He wouldn’t even look at me.  It was like all of a sudden I just didn’t exist in Cian’s world anymore.  I tried for weeks to get his attention, but I got nothing in return.  Heartbroken, I finally gave up.  

“He’s stupid.” Xander would tell me this all the time, over and over.  I started to believe him and began treating Cian as if he was stupid and therefore, not worth my attention.  Before long there was a war going on between Cian and me, but no one understood why.




The O’Brian’s, Cian and Xander’s family, let me have an end-of-the-first-year-of-high-school pool party at their house.  Jordyn, my other best friend, came over early to help me set up.  She was beautiful. She had silver blond hair that came down to her waist and huge green eyes.  She was thin and petite, but she was fierce and had the mouth of a sailor. 
“Damn,” Jordyn said, blocking the summer sun from her face.  “It is hotter than a rhino in heat in the middle of an African summer.”  I scrunched up my nose in disgust and threw away the carrot I had been chewing on.

“Thanks for that.  I’m done eating forever,”  I snapped sarcastically at her.  She just giggled and laid back in a chaise lounge.  “So, when is Xander getting here,” she glanced around, trying to be nonchalant. “I mean, it is his house.”

I rolled my eyes and wondered if she was ever going to tell Xander how she felt.  Forget telling Xander, I wanted her to admit it to me.  “He should be here any minute.  Cian was supposed to pick him up from a football meeting after he got off work.  Who knows what is actually  happening.”
Jordyn made some sort of gagging noise and jumped up.  I shouldn’t have mentioned Cian.  Jordyn would get fired up every time Cian was mentioned.  She hated him almost as much as I did.  “That guy,” she growled.  “Oh, I just want to rip his hair out of his head and make a voodoo doll with it and then toss it around and throw it in the trash and….” 
“Jo, relax, you’re good.”  I tried to soothe the anger away.  It rarely worked and it didn’t work that time.  

Jordyn huffed loudly. “But he is such an ass.  How him and Xander are related is beyond me.  He treats you like you’re shit on his shoe….”  I nodded with her and pretended to listen while I finished setting up food and drinks for the party.

“Let’s get this party started!” I heard Xander yell before he even entered the backyard.  Finally his flaming red hair came into view as he ran over and pulled me into a huge bear hug.
I squealed with delight.  The boy was huge, in height.  He was a good head taller than I was and he was as strong as an ox.  He had been playing football since he was little and was starting center for varsity even though he was a freshman.  His coach had practices throughout summer break.  “It’s like you haven’t seen me in years.”  He threw me over his shoulder and I punched and kicked in playful protest.

“It’s been a few hours, it may as well have been days.” Xander screamed over me and grabbed Jordyn with his free arm. 

“Oh, hell no, son,” Jordyn shrieked and tried to get away from him, but it was useless.  He carried us both easily and tossed us into the pool as if we were rag dolls.

We sputtered to the surface and proceeded to splash Xander as much as we could.  He stood back, laughing at us.  “You guys suck at this game….a lot.”

Cian walked into the backyard, completely oblivious to everyone else around him.  Every time he opened his mouth, I wanted to stuff it with a dirty sock, but when he was just sitting there, relaxing with his headphones in, he was the most gorgeous boy I’d ever seen.  I hated those thoughts and I hated that I still craved his attention.  I turned away from him and saw Jordyn staring at me with a raised eyebrow.  I knew that look.  I hated that look almost as much as I hated Cian.  I ducked under the water, hoping to erase the last several seconds of my life.  

I heard Xander’s voice all muffled and bubbly from being underwater. “Ci,” he shouted.  “Cian!”  Still no answer, but it was pointless for Xander to try to get Cian’s attention when he had headphones in.  Cian got lost in the music.  Xander finally gave up and walked over to him and pulled his headphones out.  Cian raised an eyebrow, as if silently asking, “what the hell?”.  “Are you going to stay for the party,” Xander asked.  

Cian shrugged and moved to put his earbud back in.  “Maybe for a little while, but I’ve got graduation tomorrow and I’d like to actually get some sleep.”  Xander nodded in agreement.  

Jordyn snuck up behind me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, “What. A. Dick.” I smiled and squeezed her arms.  She only hated Cian because I hated Cian.  That’s what a best friend is for though.




The party was in full swing by the time the sun had set.  I stayed in the pool most of the evening and watched everyone interacting.  Cian stayed for the party.  He watched to make sure people didn’t bring in alcohol, cause too much drama, or break his parents’ valuables.  

I watched Mandy Joel approach Cian.  She was the most popular girl in Cian’s class, so I didn’t interact with her much since they were seniors, in fact, I didn’t know why she had come at all.  She sat down on the chair Cian was on and crossed her legs while she leaned into him.  I couldn’t make out what they were saying, but I was sure she was flirting with him.  Everyone flirted with him.  He smiled and Mandy tossed her onyx hair over her shoulder.  He said something and she laughed this fake, shrill laugh.  

“You should probably work on hiding your dirty looks,”  Jordyn said as she plopped herself down on the side of the huge in ground pool.  I gave her an exaggerated dirty look.  “See? That is pretty obvious.  I saw right through that.”
I giggled.  “You’re a bitch.”  

She snorted. “Duh.  I thought that was why you loved me?”  She pulled my head closer to her so she could try to unknot my hair.  After a few minutes of me cringing and her only making the knots worse she gave up.  “This is pointless.  It’s just going to get all jacked up again as soon as you get in the water.”

Just to prove her point I ducked under and laughed as I came back up.  “You shouldn’t have even tried.”  I pulled myself out of the pool.  “But now, I have to pee.”  I skipped away from her and walked toward the house, where Cian and Mandy were still talking.

Just as I was about to open the door it smashed open and knocked me off balance.  I couldn’t compose myself and fell into Cian’s lap.  He was warm and smelled like rain.  “Dammit, Margo,”  Cian yelled and gripped my hips to lift me off of him. “Why are you so fucking clumsy?” he added under his breath.

“Oh, shit, did I hurt you?” Xander asked when he finally noticed he’d ran into someone.

I was all sorts of pissed off and frustrated and embarrassed.  “I’m fine, Xan.  Just….I….”  I had no clue what I was going to say, I could still feel Cian’s fingers digging into my skin.  I stomped off and headed into the bathroom.  I just needed to breathe, a minute to myself.  After using the bathroom and washing my hands, I looked at my reflection.  My cheeks were red and my chest heaved with choppy breaths.  You hate him.  It was nothing.  Get a grip. I chided to myself.  I splashed some cold water on my face and pulled my hair back.  Ok, you’re good.  Go act like nothing happened.

As soon as I walked out the door, two strong arms grabbed me, and I could hear Xander laughing obnoxiously. “Alexander Cormac O’Brian, you put that girl down now or you’ll see my switch!”  Aoife, Xander’s mother, yelled in her thick Irish accent.  Xander put me down and huffed, “she is the murderer of fun.”  I giggled and moved to talk to Jordyn.  She was going on about all the plans she had for us that summer, but I hardly heard what she was saying. I was too preoccupied trying to make it look like I wasn’t watching Cian.  

Jordyn must have given up on talking to me because her and Xander were having a water fight in the pool. I kept watching Mandy flirt shamelessly with Cian.  He kept gently taking her hands and placing them back at her sides and she would keep touching him anywhere she could touch. It was gross to watch so I said quick goodbyes to my friends and walked home.




I woke up the next morning to Jordyn jumping on my bed and yelling the lyrics to “Good Morning” from “Singin’ in the Rain”.  I groaned and pushed her off me and onto the floor.   “Go away!”  I yelled and pulled the covers back over my head.

Jordyn laid her head on my bed, “But we have to get ready for Cian’s graduation.”

I rubbed my hands over my face, trying to wipe the drowsiness away.  “I don’t want to go.”

Jordyn got up and started rummaging through my closet. I assumed to find something for me to wear.  “Cian may be a huge asshole, but we can’t miss his graduation.  Aoife would murder us.  Straight up gut us and you know it.”  She threw some outfits on my bed and pulled me up.  “Come on, go shower.”  I rolled my eyes and showered quickly.

Apparently I had been wrong about Jordyn picking clothes out for me because she was wearing my clothes when I got back to my room.  “Pf, wha….?”  I motioned to what she had on.

“Oh, yeah, I didn’t have anything I liked so I took your clothes.”  Jordyn giggled and twirled around.  “I pulled out that white dress for you.”  I nodded and got dressed. 

Jordyn grabbed my hairbrush and makeup.  “Sit,” she commanded and I obliged.  No one wanted to mess with Jordyn when makeup was near by.  “So, Xan was all into Amber Joel when you left.”  Amber was Mandy’s younger sister.  I whipped my head around in shock and hit Jordyn in the eye with my hair.  “Ow, really?!”  She covered her eyes.

“Sorry!”  I yelled and reached to make sure she wasn’t hurt too badly.  “Are you ok?” She mumbled something incoherent and rubbed her eye.  Once her eye didn’t hurt anymore, she went back to doing my hair.  “Did they hook up?”  I asked.  Amber was in our class and there were lots of rumors about her promiscuity.  We were sure most of them were untrue, but I still didn’t think she was good enough for Xander.
“I don’t think they actually hooked up, but they were definitely making out.”  Jordyn made a face.  “I didn’t want to stay and watch, so I don’t know what happened.  Xander and his family were already gone before I got over here this morning and I’m not entirely sure I want to know what happened.”

I nodded.  “Aoife would not let that happen in her house.  She’d beat his ass.”  I laughed.  “I’ve seen her go after him and, my god, it’s funny seeing him get threatened by a woman that is a good foot shorter than he is.”

Jordyn laughed too.  “I can totally see it.  That woman is frightening!” 
“Yes!  God love that woman, but holy hell, yes!”  Aoife was the nicest woman in the world, always taking care of everyone.  She was plump with a bright smile and flaming, red hair; the anger to match it. 

Jordyn threw her hands in the air, triumphantly.  “Ta da!”

I looked at myself and raised an eyebrow at her.  “You act like you did a miracle, I look normal.”

“I know,” she rolled her eyes.  “But I’m finished.  And you always look pretty,” she added.  I had on a short, white, halter dress and some wedge sandals.  My brown hair was pinned up messily into curls and Jordyn had put on some light make up.  I felt pretty.

“Girls!  Hurry up!”  My mother yelled.  “If we don’t leave, we’re going to be late and I will not miss Cian graduating.”  Jordyn and I rolled our eyes at each other and went downstairs.  “Don’t you two just look gorgeous as ever.”

“Thanks, mom.”  We said in unison and we all piled into the car.

The auditorium, where the graduation was held, was completely packed by the time we finally arrived.  My dad could hardly find anywhere to park.  My mother ranted about not getting there early enough and my father nodded in agreement.  I’m pretty sure he had tuned her out.  We finally found a parking space and rushed inside.  “Oh, Nora, I was starting to get worried.” Aoife told my mom as she pulled her in for a big hug.  My father, Samuel, and Cian’s father, Thomas, shook hands and fell into a friendly conversation.  Xander came over and wrapped Jordyn and me into a hug.

We pulled Xander aside.  “Did you and Amber do it last night?”  I asked, quietly.  Jordyn leaned in for the answer.

Xander let out a huge belly laugh, “hell no!  I am not into her that way.”

Jordyn smacked Xander on the arm.  “Does she know that?  Because you two were going at it pretty hard last night.”

Xander patted Jordyn on the shoulder.  “Hey!  It was her idea.  We just messed around a little bit.”  He leaned in closer, “do you have any idea how much my mom would kill me if she caught me doing something like that? Damn, I’d be dead.”

I nodded and turned to Jordyn, “I told you!”

“You told me nothing.”  She rolled her eyes and walked back to where our families sat.

We all took our seats and impatiently waited for the band to start playing.  The first notes “Pomp and Circumstance” rang out and all the graduates filed in and took their seats.  Everyone stood up while the teachers entered and we sang the National Anthem.  The principal got up and gave his address then Cian, being the valedictorian, gave a speech.  When he finished, Xander stood up and cheered him, obnoxiously, whooping, yelling, just generally making a scene.Cian smiled shyly and shook his head.  After the speeches, each graduate crossed the stage and got their diplomas.

When the ceremony ended, everyone went back to the O’Brian’s house for a party to celebrate Cian.  Most of Cian’s class, tons of family I had never heard of before, and some family friends were there.  There was food everywhere and you could hear the music down the street.  Everyone was dancing and laughing and having a good time.  Except me.  I just….wasn’t.  I was on edge and antsy.  Xander and Jordyn were playing in the pool again, my parents were busy talking to a group of adults, and Cian was preoccupied with his friends.  Not that I wanted to talk to him anyway.  I decided to just head home and read.  

Of course I wasn’t watching where I was going, because that would have made my life too simple.  I tripped and fell into Cian.  He caught me by the shoulders and stood me upright.  “Do you ever watch where you’re going?”  He asked, with an edge to his voice.

“Sometimes!”  I said back, way snottier than the situation called for.  

He rolled his eyes.  “You’re a mess,” he said, all proper and condescending.  “Are you leaving?”

I stood up straighter and pushed my chin up.  “Yes, I have no interest being around these people.”

Cian sucked on the inside of his cheek and his eyes flashed.  He did that when he was angry.  “You’re too good for my friends?”
I shrugged.  “Too good for you.”

He laughed bitterly and shook his head.  “Why are you such a fucking bitch all the time?”

I was pissed.  The only reason I ever treated him badly was because of how he treated me.  Hell yes, I was too good for that!  I glared at him.  “Go fuck off,” I said as I started to walk away.

He blocked my path and I looked at him, silently asking what he wanted.  “I plan to.”

“Are you serious? Ugh, so gross,”  I snipped and tried to move passed him.  He blocked me again.  I huffed and put my hands on my hips.  “Get out of my way.”

“Quite the brat, aren’t you?”  He smirked as I continued to glare at him.  “You can’t leave.”  I wanted to smack that smirk off his face.  If he could just not talk, he’d be perfect.

“And why not?”  I knew I was acting like a petulant child, but he just brought out the very worst in me.

He grabbed my arm and started pulling me back towards the party.  “Mom was not happy that you left alone last night or that you walked home alone or that you spent the rest of the night alone.  She’ll likely murder me if she knew I could’ve stopped you.”

“Hm, interesting,”  I said, mostly to myself.  “Well, you can’t stop me and I’m perfectly happy spending time alone and I live right next door.”  I went to walk around him again.

“Mm, nope.  Can’t do it.”  Cian stopped me again.  “I’m going to need you to stay here.”

I really wanted to smack him.  Or kick him.  Or shove him.  Anything really.  I decided to push him, as much as I could push him.  He was solid.  “Fine.  I’ll stay.”  I crossed my arms over my chest and started to stomp back to my friends.  “Just so you know I hate you!”  I yelled to him as he went back to his friends.

“Feeling is completely mutual!”  Cian yelled back.  Yeah, he would be amazing if he just couldn’t talk.  

I was excited for him to have graduated.  Partly because I knew he had big plans, but mostly because I would be free from having to see his stupid, perfect face.

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