Rhapsody (Awakenings Book 2)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Cian's version of "the awakening".

A rhapsody is a one-movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, colour and tonality. an air of spontaneous inspiration and a sense of improvisation make it freer in form than a set of variations.

Pronunciation and meanings of the Irish words:
Aoife- ‘Ee-fa’
Breandan- ‘Brendon’
Cian- ‘Key-an’
Daideó- ‘dadj yoh’ grandpa
Eoin- ‘Oh in’
Áilleacht- ‘awl-yukht’ beauty
Mhamó- ‘mum oh’ grandma
Chuisle- ‘koo-shla’ a romantic term, literally means pulse
Eejit- ‘ee-jit’ foolish person
Gobdaw- ‘gob-da’ idiot
Leanbh- ‘l-yon-ov’ my child
Muppet- dummy
Nollaig Shona- ‘Nul eek hon a’ merry Christmas.
Póg mo thoin- ‘pog ma hone’ kiss my ass
“You’ve got a face on you like a well slapped backside”-angry
Wagon- An overbearing, contrary and unattractive woman

Table of Contents


My girl loves words.  She loves looking through the dictionary to find new words.  There are always words going through her min... Read Chapter

Ch. 1

Sixty percent of my brain capacity was everything that had to do with Margo.  Twenty five percent was everything music.  10 per... Read Chapter

Ch. 2

The summer before my senior year of high school I spent hours looking for the perfect car.  I was determined to buy it myself, so I ... Read Chapter

Ch. 3

Margo, on the other hand, was not done fighting.  Although she was a completely willing participant in the kissing, she continued to... Read Chapter

Ch. 4

The next morning, Jordyn came over and walked into my music room, which interrupted my practice time.  Her presence in there was ver... Read Chapter

Ch. 5

Around five AM, I decided sleep would not be had and went for a run.  Maybe stretching out and getting some fresh air would help cle... Read Chapter

Ch. 6

I woke up early the next morning.  I had an appointment to see a place at 9 AM.  I left Margo a note so she knew where I was an... Read Chapter

Ch. 7

I felt Margo move around me and I helped steady her while she got off the bed to do whatever she was doing.  I heard her frustrated ... Read Chapter

Ch. 8

The search for an apartment had gone fairly well.  The first two places we looked at were a little farther from the store and my fam... Read Chapter

Ch. 9

I knew something wasn’t right the moment I pulled into my parking space outside my apartment.  All the house were off.  In th... Read Chapter

Ch. 10

Margo was released from the hospital after another two days.  They insisted on making sure that she was completely healthy.  Th... Read Chapter