Night of Passion

Night of Passion Night of Passion

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance




Submitted: July 26, 2017

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Submitted: July 26, 2017



My Night Of Passion - rated x

Lying in your car, I hear your pleading whimpers

I try and pretend like I'm not tempted,

But the truth is always revealed.

I let your hands grace my cheek and I sigh, 

What am I supposed to do?

You lean in slowly and I can't pull away,

Naturally I give in, as I always do with you.

We both moan quietly as our lips touch,

Not even Heaven could feel so perfect.

Your sighs slide across my ears

And my face is covered with my silent tears.

How could I fall? What did I do?

I was supposed to be strong-for me, for me, 

And instead I fell.

We continue to sink into a blissful kiss

And forget all our responsibilities.

You let your weight fall on me-

I'm set on fire.

Beads of sweat appear at our temples,

We just want to feel each other again.

I jump out of the car 

And dance around the empty parking lot,

Letting the cold rain poor down my naked chest.

You jump out and chase me,

You collide into my heart and turn me to face you.

Our steamy breath appears in the cold air,

And I can't seem to pull myself away from you.

You grab my hips with a passion no one ever felt,

Lift me up and carry me to your car.

We rush home, rush to your room.

Before you know it, I am in front of you-

Insecure and naked.

You smile and I walk to you.

Passion-ice, lips, sighs, screams.

Surrounded by something we can't seem to control.

Rolling in the covers, pounding on the bed....

I wake up in the middle of the night and watch you sleep.

I wish I could feel you inside again,

But, alas, we are different, 

Forbidden fruit to each other for now.

I cry and nuzzle my nose into your cheek.

You open your bright blue eyes and smile.

You wrap your strong arms around me and whisper-

I awaken-a dream, a sigh in the running of my life.

It was nothing and I cry.

Passion, one night, lost-forever....

Passion, your night, never felt....

Passion, our night, forgotten....

Passion, my night, never real....

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