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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Aaron coughed walking into the smoke filled club, his lungs overpowered by the density of smoke.  He squinted his eyes, trying to find his way through the fog and flashing lights.  He finally found his way to the bar and ordered a drink.  While he sat on a bar stool and nursed his drink, he eyed all the people dancing to the booming techno music, the bass pounding through his body.  Aaron closed his eyes and let the atmosphere take him over.  When he opened his eyes, he saw her.  She stood out.  Everyone else in the club was wearing black; black lace, black leather, satin, velvet.  But her?  She was different.  Aaron chuckled to himself, he knew she was meaning to be noticed.  Red velvet clung to her curvy body, dipping between her breasts, making them full.  Her body swayed seductively to the music, causing Aaron to lean forward, entranced.  Aaron felt confused, he was never so drawn to someone in his life.  He wanted to feel her, touch her, be inside her.  He yearned for it.  Although, it was out of his character, he needed to go and talk to her.  He turned his attention from her for a second to set his drink down and felt a hand on his waist. 

"I've been watching you."  Aaron heard a soft voice coo from behind him. 

Aaron turned around  and found the woman he'd been admiring all night standing before him.  "What's your name,” he mumbled. 

“Selene,"  she replied, her name dripping from her lips like honey.  "Aaron, I've been watching you.  I know you've been watching me." 

Aaron smiled.  “Am I that see through?" 

Selene shook her head.  "No, I just see everything."  She said with a laugh, tossing her head back.  Aaron furrowed his brow, noticing her canine teeth were noticeable longer than average.  Selene put her hand on his knee and ran it up his thigh.  "Are you hungry?" 

"You don't know,”  Aaron asked sarcastically, but still being playful.  Selene shook her head.  Aaron shrugged.  "I could eat." 

Selene smirked.  "Good, I'm starving."  She licked her lips and grabbed Aaron's hand to lead him toward the door.  "I have a place nearby." 

Aaron shook his head, trying to get his bearings.  He had no idea how a simple conversation had led him to go home with someone he had just met.  He shrugged it off and let it go, something was drawing him into this mysterious woman and he would let her do anything she wanted to him.

Aaron  followed Selene like a lost puppy to her house.  It was dimly lit, mostly just a few spare candles and the solitary lamp that was lit was covered by a red, satin, handkerchief.  He inhaled deeply, smelling a combination of wine, cigarettes, and candles.  He rolled his head to cracked his neck then sat on the dark grey sofa feeling uneasy.  Selene walked over to him.  He was finally getting a good look at her.  Her lips were painted a deep blood red, matching the dress she wore, her brunette hair fell to the small of her back and curled at the ends, her cheekbones were prominent, her bright blue eyes stood out above all else.  Aaron smiled to himself, he felt she had a youthfulness that was much younger than her real age.  She was breathtaking, astounding and fearful all the same.  "Would you like some,”  Selene asked, holding a glass of red wine out to Aaron.  He gladly accepted and drank the glass in one gulp.  Selene giggled.  "That wine is for enjoying, my dear, not for getting drunk.  You need to savor it,”  she said and refilled Aaron's empty glass.  He smiled and sipped slowly at the dark liquid.

“So,"  Aaron started, trying to find something to make conversation.

Selene tilted her head and stared at Aaron.  He felt like she could read his soul.  "There is no need for talking, we both know that."  Aaron nodded.  Selene squinted at him.  "But I see you need idle conversation, long do you plan to paint, Aaron?"

He gulped, his mouth feeling dry, and looked at Selene oddly.  "I didn't think you knew I was an artist.”

"How many times are you going to make me tell you; I know everything,” she asked, not even bothering to look at him and sipped on her wine, her lips lingering on the glass.

“Right,” Aaron said and laughed uncomfortably, shifting in his seat..  "Well, I guess if I have a choice in the matter, I'd do it forever."

Selene finally looked up from the wine glass and stared at Aaron.  “That's a long time.Forever."

Aaron shrugged.  "It's art, it's my life and I would do it until the end of time."

Selene smiled and rested her hand on Aaron's thigh.  "You can."  She set her wine glass down and leaned in to kiss him.  He sighed and melted in to her kiss.  She tasted like nothing he'd ever tasted before, but something he wanted more of.  He deepened the kiss and explored her mouth with his tongue.  Selene pulled away breaking the kiss.

"Ow."  Aaron mumbled, flinching away from Selene and touched his finger to his bleeding lip.  He raised his eyebrows at Selene.

"Sorry."  She shrugged and leaned in for another kiss, throwing her leg over Aaron's lap to straddle him.  Aaron's hands immediately went to her waist and pulled her closer to him.  Selene ground against his lap and he lifted his hips off the couch to meet her.

Selene stripped off Aaron's shirt and licked down his chest to his waistband, where her teeth grazed ever so gently.  Aaron threw his head back and moaned.  She unbuckled his belt in haste and pulled his pants down over his knees, smiling when she found what she was looking for.  Aaron smirked and moaned loudly when she took in the length of him and sucked gently, making him want more.  She stood up and let her dress fall to the floor, revealing lack of any underwear.  Aaron smiled and pushed himself off the couch onto his knees, kissing her stomach.  Selene wrapped her fingers in Aaron's hair and gently pulled him to his feet, where she stood on her toes to reach his lips.  Aaron grabbed the back of her head and she kissed him harder.  Selene shoved Aaron back onto the couch and straddled him again.  Aaron rested his head on the back on the couch and Selene smiled to herself and licked her lips.  She ran her cold fingers along the pulsing vein in Aaron's neck, then licked it, moaning, her body reacting to Aaron's wondering hands.  Aaron turned his head, allowing her better access to kiss, lick and suck on his luscious neck.  She giggled softly and sank her teeth into his neck.

Aaron's eyes shot open and he wailed in pain, trying to push Selene off him, but she overpowered him and continued drinking the life out of him.  Aaron took a deep breath and closed his eyes, becoming one with the pain and with Selene.  When almost all the blood in his body was emptied and his breath and shallow, Selene turned Aaron's head and ordered him to open his eyes.  Weakly he obeyed and watched her cut a long vertical line between her breasts.  Selene grabbed Aaron's head and brought his lips to the wound, making his lap up the warm, red, blood flowing from her body.  When he'd had enough he flopped down on the couch, his eyes closed again and breath barely leaving his lungs.  Selene smiled to herself and straddled Aaron again, guiding him inside her.  Aaron moaned ever so softly as Selene moved herself off and on him.  No reactions to her assault on his body, Selene continued thrusting and grinding as madly as possible and when she came she pulled herself from Aaron, wrapped a silk black robe around her naked body and sat at the table with another glass of wine.

The sun rose, causing a little more light to grace the small house.  Aaron still unmoving on the couch, Selene kneeled by him and kissed his frigid cheek.  She walked into her bathroom and showered, preparing herself for the night. 

Aaron's eyes opened, pain coursing through his body.  He crawled onto the floor, curled into a fetal position and groaned in pain.  When the pain subsided he stood up and went into Selene's kitchen, he poured himself a glass of wine, but wasn't satisfied.  He was towards the bathroom when he noticed his reflection.  He looked at himself, his blue eyes were darker than normal.  He touched the two puncture holes in his neck and smiled.  He furrowed his brow and ran his tongue across his canine teeth.  They were much longer than they'd been and he smirked evilly.  He heard the bathroom door open and looked at Selene seductively through his bangs.  "I'm hungry.”


Submitted: July 26, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Writing_wall44. All rights reserved.

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Amy F. Turner

What a tasty vampire treat! That was hot and satisfying seeing this vamp getting made. Almost makes you wonder how he would satiate his hunger. :)

Wed, July 26th, 2017 8:24pm


Thanks. Maybe that's something I can expand on later. :)

Thu, July 27th, 2017 9:39am


Wow that was a hot sensual supernatural tale. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great tale hun.

Fri, July 28th, 2017 1:53am


Thank you!

Sun, July 30th, 2017 4:42am


This was special; erotic, romantic and sensual, as she welcomed him into the fold.....

Wed, July 8th, 2020 10:30pm


It's got to be that way, imo. Thanks for reading!

Thu, July 9th, 2020 6:59am

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