Got A Hold On Me

Got A Hold On Me

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Ezekiel has a dark past and promised his best friend he wouldn't get involved with his sister. Then he met her and everything changed. ::AN:: The beginning of this book starts in 2010. Won't necessarily make a big difference, but some things might make some more sense. Also if anyone is interested in the music that moves me while I write here is a link for an Apple Music playlist:


Ezekiel has a dark past and promised his best friend he wouldn't get involved with his sister. Then he met her and everything changed.
::AN:: The beginning of this book starts in 2010. Won't necessarily make a big difference, but some things might make some more sense.

Also if anyone is interested in the music that moves me while I write here is a link for an Apple Music playlist:

Chapter1 (v.2) - IDK You Yet

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Chapter Content - ver.2

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Chapter Content - ver.2

Submitted: May 08, 2020




I take in a deep breath hoping to find the courage I need to move my feet.  I will my nerves to go away so that I can walk to my old, beat up Jeep.  Finally, I trudg forward slowly as if walking through quick sand.

This isn’t how I’d planned to start my senior year of high school or how I’d envisioned spending my seventeenth birthday.  I was supposed to be having a crazy girls’ night in with my best friends, instead none of my friends have said a word to me since the funeral of my father and I’ll be driving cross crounty and celebrating my birthday solo.

I sigh as I get in my Jeep and take one last look at my home.  My father got lung cancer two years ago.  My mother begged me then to move back to North Dakota, but she must’ve been insane if she thought I’d leave my dad when he needed someone most.  Instead I stayed with my dad and went through the grueling chemotherapy, the brutal medications, the vomiting, the late nights, the slowly wasting away.  And I wouldn’t trade those years with him for anything, except maybe him never being sick to begin with.  

My friends tried so hard to be there for me and there were days when we’d go out together to the mall or have a sleepover and I could almost pretend that I was one of them.  But once you’ve seen the face of death, nothing else stays the same.  The childish giggling over boys, the struggle to find the perfect outfit, the catty ways all girls talk about each other, it all lost it’s appeal when faced with caring for your dying parent.

After my dad died, everyone was there.  It was suffocating.  Even though everyone I’d ever come in contact with crowded me non stop, I felt more alone than ever.  The only person that truly understood my pain was my older brother, Dylan, but he mourned in solitary confinement.  My mother and brother went back to North Dakota after begging me to come with them, but I’d spent almost 8 years of my life in Florida with my dad and that old house and run down mechanic shop.  I needed to mourn properly and figure out what I wanted to keep with me.

Dylan stayed for a month to help me go through everything, but he was anxious to get back home.  He took a lot of dad’s tools and shirts and his watch when he left.  

I kept dad’s favorite sweater, it was a sweatshirt from his college alma mater, University of North Dakota.  I always stole it from him.  He would just chuckle his smooth chuckle and pretend like he didn’t notice anything.  Despite the smoldering temperature outside I put the sweatshirt on and inhale deeply.  The smell of a pipe and deep woods comfort me more than any company would ever be able to.

My mother and Dylan both harassed me about taking the trip from Florida to North Dakota alone, but it was something I needed to do.  I spent my seventeenth birthday on the road, the wind in my hair, music cranked up with all dad’s favorite songs.  Considering the circumstances, it was the best I could’ve hoped for.

 Somehow, even though I hadn’t stepped foot in North Dakota for years, the streets were familiar and the air smelled so much fresher than Florida.  I begin to feel slightly excited for this new chapter in my life.  And then my Jeep starts to decelerate on its own.

“Damn it!”  I smack the steering wheel and pull over as best as I can, but manage to cut off countless other drivers and receive a few horn honks and obscene gestures.  Great, just what I need.  My old Jeep stopped getting power and slows down more and more by the second.  Once I’m safely on the side of the road, I pop the hood and check out the engine and electronics.  I figured it was the fuel pump, which sucks.  I’ll have to get it towed.

I hear gravel crunch and the low grumble of a muscle car behind me and glance back.  A beautiful black Trans Am parks behind me.  Probably some guy thinking I can’t figure out where to put gas or some nonsense and wants to be a hero.  I roll my eyes and  return to tinkering.  Even though I know it is the fuel pump, I want to be sure.  

“Need some help?”  I clench my thighs together, his voice is the human version of his car and a hot wave of need races through me.

“No, no.  I’m fine. Thanks.”  I briefly look back again.  Then do a double take.  Ezekiel Frischmann stands before me looking like sex on a stick.  I’d always thought he was cute, but hadn’t thought much of him in the last 8 years.  Ezekiel and Dylan were best friends and currently live together.  I squeal just slightly, drop the tool in my hand, and practically jump on Ezekiel.  

Thick, strong arms wrap around my waist and I want to know what that feels like when he’s coming.  “Um, do I know you?”

I climb off that tree of a man and blink up at him.  “You don’t remember me, Zeke?”  Confusion darkens all his beautiful features.  I’ll let it slide.  He hasn’t seen me since I was nine years old.  And I haven’t seen him since he was 14.  “You sure got big,” I say as I paw at his biceps.  Last time I’d seen him he was short, lanky, and awkward with big feet and big hands that didn’t fit his body.  He sure as shit grew into himself.  He has to be over six feet tall and his broad shoulders hint at all the delicious muscles underneath his tshirt.  Ezekiel continues to stare at me like I have three heads.  I point to myself.  “Amelia.”

Ezekiel’s face pales just slightly and his mouth falls open as he lets his eyes wander over my body.  I proudly push my chest out just a little, delighted at his reaction.  Yeah, I’m not nine anymore.  “Dylan’s little sister.”  His lips curled up just slightly.  A gust of wind blew around us, cooling my overheated skin, but rumpling his long hair.  I wanted to pull it.

I glare at him just a bit.  I’ve always hated being ‘Dylan’s little sister’, but that didn’t seem to be changing even after all this time.  I am so much more than ‘Dylan’s little sister’.  I am Amelia Grace Johnson!  I am determined to make sure I’ll never be ‘Dylan’s little sister’ again.




I sit on my couch in the livingroom and watch my best friend pace back and forth in front of me.  His stress has begun to make me nervous.  “Dude, will you please talk?”

Dylan’s eyes snap to mine as if he didn’t know I was there, as if he hadn’t told me he needed to talk to me.  He finally stills and faces me.  “You’re my best friend.”  

I stare at him, blankly.  That’s what he wanted to say to me?  I slap my knees and start to stand up because I got shit to do.  “Thanks for the update, but I’ve got to get to my mom’s.”

He rushes to me and gently shoves my shoulders to make me sit back down.  I clench my jaw, my patience is waning quickly.  I visit my mom every Sunday and I won’t miss today because Dylan can’t just spit out whatever the fuck he wants to say.  “Ok, so, Amelia is coming back here.”  This isn’t news to me.  He’s been excited for her return for weeks, it was the only solace in found after their dad died. When Dylan and I were thirteen his parents divorced.  Dylan stayed with their mom, but Amelia, his sister, begged to live with their dad.  After much arguing, Dylan’s mom, Sophie agreed to let Scott, their dad, take Amelia.  Scott lost his battle with lung cancer two months previously and now Amelia, who was still in high school, has to come back to North Dakota to live.

“I know,” I tell him.  What I don’t tell him was how very little I cares.  I mourned with Dylan over the loss of his father, my own father died when I was seven.  But not a bone in my body gives two shits about seeing Amelia.  She’d barely been on my radar when we were kids and I haven’t seen her in almost eight years.  She was just Dylan’s little sister and she always would be.  I doubted her move back to North Dakota would affect my life all that much.

Dylan takes a deep breath and glares at me.  I raise an eyebrow.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve his wrath, but this is all a bit tedious.  “She will not be one of your conquests.”

Ah, the big brother talk.  Understood.  Dylan just wants to make sure that I know his sister is off limits to me and my usual extra curriculars I did with most girls.  I’m only slightly offended that he assumed I’d do that to his sister.  “Seriously?”  I glare back at him and shove him away from me as I head for the door.  “I can’t believe you’d think I would do that to you.”  I grab my car keys.  “I would never betray you like that.”

“I know,” he sighs as I pull the door open.  I turn back to look at him.  “I just want to make sure.  She’s my baby sister and I can’t imagine her getting hurt.  I’m the man of my family now, I need to keep her safe.”

My heart softens at his words.  This speech is more about his dad than it is about me. My annoyance fades into nothing.  “I get it.  I promise I won’t corrupt your sister.”  I sign a cross over my heart.  “She’s just a kid anyway.”  He nods curtly as I walk out the door.


It’s hot, super hot, the one day each year we have summer blow through this glacial state.  I need to go for a drive like I need oxygen.  Visiting my mother drained my life force like nothing else and I need a recharge real quick. The soft vibration and low rumble of my car give me a jolt of excitement as I pull onto the main street.  I purposely drive under the speed limit.  My car is a gift to humanity and it deserves to be seen.  

I notice a car on the side of the road and start to pull over without thinking.  Even though its currently summer time, winters in North Dakota are devastating so everyone is taught to help if they see someone broken down to lessen damages from the cold.  Why none of these other fuckers were stopping, I don’t know.  

I grinned to myself.  Must be my lucky day.  Beautiful, shapely legs in cut off shorts stand in front of a Jeep.  A flash of those legs wrapped around my waist and neck cross my mind as I get out of my car.  “Need some help?”  Long, auburn hair waves to her side as she glances behind her to see who is behind her.  I want to fist that hair.  And I plan to that night. She mumbles something I can’t make out then turns to me with wide eyes.  Before I knew it, this sexy little thing is plowing into me, wrapping her soft body around me.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be arrested but I’m down to fuck right there if that’s what she wants.  “Um, do I know you?”  There is no way I know this girl, I’d never forget a face like hers; soft and fresh with big green eyes and bright, puffy lips.  

The girl releases me and pouts so softly I barely saw it.  Fuck, those lips around my cock would be a sight.  She licks her lips and my eyes darted to her full mouth again.  “You don’t remember me, Zeke?”  I furrow my brows together because how the fuck does she know my name?  She grabs my arms and gently runs her hands down my chest.  My confusion overrules the tingling feeling of her hands on me, but just barely.

“Amelia,” she says, pointing to herself while glaring at me like the idiot I clearly am.  I’m so fucked.




Dylan came to my rescue after Ezekiel stormed off.  We got my baby to a place to get fixed and I follow the workers around telling them what happened and telling them its the fuel pump and which one they need to get.  Finally the main guy, the one that smells like body odor and chews his gum like cud with a name tag that read ‘Joe’, turns to me in exasperation.  “Listen, little girl,” his condescension makes my ears turn hot.  I probably know more about cars than he does, but of course a girl couldn’t know anything about cars.  “I’m the one gettin’ paid.  I’ll take it from here and you can leave.  We’ll call you when we know more.”

Dylan knows me well, even though we spent 8 years away from each other.  He holds my shoulders and whispers in my ear, “relax and let’s go.”  I growl softly.  “Thank you, sir,” Dylan reaches his hand out to Smelly Joe and the mechanic mumbles something while I stomp off to Dylan’s car.  He gets in the car but doesn’t start it immediately.  Instead he glances at me.  “You think maybe it’s time to put that Jeep down and get something newer and more reliable?”

I slowly turn my heated gaze on him and he turns his gaze to the lint on his jeans that is apparently very fascinating.  “That Jeep got me all the way here from Miami, it’s reliable.”  My heart explodes with pain and I blink back tears.  “Besides dad and I worked on her together.  I can’t get rid of her.”

With that, Dylan starts the car and drives us home.  He won’t bring it up again.  In fact, he will probably insist I never get rid of it.

My mom practically mauls me before I even get out of the car, but it isn’t entirely unwanted.  I missed her and even though I long for my dad, I am excited to be a whole family again.  

Over dinner, mom yammers on and on about everything I’d missed the last eight years, as if we hadn’t spoken on the phone every day.  Dylan and I share knowing smiles while eating mom’s homemade lasagna.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed home cooked food.  Dad was not a chef and cooking wasn’t something I had much time for, so we ate boxed dinners a lot.  Fresh food cooked with love is amazing.

“What do you think about having a ‘welcome home slash happy birthday’ party,” mom asks.  

My fork stops halfway to my mouth.  “I don’t know anyone.”

Mom waves me off.  “Nonsense, we know plenty of people.  Besides you’re starting school tomorrow.  You’ll have tons of friends by this weekend.”  I look at Dylan for some help, but he is snickering behind his hands.  Great, thanks a lot, brother.  My mom looks so excited, I can’t tell her no.  I guess I need to make some friends fast at this school.


I look wearily at Red River High School while kids brushe passed me and hurry on their way to classes.  I don’t even know where the office is and mom had just dropped me off without staying to help.  She has a meeting she can’t skip and Dylan has work of his own.  “Um, excuse me,” I say, timidly, lightly tapping a woman walking near me.

“Oof,” she stops abruptly and looks at me.  “What do you need?”

I plead silently with her.  “I have no idea where to go.”

She gently grabs my wrist and quickly leads me to the office where I’m introduced to the student assigned to help me navigate this huge school I’ve never stepped foot in.  Apparently they paired me with her because our schedules were identical.

“Ariadne,” the girl smirks at me, but not in a condescending way.  I relax slightly as I take her in.  Ariadne is a good 5 inches taller than me, but since I barely reach 5’2”, that doesn’t say much.  Her hair is pitch black and wrapped in a bright red bandana that matches her lips.  Thick eye liner borders eyes that seem as dark as her hair.  Ripped lace paired with a blue jean skirt and combat boots.  I kind of love her right then.  She wraps her arm through mine.  “I’ve been waiting for you,” she says, quietly, a mischevious grin on her lips,  while she walks me to our first class. 

I have no idea what she meant.  She hadn’t been in the office when I arrived, so what was she waiting for?  But I kind of felt like I’d been waiting for her too.  

Some mini child walks right into us.  He is my height which makes me feel kind of bad for him.  Ariadne glares silently at him while he quakes in his shoes.  I’d be scared too if Ariadne looked at me like that.  I’m pretty sure he pissed himself.  “Run along.”

“Yes, ma’am.”  The kid scampers off and trips into lockers as he looks back.

Ariadne chuckles, softly.  “Freshmen.”  Her voice is soft and smooth like silk.  I chuckle with her.  It’s rough being a freshman. 

Our first few classes of the day are easy to get to and I’m glad to have someone with me the whole time.  At lunch, Ariadne introduces me to her group of friends which aren’t at all what I expected.  I’d anticipated the stereotypical goth group, since she seems to lean that way.  But what I find was a hodge podge of various people, one guy tosses a football into the air over and over, another guy wearing a bowtie and thick glasses reads a book, a pretty blond girl paints another girls nails while that girl goes on about the latest beats someone dropped.  This is just a group of people that feel comfortable being who they are and don’t need a label to be complete.  I have never felt so at home.  “Amelia,” Ariadne announces, loudly to get everyone’s attention.  She points at me and all eyes travels to me.  I smile, shyly and give a tiny wave.  Everyone nods at me and goes back to their conversations.  I’m pretty sure I just passed some test I didn’t know I’d be taking.  

The pretty blond is the first to speak to me.  “I’m Gilly.”  She blows on the other girls nails to help them dry faster.  “This is Elowen.”

The girl getting her nails painted with headphones around her neck grimaces.  “Please, just El.  Never Elowen.”

I shrug.  “I like Elowen.”

She smirks and knocks the football out of the big guys hands.  “So did my parents when they were high.”

“Hey,” Gilly grabs El’s hands and places them on the table.  “Wait until they’re dry.”

I snort softly and watch the big guy run after his football.  “I’m Logan.”  Logan ruffles the other guy’s hair, but he doesn’t notice and keeps reading his book.  “This is Spencer.  If you can get him out of a book, you’ll never shut him up.”

Gilly bounces over to Spencer and gives him a peck on the cheek.  He finally takes his eyes off his book and offers Gilly a shy grin before returning to his book.  I adore the way they all interact with each other.


The rest of the week goes by smoothly and I am officially part of Ariadne’s friend group.  I fiddle with my lunch while I try to find the courage to invite them to my “party”.  “So, um,”  I start.  I  don’t understand why I’m so nervous.  “My mom is having this stupid party for my birthday and finally coming home and if you wanted to come that’d be cool.”  I speak as quickly as I can and hope they understand me. 

Ariadne looks sideways at me.  “Bout time you asked.”  I huff quietly beside her.  I swear she could tell the future.  “We will be there.”

“What do you want for your birthday?” El turns on Logan’s lap to look at me.

I raise my hands in a defensive gesture.  “No, no presents.  We’re just having a bonfire and eating junk or whatever.”

Gilly plops herself down next to me.  “We can’t come to a birthday party empty handed.”

“It’s not even a birthday party.  My mom just wants a reason to celebrate me being home.”  I shrug and continue picking at my food.  I don’t want brand new friends to feel obligated to buy me presents.  

“Don’t fret your pretty head about the presents.”  Ariadne puts her arm around my shoulder and winks at me.  That doesn’t reassure me one bit.  

I had been right to not be reassured by Ariadne’s response.  Every single one of my new friends comes into my backyard holding gifts.  “I told you not to,” I hiss at Ariadne.  She just shrugs at me and introduces herself to my mom as my best friend.  

“Mel!”  The sound of my brother’s voice thrills me.  I haven’t seen him since the night I’d gotten to North Dakota.  He works and has classes at the university, UND, where our dad went to college.  His arms engulf me in a huge hug and I relax into his embrace.  That was when I notice Ezekiel walking in behind Dylan. 

He glances at me with a crooked grin and shoves his hands in the pockets of his blue jeans.  “Welcome home, Melia.”

I coyly smile at him in thanks.  Somehow Ezekiel looks even more handsome than he did when he pulled over to help me with my car.  

Dylan and Ezekiel grill some food while everyone else mingles with each other.  Ariadne, Gilly, and El come to sit by me next to the fire.

Ariadne blows out a long breath.  “Who is that tall drink of water?”  

I follow her gaze where Ezekiel and Dylan are laughing and my heart clenches painfully in my chest.  Ari, my new best friend, has eyes for the sexiest boy I’ve ever seen.  “That’s Ezekiel.”

Ari’s laugh sounds like wind chimes.  “I know Ezekiel.  He’s an intern at my mom’s agency.”  I could breathe again, she didn’t like Ezekiel.  Possible girl drama avoided.  “No, no, that boy next to him?”

I glance again where she is ooking but I only see Ezekiel and Dylan.  I look at her out of the corner of my eye.  “You mean Dylan?”  I cringe a little.  It made me slightly ill to think of him as a ‘tall drink of water’, but Ari nods with a smile.  “That’s my brother.”  

“He can quench my thirst anytime.”  She doesn’t take her eyes off Dylan even as I pretend to be sick.

I didn’t care at all who dated my brother, even if it was my best friend.  “Ew, just keep those thoughts to yourself.”





I hoped that after realizing the hot girl with the car was Amelia and spent a week away from her that my initial desire would fade into nothing.  Despite dreaming of her legs and lips every night, I still had hope.  It was false hope.  The instant I saw her my body reacted.  

I know without a shadow of a doubt that God exists.  It had been drilled into my brain since birth. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Purim, and Passover were important and sacred in my house.  I knew all about God and now I know He must hate me.  There was so other explanation.  The most alluring creature in the world was the one I could never have.

I spend the night trying to look at anything but her, but I just keep coming back to her.  And it fucking pisses me off.  

Maybe if I just talk to Amelia.  Then I’ll see that she’s as daft as the rest of the girls her age.  I keep my eyes on the ground the entire walk across the yard, but her gaze burns right through me.  I take a seat in the plastic chair next to her.  She tries to grab the pop in my hand and her hand brushes mine before I can pull away and I give her a disapproving stare.  I don’t share well.  She smirks and rolls her pretty, green eyes.  I look into the fire, it’s heat already making me hot and uncomfortable.  “Are you glad to be home?”  I mentally kick myself because that was the lamest thing I could say to Amelia.  

She prods the fire with a wooden stick and shrug.  “Yes and no.”  When the stick catches fire she drops it in fully and watches it burn.  I really feel a deep connection and understanding of that stick.  “I missed mom and Dylan but now I miss daddy and….” She stops talking and sniffles.  I truly am an asshole for making her think about her dad.  Although, to be fair, she’ll probably always be thinking about him.  “I like my new friends.”

I glance over to the small group of teenagers.  Not a single one looks like they had anything in common except for each other.  “Quite the bunch of misfits.”

Amelia chuckles, a soft snort escaping her.  I hate that I think its adorable and that I want to keep being the one to make her do it.  “They are.”  She smiles at her friends.  “I’ve never felt like I truly fit in anywhere, you know?”  I do know.  She’ll never know how much I understand that feeling.  “I have lots of interests and lots of ambitions and I never felt like I fit into one of these stereotypical boxes.  It always seemed like the world was trying to push me into being someone I had no intention of being.  Especially after daddy, there was no place for me.  But these people,” she nods to her friends.  “They’re like that too.  They’ve seen life in different ways and want to continue to explore life unhindered by labels.”

I hum in approval and understanding.  Talking to Amelia doesn’t help me at all.  I avoid Amelia the rest of the evening.

Maybe I just need to get laid.  A good fuck to forget this girl. It has been a while since I’ve had sex.  Work and school keep me super busy.  I scroll through my contacts while Dylan drones on and on about his new classes.  I land on Sadie.  She was always good for a quick fuck that has no strings attached.  We’ve both searched each other out from time to time.  I send her a message.

E: what’s up?

Her reply was almost instant.

S: I’m hoping you if you’re texting me.

E: I like the way you think.  Wanna come over in an hour?

She sends a thumbs up emoji and I can’t wait to leave Amelia’s party.

Sadie is waiting in her car when Dylan and I get home.  Dyland rolls his eyes while saying a polite hello to Sadie before hiding in his room.  That’s for the best, I have no plans to be quiet.  I pull Sadie in for a kiss without saying a word.  Always eager and ready she is.  We stumble to my room where I make quick work of her clothes.  I ignore the uneasiness I feel as I throw her legs over my shoulder.  Her legs are thin and long and have a slight orange tint from her fake tan.  I lick up her center and enjoy the way she presses her legs together to keep me there.  I close my eyes and all I see are soft curves and pale skin.  I devour Sadie more, desperate to erase those images.  

After she comes, I shed my own clothes and climb over her.  I smack her hip gently and she turns over with her ass on display for me.  I don’t want to look into her blue eyes, not when I’d been staring into green eyes earlier.  I grab her hips, ignoring how I feel her bones in my hands instead of pillowy flesh.  She looks at me over her shoulder and shakes her ass.  I bite back my annoyed groan and roll on a condom.  Her body is warm and tight, but her moans are high pitched and fall flat.  Her hair is long, but mousy brown instead of a unique shade of auburn.  I fist her hair anyway and start a slow pace, building us both up for an explosive climax.  

Sadie’s moans sound fake, even though I know they aren’t.  I know she’s on the verge of coming again, but she always goes overboard with the sounds she makes.  It never bothered me before.  Now I just want her to shut up and take it.  I push her chest into the bed and hold her there while I punish her body for not being the one I want to be inside.  I squeeze my eyes shut and block out all distractions, desperate to fuck the image of Amelia out of my mind.

A sharp slap on my thigh brings my attention back to an angry Sadie.  I pull away from her as she scrambles for a blanket to cover herself.  “What the fuck, Zeke?”  I don’t know what she’s upset about.  “You were hurting me.  You’ve never been that rough.”

“I’m sorry.”  I hadn’t realized, but then maybe I need someone to take it that hard.  “Works got me all fucked up,” I lie because I can’t even admit the truth to myself.  

Sadie gets off the bed and gets her clothes back on.  “Don’t call me until you get your shit figured out.  I won’t be fucked like a whore.”

I roll my eyes when she turns away from me.  I hear the front door slam and sigh.  She’s right, I shouldn’t have fucked her like that.  It’s not her fault she isn’t the person I actually want underneath me.  I sigh again as I take off the condom.  Just as well, I doubt I would’ve been able to come anyway.

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