AU: Got A Hold On Me Short Story

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A short study in Nature vs. Nurture. How would their lives have changed if Ezekiel’s mom never became an addict?
The following notes are the differences, similarities I've noticed, so don't read them before the story.

-His dad never would’ve killed himself
-Because his dad never died, he didn’t get any inheritance and has had to work for everything.
-He never would’ve been sexually abused
-Because he was never abused, he didn’t become a womanizer and focused on pretty much only school
-Because he wasn’t abused he never went to therapy and had someone tell him his art was good enough for advertisments, so he studied math.
-Amelia’s parents never split up because they had friends that helped them.
-One of the conditions to them staying together was that Scott had to quit smoking, which he did, so he never got cancer.
-Amelia would’ve met Matt earlier and they would’ve gotten together

-He’s still smart and nerdy, driven my feelings
-She’s still intuitive when it comes to him, impatient, hot headed, and sure of what she wants.

“Oh, baby, we’re so proud of you.”  My mother throws her arms around me and places a wet kiss on my cheek. College graduate and my mother still knows exactly how to embarrass me. 


I push my glasses back up my nose and give her a hug. 


I feel a strong pat on my back and look to see my father. It’s eerie how similar our features are. “Well done, Ezekiel.”  His praise fills me with pride. 


A soft body plows into me, I already know who it is before I look at her. She pulls away and her green eyes pierce me. “Hi.”


Amelia Johnson. My best friend’s underage sister. The girl I’ve secretly pined for throughout college. The one human that can see through me completely. The girlfriend of her high school’s football star. 


I grew up with Amelia and her brother Dylan. I met Dylan our first day of first grade and once we started playing together it didn’t take long for our parents to click and become best friends too. 


I barely noticed Amelia most of my childhood other than the few times Dylan picked on her because it pissed me off or when I’d make her laugh because I loved that sound and I loved being the one that made her do it. She’s four years younger than me. I graduated high school before she even entered it. 


Just before I left for college in New York with Dylan, I saw Amelia for the first time. Like really saw her. Her and her best friend, Aria, we making dance routines in Amelia’s backyard. Amelia has on these tiny dance shorts and a bathing suit bikini top. She always wore baggy clothes, so I’d never seen her soft, delicate curves until that moment. But damn it all if she wasn’t suddenly the prettiest thing I’d ever seen. 


I didn’t think of her sexually, she was just beautiful. But over the next fours years she’d Skype me to help her with math. Dylan never had the patience to help her and she always ended up in tears so she began calling me. 


The beginning of our junior year, Dylan comes stomping into our dorm raging about Amelia. After an hour of incoherent cussing, I finally figured out that he found out Amelia had slept with her long time boyfriend, Matt. I was about halfway to my car to drive home and beat the shit out of him before I realized what I mistake that would be. 


The next time Amelia called for math help, I casually broached the subject. “How’s Matt?”


She sighed all dreamy like. “He’s good.” Her eyes glazed over. “He’s really good.”


I didn’t understand the tightness in my chest. 


Apparently without thinking, Amelia turned around and grabbed her math book so we could start. In doing so, her t-shirt roads up and made her little white panties visible. Knowing she’d been having sex changed my view of her. The sweet, beautiful girl suddenly became this sexual being; even though she was only 16. 


Over the next couple years, we talked several times a week. After I helped her with math we’d stay on the phone and chat or play video games or both. She was all of a sudden not just Dylan’s little sister, but someone I actually enjoyed myself. 


I never came home for breaks, I needed to save as much money as possible and I took classes over summers. Because of that I haven’t seen Amelia in person for four years. She was beautiful before, but now she’s a goddess. She’s wearing this pretty light green dress that makes her eyes even brighter and fits all those curves that are even more enhanced. Her hair is down and soft. The familiar scent of honeyed peaches and car grease drive desire inside me. 


She walks to Dylan before I even have a chance to say hi back to her. 


My father nudges me. “You might want to clean off that drool on your chin.”


“Jesus,” I mumble as I wipe my mouth. 


My mother groans. “Don’t swear.”  She’s giving me that disapproving mom glare. I don’t have to see it, to feel it burning holes into me. 


“I didn’t.”  I face her but avoid eye contact. I don’t want to see that look. 


She grabs my chin but the look is nowhere to be found now. “‘Do not use the Lord’s name in vain.’” She quotes one of the Laws of Moses 


I raise my eyebrow. “Jesus isn’t our Lord.”


“Not the point,” she says as she walks toward Sophie, Dylan and Amelia’s mom. 


“She yells at me, too, for that.”  My dad empathizes with me but stares longingly after my mom. 


“You might want to clean off that drool on your chin,” I mock. 




Our families go home a couple days after graduation, which gives Dylan and I a couple weeks to pack and move out before we need to be home for Amelia’s high school graduation. 


Once we make it back to North Dakota, I spend every day looking for a starter home. I’ve saved up every penny I could in college and want to start making shrewd investments like my father. Since I have a job lined up as a math teacher at Red River High, where we all graduated high school, I feel comfortable that I’ll be able to make payments. I make an offer on a cute, two bedroom that’s just a few blocks from the high school. 




I try not to stare too much at a Amelia but judging by my father’s raised eyebrow I’m doing a shot job. As long as Dylan doesn’t notice. There’s some kind of “bro code” against liking your best friend’s sister, right?


I haven’t seen Amelia since I’ve been home from college.  We’ve both been busy, but I secretly hope I can hang out with her soon. I miss our late night talks. 


That weekend, I get a phone call from Amelia and answer a little too eagerly. 


Amelia chuckles at me. “What are you doing?”


“Nothing.”  It’s true. I got the house but I’m not able to move in for a couple weeks, which means I’m hanging out at my parents’ with all my belongings still packed up. Dylan’s out and our parents are hanging out at Amelia’s. “Why?”


I can hear loud music and a mass of voices. “Could you come get me? Our parents are drinking and Ari is on a trip to Greece with her parents.”


I’m heading out the door before she’s even finished speaking. “Where are you?”


“You’re my hero.”  I think I hear her sigh but I can’t tell with all the background noise. “I’ll text you.”


Ten minutes later, Amelia is hopping into my old, beat up truck. “Are you ok? Have you been drinking?”


She shakes her head. “I’m fine. I walked there but then realized how lame it was after it was dark and I was too scared to walk home alone.”


I smirk. “I’m glad I could help.”


We’re quiet as we head towards Amelia’s house. “I just left a house of drunks. I don’t want to go into another one. Want to go somewhere?”


“Where’d you have in mind,” I ask. It doesn’t matter. I’ll probably go anywhere she wants. 


She relaxes in the seat a little more. “Head towards the air base.  There’s this field Ari and I go to sometimes to see the northern lights.”


“Have you seen them?” I purposefully searched for them a few times when I knew the conditions were right. 


She hums happily. “I love them. I’ve probably stayed up way too late countless times to see them.  They’re astounding.”


“They are,” I agree. 


She directs me into an empty field and hops out to sit in the bed of the truck. 


I grab a few blankets and pillows I have in the back. 


Amelia raises an eyebrow as we spread out one of the blankets. “You just carry all this around?”


I chuckle. “No, your brother and I went camping and I haven’t moved it.”


She settles into the blanket and grabs a pillow to put behind her back. “You like camping.”


“Not even a little bit,” I reply, honestly. “Dylan thought it would be a good bonding trip.” I roll my eyes. 


“Was it?” Her little smirk tells me she knows what I’m going to say. 


“Not one fucking bit.”  I push my glasses up. “It was disastrous from the start.”  I climb up next to her and throw the other blanket over our laps. “We got a flat tire on the way, burnt our dinner, and it rained all night. We woke up cold and soaked.”


Amelia covers her mouth and giggles. “Why didn’t you sleep in the truck?”


I roll my eyes again. “We brought his truck. That night he found out his windows leak. We didn’t realize we were getting wet from underneath until we woke up. It was the worst trip ever.”


“Hm, but you had fun,” she tells me. 


I watch her for a moment. Her head is tilted up, looking at the sky full of stars. She wasn’t asking if I had fun. She knows I did. Even though I just gave her every reason to think I was miserable, she knew I had a good time. It’s that type of insight that unnerves me while still somehow relaxing me. I’ve never been able to hide from her. Even as children, even when I never paid her attention, she saw me. 


Amelia shivers against me, so I pull the blanket tighter.  “How’s Matt,” I ask to get the attention off me.


I feel her turn to me, but I’m picking at my blanket.  She shrugs.  “I haven’t talked to him for a few months.  I broke up with him a while ago.  Didn’t Dylan tell you?”


I look into her eyes, shocked.  “He didn’t.  Why?”


“I don’t know.”  She takes a deep breath.  I wait for her to expand on that, I know she knows.  “You know that feeling deep in your belly when you’re near someone that really blows you away?”  She grips my t-shirt under the blanket.


My stomach flutters from her touch.  “Vaguely.”


She pushes her lips out in this sad, little pout.  “He never did that for me.  Not ever.  I spent years trying to make that feeling happen.  As much as I think love is a verb, it just wasn’t there.  I couldn’t see it.”  She lets go of my shirt and returns her gaze to the sky.  “Just as well, he was fucking someone else by Prom.”  


I am completely baffled by her last statement.  Why wouldn’t he fight for her?  Clearly, he’s an imbecile and not good enough for her anyway.


“I truly thought you were going to come home with a wife on your arm or something.”  She keeps her eyes up, but seems a little unnerved because her breath hitches in her throat.


I can’t help but laugh.  “Yeah, right, Amelia.  Have you seen me?”  I’ve always got my nose in a book, I rarely take the time to brush my hair so it’s always a mess, I wear suspenders all the time because I hate belts, and my glasses are too big.


She finally looks at me.  “I have, have you?”  Her eyes spark a small fire inside me.  She doesn’t smirk or chuckle or anything to make me think she’s teasing.  She looks at the stars again when I don’t answer.


I push my shaggy hair out of my eyes and stare at the stars with her. “Do you know any of these?” I wave my hand toward the sky. 


“Not well.”  She points and I move closer to her so I can see where she’s pointing. We’re so close her breath tickles my ear. “That’s Cassiopeia.” She makes a “w” line with her finger. “Those five stars there. Story is that Cassiopeia bragged about how beautiful she was to Poseidon. As punishment he chained her to a chair in the heavens.”


I stopped staring at the stars long before she finished talking. A soft breeze blows wisps of hair into her face. I brush it out of her eyes which makes her turn to me. I hadn’t meant to be so close but we are and her lips part, but she doesn’t look shocked or scared. My fingers brush her neck. I feel her sigh and watch her eyes blink slowly. 


I’m not an expert on women. I wouldn’t even consider myself a novice.  I went through my entire high school career without so much as a glance in my direction from a girl.  College was a little different, I had a few short term girlfriends, but I lost interest in them quickly.  


My father always told me, “don’t have sex with a girl if you can’t picture her having your kids.”  It didn’t take long for me to be completely incapable of seeing those girls with my children.  I can easily picture Amelia pregnant with my babies, I’m not sure she’d even want that, but she’s the only person I’ve ever been able to picture that way.  I’ve watched my share of porn and done plenty of research and reading, but I have no real world, practical experience with a woman.


Our noses brush and I wait for her to realize how terrible it would be for her to kiss me, but she only encourages me by moving closer.  I lightly brush my lips against her, igniting my entire body in an instant.  I pull back, giving her one more chance to stop this.  Her little hands grip my shirt again, so I press our lips together.


I want to remember each moment.  The way her scent surrounds me, the way her hands shake against my stomach, the way her lips feel like velvet, how she clearly wants more from me, but allows me to control.


I wrap my other hand around her waist and pull her even closer to me.  She takes the initiative and climbs onto my lap.  Her skin warms under my touch as her whimpers fill my ears.  It takes all of ten seconds for this to become my new favorite activity.


Amelia pulls away from me.  I’m not even a little embarrassed that I whine at the loss.  “I want more,” her voice is low and sultry.


“Anything.”  I nod.  “Everything is yours.”


She flashes me the most beautiful, earnest smile before she pulls her shirt over her head.  I can only gape at her while she takes her bra off.  


I slowly bring my hand to her breast, but stop before I touch her.  “Can I?”


She nods.  “Everything is yours,” she echoes my earlier sentiment.  


I softly brush her hard nub with the palm of my hand.  I force her closer to my by the hand on her back.  I flick her nipple with my tongue.  “I’ve never done this.”  I just do what instinct tells me.


“Never?”  Her soft voice breaks through the haze in my mind.  I look at her confused.  “You’ve never been with someone like this?”  


I must’ve spoken outloud earlier.  I shake my head.  “Do you want to stop now?”


She brushes her fingers across my eyebrow where a chunk of hair stays in my eyes.  “I just can’t believe no one’s taken advantage.  Crazy girls.”


“Maybe I didn’t take advantage.”  I briefly wonder if I could’ve had women, but then I look into Amelia’s green eyes and it doesn’t matter.


Her responding kiss is all I ever need.  She fumbles with my shirt before succeeding in getting it off, then she tosses it over the edge of the truck.  


The feel of her hard nipples against my own chest is like little shocks to my body.  I don’t know how such a soft touch can cause so much pleasure.  I assume this is going to lead to sex, but I’m content to stay like this.  Kissing, half naked, her on my lap.  That’s more than I ever imagined I’d get.  


Apparently Amelia doesn’t feel that way, though.  She takes my hand and slowly moves it down her stomach.  “Touch me, please.”  She moans are all the encouragement I need even though I don’t know what to do.


She scrambles out of her shorts and panties then comes back to her position on my lap.   I knew she’d be hot and wet, but nothing in the entire world could have prepared me for just how hot and wet and soft she feels.  I slide just one finger inside her and her body clenches around me, I can’t stop thinking about how that will feel around my cock.


My earlier contentment has gone out the window.  I need to feel her.  I shove my own pants and underwear down.  Amelia looks at me and runs her finger up my length.  Her eyes are locked on my cock, her mouth open.  “They’re not all this big?”


I’m a little uncomfortable with her openly staring at me, but I also feel proud that she’s pleased with me.  “I’m a little bigger than average.”


“A little?”  A hysterical chuckle escapes her as she fists both her hands around me.  After I compose myself, I look at her hands slowly stroking me.  Even with both hands, she doesn’t cover me.  Hell, even both my hands don’t cover my length.


She strokes me while continuing to stare and I wonder if she’s changed her mind about me.  “We can stop.”  Please don’t let her stop.


Amelia looks into my eyes finally, then smiles.  “Sorry.”  She actually blushes and looks away.  “I like it.”


I pull her to be by her neck and savor her kiss.  


She backs away with a sigh.  “I don’t want to stop.”


I nod and hold her hips as she situates herself on me.  As soon as she presses me into her my entire mind explodes with fireworks and bright lights and every good feeling I’ve ever had multiplied by ten thousand.  The head of my cock is barely inside her, but my orgasm slams into me completely unexpected.  I didn’t even have time to try to keep it at bay.  Every muscle goes rigid and I hold her hips so tight I’m positive I’m hurting her, but I can’t find it in me to care with the pleasure coursing through me.


Once I’ve finished and my body loosens, I cover my face with my arm.  We hadn’t even started and I’m done.  I’m sick with embarrassment and failure.


“Zeke, it’s ok.”  Amelia pulls my arm away from my face.


I grind my teeth.  “It’s not.  I want to make you feel good.”


She presses her lips to mine and I can’t help kissing her back.  Painfully slowly she continues to slide down me.  “Can I still do this or is it uncomfortable?”  She swishes her hips over me to indicate what she’s talking about.


“That feels good?”  I can’t fathom her continuing this encounter just for my sake.


She bites her lip and nods, her eyes heavy.  She moves against me ever so slightly and moans softly.


I run my hands down her arms and watch as she shivers.  “Do anything you want.”


She smiles this lopsided smile, then presses her hands to my chest to help support herself.  Then she’s circling her hips and moaning my name.  It takes no time for me to get hard again by watching this sexy goddess use me.  


Amelia moans louder as I get hard inside her.  “Oh god, fucking hell.”  She moves her hips ever faster.  “I feel you.  Fuck, you’re so deep.”  Her dirty words make me even harder.  “Your cock is goddamn amazing.”  I’m not even sure she knows she’s saying anything and all her moans have practically turned into screams.  Her head is thrown back, hair blowing wildly around her, the moon reflects off her pale skin making her look even more like a goddness as her breasts bounce enticingly.


Harder, faster, deeper.  She takes everything I’m giving her and gives it back even better.  Her nails dig into my chest just seconds before I feel her pulse around me, milking me for anything I have left, which I gladly give her.


She clumsily moves off me, I can feel the evidence of our sex drip onto my thigh, and curls into my side.  “Just a couple minutes,” she mumbles into my neck.  I don’t care if it’s a couple minutes or a couple millenia, she’s getting whatever she wants.


I wrap us both up in a blanket, then let myself fall into a blissful sleep next to Amelia.  




I assume it’s early when I wake up, the sun is barely rising.  Amelia is still sleeping peacefully in my arms, so I take the quiet moment to watch her and recall last night.  Instead of the memories I plan to think about, in reality I fantasize about forcing her to her knees, spanking her, choking her.  I’m so appauled by these thoughts that I scramble away from her which wakes her up.


She lazily stretches which causes the blanket to drop below her breasts.  New visions of pinching and twisting her nipples and biting her run through my mind.  I don’t know where these thoughts are coming from, but they unnerve me entirely.  


I throw Amelia’s clothes at her.  “Get dressed.”


She blinks slowly, confusion marring her lovely feautures.  “Is everything ok?”


I don’t even bother putting my shirt on.  “Fine.  I just need to get home.”


She slowly gets in my truck, but never put her bra on and her nipples are hard and begging for my attention.  It takes all my strength to not rip off her shirt and bury my face between her breasts.  


I put on music to discourage talking.  I don’t even understand my own feelings or thoughts right now, I can’t talk to Amelia about any of it.


When we get to her house, I don’t even park my truck.  I unlock the doors and avoid eye contact.  “I’ll talk to you later.”


“Oh, ok.”  Amelia opens the truck door, then looks back at me, but must think better of starting a conversation.  “Bye.”  She’s barely shut the door before I’m speeding down her street.




I spend the next couple weeks completely avoiding everyone.  I don’t know what to make of my thoughts and I can’t bring myself to talk to anyone about them.  I’d usually go to Dylan, but he’s the last person I can talk to about the violent thoughts I’m having towards his sister.  


I keep myself occupied by moving into my new house.  In reality, it doesn’t take that long.  I don’t have that many belongings to fill it, yet, but it’s can excuse that keeps me from seeing people.


When I finally can’t stand the images in my mind, I turn to my father.  I don’t need to tell him too many details.  I check our house before the hospital and see his car in the driveway.  My nerves are making my stomach twist and churn.


I knock on his office door, then timidly walk in when he answers.  I sit in a chair and fidget while he analyzes me.  Maybe talking to him was a bad idea.  


He takes his glasses off and folds his hands on his desk.  “What’s going on, Ezekiel?”


I stay silent for 20 ticks of his clock.  “I’m…confused.”


“About?”  He leans back in his chair.


I clear my throat.  The nerves are waning, my father’s presence calms me, it’s just embarrassment that’s left.  “I recently had sex.”


He raises his eyebrow and tilts his head.  “For the first time?”


I nod.


“You used protection,” he asks.


The question makes me think back to that evening, which really isn’t hard.  If I’m not thinking about all the lurid things I want to do to Amelia, I’m recounting our night together.  


My stomach falls.  It had never even occurred to me to ask about protection.  I shake my head, shamefully.  “We didn’t, but that’s not even what has me confused.”


My father’s heavy sigh makes me look at him, but he isn’t glaring at me like I anticipated.  He talked to me about safe sex all the time when I was in high school and frequently brought it up in college.  I can’t believe I was so careless and I expect him to be just as disappointed, but maybe that’s a conversation for a different time.  “Tell me what’s bothering you.”


I cover my face with my hands.  “Ever since that night, I can’t stop thinking about the violent things I want to do to her.”


“Ah.”  He sounds more amused than upset so I take the chance to look at him.  He’s smirking.  “In these fantasies, do you want to hurt her?”


I’m a little annoyed because he apparently missed the part where I said I was having violent fantasies, but I take a deep breath to calm myself.  “I want to spank her and force her to do…things.”


He nods.  That annoying smirk still in place.  “But do you want to hurt her?”


I think about all the fantasies I’ve had and ignore my growing erection and the accompanying discomfort that this is happening in front of my father.  “No?  I want her to like it and I don’t want to cause any real pain to her.”


“I’ve found that men tend to be more dominant in nature.  That’s not always the case, but for most males dominating their mate is instinct.”  He relaxes in his chair and watches for my reaction.  I do my best to not give one.  I know he has more to say.  “Females seem to be more flexible in their attentions.  In any case, I think your reaction to this girl after having sex with her is your instinct to dominate her coming through.”


That doesn’t make me any less horrified at my thoughts.  “I don’t know what we are, but if anything I want us to be equals.”


“This isn’t about controlling every aspect of her life.”  He chuckles, quietly.  “Besides, somehow even if you dominate her she’ll still have all the power.”


That definitely doesn’t help with my confusion.  


He must notice.  He stands up and lays a hand on my shoulder.  “It’s probably best for you to talk to her about all this.”  I stand up to leave.  “And make sure to come over more.  Just because you have your own home doesn’t mean your mother doesn’t miss you.”


“Noted,” I say as I leave his office.




I’ve been mulling over what my dad told me but those thoughts and feelings are still confusing me.  I haven’t spent time with anyone for weeks.  I believe my mom is beginning to seriously worry.


Later that week, I’m in my livingroom putting some new furniture together when I hear a knock on the door.  I assume it’s my mom or father coming to check on me, but Amelia is glaring at me instead. 


“Are you sick,” she asks as she stomps into my house without an invitation.  I shake my head.  “Are you hurt?”  She glares at me and I shake my head again.  “Have you been a victim of some kind of crime that’s kept you from speaking?”  


I reach out to offer her some consolation, but she brushes off my affection.  “No, I haven’t, but-“


The sting of an unexpected slap shocks me.  “But nothing, asshole.”  She paces loudly in front of me while I rub my cheek.  I know better than to say something when she’s this angry.  “It’s not like I think that night means we’re together or that you want me, although I wouldn’t say no to that, but I’m not expecting it.”  She’s kind of mumbling so I wonder if she’s actually talking to herself and this is meant to be a private conversation.  Regardless, my heart jerks to attention at her admission.  “Even if you don’t want any commitment, I never thought you’d treat someone so horribly.”


Amelia finally looks at me but I wish she hadn’t.  Her eyes aren’t just filled with firey rage, they’re filled with pain.  I hate that I caused it.  “We may not be best friends like you and Dylan or me and Ari, but we’re friends, right?  I mean I thought we had our own little friendship going.”


I nod.  “I agree with-“


“So why has it been weeks since we’ve spoken?”  She throws questions after question at me without giving me a moment to answer.  “Are you that disgusted that we had sex?  Does the memory of that night make your skin crawl?  Do you regret it?” 


Those questions make me more angry that I’ve ever been and I act before I think.  I push her against the wall, my hand around her throat; this a recurring image I can’t shake.  “How can you think that?”  I tighten my hold on her, but not enough to hurt her or cut off her breathing.  “If you knew the things I want to do to you, you’d run.”


Amelia’s eyes darken and her lips part, her breathing comes out in short, choppy bursts.  She grips my suspenders in her hands and tugs.  “Show me.”


There’s not even a moment of thought before my lips are on hers and I’m pressing myself as close to her as I can.  Her soft whimpers encourage and excite me.  She pushes my suspenders off my shoulders and I push her shirt over her head.  


I think I’m leading us to my bedroom, but I’m dizzy and turned around and completely lost in this girl.  But we make it there and she slides to her knees, her hands at the button on my jeans.  “Can I?”


I can only nod.


I’m transfixed as I watch her undress me.  She fists me with both hands like she did that night, then releases one fist and licks the length of my cock while keeping eye contact.  The visual is too much so I clench my eyes shut and focus on the new sensations she’s causing.  I warn her that I’m going to come, but she doubles her efforts so I let go and watch as she swallows everything I give her.


I sit on the bed and lean against my headboard while I regain my composure.  She takes advantage of me being distracted and undresses.  When I open my eyes, she’s standing naked in front of me.  I pull her to me and crash our mouths together.  She tastes mildly different; it dawns on me that it’s because she tastes like me.  That makes me even more frantic than I was.  


Amelia reaches between us and slowly works me over until I’m ready for her again.  I’ve obsessed over the idea of tasting her for weeks, so I begin kissing down her neck and chest, but she stops me.  “I want to taste you.”


“I swear you can have me any way you can dream of, but I need to feel you inside me.”  Amelia begs me with her eyes and even if I wanted to say no to her I couldn’t.  I’d be a complete fool to ignore her pleas right now.


I line myself up and begin to slowly slide into her.  I feel her moan deep inside me and look between us to watch as I claim her.  Somehow she feels even better than she did the first time.  I pull out almost all the way; the sight of my cock glistening with her sex almost completely undoes me.  I keep this slow pace so I can feel everything, so I can take in every moment of pleasure on Amelia’s face, so I can enjoy every second.


Amelia’s hands are in my hair, our mouths kissing each other wherever we can reach, the sound of our moans and bodies sliding together echo around my room, the scent of our sex completely surrounding us.  


I focus on not coming until she does so by the time I feel her stiffen underneath me I’m nearly cross eyed with the effort it takes not to explode inside her.  Then she’s coming and panting and screaming my name, her body is milking me, begging for my own orgasm so I let go with a deep groan.


After several long, peaceful seconds, I pull out and pull her close.  I stoke her back and arm while we lay in the quiet.  “Just so you know,” I say and Amelia looks up at me.  “I’m positive there isn’t any universe that I’m not longing for you.”

Submitted: October 20, 2020

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Elizabeth Staten

:-D in a world where he didnt have messed up childhood, he still ended up with her.

Tue, October 20th, 2020 10:45am


Soulmates. :)

Tue, October 20th, 2020 9:07am


Did you ever see the movie, The Butterfly Effect? This is sort of like it.

So, in this world, Zeke is a real dork, attractive only to Amelia. His parents are loving and involved. Amelia is assertive and experienced. She's the one forcing her hand, the huntress. Zeke is the hunted.

I like this issue with Zeke...his domination fantasy. If the story continues, I'm sure that gets developed a bit further. Neither Zeke nor Amelia are emotionally injured. Zeke is a virgin and Amelia broke up with her lover. Zeke's jealousy when he is in college hearing about Matt is certainly different. Obviously, Amelia's parents have managed to stay together and Zeke's dad doesn't commit suicide. So there's more different than just Zeke's mom. I had almost forgotten who Matt actually was until I looked at your list.

My main observation is that, by virtue of this story, I can tell you are totally into your characters and your story to the point that they talk to you all day. You are totally vested.

Sat, October 24th, 2020 2:05am


I have seen that movie and I love it. I think it's interesting to see how people differ under different circumstances and what parts of their personality stay the same.

The core of this short thing is really Ezekiel's mom never becoming an addict. Everything else that's different stems from that place. And Zeke is still as attractive as he is in the original, it's just that he doesn't carry himself the same way so people don't notice it the way they did when he flaunted himself.

I am totally vested. It's sad. Although I felt like this with the whole "The Awakening" series too. I think it's constantly going on in my head until everything is really finished. Otherwise, I just get pestered. It's very loud in my head.

Fri, October 23rd, 2020 7:27pm

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