My Postman Delivers

My Postman Delivers

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A young woman who's an office manager daydreams of having sex with an older man. Her wish comes true when the postman for her building shows up and she seduces him into a sexcapade while her boyfriend watches.


A young woman who's an office manager daydreams of having sex with an older man. Her wish comes true when the postman for her building shows up and she seduces him into a sexcapade while her boyfriend watches.


Submitted: February 19, 2012

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Submitted: February 19, 2012



I work at an aprtment building a sthe manager. I'm twenty-six years old, brown hair and blue eyes. I'm kinda tall at six feet some guys find me a little intimidating, but I've noticed that older guys seem to dig it. My boyfriend works in the same building as  the maintenance supervisor, so sometmes we hook up and "bless" an apartment meeting in my office for some dirty work as it relates to sex.

I often fantasize about our postman. he's older than me...probably by about 20 years or so. he's really cute though. He has a nice body. I think he swims and works out because his uniforn fits tight, but it's a turn on. We've talked and have flirted a few times.

Well anyways, I think you know what I'm getting at here.

I had dreamt of a having sex with anolder man, and this postman really did deliver.

It started about one year ago. It was hot, like around 100 degrees, So I wore my red,super mini skirt and a white knit shirt.I didn't have on underwear just in case my boyfriend and I decided to get sexed up in my office.I went out to get the mail and the postman was there. He looked like the heat was getting to him. He looked flushed, so I invited him inside for some water.

We went back to my office and Dave immediately sat down. I told him I'll go get him some water, he said something like: yeah, cool down, but you're making me hot.I just looked at him and and gently bit at my lips and thought to myself: you're gonna be boiling before I'm done with you.

As I walked away my heel got caught on the carpeting and I lifted my leg up and dave could see my clean shaven pussy. he quickly turned his head away when i looked at him, but how could he resist looking at something so smooth, pretty and tight? I told him it was okay and he understood what I meant.

As soon as I walked out of the office my boyfriend was there to greet me. He put onearm around my waist and placed his other hand up behind my ass and squeezed my pussy and leaned in close to my ear and said: "getting special delivery today?" I said yes. 'The postamn is going ot get licked, stamped and elivered to orgasm city' My boyfriend wanted to know if he could watch me fuck the post man. I said of course. My boyfriend said I was the best girlfriend ever. I had to correct him. I'm the horniest girl ever

I got the cup of water and returned to the office. Dave was looking much better already. Having a glimpse at my pussy probbably helped.

Dave chugged the water down and said thanks and was ready to leave..I I told him he needed to stay a little while longer and give his body a little more time rest.

Then thhere was a knock on the door. I thought I'd netter move fast. It was my boyfriend. He wanted to watch so he came in and said he needed to take a break.

As my boyfriend walked in slyly locked the door.

I went over to Dave and and took off his hat and told him to relax and cool down a little more.I walked in front of him and bent over keeping my legs nice and straight, I grabbed my ankles and turned my head towards Dave and asked: "How do you feel now?"

Dave stammerd and said something. My boyfriend's eyes were bulging out of his head. He alwyas said my pussy was magical.

I could tell he was really turned on, but I wanted to fuck the postman today.

Dave stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. He was tan and had a nce muscular chest. He had the makings of six pack stomach, this dude was in better shape than my boyfriend!

He seemed a little nervous though. I said don't worry, all we're gonna do is fuck.

Have you ever placed your cock inside a girl twenty years younger than you? I asked.  He said no.  I replied: "Well, today you will!"

I kissed his chest and rubbed his chest hair...I reached down to grab his cock and squeezed it. It was more than a handful.  "Wow, what a piece f meat yopu've got! I said.

He undid his belt and I yanked his pants off, and there it was. The nicest cock I have ever seen. It wasn't long, but it was thick...beautiful, with nice clean big balls.

I couldn't wait to feel it in my mouth and feel those ball slapping up against my body.

I started kissing him on his chest and began working my way down to that thick tool. Who would've guessed?

Licking my way down to his meat stick I decided to grab his cock in one hand and his balls in the other...I just wanted to feel them and admire the size and feel how hot that thing was. I could almost feel his cum bulding up inside. I stroked his cock for a little while and sucked on each of his balls as hard as I could. I wanted his cok deep inside my throat but it was os thick my jaw would hurt just trying to open wide enough to accomodate it. I sucked his meat stick for as long as  I could and then asked: "do you wanna fuck me?"

As I walked overto the side of my desk I glanced back at my boyfriend, he was grabbing his dick through his pants and stroking that ten inch monster he has. I told him to wait a little bit and I'll take of hisrock hard tool. I bent over the desk and Dave began kissing me gently on the back of my neck while fingering my wet little pussy. he gently worked his way don to my ass and lifted up my skirt and began kissing my pussy.

MMmmm. Your pussy is so clean and tastes sooo good he said.

He turned to my boyfriend and said: "you don't mind if I fuck this little bitch do ya?" My boyfriend replied: "maybe we'll bith fuck her!"

I waved to my boyfriend and mouthed maybe next time, but he didn't care and I didn't either really. My boyfriend ppulled down his pants and came at me with his 10 inch cock. that thing was rock hard and straight as an arrow. I started sucking his cock and dave eating my pussy

One guy was eating my pussy and another had his cock in my mouth.

Dave was spreading my pussy lips and boyfriend was throat fucking me hard,and his balls were slapping up against my face. I was used ot his big cock and it slid right down my throat it felt so good to have big piece of meat in my mouth. his pre-cum was sweet tasting and I could feel his dick throb when he'd let it stay in my throat.

I let my boyfriend shoot his load deep inside my throat. It felt so warm and tatsed soo good.He slowly pulled it out and some of the cum came out with his cock. I licked as much as I could from his cock and balls. I never get enough of a man's sperm. I think some women are stupid for not eating's treat form the gods.

Dave was pounding my pussy while my boyfriend shot his 10cc's of cum in my moy throat and face. I felt likie a ping pong ball between these two men. It's an awesome feeling to have two men work you from both ends with the right rythm your body reels in ecstacy. Dave's cock really stretched my pussy. i can feel the thickness of his cock each time he enters my tight little pussy.

Dave is pounder me very hard and and pulling my hair and alternating between my pussy and ass. My ass is pounding like it has it's own heart beat.

After beating my pussy and ass with his super thick cock, I let him lay me down on my desk and I guide his fat piece of manhood into my re-tightened pussy.  As I guuide it back in pussy resistst the thickness but I can feel my pussy juice letting his tool slide deep inside me.

He keeps fucking me and fucking me...we french kiss and the he pulls out of my overworked pussy.

He looks over at my boyfriend and winks and says: "I hope she's ready for this" and winks.

I mutter...Mmm-Hmmmm "Let me have it!"

He reaches behind my neck and props me up while I lick his cock at the top the head while he strokes his cock.

I know he's going ot plaster my face with his hot sticky cum.

He says: "Get ready princess!" Here I cummm!

Oh my god, one big creamy shot in my mouth, and then another and another..I was going to chole from all this cum...some how I swallowed it all, but kept cumming. he shot another load on my face, my neck and in my hair. i couldn't belive all the cum I had swallowed and the cum shots he gave to me on my face and hair.

He rubbed the cum all over my face witgh his huge thick, throbbing cock. I decided to swallow both his soft golf ball sized nuts into my mouth as a thank you.

I grabed hi cock myself and smeared what cum was left all over my face and licked the cum that was on my fingers clean.

We held eachother briefly and kissed.

He was sweet and rough, and his cum shots were spectacular.

My boyfriend and I still team up with the postman. I let them both fuck me.

I love the feeling of having two men inside of me at the same's got to be as close to heavebn as you can get, and when they both cum on me it's so warm and sticky and tastes soo good. There's nothing that tastes better.

That's my postman. He delivers.





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