My Favorite Cashier

My Favorite Cashier

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A man stops at a store on his way home from work and "checks out" with the casher on her break. They do some "shopping" on her break and give eachother a custom made return policy.


A man stops at a store on his way home from work and "checks out" with the casher on her break. They do some "shopping" on her break and give eachother a custom made return policy.


Submitted: February 19, 2012

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Submitted: February 19, 2012



My Favorite Cashier


Monday night....what can I say? It's the begining of the week. Work is redundant. I'm heading home, but I have someone on my mind, her. The Cashier at that store. I wonder if she remembers me? probably not. She sees hundreds of people every week. I did make her smile

and laugh though. A moments etched in my mind...her beautiful blue eyes and long, blonde curly hair...her innocent behaviour. what is she doing as a cashier? she's stunning and charming. She ought to be a model.

Well, I guess I'll stop at the store, you know, get some things.

As I pull into the parking lot it starts to rain. That figures, perfect weather for a Monday. What a dreary day. Hopefully my cashier will

be working. As I drive by the entrance to the store I glance inside to see if I can see her. I look for that blonde, cascading hair....hmmm would make sense if she's not there.

God. I feel like a teenager. My body is all warm. I bet my eyes are as big as saucers...I have got to calm down. Women hate nervous guys

and that's not me. Okay, take one deep breath. what am I? 16 years old?! God! I'm an attorney, 35 years old, single and six feet tall...

athletic, but I feel flushed. This girl must've put a spell on me

As I walk in I don't immedialtely see he. I walk past the check out lanes, I seem to have caught the attention of a young customer. probably 19 to 20 years old. She glances at me and smiles. I think what an enticing young woman, charming - My mind races for a few seconds and I envision her and me caressing eachother's face while french kissing wildly.....whoa, down boy, down.

I snap back into reality and wave to her , nod my head and say good evening and continue on with shopping.

I've had several young women, 19, 20 and 21 years old. It's all about sex, and that's fine. I'm all about sex. I love women...I love to hold

them and talk with make them laugh. I want them to feel It's not just what's between their legs, it'a also what's between their ears.

I guess it's not all about sex. It's about everyhting that leads up to sex.

After my brief distraction I begin to think of what I can make for dinner. Just as I approach a shelf somebody walks

between me and the the item I reached out to grab. As i reached out my handpressed gently against into this persons


It was her. My cashier!

It happened so quickly I didn't recognize her at first. As I apologized she looks at me and tilts her head and says hi. It was

was one simple word, but her voice was so sweet and soft. "No, don't worry about it" she continued, then smiled. Other

guys probably would've been slapped, but I've always had very good fortune with women. She pulled her fingers through her hair

and kind of stared me down. she looked at me and licked her lips. I saw just a hint of what looked likea tongue stud.

I felt like I was starting to cum. This girl is magic.

I don't know why I did it, but I asked if she was on her break. She said yes, her lunch break. I asked if I could share it with her and

she replied: "of course". My heart was pounding. I must've looked ridiculous. Probbaly all sweaty and shaking.

We walk back through some double doors and make some more small talk as we meander through the storage area. I'm looking

at her ass and thinking of how nice and round it is..I just want to give her a nice long, firm squeeze. She opens up a door

and looks around to see if anyone is out there. Nope, nobody.

We sit down a wooden pic-nic table that has an umbrella through the center of it. The rain has lihtened to where you can

barely feel it touch yor skin. We continue with our talk about the weather, work and food.

At one point she leans into my ear and says: "I'm really attracted to you" I slowly turn around to face her and place her face in my hands and gently begin kissing her. As I do I can feel hand on my leg, she's slowly inching up to my cock. I say something about how it's a good thing we don't work together because we're gonna be late cumming back from break. She giggles and in a real breathy voice says: " I don't care, fuck me!"

We are now standing and caresing each other's backs and asses, kissing sloppily with our tongues. I ease my hand down into her jeans and feed a finger between her ass and just barely touching her wet pussy.

Our kissing becomes intense, more directed. I can feel that her long tongue is pierced. She reaches down itno my pants and squeezes my cock pretty hard, but it feels good. I tell her she's a good girl - she smiles and says: "No. I'm a bad girl. Spank me!" I give her a nice firm slap on the tight little ass she has.

Beofre I know it she's sucking my cock and teasing it with her pierced tongue. She has a very long tongue. This gets me more excited seeing how long and talented her tongue is. I place my hands behind her head and carefully grab her hair and gently shove my rock hard cock into that nice warm mouth. I tell her it's her turn

She swallows it all. She deep throats like a pro...she is a pro! I pull my cock out very slowly so that she savor my meat. As I pull out my pulsating cock, I tell her it's her turn to be pleased. She looks up at me and smiles and give my cock one good long lick and kisses it, and takes it in her hand and begins rubbing it all over face while licking it.

You like that don't you? she just says, mmmm--hmmmm

I have her sit down on the table. I carefully glance at her breasts. She's perfect. Nice and firm and not big...and, they're pierced. This girl has all her pleasure spots pierced, so far. I begin licking her nice hard nipples, using my tongue to flick at the silver nipple rings. I slide afinger down to her pussy. She's very wet and very, very clean...and tight.

I place my thumb on her pussy and my middle finger in her ass. As I slip my thumb into her ass she let's out a little "Oh!" and begins to moan. I rub her hot wet pussy gently while kissing it and darting my finger in and out of pretty little ass. I stop long enough to kiss and lick her super sweet blonde pussy, I gently bite and tug at the gold ring she has pierced to her pussy. I give her a nice long licking an d kiss it while reaching up and pulling on her nipple rings.

I ask her to lean back and stick those legs up in the air and keep them together. She does. What a sexy and totally fucking hot pussy she has. I grab her ankles and spread her legs. I kiss her ight ankle and lick it, I then turn to her left ankle and do the same thing. I slowly work my way down to her box while keeping her legs spread wide open.

I kiss her pretty little box, and lick it once.

I grab her ankles and place my thick, pulsating cock right on her pussy, the tip barely inside. I let her guide into her overheated pussy.She begins to moan quietly as I start pumping her. I go faster and faster, my balls are slapping against her ass so hard they hurt a little.

She begins to squeeze my balls really hard, it feels awesome. We fuck like animals for a few minutes.

As i begin to pull my cock out, she instinctively grabs it and shoves down her throat.

I can feel that tongue stud pressing up and down my cock, what a feeling! She starts working the tip of my cock as I ram it in and out of her over-stretched mouth, as I begin to cum she sticks out the long, sexy tongue and I spray my cum all over it, I spray some on her face to. She swallows all that she can and licks her lips and fingers as well.

I rub what cum is left all over face with my cock. She loves it.

I lean down to kiss her and we share my hot sticky cum juice together, our tongues working furiuosly to swap as much as we can.

I swoop down to her pretty box and suck on it and give herr another orgasm, I can feel her warm pussy juice flow into my mouth and it tastes sooo sweet. We exchange some of her sweet cum with our tongues.

She shakes her head and says: "That was awesome!"

We were very hot and sweaty, but with the rain gently falling like snow it made our dirty little act clean and romantic.

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