the little black dress

the little black dress

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


the little black dress is about a young woman who has a one night stand with a young man at a party


the little black dress is about a young woman who has a one night stand with a young man at a party


Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011




Little black dress


She walked in the room wearing a little black dress elegant and sassy a body to die for swaying her hips from side to side licking he plump lips the taste of brown sugar all eyes on her

Mesmerizing all that laid eye upon her beauty no man could resist her charm

Graceful with confidents she knew what she wanted and she was going to get it

When across the room their eyes met, he wanted to taste her

She wanted to feel him inside of her

She could tell he would be a good fuck as they made their way to each other she was not looking for love

Just a good fuck

Nothing more

Envy filled the room she could see the envy in the FEMALES faces she could careless she’s a diva so fly in the little black dress she was in control these bitches had nothing on her

She could hear the Whispers who do she think she is she’s dressed like a hoe their comments filled the room

She was fearless the badest bitch at the party and she was on a mission

As they both met in the middle of the room

Realizing she knew him from next door living next door to each other

The same apartment complex

Hello do I know you from somewhere he ask

Yes you do we’re next door Nabors she answered

Oh okay I thought I had seen you before giving her a lite hug

His hot body and touch made her pussy wet

What brings you to the party?

He ask

Both finding each other attractive

I have been watching you for a while she said looking for the right answer

Same here however you were taken or should I say you are taken

He wanted her to give him the green light craving her body he had to have her if only for one night

Well it sure don’t feel that way AS she move in closer to him I don’t think he love me any more sometime I blame myself and his job his work takes him all over the use

It is so crazy because im always spicing up our sex life a freak in between the sheets she laugh aloud

What is wrong with this person you are so hot and your body is banging in that little black dress

Can’t call it but I got this feeling he maybe cheating a woman knows as she ended the topic still in love with her husband

Im sorry to hear that just do not get some men a beautiful wife no worries got it all do not get it

However, my opinion placing his hand on her shoulder

As the night went on, they decided to call it a night

Returning to her place her husband out of town on a job site

She had no fears of her husband returning home early it was on for the night both of them knew what they wanted

Their hands were like two octopuses making out hot steamy make out sex his hands up her little black dress in her patties stroking her wet pussy you want it baby she said to him.

You know I do whispering in her ear

Not as much as I want you moving to the bed room

Kissing his body slowly making her way to his pants

Teasing his cock with her lips sliding it in her mouth

In and out tasting his pre cum

She liked the way it dripped from her lips

is it good too you she ask of him hell yea he said down low enjoying her touch she crawl on top of him sliding down on his cock her eyes closeting as his cock penetrate her pussy so wet feeling good she move her body up and down baby don’t stop keep it right there

Giving her herself to him sending his mind body and soul in to a world lust and sexual bliss

He wanted all of her mind body and soul the way she made his cock crave her touch never wanting this moment to end

This tight pussy so good I want to taste it as rapping his strong arms around her waist rolling her over on to her back laying sexy body onto the bed

Spreading her legs using his lips to spread her pink wet cum dripping pussy sucking her pussy lips one then the other

His tongue teasing her pussy before penetrating her pussy with his tongue deep inside of her tight brown sugar pussy stalking her with his eyes while making her body move insanely with pleaser the way he worked her pussy with his mouth were beyond anything she had ever felt before

No man had ever made her feel the way he made her feel

His tongue did things to her body that were spell binding hypnotic

She had to ask baby what are you doing too me her voice shaking falling in love with his sex appeal

This is my pussy tonight I have dreamed of this night for a while now that I got this pussy it belongs to me so lay back and let me show you how much I want you the remember me when you fucking your husband

Girl im so in love with you and now that you are in my arms lay back and feel my love

Kissing her pussy gentle and sweet she laid back on the bed closing her eyes the feel were beyond love making there’s more feelings coming from the heart

Because she had the same feels for him knowing this love affair could not be forbidden dreams two lovers drawn together hidden secrets between the sheets

In a whisper she I want you inside of me fuck me deep make me scream out your name right before you cum I want to feel your thick white cum all over my body then suck the last drop slowing a part of you

How bad do you want it as bad as you want to give it to me she answered you natty boy both of them laughing out loud

Slapping her lips with his cock beg for this cock

Crewel for the last drop she began begging crawling on all four she had to have him the sex was too good to pass up ramming his rock hard cock deeper and deeper into her caramel pussy

As she scrammed for more fuck this wet pussy harder yes like that, she said as he hit the spot his body shaking feeling his love coming down

Shit im bout to cum fuck this pussy is nice and tight damn here it comes this pussy too good quickly pulling his cock out of her pussy cum all over her body

Then in her mouth rapping her hands around his cock sucking the last drop of his cum she swallow

Then wipe her lips and say what a night to remember can I see you again as he walks into the restroom to clean up she walks in behind him

I’m married ending with a good-bye kiss


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