Just watch me Baby

Just watch me Baby Just watch me Baby

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


She makes him watch her masterbate.


She makes him watch her masterbate.


Submitted: May 14, 2014

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Submitted: May 14, 2014



Just sit there baby 

in that chair 

and watch me on our bed.

Watch me take off my bra and throw it at you

watch me lay back and play with my nipples

i pinch my nipples

i roll them between my index finger and thumb

i mash my tits together  and massage them

i put my fingers on my nipples and rub 

till I'm moaning

you have a great view of my pussy

since im in a thong

you can see the glistening of my pussy juices

you try to come and help me but I push you away

just watch me baby

watch me scoot up the bed 

and spread my legs wide.

watch me hook my thumbs around the string of my thong

and slide it down the thighs you love being in between of

watch me take them off and throw them at you

so I can see you catch the wet fabric and smell it

and start rubbing it on your erect cock

Watch me play with my pussy

rub my clit

make myself pant 

lick my fingers and shove them in my needy pussy

watch me buck and squirm

Hear my moans and rub your dick faster

right over that mushroom head I love to put in my mouth

watch me rub my clit as 

the  ginger from next door 

with her big ass

and DD cups and long legs

comes out of the closet 

with her pussy juices running down her legs  from her silky ginger bush

comes out and straddles my face

watch me eat her 

like you eat me 

and make her cry out when I shove three fingers in her tight pussy 

watch her come all over my face 

Watch her slide down and start sucking my clit 

while I play with my tits

and moan your name

watch me cum 

as you spurt your cum all over her back

Just watch me baby.


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