I'm Glad You Came. Pt2

I'm Glad You Came. Pt2 I'm Glad You Came. Pt2

Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


Status: Finished

Genre: Gay and Lesbian


THE SECOND STORY IN MY SHORT STORY SERIES. Jake is now finally at peace with his life, or so he feels he is. He and James shared a truly wonderful night together. Yet Jake is troubled by hiding his true past. Jake's darkest secret, is the answer to all questions about him. James Chambers is determined to get to know the real Jake Adams.


Jake is now finally at peace with his life, or so he feels he is. He and James shared a truly wonderful night together. Yet Jake is troubled by hiding his true past. Jake's darkest secret, is the answer to all questions about him. James Chambers is determined to get to know the real Jake Adams.


Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



Ahh.  Things are great now in my life.  James and I made love, and he told me how he feels.  Although...I feel strange.  Dirty.  Ashamed.  Not by James...but by my secret.

Last time, I didn't tell James the truth about my past....well at least not all of it.

I'm in my room, looking out my window.  Staring out into the streets of my neighborhood...Just thinking about the truth....

When I was 10 years old, I lived in Miami, Florida.  And I witnessed a murder.  I was alone, at 8: 30pm on a rather chilly october night.  I was walking along the neighborhood to my house after a visit to the mini mart down the street.  And as I walked down the street, I heard grunting, screaming, and cries for help coming from a woman. 

" HELP!  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! " shouted the woman's voice.

I was stunned, and frightened, but brave.  I creeped over to the ally, when I saw a man, covered in bloody clothes, standing over a woman, lying motionless on the ground.  He held a knife, with large, angry eyes.  He looked like he was about 35 years old.  But I didn't get to see his face.  To many shadows. 

He was breathing heavily, and whispered to himself, "  Well, I guess you won't be blabbing your mouth now, with a slit throat."

I stared at the cold, dead woman's corpse on the ground, and let out  gasp.  Quickly, the man noticed me, standing there on the corner.  He move out of the shadows, and revealed his face.  He had a scar over his forehead, brown eyes, weathered skin, and black messy hair.  He stared at me and said, " Your next kid. "

I ran as fast as I could, until I realized he was about 6 feet behind me. In a panic, I sped up, more and more with adrenaline running through my veins.  I was able to run faster, and longer than ever with the adrenaline.  I reached my house, and ran inside, slammed and locked the door.  My parents stopped in the middle of an arguement.  " Honey what's wrong? "  my mom asked in a panic.


They called the police, at first gave me a questioning look, but as soon as they saw the seriousness in my eyes, they started dialing.

It wasn't long before we heard pounding on the door, " Let me in you little son of a bitch! "

I screamed in fright.  It was him.  The murder man!  My parents swept me away from the door, I was paralyzed.  Completely traumatized by this whole event.  The man burst throught door, tearing it off it's hinges.  The door hit my dad, knocking him down.  My mom trying to protect me, but not strong enough to hold him off.  He pushed her on the ground, and made his way towards me.  

He took the knife he used to kill the lady in the street, and used it on me.  He cut my chest, shoulder, collar, and back.  Which is were I really got those scars from.

I screamed in agony.  My body  in more pain than I've ever been in in my life.   The blood ran over my body, the man standing over me, " Murder Man ", I called him.

The police flooded the room, paramedics take me away to the hospital.

After that, it's mostly a blur.  My parents and I were placed under the Witness Protection Program.  My real name is Aaron Matthews, not Jake Adams.  We moved from Florida, to Kentucky.

When we moved, I was a little quite, and different,  kids mafe fun of me for acting different.  But not one person knows what really happened to me, or even knows who I really am, besides my parents of course.

So, now I'm Jake, as far as the rest of the world knows....Aaron is dead.

I heard a knocking mt my door, " Who is it? " I call out.

" James. "

" Be right there! "

I rushed over to the desk, where I kept my contacts, not for sight, but for protection.  The WPP gave me a new hair due, and new eye color.  I really have baby blue eyes, but now I must wear these hazel eyes.

I also originally had long black hair, but now have a permanently dyed dark brown hair.

I put in my contacts, and walked towards the door.

" Hey James, " I said in a cheery, good mood.

" Hey Jake, " he replied, then leaning in to peck my cheek.

" James!  Not in the hall, my parents might see! " I said in a whisper.  With a grin.

" So, may I come in the room, so we can kiss all we want? "

" Ohh..of course, come on in. "

He walked in my room,  handsome as always.  He took my hand, and kissed it.  I closed the blinds, and kissed his soft lips.  He entered my mouth, sweet and sexual.  And I do mean, SEXUAL.  Everytime I kiss him, I wanted to get in bed with him.  But I don't, either because there are parents downstairs, or we aren't really in a sexual mood.  Hehe.

It's like I can't stop thinking about that night at his place.  It was....magical.  I loved every minute of it.  I was safe, free, happy, and in love.

And I do mean SAFE.  The Murder Man I told you about is in jail, sure he's in florida, but I feel like he could break free any day now, after these long 6 years.  I was cutting in the past is mostly due to my fear of Murder Man returning, to seek his revenge.  I just couldn't live with the fear, so I tried sucide.

James noticed me drifting off in my thoughts, and I was in a scared state of mind.  He just knew it.  

" Jake? "

I snapped out of it, " James, what's wrong? "

" You just drifted off there for a moment.  It seemed like you were afraid. "

" No, James, I'm fine. "

He held me tight in his strong arms, and just being here, with him......made me feel safer than ever. 

I lost it, I kissed him on his lips with such a passion.  James just stood back, and he let me kiss him. James will never know just how much he means to me.

I ripped away his shirt from his body, taking him by suprise.  I kissed his chest, rubbed his abs, and ran my fingers up and down his arms.  He gasped in the moment, lifting me up, high in the air, and kissing my lips.

There was a bathroom in my room, with a shower. Hmm, what to do, what to do?

He carried me towards the bathroom.  He started the shower. We stripped down to our nude bodies.  I followed him in the shower, carassing his body.  He stared at my scars, with a look of pain, and hurt.  But he quickly forgot that I had them, and started to kiss me again.

I was totally hot in the moment, hishands racing up and down my back, making their way towards my butt.  The water running down our bodies, making perfect lube, hehe.

He slid his newly erected cock into me. I ket my moans quite, so the 'rents wouldn't hear.  He got stronger with every thrust.  He continued to make love to me, making me oan ever so quitely with lust.  I turned my head, trying to kiss him while he was behind me, I succeded.

" Jake, I'm gonna...."

" No need to finish that sentence, " I said with a rather masculant tone.

With one final, hard thrust, he unleashed with load inside of me.  I felt good, it felt........right.

We dried off after shutting the water off.  I truned around when he blew his hot breathe down my neck, " Again? Really? " I asked with a laugh in my voice.

I quickly turned around, he placed his hand on my collar scar.  I looked up, and jumped back when I saw his eyes.  They for some reason reminded me of......Murder Man.

I screamed in sudden terror. " Ah! "

" Jake?!? What's wrong? "

"Nothing, I...I just thought I saw a ghost or something. "

He gave me an awkward stare.  But then gave a reassuring smile.

I don't know what's wrong with me.  Today I randomly thought of Murder Man.  And can't stop thinking about him....I'm....I'm just terrified by the memory.  As it grew dark outside, James called his parents, letting them know he'd be staying the night.

He slipped into bed, waiting for me to return into the room.  And as I walked it, I smiled, " My my my, isn't this familiar. "

I crawled in next to him, and I noticed he didn't have a shirt on, neither did I.  It seems as though we are all about sex, but we're not, it's just....a major benefit.

I could feel his hot skin against my icy cold body, I was trembling.  " Whats wrong Jake?  You've been acting odd all day. "

" James.....I...I...I don't want to say. It's......personal.  I dont' wanna talkm about it. "

" Jake, you can tell me anything . What's going on? "

I sighed, " Ok, theres a reason I couldn;t concentrate today, but you must not tell a soul.  Promise me that."

" I promise. " 


He froze as soon as I finished telling him my horrific story.  BUt I did not tell him of my true identity, or my eyes and hair.  He only knows about Murder Man, that's all.

" Jake.....I can't belive it, A GROWN MAN GAVE YOU THOSE SCARS AS A KID?   Thats just fucking sick! "

" I know, I know, and I cut because  wanted to escape the memory, but then I met you and...well...."

" Well what? "

" That's just it, I can't finish that sentence, you gave me everything.  I love you James. "

" I love you too Jake. "

He kissed my neck, with angry expressions on his facem porbably from the thought of me gettng hurt like that.  But I calmed him down, I leaned into his chest, and I felt his breathe down my neck.  He slowly drifted to sleep, and I soon followed.  But while drifting, not even aware if he could hear me, I said, " I'm still glad you came James, I'm very gald you come tonight......"

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