An asshole boss

An asshole boss An asshole boss

Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


The day I met my boss I thought he was a reasonable man. Human, understanding, a person you could talk to at any time. Fact is, he seemed totally different from the most bosses I've known before. Lately I came to feel the complete opposite. Why? I will tell you in the following story...


The day I met my boss I thought he was a reasonable man. Human, understanding, a person you could talk to at any time. Fact is, he seemed totally different from the most bosses I've known before.

Lately I came to feel the complete opposite.

Why? I will tell you in the following story...


Submitted: November 09, 2010

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Submitted: November 09, 2010



An asshole boss

The day I met my boss I thought he was a reasonable man. Human, understanding, a person you could talk to at any time. Fact is, he seemed totally different from the most bosses I've known before.

What I know today is that all of this was a complete lie. Just a way to make me work hard and in the end, unfortunately, breaking me down completely. At a point I wasn't needed anymore. I did my job and suddenly he spit me out like I was nothing, like I was a piece of trash he needed to get rid of as soon as possible. I didn't fit the picture anymore, so he said.

I have worked my ass of for this guy. Well, even more than that, I've worked so hard that I've become sick, mentally and physically. Why? Because today I know I did it all for nothing. Because I feel completely betrayed. He broke me down so hard, it's been real hard to function normally lately. Why should I get up in the morning? I have no job anymore and it's a world full off mean people out there. Yeah, I know, that's not true. But this is how he made me feel. He took away the trust I had in myself and the trust I had in the people around me.

Why? I will tell you in the following story....

When I started working in this office, with him being my manager, I just loved my job. He was nice, I could always talk to him, I liked the work I was doing, the people inside my office were nice, I felt on top of the world. I was learning new things, I met a lot of people, I was doing great. In the first months I have seen a lot of people around me being fired. They couldn't handle the job or didn't fit the picture as well.

I was standing strong, it was hard seeing so many people leave, but I kept fighting for my own position. I loved the work I was doing and I really felt that I needed to be there. After a while I really felt that this was what I should do. Everything fell in place. On the job I worked hard and I've always been a team player. So between me and my colleagues, everything was in balance. Outside the job, I just was myself, feeling more and more confident everyday.

In the beginning of this job, I was being tested every few weeks, they had to know if I was a person that could handle this job. Every test went sublimely well. So I kept standing strong, working hard and liking my job more and more.

At the last of april, 2009, I had the biggest test. If I would pass this test, I would be transferred to another location and would share an office there with four other people. Two of them were people that had been working for this company for about twenty years. The other two people were new at this job, just like me. I passed the test...A perfect score. The manager I worked for at that time signed it personally and also he added some words; “ very well done, keep on going like this”.

Now that is stimulation in a good way. I was so motivated at that point, I had reached this position and kept on working. Even harder than I did before.

Somewhere at the end of 2009, I became sick. I was in a lot of pain. I never called in sick though, I just took a lot of aspirin so I could keep working. In the beginning of 2010 the pain became worse. So somewhere in the second half of january 2010 I went to see my house doctor. He was very worried about me and told me I needed to go for further research to a hospital. At that time I missed some days at work, but I still didn't call in sick. I just used the free days I had saved up working for this company. Outside the hospital, I just kept on working, still, with a lot of help from the many aspirines I was taking on a daily basis. First diagnose found place at the beginning of june 2010. I suffered endometrioses. I didn't need surgery, thank god, but I had to take medicine. Oke, so I did. In the meantime, I just worked as hard as I always did. Somedays the pain was almost unbearable, but I kept working. The last thing I needed was losing my job.

Somedays I really couldn't deal with the pain, it just took me over, so somewhat further in the year, I had to call in sick. I had used up the free days I had left, I really had no other choice.

At that time I had asked my boss if I would get in trouble with my contract. He told me no, absolutely not. He wished he had a team of people that all worked as hard and good as me. He told me I should focus on getting better and I really wasn't getting fired or anything like that. This was somewhere around august 2010 I think. He repeatedly told me this from this point on.

So, I was sick, but I had my medication so I thought it would get better after a while. Unfortunately, no. I still was in a lot of pain and not only that, my hair began falling out. At this time I had lost a lot of weight during the year. I barely weight 44 kilo's, so yeah, I was cold all the time and it felt like my body was eating up my muscle. I felt so sore all the time. Because of the pain I was throwing up a lot off my food, something that kept getting worse during the year.

So, further research at the hospital. Another diagnose in october 2010. Because I have had worked so hard the whole year, which I only could do with all those asperines, I damaged my stomach. So my body was real messed up by now.

My doctor at the hospital told me that I had to focus on my health, and when I did, I would get better. Endometrioses I had to live with, but my stomach had to be healed so that I would feel strong again. He told me to work a little less for the time being and with further treatment at the hospital I would feel better in no time. The best news I had had in a long time.

During the year I was so afraid that I had cancer or some kind of other scary diseases. Thank god, I would get better. Well, I good live a normal life. And the most important thing for me, I good work! So, during al of these visitations at the hospital, I kept my boss updated every week. And when I could work, I still worked very hard.

In the second week of october 2010, it was on a Friday, I walked into my boss his office to give him the updates at that time. I told him how the next week for me would be and how much I could work during that week. Suddenly he interrupted me, closed the door of his office and he said to me, I have to tell you something too. I thought he would talk to me about some problems he had with other co workers, things he shouldn't tell me, but what he always did. But no, not this time. In exact words he said “ Please don't take this personally, but I'm letting you go et the end of december 2010, you should look at this as a business decision”. I freezed. I didn't know what to say for about a minute. Then I said “ Excuse me, could you repeat that please, because what I've just heard doesn't cope with the things you've told me before” . And he repeated “ It's just a business deal, nothing personal”.

I felt like the whole floor was taking away be need me. I think I couldn’t even breath there for a moment. I looked him right in the eye and asked him, so you lied to me? And he said, yes, I did.You work hard, I needed you, but know your sick and I can't use you anymore. That was all he had to say, I could go...

I told him he was mean, diss-honest and I ran out....

I had worked so hard. I'de became more ill because of working so hard, and he just threw me out like a piece of garbage....

Not because of the work I did, that was more than great he said, not of being the person I am, also great he said, but because I am sick and me being sick had taking too long.

I think there is another reason. I think that he can't stand the fact that he can't get me in a way which isn't professional. I've not told you this in the story so far, but at some occasions my boss had let me know that he wanted something else from me beside the work I was doing.

He sent me emails in which he was flirting. This started somewhere around summer 2009. At that time I was shocked. When I got the first email that wasn't, well, let's keep it simple, it was far from professional.

I replied, just to test him, to see how far he would take this. I a few days I realized that he would go very far. And no, I didn't want that, at all! First off, I never looked at him that way, he was my boss for god sake! And especially after I found out he had a wife and two young children! What the hell was he thinking?

So from than on, I completely ignored those emails. I only replied at business mails. From that time on, he started acting differently towards me. He wasn't as friendly as before. He was more distanted. Which I didn't find a problem, we are in an office to work, not to flirt with one another, especially your boss!

At this point, I really think this is the reason he's turning me down so hard right now. And I think it's sick. It's disgusting. And I can't get over the fact that I've lost my job over this sick bastard.

The last two weeks I have just been very mad and along the side I've been focusing on my health. Which is harder than ever because everything seems out of balance at this point.

I feel like I have lost a piece of myself. I feel I did not only lose my job but also the trust I had in myself and the people around me.

There is just something about a power ego, that really ruins it for some people.

I loved my job. Even though I'm sick right now, and have to think about my health, I really would like to return and finish my job with pride if I was given a good chanche. There is so much more I could do there. I wasn't finished, not by far. I saw myself working there for many years to come.

There are about 1500 people working in my building, and just because I had to put up with the boss from hell, I don't belong there anymore. This is so frustrating. I just keep thinking is there anything more I could do.

I know I could tell this story to the boss of my boss, if you know what I mean. But will this help me? I don't think so. Or well maybe, but in a good way for me? I think it would turn out to be such a mess which I really can't handle right now, emotionally speaking.

For now, writing it down, helps a little. I could tell so much more, about the emails, about how he treated me sometimes inside the office, about how all of this made me feel when I was still working there, me struggling and sometimes even crying when I came home because I didn't no what to do about those emails, ignoring this behavior and just working hard to let him now that whatever he did, or in how much pain I was, my work did not suffer beneed all of this, well, so many more things. I think I could write a whole book about the last two and a half years.

But so far, this is my story, a story about an asshole boss....

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