Office Sexposa

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

The epic story of a man in love with his co-worker and everytime he tries to tell her sexual pleasures interupts..

Table of Contents

Office Sexposa

The epic story of a man in love with his co-worker and everytime he tries to tell her sexual pleasures interupts.. Read Chapter

Office Sexposa part 2

Chapter 3:   “Kerry, what are you doing out here in the hall?” “Well I heard someone moaning after I finished my m... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

 “Your place? Why?”Kerry questioned. “Well, we’re a bit ahead of schedule and I need a bath after helping that woman fix... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Alex stepped out of the shower and walked to his room to get dressed, upon entering Kerry let out a slight scream. “Alex! You perve... Read Chapter


“Ok, but first you gotta wake up.” “Kerry… Kerry… Kerry…’’ Alex’s voice called out to her but she was reluctant to ... Read Chapter

  Sunrise came within the hour but Kerry decided to sleep until ten because after all that went on last night she was immensely ... Read Chapter


  The next day Kerry woke up to the smell of toast and eggs and unconsciously straddled herself down the steps into the kitchen.... Read Chapter

To the ends of the earth

  “Shit, could you drive a little faster Mr. Bernadette?” “Of course Mr. Preston but may I ask why the rush?” ... Read Chapter

Unexpected Surprise

Chapter 10 After arriving home Alex went into his office to make sure everything was in order, his companies seemed to have made a st... Read Chapter

Unexpected Meetings

Chapter 11 It was already night time by the time Kerry had arrived in Italy and to make it even worse there was a horrible lightening... Read Chapter

A woman's tongue.

  After the matter was cleared up and they all return to meet up inside the airport, they all decided to get a room at a nearby ... Read Chapter

Morning after

  Morning quickly came and as the sun peered through Kerry’s window she pulled the sheet further up over her face, her body co... Read Chapter

The Plot

  “Mother, are you sure it was ok?” “What are you talking about Maxwell?” “Sending her there after telling her a... Read Chapter

Lies, Secrets and Father

  Chapter 15   “Mr. Preston it appears that we have a visitor.” “A visitor? Who is it this time?” ... Read Chapter