She is Always the Hero

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Note of Encouragement


I hope everything is OK.
I wish I could be there for you.
Everyone loves you so much, I am sure you have all the support you need.
I know you do not need anything from me.
But I do wish that I could help you with whatever it is.
Guess I am just selfish like that.

I have learned so many things about you through our friendship.
Remember these few things that people see in you and need from you.
I am sure you already know, but these things really help others.

Many things change people on the inside and out. One thing that never changes about you is your self worth. The sparkle in your eyes, your body language, your facial expressions show your confidence about yourself and who you are. That confidence is important to those around you. Lets them know that there is a strong person near them that they can lean on.

You build others up like few people can. You are very very gifted in helping others realize how valued and important they are.

You listen well without trying to solve everyone's problems. Sometimes people just want someone to listen.

Your smile is contagious.

Many people look to you when troubles come. I know that can be frustrating and a burden sometimes, but you know what to do and what to say. You are a natural born leader and those around you need that.

You know how to have fun and you know how to bring the fun to everyone else.

You are compassionate to others and you know what to say to make them feel better.

Look, I know you do not need me to believe in you. 
You have been blessed with everything you need, as it should be. 
But I do believe in you and I hope everything works out OK.


Submitted: September 08, 2014

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