Rough Catch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Two lovers meet again...

After a half day of fishing and catching nothing, I am irritated. Not only that, it is hot as hell outside. So hot I know I cannot sleep at the campsite I have already paid for. So I decide to make it better and get a room at the Bohemian. After a good shower I am at the bar for lunch and a beer. I look up and there you are. Sitting four stools down from me. I cannot believe my eyes. The most beautiful woman in the world, who happens to like to fuck me, is in the same bar. Except, three months ago she said not to contact her anymore. She feels "guilty". Understandable, but tragic. How can two people with such a strong erotic connection have to be apart? The world is beautiful and fucked up at the same time. I go to the bathroom to collect my thoughts and when I come out, I really expect to see your husband sitting by you.

But when I come out, you are facing me in a mini-skirt. Not only that, you part your legs just enough, so I can see that you are commando. Did you mean to do that? I am confused and extremely horny now. I know what you can do with what is between those legs. Then, I realize I am standing in the open staring at a woman's crotch. God, I hope no one noticed. I have to see what you are up to so I walk up next to you and whisper, "Honey, what are your doing?"

"Hmm?" You look at me with innocent eyes.

"Don't hmm me honey, what are you doing?"

You blush and look away which tells me you know exactly what I am talking about. "Nothing", you say in a small soft voice.

I am not buying it. No way. "Do not flash your pussy at me, unless you are ready to give me some."

I walk back to my bar stool. I just walked away from a woman with the body of a model, who fucks like a porn star, who flashed her pussy at me. What the hell is wrong with me? But she said not to talk to her anymore, and I just did. Does she have another lover she is meeting here? Is she pissed and never going to talk to me again? I am so confused. My cock is aching in my jeans. I face the bar hoping no one sees my hard on. I take a swig of my beer and feel a tap on my back. When I turn around, you are walking towards the elevator. You turn around and give me a come hither, with your. . ..middle finger? You keep walking towards the elevator. I am just sitting on my bar stool watching you. I am frozen. I cannot process what just happened. Then you stop at the elevator and look at me, and my instincts take over. I start walking towards the elevator.

You turn to me, "We need your key to get up the elevator. I assume you have a room. If not I can call and get one for us now."

"Ummmm umm." "Crap I left the key sitting on the bar." I briskly walk back to the bar and grab the card.

I slide the card in, "I am practically speechless. I really am. You definitely have me here. I am sooo confused."

"Here is the deal. You have a great tongue, you are raunchy as hell, and you should get a gold medal in fucking. I am addicted to those three things. I need my fix."

"How did you know I was here?"

"I have my way of finding things out in this city. Does it really matter?"

I am still feeling frustrated as hell when we walk into the room. Seems like you call all the shots. I am a little irritated. "You have molded me into what you want me to be. You wait until you have an appetite, you stalk me, then you come in for the kill. Must be fun."

You look at me a little hurt, "You know, maybe this is not a good time, maybe I should leave."

"Oh hell no. Your not getting me hard, worked up, wanting to fuck, and than just leave me."

"I don't know if I like you like this." You sit on the bed.

I sit beside you and start kissing you, but your not responding well. Your pissed off at what I said. I am thinking, I am hard as a rock and I know she is thinking about walking out of this room. I give up on the kissing and go straight to the mother lode. I push you back on the bed and your legs apart all in one motion. I have one arm tight around your waist. You squeeze your legs together but it is too late, my tongue is already on the clit. You keep squeezing and your legs like a vice on my head. "Hey, lets talk about this. I am not sure about it this time. Hey..Hey...HEY."

My saliva has run down to your ass. I reach around with my free hand and start massaging your ass while I suck on your clit. You legs spread eagerly open. "Oh God that feels good. It has been wayyyy too long."

I eagerly lick your pussy, loving the scent and taste. I eat your little pussy like it is a meal. Later I'll fuck your mouth, but for now I want in your pussy, I need to show you who is in charge around here. Stalking me like I am an animal? I lick inside your pink walls until you flood my mouth, and I suck up all the juices until I am satisfied. I love the taste of this pussy. I tongue fuck you to two more orgasms until my cock cannot stand it any further.

I get out of my clothes like lightning, take my rod in hand and lead it to your pussy. You start to protest again, but your enjoyment of my actions are dripping from my chin. "You stalked me, flashed your pussy, talked to me like I'm a toy, so now I'm going to fuck your pussy up honey." I push the bulbous head of my cock into your pussy lips. I push in a couple of inches. I slide all the way in and climb on top of you in full mount. I slide all the way back and slam it home.

You wince, "Whoa take it easy a little, that's a little too hard."

"Your fine, we know you can take my cock in your pussy. By the end of the day, you'll know you can take my cock in all of your holes." And I start pounding your pussy like a jackhammer. And now you are the one starting to feel confused.

"Hey now, umph, a little easier please, Okayyy. Ohhhhh Shit." You holler loudly.

"You just hold on tight honey, you have always had a taste of me. Today, your getting the full fucking meal!" Grabbing under your shoulders with you legs over my shoulders. Your making enough noise that I am getting a little worried. "Shhhh, we are just fucking, honey. Calm down a little." You were always tight, but today your pussy feels like its got a grip. This feels amazing! I cant just leave her pussy sore, I need to give her a little pleasure with it. I grab one breast tight with one hand making the already stiff nipple look like it is going to burst. Then I start massaging it with my stiff tongue. I keep up the rhythm and I feel your pussy flood its nectar over my cock. You moan with delight.

"Yeah baby that's the way to do it. This is some amazing fucking, baby."

"You are hitting me too deep and hard, lighten up some. What has gotten into you?" You voice is strained, but your getting in rhythm with me even though your pussy feels abused.

"You should have thought of that before you flashed you little pussy at me, now shut up and fuck!" As I hammer away at your tight little pussy. Three months of missing you and you tease me like I am a kid.

"You feel that?" I bury my cock all the way in, pushing against your cervix. Flexing my cock so it rubs agains the soft surface. I am uncontrollable. My cock is hungry for breeding.

"Ummmm, yes, that k-kinda hurts, please. Please, lets just take a break."

"Get over it. Just think of this as a very long seven course meal, honey. You teased and hurt me at the wrong time. I am going to pound this pussy into obedience. My dick is going to give that tight little ass of yours obedience lesson of its own. I reach around and slip my middle finger into your ass.

"No, please babe, I apologize, just please don't put your cock in my ass. I have never done that. I will do what ever you want" You start to look a little scared, and I start caming down a little. Damn, I hope you want to see me again after this. I need to calm down. You are wet as hell and my cock is sliding in and out easily.

For some reason your voice just turned me on more. It was time to get down to some serious fucking. Your grunts tell me that I am abusing your little pussy, but your are starting to thrust with me with every stroke. Something in you is liking this.

I get a little tired of this position and flip you over on all fours. I bury my face in your pussy.Sticking my tongue in and licking around as much as I can. Then I lick up and lay my tongue flat on your ass and you gasp in pleasure.

"Hmmmm", you moan with pleasure. Your thinking that the pussy pummelling is over. But when you feel my cock start to squeeze in between those swollen lips again, you realize I have other ideas. I start to feel a little bad about the beating your pussy has taken, and I begin a slow and steady rhythm as I begin to massage your asshole with my thumb. 

"Ohhh you have such a tight pussy baby. I love fucking you like this." The urge to take it easy subsides and I grab you hips and start some serious fucking again. I start hitting the spot that I know you love and you growl with primal instinct as you lower your head and in anticipation. Now you are fucking back at me with fervor. "Yeah that is it, lose all abandon, and fuck hard becuase you miss it so much."

"You want to cover my cock with you cum? Want your little pussy to cum hard?"

You look back at me with nothing but primal lust in your eyes. "Please make me cum. Keep it up, baby, fuck that pussy, fuck me like I need to be fucked. Fuck me harrrrd. Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Your body begins to tense up as I pick up the pace. Your lost in lust. Your whole body and mind is lost in a mating frenzy.

Then your body begins to jerk uncontrollably as you bury your face in the pillow and scream. You're juices gushing out around my cock like a newly drilled oil well. It sends me over the edge. I do not have a condom this time, but I do not care. I am uncontrollably lost in the need to breed.

"Ahhhhh, Ahhhh, Yeahhhh" I yell as my semen fills and overflow your pussy. I grab your hips and hold my cock in as you pussy is clamped around it.

I slowly pull out. Your pussy is a battered wet mess."You love the way I fuck?"

You nod your head quicky, and a muffled but enthusiastic "uh huh" comes from the pillow.

I tap my dick on your asshole. "That tight little bitch is mine today".

You shake your head and a muffled "no, sir" comes from the pillow.

At least I fucked some respect out of you, I am thinking. "OK, come around here and suck me while I am still hard. Clean my dick up good now. Don't miss a drop." My body jerks as you hungrily suck and lick my cock clean. "Dont forget my balls, lick them clean. Ahhh, that feels good baby. Goooood job. That's real nice. You are so awesome." You had tamed the beast and he was really happy.

I walk to the bathroom and start the tub. You look like you could use a nice warm bath. Your laying face down and I straddle you. Then I work you over with a really nice massage until the tub fills. After the massage I pick you up in my arms, carry you over and gently lay you in the warm water. I get the soap and starting with your toes I clean your whole body. I dry you off and carry you back to the bed. Then starting with your toes again I lightly kiss every inch of your tender skin, spending a little more time with your beautiful lips and finishing off with a light peck on the forehead. 

I gently run my fingers through your hair. "You do realize that we are going to fuck for the rest of the day, right?"

You look up with a half smile and your body tenses a little at the thought. "OK, but are you really going to try to put your cock in my ass?"

"We will discuss that later, now run go get us something to eat, we both could use some carbs. I have to go run a little errand of my own. Be back in an hour." "Hey, get plenty of water, you are in for a few more orgasms and we don't want you dehydrated, and I never got to finish my beer, so get some beer too."

When I get back from my errands I lay a bag from the adult toy store on the bed. You are lying on the bed totally nude, finishing up some chicken wings and a bottle of water.

"Wow, your done already? Couldnt wait for me?"

You have a glow that is so captivating. "Sit back and eat baby, you have to be just as hungry as I was. Why dont you get naked before you eat."

I take off my clothes and sit back on the bed, open a beer, and start to eat some wings. You lay beside me with your head on my chest. Your body is so soft and beautiful, I am totally mesmerized.

As I finish up my wings you look up at me and whisper seductively, "You know I am still very very hungry". You start to lick some sauce off of my lips an then you straddle over me and kiss me hard and long. We kiss each others lips and neck and faces for what seems like an eternity. I feel something drip on my leg. OMG you are sopping wet already. I am already hard, but the scent of your pussy in heat makes my cock want to burst. You pull back and smile wickedly, "Lets have dessert, I want to suck on this beast of yours while you eat my pussy out."

In a flash we are head to toe and I am teasing the tip of your clit while you are licking all over the head of my cock. I suck your whole pussy in my mouth and start massaging your clit with my tongue. You groan with pleasure and start to bob your head up and down with your lips tight around me. I look over and reach into the bag and pull out a butt plug and some lubricant. I lube it up good and lube your asshole while you still feverishly work on my cock. I slowly slide the plug in your ass and turn it on as I suck on your clit.

You whip your head back, "Ohhhh fuck you know what I like. Ummmmm ummmm." Then you take my cock deep in your mouth and I feel your throat an the head of my cock. You pull back and go down again a little deeper. Back again and deeper. Then you slowly devour my whole shaft in your throat. All the way in and I feel the breath from your nostrils on my balls. I am utterly enraputed with delight and reward you with rapid tongue flicks on your clit as I barely pull back and forth on the plug. You get in rhythm fucking my shaft with your throat up and down. I am doing every thing I can not to cum. Then you are cumming hard on my tongue. I hear your growl in pleasure with as your body tenses. You make one loud whimper and then simutaneously as your nectar flows over my face you thrust every inch of my cock in your throat. My semen shoots into your throat and I pull my head back and yell. I am cumming and cumming. You pull back off my shaft and lick the remnants of cum off the head as our bodies convulse in pleasure.

We lay side by side smiling and satisfied with fireworks still going off in our bodies and minds. A few minutes go by as we enjoy the moment.

I get up and go the the fridge and get out a beer. "You know what, I think we should have a competition. Here is a full beer and mine is still half full. If you can finish a full beer before I can finish my half, you call the shots the rest of the day, as long as you do what it takes to make me cum at least one more time."

"But I like you calling the shots anyway." You reply.

"Allright babe, I call the shots for the rest of the day if you forfeit?" I say with a wicked grin and hand you a beer.

You narrow your eyes in thought and look at me sideways and point at my shaft. "Oh hell no, I know where he will end up. Let's drink for it then. But this just means that I call all the shots, it has nothing to do with you calling all the shots."

"Fine, drink up. But if you win, we up the annie later, and try again."

You nod, "Agreed". Before I realize it you are sucking down your beer. Before I can finish my mine, you put your beer on the bedside table. "Done, big boy!" You say with a laugh. "You have a vibrator in that bag?"

"Most definitely, babe"

"Well lube that butt plug up again." "I want that fucking thing back in my ass, that vibrator in my pussy, and your tongue on my clit until I tell you to stop." You lay on your back and put pillow under your ass.

I get beside you head to toe and lean over your pussy. Then slip the butt plug in and turn it on. I start by massaging your clit with the vibrator and you groan with delight. After massaging your clit for a few minutes I slowly slide the vibrator in your now swollen pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck that feels sooo goooood." You squeal.

I flick your clit with my tongue and your body tenses and your breathing quickens. After a few minutes of this your clit is swollen like a tiny dick. I can tell you are close but I take slow licks so you can enjoy the crescendo.

Your more than ready. "Oh God, eat my pussy. Come on get on it. Please make me cum. Please."

I suck on your clit and start giving it a firm, rapid massage with a hard tongue.

You body starts jerking and I pull the vibrator out but I put a finger in its place and start rubbing your g-spot with a quick motion.

You take a huge breath that sounds like you are sucking all the air from the room and every muscle in your body tenses with the stress of a power lifter. The you yell, "Ohhhhhh ohhhh ohhhhh yeahhhh, fuck yeahhhh" as a stream of you nectar hits my upper lip. I put my whole mouth over your pussy so I can suck up ever drop as it continues to squirt. A couple of more jerks from your hips and you push me off and you make a vain attempt to pull the butt plug out as your body is convusling. I reach down and pull it out for you.

Your look at me with a red face and eyes wide open. Neck muscles still straining. Chest heaving with every breath. "Son of a bitch, that was intense. What did you do? I feel like I could have a heart attack from that. Oh my God." You catch your breath and relax a little after a couple of minutes.

I am simply enjoying the view of an awesome woman feeling satisfied. It makes me smile from my heart. "You deserve anything that can rock your body like that. I am just glad to know you feel so good, but to be a part of making you full of satisfaction, makes me high."

You smile, "We gotta do that again." Holding a hand up. "But not today baby, oh hell no. But that is a drug and I just became an addict. I don't want to overdose." You laugh and embrace me and give me a warm hug and start kissing me with tender kisses on my neck.

We lay down and start to cuddle and fall asleep. But within 15 minutes I am awake and hard as a rock. I simply cannot touch your for 15 minutes without my dick getting hard. Your touch and scent have always been caffiene for my DNA. I wake you up and I walk to the fridge. "I think its time for another contest. We have two beers apiece left, so this time who can down two beers in succession first wins."

Your tired but feeling good from beer and orgasms. "I would like to try to nap, but whatever. Lets do it."

I pop the tops and set them down on the table. Before I can mouth the word go, you have taken a gulp of your first. I smile inside and although you would probably beat me anyway, I put on a good show like I am trying to win. Your first empty drops on the bed and then you are halfway done with the second before I am picking my second up.

You finish and drop your second empty on the bed. "Ahhhh, what the hell, you almost have a full beer left. Do not ever compete in any more drinking games, bud."

I set my beer over on the desk. "OK, you got me again, what next?"

"Really, honey. Right now I just want to make you cum so we can take a nap. Can you believe we have been at it for four hours? A body can only handle so much." You get down on your knees and start licking the head of my cock. "Want your dick sucked baby?" Then between sucks. "Please shoot your cum in my mouth." Suck. "I love the taste of your cum." Suck. "I want to swallow every drop."

I moan with delight. "Fuck yeah. Suck that dick baby. Suck it real fucking good. I am going to feed you a nice meal honey."

You suck pretty hard and furious for about ten minutes to no avail. The effects of downing the two beers is starting to give you a strong buzz and your feeling good but you are sober enough to wonder if you pussy can take anymore. You have to get me to cum now. You grab the toy bag and look inside. Very nice. Oral lubricant. You think, "yeah, this bad boy is fixing to cum real quick". You smile at me while you lubricate my shaft. The you put my shaft in your mouth again all the way back to the throat and in just a little. You go back and forth a couple of times until you have me all the way down.

I moan. "Ohhh fuck baby, that is nice, that is real nice."

You fuck me with your throat a little then you leave my cock just barely inside your throat and stop. You grab my hands and put them behind your head. "This will get him", you think. You look up at me and give a slight nod. I completely understand.

Slowly I start a rhythm. Every time I am in I can feel you tongue touch my balls. After 7 or 8 strokes I cannot hold back any longer. I pick up the pace. I start really fucking. Looking down at you I can see that you are doing well with it. Man this feels incredible. I have a good, hard, fast rhythm going and my balls are slapping your chin with every stroke. I want to cum sooo bad, but I am holding back as best as I can.

I have my eyes closed just fucking away. After a few minutes I realize that I cannot hold back any longer, but you pull my hands from your head and back way from me. I look down and my heart aches as I see tears streaming from your eyes. I fall down to my knees with you. "Oh my God, I am sooo sorry. What have I done? Are you OK?

You laugh as you wipe away the tears, "Your very sweet, but everything is fine. The deepthroating just starting making my eyes water I guess."

I am sooo relieved.

You give me a serious look. "What is your problem bud? I know I have to make you cum, but you gotta cooperate."

I smile inside. "I almost did. You had me on the edge."

"Well that is fucking great, but my throat cannot take another stroke. God my pussy is sore and swollen, but you were about to cum, so let's see if we can get you over the edge. I am on top. I am in control."

I lay back on the bed and you hover your pussy over my cock. A couple of drips fall from your pussy on the head of my cock. Then you slowly easy down. Your taking slow deep breaths as I enter you. You are so damn tight, my cock feels like it is splitting you. But you are so wet that I am able to slide in. You take a deep breath with every inch. Then slowly up and down. You turn your head sideways and look down as you grimace. Pleasure and pain intermingled. Slowly you pick up the pace. Up and down...up and down.

You have been at as long as you can. You are covered in sweat and after a good orgasm, you lay on top of me while I am still inside you. Then you roll us over. "Come on baby, cum for me, please", you whimper in that sweet voice. "Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me."

I pull your left leg over my shoulder and your right leg around my waist. Both hands around the back and top of your head. A couple of short soft strokes and then I whisper, "Hold on baby. You ready to get fucked hard?"

You weakly whimper, "Yes?"

Then it is on. I am pedal to the metal pumping my piston like it is my last chance to fuck. Your lips are bared and your grit your teeth with every pump. It feels like I am trying to drive my cock all the way through your body. It hurts, but it feels so damn good. I am hammering away.

After a couple of orgasms you push me off of you. You are sore as hell and it is just not worth the pleasure anymore. You are covered in sweat, groggy from beer, and you feel like you have had all the pleasure you can handle. You are a beautiful mess. "What is up with you today bud? I cannot fuck anymore. You have beaten my pussy to a pulp. Damn, look at it. It doesnt even look like a pussy anymore. Looks like a ripe plum or something. I mean damn, that was great, but no more.... My mouth is done too. I feel like I have lockjaw or something. Sore as hell. Can you jack-off or something?"

I stroke your hair. "Baby that is not the deal. You are to make me cum at least once. You won the second contest and you decided that "you" would just make me cum." You give up?

You look at me and laugh. "You know I do not give up. Just help me figure out what I need to do. I am not going down yet. And you know your an asshole, right?" You smile at me.

I look back and smile. "Hey I like that idea. Did you say asshole? I guarantee you that your little asshole gripped around my cock, sliding in and out, will definitely make me cum."

You have always been a free spirit, and the orgasms and alcohol have done a number on you today and loosened you up even more. You look at me and wink, "What the hell, any man who can fuck like you have today, ought to get a shot at it. But you have to be gentle. First hard thrust and we are done." You think to yourself, "did I just say that?"

"OK baby, I will be gentle. Sweet as can be. Now lay down on you back and put a pillow under your ass at the edge of the bed."

You get in position and I rub some lube on you ass and then a finger. I pulling my finger out lubing it and putting it back in. Then two fingers. In lube, in lube, repeat. Then lube 3 fingers and just barely get them started.

"Whoa, that hurt a little."

"Just listen. It might hurt just a little at first. But that will go away. If it hurts too much we won't do it."

"Okay. This is so fucking taboo. I can't believe I am doing this."

I lather my cock with lube and press the head against your asshole. Your eyes get big. "OK That is tight as hell".

"OK justs squeeze your ass tight and let up a couple of times."....."Like that. Great job." I slide a couple of inches in and you wince a little and I stay right there.

You are taking quick breaths and your forehead is beading up with sweat but your skin feels cool like you shouldnt be sweating. "Okay, baby I think I can do this, but it is tight as fuck." You strain.

You loosen up just a little as you are talking and I slide the rest of the way in. You open your mouth taking in gulps of air as sweat runs down the side of your face.

I look at you in awe. "Hey baby, guess what?"

"What?" You gasp?

"You officially have my cock all the way in your ass. No longer a virgin."

You squint your eyes at me and shake your head.

I start moving in and out very slowly and I grab the bottle of lube  and let some lube drip on your clit.

You cock your head at me. "What was that? Do not touch the pussy."

"I might need to lay the vibrator on it. It will help me cum."

You give me a stearn look. Your voice is unsure and you say weakly. "Really? Oh God. Really? I might cum again, I dont know if I can handle that, babe. Please."

"Ohhh damn damn damn", you tremble as you feel the vibrator barely touching your clit. "This is going to keeel me, baby, pleaseeee don't."

You're asshole has loosed up a little more and I have pick up the pace. All the nerve endings around your anus are sending waves of pleasure to your brain. Your are beginning to tremble as the cold sweat pours from your face. You are thinking to yourself, "this is fucking wild, this is fucking crazy."

You're body arches forward and you grab my right arm so hard it hurts. I feel your ass thrust forward as your body wants every inch of my cock. Your face is very tense and red, mouth open wide. Then as your sphincter clamps around my cock so tight it cannot move, you look right into my eyes and begin to howl, "Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhh Ohhhh oh" and you fall back on the bed with your body writhing. Your pussy is squirting all over my abdomen.

I drop the vibrator and climb on top of you still fucking your asshole. You grab the back of my head and pull it to yours and suck my tongue out of my mouth kissing me and moaning. Then you say, "Fuck my little ass baby. Fuck it, fuck, fuck,"

That sends me over the edge, "Ughhhhh Ughhhhh Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." I cum in your ass as my body archs back and stiffens like a board. Every muscle in my body is tense and tight. Then I slide out of your ass, grab you by the hand and lead you do the shower. 

After we clean up, we kiss and snuggle under the covers until we fall into a deep sleep.

After about an hour, I wake up to your loud snoring.















Submitted: August 27, 2014

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Mysterious Flamess

More! More! More, please!! You're so selfish! Please KMU!

Wed, August 27th, 2014 5:12pm


Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am working on it. My first short story.

Wed, August 27th, 2014 10:46am

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