After Dinner

After Dinner After Dinner

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


A great evening of love making.


A great evening of love making.


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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Submitted: January 11, 2016



The drive down the motorway to Bristol from Nottingham was uneventful and boring. We had set out early that morning for our Company’s annual meeting, to be followed by dinner. The day was going to be long and tiring.


I was dressed casually for the drive and regarded Anne, my wife, as she stood naked in the bedroom after her shower. She dried herself and applied her cosmetics before putting on her usual minimum of underwear. She stepped into a pair of white lace bikini briefs; no bra, as her breasts were firm and needed no support. She inserted a fine gold ring into the right nipple on her right breast and pulled on a pair on lace topped tan, hold up stockings onto her long slim legs. She finished her ensemble with a light cashmere sweater and a floral skirt.


 We were now ready to go, no packing needed as my wife with her usual efficiency had packed the day before. I usually left all this to her as she knew that I would end up taking everything completely unsuitable for a night away at a plush hotel. We loaded the car and I headed for the motorway.


We were approaching Strensham services on the M5 when Anne said that she needed a pee and a coffee. I took the exit to the services and found a parking space close to the entrance to the services. Anne made a bee line for the ladies while I made my way to the coffee shop to wait for her.


She was away for about 10 minutes and sat down opposite me and took a sip of her latte. “That’s better” she said “I needed that”. We made small talk while we drank our coffees and after another 15 minutes we were ready to continue on our way.


“My turn to drive” said Anne, “I’ll do the rest of the way if you drive through Bristol to the hotel”. Anne wasn’t very confident driving in strange cities, never having been to Bristol before.


I must have dozed off, for I was jolted awake by the sound of a lorry’s klaxon horn. I glanced up to my left to see the driver of an articulated lorry, leaning out of his cab with a huge smile on his face and holding his thumb up in greeting.


Looking across to Anne I saw that her skirt had risen up, (or she had adjusted it herself). It was well above her thighs and showing the tops of her stockings. Not only that, she had removed her panties and her hairless pubes were on show for all to see.  The lorry driver had had a great view of my wife’s legs and pubes.


I saw that she was sexually aroused. She was slightly flushed and her hardened nipples were pushing against the material of her sweater. I could clearly see the outline of the nipple ring. She drove with her right foot on the accelerator and her left in the foot well. In this position her legs were just enough apart that I could see that her pubes were swollen and the tip of her clitoris was peeping out between the slit of her labia.


The sight of her sitting calmly in the driving seat with her skirt up around her waist looked positively inviting. My erection was pressing hard against my trousers and I reached over to stroke her thigh, my hand moving over her pubes towards her budding clitoris.


“Don’t touch me there”, she said, “if you do, I’ll almost certainly cum and that would be a little dangerous as we are doing nearly 80 in the outside lane!” As we were approaching Gloucester services I suggested we pull in and change the driving. We found a parking space well away from the other cars, turned off the engine and sat for a while.


She adjusted her skirt so that she was no longer showing her stocking tops and sat back in her seat. “What was that all about?” I asked.


“I was just feeling particularly horny” she replied “and as you were sleeping, I thought I’d give the next lorry driver a nice day.”


“Are you still feeling horny?” I asked.


“Yes,” she said, “but we can’t do much about it here; there are too many people about. I’ll just pop into the ladies and put my knickers back on”


“No, don’t do that,” I replied. “I’ll drive the rest of the way and we’ll do something about your horniness when we get to our hotel.” We swapped positions in the car and I continued the drive to Bristol.


I drove carefully, keeping the speed down as I needed all my concentration as the traffic was starting to build. Soon we encountered a tail back about 5 miles from our exit to Bristol city centre. We moved slowly through the hold up and finally reached the exit for Bristol after half an hour. The drive into the city centre took another 40 minutes as the traffic was heavy.


We eventually got to our hotel, removed our bags from the car and let the valet park the car in the underground car park. After checking in we made our way up to our room. As soon as I had closed the door I took Anne in my arms and kissed her deeply. She returned my kiss and I felt her tongue probing my mouth. I reached round her and squeezed her buttocks through her skirt. Moving my hand under her skirt I felt for her pubis and ran a finger along the slit feeling for her enlarged clitoris. She was wet and swollen and I longed to make love to her, my throbbing penis wet with pre cum.


She pulled away slowly, “We don’t have a lot of time, and I want our love making to be better than a quickie” she said. “Go and have a shower and I’ll shave you when you come out”. I knew what she meant, and it wasn’t my face she wanted to shave!


I spent about ten minutes in the shower with a permanent erection in anticipation of Anne’s later administrations. I left the bathroom and entered the lounge. Anne had stripped off and was getting ready for our evening out. She was standing in front of the full length mirror, naked except for a pair of white hold up stockings. As she turned to face me I saw that she was still aroused. The nipple ring had been removed and instead she had inserted gold rings into her inner labia and her clitoris. The weight of the labial rings caused the lips to become distended and I could see they were wet, her engorged clitoris standing out like a small penis.  


She motioned me to a chair which already had a towel on the seat and my shaving kit on a table beside it.


She came over to me, squatted in front of me and taking my shaving brush and soap, proceeded to brush shaving soap over my scrotum and pubes. Having lathered me sufficiently she bent forward and sucked my nipple into her mouth, nipping me with her teeth as she did so.  My already erect cock hardened even more with the pain and pleasure of the stimulation. The skin on my scrotum tightened and I was ready for her ministrations.


She shaved me expertly and quickly, holding my cock carefully with her finger tips. She occasionally broke off to tease my nipples to keep my erection hard and stiff. As she squatted I could see her smooth hairless mons and her labial lips, swollen and wet, her clitoris standing out, her golden labial and clitoral rings sparkling in the light. I caressed her breasts and teased her erect nipples as she leaned over me.


When she had finished, she dried me off and applied a light dusting of talc to my balls. She leaned forward and held her breast to my mouth. I sucked in her hardened nipple, and she allowed me to suck on it for a few seconds before pulling away from me.


I touched myself and felt a sensual thrill at the smoothness of my pubes and balls, pre cum oozing from the tip of my cock. The desire to masturbate was almost overwhelming, but I managed to resist. She handed me a pair of dark silk boxer shorts and I stood to put them on.


Her hand reached into the fly and eased my penis and scrotum out and pulled the shorts up tight. “I’ve been shopping,” she said as delved into her handbag and produced a rubber cock ring which she placed over my penis and around the back of my scrotum.  


“Now you’re ready to get dressed for dinner” she said, “put your shirt on and I’ll fix your bow tie”. I dressed in shirt and trousers while she got herself ready. It didn’t take her long, her underwear only a white lace thong and nothing else. Jewellery consisted of a gold pendant, the topaz stone nestling between her breasts; and matching topaz ear rings. Her dress was white, low cut and split to the thigh. As she walked towards me I could see the white lace tops of her stockings. She tied my tie expertly, I usually wore a clip-on, but she insisted on a “proper” bow tie when we were out together. With a final caress of my erection in my trousers she announced that we were ready go.


We took a taxi for the 15 minute drive to the hotel where the meeting and dinner were to take place. On the way her hand continued to stroke the inside of my thigh, occasionally allowing her fingers to feel my balls. When we reached our destination I had trouble walking up the steps to the entrance due to the throb of my erection.


The meeting was routine and boring but the dinner following was excellent. We drank very little, limiting ourselves to a couple of small glasses of wine during the meal.  We chatted with the other guests for an hour after leaving the dining table; I don’t think anyone noticed the bulge in my trousers.


We made our excuses and made ready to leave. She took a detour to the bathroom leaving me hopping in anticipation and impatience. Finally she was ready to leave and we tripped down the hotel steps and into the cold Bristol air, hailed a taxi and sat back to enjoy the 15 minute ride back to our hotel. As she sat in the taxi she allowed the dress to fall open revealing her leg and the top of her stocking. Her hand stole across and rubbed my thigh, her fingers touching my swollen balls through my trousers. I leaned across and kissed her, my hand on her leg, my fingers reaching along her thigh.


She parted her legs slightly, took my hand and moved it towards her pubis. She had removed her knickers while she was in the bathroom. There was something else as well – I could feel the clitoral ring still in place and further down I felt the end of a dildo protruding from her cunt. My cock hardened even more, I could hardly wait until we got back to the hotel.


When we finally arrived at our destination, we almost fell out of the taxi in our rush to get into our room. We practically ran for the lift, I wondered how she managed to keep the dildo inside herself. I found out when we entered our room. She was out of her dress in seconds, standing in just her stockings. She turned and bent forward, releasing her firm round tits from her dress, showing me her delightful bottom as she did so. The dildo had a butt plug attachment which was firmly inserted into her anus. So that’s how she managed to keep it in!


I came behind her caressed her swollen breasts and erect nipples, my hands moved over her body and down to her pubis, the tip of my finger feeling her clitoris protruded over the dildo. I manoeuvred to the bed and laid her on her side and lay down behind her, lifting her leg, I gently withdrew the dildo and butt plug from her and felt her writhe in pleasure. The phallus was large, about eight inches long, heavily veined and glistening wet with her moisture. I wondered how I was to compete with such a cock. Her anus gaped open after the butt plug came out, an invitation for my cock. I plunged my hard penis into her and felt her gasp as I burrowed into her. I turned her until she was kneeling over me and I was able to reach around and caress her breasts. My hands were all over her body moving down towards her cunt and clitoris. I pushed her off my cock and my other hand reached under her buttocks and found her gaping labia.


She was running with moisture and I slipped two fingers into her warm wet cunt.  She bent forward onto her hands and knees, her fingers reaching for her swollen clitoris, which she masturbated with her finger tips. The lips were swollen and pink, glistening with her lubrication. I inserted another finger, and then another. Soon I had my whole hand inside her and she writhed and moaned in ecstasy. I felt her orgasm wrack through her body as she bucked against my hand. Soon her breathing returned to normal and I eased my hand from her wet vagina. She turned and took my cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip. I fought against my climax and she let me go just before I came, strings of pre cum dripping from her lips.


Stepping of the bed and telling me not to masturbate, she picked up the dildo and her handbag and disappeared into the bathroom, leaving me wondering why she needed the dildo. She returned a few minutes later, the butt plug had been removed from the dildo which she now held in her hand. Around her waist was a leather harness to which she now attached the eight inch phallus. Approaching me she told me to lie on the edge of the bed and pull my legs up. She applied a liberal measure of lube on the phallus and placed the tip of the dildo against my anus.


“We’ve had anal sex before, with your cock inside me”, she said, “Now it’s your turn to experience the pain and pleasure of having a cock in your ass”.


She pushed my legs over her shoulders and I felt the dildo probing at my anus, and then the tip entered me; the feeling was ecstatic as she eased the length of the phallus into my rectum. Gradually she began to thrust in and out of me, her breasts swinging in front of my face; she held one to my mouth, demanding to be sucked. I took her hard swollen nipple into my mouth and sucked hungrily on her. My hand reached down between my legs and I gripped my throbbing cock, again I she ordered me not to masturbate and to tease her clitoris. I still had her tit in my mouth and I sucked harder on her engorged nipple as she continued to fuck me, my fingers teasing her clitoris. Her hand moved to my nipples which she pinched harder and harder as she thrust away inside me.


Waves of ecstasy flooded through my body, making my cock feel as if would explode at any minute. I could feel that her second orgasm was approaching as I continued to stimulate her clitoris. Her labia was now swollen and dripping with her moisture. The dildo still worked away at my rectum as her hand gripped my penis. Suddenly she exploded in climax crying out as if in pain; spasms wracked her body as she masturbated me in frenzy. My orgasm came in waves and semen spurted out in fountains covering my belly and her breasts, dripping like milk from her nipples.


As her climax subsided, she stood up, semen dripping from her tits, the dildo still in my rectum. Gradually she withdrew from me and collapsed on the bed next to me, the phallus standing upright, pointing heavenwards, which was more than could be said for my deflated cock. 


We must have gone to sleep almost immediately, for when I awoke light was streaming through the windows. It was gone 9 o’clock as I looked across to Anne. She lay on her back, the dildo still attached to the harness and standing proud. She opened her eyes and gazed at me.


“That was some night”, she said “we must do it again soon”


“There’s always later this evening at home”, I said.


“I’ll look forward to that!”, replied Anne “let’s hit the road!”


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