A Dominate & His Submissive

A Dominate & His Submissive

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Monroe Fifer Moss is a aspiring graphic design artist who must land an internship as soon as possible. With 190 credit hours to complete, while working part-time at the local library she has no idea how she is going to pull this off. That will soon change when she meets the arrogant, demanding, its his way or the high way, yet charming Druex Pierre Robinson, that will give her a offer that she can not refuse.


Monroe Fifer Moss is a aspiring graphic design artist who must land an internship as soon as possible. With 190 credit hours to complete, while working part-time at the local library she has no idea how she is going to pull this off.

That will soon change when she meets the arrogant, demanding, its his way or the high way, yet charming Druex Pierre Robinson, that will give her a offer that she can not refuse.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Dominate & His Submissive Chapt. 1

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Monroe Fifer Moss is a aspiring graphic design artist who must land an internship as soon as possible. With 190 credit hours to complete, while working part-time at the local library she has no idea how she is going to pull this off.<br /> <br /> That will soon change when she meets the arrogant, demanding, its his way or the high way, yet charming Druex Pierre Robinson, that will give her a offer that she can not refuse.<br />

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 10, 2015



A groan came from Monroe’s lips as she slid her head from under her pillow. Her vision was still a little blurry but she could see the red numbers on her alarm clock reading 5:30. She rolled over to the left side of her bed onto her side, to where her alarm clock rested on her night stand and turned the annoying sound off. Monroe then turned into her back and blew at the hair that was lying on her face and stared at the ceiling.

Another day another dollar she told herself as she kicked the covers off her body and got up to start her daily routine. She herd feet behind her and turned around and bent down to pick up Beast. Beast was Monroe’s teacup Yorkie, she game him that name because one day she had took him outside to use the bathroom and she was sitting on the steps of her apartment and a guy walked up and started making conversation. He was new to the area and just wanted to know a little bit more about Florida. Monroe was happy to talk to him but Beast didn’t like it one bit. He ran to her from nosing around in the dirt to her lap and started barking at the gentleman. Monroe smiled a little and told Beast to settle down but he would not. Monroe stood up and apologized to the man and rushed into her apartment. She set Beast down on the ground and finally gave him a name.

Monroe smiled down at Beast as he licked her cheek and laid his head on her shoulder. She needed to get a move on if she was going to beat morning traffic. Monroe set Beast down and started he shower. Monroe grabbed a hair tie and placed her hair in a sloppy bun on top of her head and pulled off her shorts and tank top and hopped in the shower. As she showered Monroe noticed how thick she was getting down below. Monroe has always been a petit girl when she was in highs school, it has been four years since then and she has got a little taller and thick as well. She use to be able to wear a size seven in jeans, now she is in a size ten. She now wears a size medium in shirts now instead of a extra small. Thought of going to the gym crossed her mind but with her schedule she didn’t have the time.

Beast barked into the bathroom and she knew it was time for her to get out. Grabbing a towel Monroe dried of and made her way to her closet. She grabbed her black dress slacks, her crisp white long sleeve blouse because she was tired of being cold in the library, and her black Steve Madden flats. She set all those items on her bed and sat at her vanity. Monroe was never the one to wear makeup but she was twenty-one now and needed to look the part. Monroe has always had a baby face and prayed that it would one day she would grow out if it, never did so she started doing a little makeup here and there. After applying a little blush Monroe looked at her clock and it read 6:38. Monroe jumped out the vanity chair and grabbed her baby oil and applied as much as she could and rushed to get dressed. She had to get downtown and driving in Tampa FL, where people get in to accidents everyday was always a challenge for anyone in the morning.

Monroe grabbed her flat irons that she had just turned on and hoped that they were hot and dragged them threw her hair. Thank goodness that she had got it done over the weekend and all she had to do was fit it a little.  She grabbed a comb and threw it in her purse, slid her shoes on and grabbed Beast. She made sure that his dish bowls were filled and placed his down. She grabbed an apple and her keys and rushed out the door.

The summers heat his her like a wave as she walked down the steps and to her car. Once she was inside Monroe turned her air on a little higher than usual and headed out the complex. It only took her thirty minutes to get downtown but it was hell trying to get to the library. As I got to the library there were news trucks and people everywhere surrounding the library. Monroe finally got the garage and parker her car grabbed her things and headed to the elevator. She pulled her comb out her purse and combed her hair and made sure she looked presentable.

Once she reached the ground floor and walked into the back and headed towards the employee common room and placed her things in her locker and grabbed her name tag and badge and headed towards the front of the library. As Monroe walked to the front she saw her boss Millie smiling and laughing. As she got closer she looked at who Millie was bashful over and saw a man standing there with black dress pants and a light blue shirt. His hair was pulled into a tight tucked bun and he placed his hand on Millie’s back and turned her so that a photo could be taken.

Monroe watched as the man spoke and the reporters just ate it up. When she heard clapping and people started to move away from Millie and the mystery man she was finally able to get a good look at him, and boy was a hunk of man. Millie looked at her was and smiled big. The man followed Millie’s glare and turned around. Millie motioned for Monroe to come towards them. She took in a deep breath and smiled and walked over.

“Monroe I would like for you to meet Mr. Robinson, he re-did our website for the library, Mr. Robinson this is Monroe the young lady I was telling you about.”

Monroe extended her hand and shook his she he looked at her.

“Millie was just telling me that you are a graphic design student, and you need to land a internship”.


I looked between Millie and Mr. Robinson as if they were speaking a different language. Millie nuged me a little and I looked back at Mr. Robinson. He cleared his throat and looked down. I followed his eyes and saw that I was still holding his hand. I pulled my hand way and looked back at his face. He held a small grin and stood up right.


"Are you looking for a internship Ms. Moss?" He asked as he went into his jacket pocket and pulling out a business card


I opened my mouth to talk but noting came out. I closed my mouth and looked back at Millie. She looked at me strange and looked back at Mr. Robinson


"She is usually a lot more polite than this Druex I do apologize" Millie said looked back at me


"No need for an apology Millie, when she finds the words she can give me a call" he extended his hand to me and I reached out and grabbed the card. He turned to Millie and gave her a hug and walked out the library.


Millie turned towards me and laughed


"I must bring him around more often to keep you quiet huh" Millie joked and pinched my cheeks.


I laughed and rushed towards the bathroom once inside I let out all the air I was holding inside my lungs. I rushed over to the sink and splashed a little water on my face. What the hell just happened back there. I made a complete fool of myself by just standing there looking at him like he was crazy. There was no way he would even consider giving me a internship they way I acted. I let out a sigh and dried my face off and headed back to work.


I herd my name being called and looked up and saw my friend from school coming towards me. I smiled and waved at her. As she got closer I saw a few shopping bags in her hand. I shook my head. Kelly was from Mississippi and 25 years old. She was a fashion major at the school. I met her in English Lit class and we hit it off pretty good.


"I thought we were done with the random shopping Kelly" I said as she got in ear range


"oh hush you love when I buy you things" she said as she placed the bags on the counter


"well in that case I love the random shopping"


She shook her head and came around the counter and gave me a hug she ran her hands in my hair and I shook my head and laughed at her


"If I knew any better I would think you were into women"


As she got in my eye sight I could see the disgusted look on her face and it made me laugh


"Girl you wish I just love your hair, what time are you off" she asked


I looked down at my watch and back at her


" I'm here till 3 it's 1:30 now, why?"


" I want to grab drinks at Blue Martini tonight" she said as she pulled her phone out


" I'm guessing you want me to attend" I asked as I started to grab books and place them on the cart to return them to their proper spot


"Yes that's why I brought the clothes as a bribe" she looked up from her phone and laughed


I shook my head and told her to walk with me so I could put books away.


" I guess I can come, but your treating"


"Deal as long as you wear what I brought"


I looked at her threw half open eyes, I knew that was coming


"What's wrong with what I'm wearing Kelly we are just going for drinks" I said a little fustrated


"You look like a school teacher, no man will talk to you, dont you want some numbers tonight?" she asked me as she looked up from her phone


"I don't want any numbers Kelly" I said to her in a annoyed voice


"I don't care what you don't want I'm treating this time so your going to do what I say tonight" she said in a stern voice


"yes wicked stepmother anything to please you" I said with a smirk


"I knew you would agree" she said going back to whatever she was doing on her phkne


"whatever" I said rolling my eyes

It was 2:45 when Millie told me I could go. Both Kelly and I got into our cars and headed to my house. Once we arrived I grabbed Beast and took him for a walk. Once he was done handling his business I grabbed the bags Kelly brought and went into the bathroom to try them on.


"Kelly" I yelled her name


I herd her rushing into the bathroom as if something was wrong


"bitch you ok" she asked as she closed the door


I looked at her then the dress. She looked at me and started to dance


"I knew it would fit you perfectly, I have great taste"


"Kelly this dress is to tight and a little short" I told her looking at myself in the mirror.


"Yea whatever Monroe your wearing the shit it looks good on you, stop trying to hide all the time" she said sounding annoyed


" I'm not a small girl Kelly I don't want to look fat"


"Shut up already Monroe, your amazing you have breast, ass and legs that I would kill for" she said smiling at me


"Your the fashion major so I guess you know what your talking about" I said smiling back


"Exactly so let's go find some shoes and get started on your hair"


I took off the dress and followed Kelly into my closet.


"One thing I will say bitch is that you have a million pair of shoes" Kelly said as she grabbed a pair of red platform heels. I did have a shoe obsession. She handed me the shoes and we both headed to my bathroom and started to get ready. It was now 9:45 and we both looked in the mirror to make sure everything was in place. Kelly wore all white shorts with a gold camisol and a white blazer with her hair pulled into a tight bun I top her head, my black dress stopped mid thigh and hugged all my curves. Kelly did both of our makeup and she put lose curls in my hair. I had to admit that we both looked good.

We got into Kellys BMW and headed to the Blue Martini. When we arrived we both got drinks and sat down at a booth. There were people dancing having dinner and socializing. It was relaxing for the most part unt Kelly wanted to dance. Of course she made me go with her. We were reay getting into the music, as I turned around to press my back against Kelly's I looked right into the eyes of the man who made me lose my train of though the eyes of the deep blue sea. He was sitting at a table in the back there was a plate on the table and a glass of wine next to it. He licked his lips and grabbed the glass of wine and raised it to me and took a sip. I felt my arm being tugged and I turned to look at Kelly, she grabbed my hand and pulled me further into the crowd. What was he doing here I thought as I contuined to dance with Kelly.




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