Boys' Night In

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

A girlfriend returns unexpectedly to a boys evening in.

Boys Night In


Sarah looked around the bar in disgust. Lucy had rudely left her, the cute guy on her arm , without even saying whether she was was going back to his place or her own. Nor had Lucy given Sarah the keys to her flat, where she was meant to be staying the night.

Seeing no one else she knew in the bar and having had possibly one drink more than she wanted to have , Sarah took the decision to head home. Her boyfriend of 3 years, Mark had his 2 friends round for the night for a football and beer boys night in, but she figured they would probably be unconscious on the sofas anyway as by the time she got home it would be gone midnight.

On entering the house, she was surprised to find all 3 boys still awake and in fine spirits. Mark looked the worst for wear, reclined on the single seat near the TV with his friends Paul and Steve on the large sofa, empty bottles littering the room.

Mark wasn’t overly impressed to see her but the two boys greeted her warmly and looked grateful of the fact that someone had come to liven up their evening. Paul’s eyes actually lit up when Sarah sat down on the small chair opposite the sofa. Her short skirt may have had something to do with it, or more likely the fact that she had worn a tight and low cut top that displayed her full round breasts and great natural cleavage to best effect.

Mark went to the fridge and opened a bottle of Prosecco which the group proceeded to drink, Sarah working the room, entertaining the boys. Eventually she ended up on the sofa between Paul and Steve , all 3 on the verge of falling asleep.

Sarah woke to an unfamiliar but very pleasant feeling. Looking down , she saw Steve and Paul were nuzzled into her chest, her top and bra had been pushed up around her neck and the boys each had their mouths around one of her nipples and were gently kissing, nibbling and licking them . She was about to cry out when Paul put his hand to her mouth and mouthed “sshhhhhh” . He pointed to Mark, asleep on the chair across the room.

Paul put his mouth to her ear and whispered , “just enjoy” and his hand moved from her knee, up her thigh until he found her mound, clad in skimpy knickers. She was surprised to find that she seemed to be very wet and despite her shock, was loving the feeling of a hand on her pussy and her nipples each being delicately teased. She had never been particularly adventurous sexually but had always harboured a secret fantasy about a threesome with two men. She had also always had a certain attraction to Paul, the good looking, endlessly flirty cheeky chappy of the bunch.

The drink and her desire overcame her, and despite knowing she should end this now, she put a hand onto each of the boys laps, feeling and seeing both boys bulges. Paul felt good and hard but Steve shocked her. It felt like no other bulge she had ever encountered . Paul again whispered in her ear, "come on, you know you want this" at the same time as his hand worked it's way down the front on her knickers and a finger found it's way into her hot damp slit before rubbing against her clit.

Sarah worked open Paul's fly first , releasing a good looking but average sized cock, hard, with foreskin attached put pulled back over the glistening head. Turning her attention to Steve she unzipped his fly, reached her hand and and audibly gasped when she felt him. She could barely get her hand around his shaft to pull it out. When she did , she was looking at a cock like she had never seen. It was still soft but already as long as Paul was erect and nearly twice as thick and was circumcised.  Again Paul whispered in her ear, “I think Big Steve needs your help”. She looked at him and saw he was already stroking his cock and felt his hand again work its way inside her knickers.

Steve put his hand to his cock and started to tug at it. Sarah removed his hand and instead wrapped her own fist around it. Her fingers barely met but she worked her hand from base to tip. It steadily grew, filling her hand. Suddenly, Steve put his hand gently on the back of her head. Taking his lead she lowered her head to his lap and kissed the side of his now huge erection. She kissed all the way up the shaft before licking at the swollen purple head. She had never seen anything like this , let alone tried to put anything so large in her mouth. It was as thick as a can of hairspray and about as long. She was damned if she wasn't going to take the chance to try though.

Taking the base of Steve’s shaft in her hand , she opened her mouth wide and took the swollen head into her mouth, just able to swirl her tongue around its circumference. As she was doing this , she felt Paul pull her skirt around her waist and tug her knickers down to her ankles and then off. She then felt him kissing her firm round arse cheeks before burying his face into her now sopping crack, tonguing first her swollen pussy lips but also then swiftly over her puckered hole. She moaned deep within her throat, the vibrations transferring into Steve’s cock in her mouth. Almost automatically, she moved her mouth down the shaft, taking a good four or five inches in until it hit the back of her mouth, causing her to gag slightly.

Suddenly she realised where she was and looked over at Steve , still mercifully asleep on the chair. She couldn't let this go unfinished though and knew Mark would be appalled and disgusted if he knew. Without warning , Sarah stood up and faced the two men on the sofa. Offering a hand to each, she mouthed “Upstairs, now”. They needed no further asking.



Mark awoke, head pounding. Orientating himself , he looked around his empty lounge. Seeing no sign of anyone he assumed either that his mates had gone home or , as was normally the case , had bedded down in the spare room. He was about to fall unconscious again when he heard what sounded like a muffled scream from upstairs. Remembering Sarah had returned home, he ran up the stairs. The sight that greeted him was like nothing he had seen before . Sarah was lying on the bed , her head hung off the edge , with Paul on his knees between her raised and wide open legs , fucking away and Steve, knees slightly bent , feeding his enormous horse cock into Sarah's willing and open mouth.

Hearing his anguished cry, Steve pulled away from Sarah ,who looked at Mark with watering eyes and stammered, "I'm sorry Honey, I'm so sorry " . Mark was in a state of shock , but couldn't deny the sight of his girl being used like cheap whore by his best friends hadn't turned him on . His cock was bulging against his trousers and in need of release . Unzipping his fly , he said to the room , "We do this my way" . He motioned Steve away from the bed and Sarah's head . "That's my place, you and that giant cock can teach her pussy a lesson Steve". "Paul, looked like you enjoyed fucking my girl, now you can watch her get fucked by a proper dick. Film this from the corner". Paul had no choice but to step back , retrieving his phone from his jeans in the floor. "OK you little slut" Mark said, returning his attention to Sarah, "I want you to ride that big dick of Steve's. I want you to be taught a lesson in what happens to girls who misbehave"

Everyone did, initially more out of shock than anything else , as Paul asked. Steve lay on the bed, Paul stood away , phone in hand and Sarah kneeled over Steve , her hand wanking his monster cock back to hardness, rubbing the bulbous end against her sopping cunt lips and using her other hand to help lubricate herself . "Honey , this isn't going to fit! " Sarah said with a look of mild panic on her face, fearing the painful stretching. Paul knelt on the bed beside Steve and Sarah peering behind her at the sight of Steve’s cock about to invade his girl’s tight pussy. “Do it, now! Try” With that, he brought his hand down hard on Sarah’s round but firm left buttock just as Sarah dropped herself onto the head of Steve’s shaft, a cry of shock and pain escaping her throat.

Mark repeatedly placed well aimed slaps on Sarah's arse , the stinging warmth spreading all the way through her, setting her pussy and clit alight , such that she started to welcome Steve's invading cock, sliding further down with each repeated spanking. Sarah now started moaning , deeply from her throat . Paul , stood in front of her, still filming , cried "fucking hell, she looks like she's having a fit, her eyes are in the back of her head!" . Mark shook his head, "we aren't finished yet, stand on the bed Paul, in front of her . She needs to feel airtight"

Paul smirked and mounted the bed, his stiff cock pointing straight towards Sarah's face . At the same time , Mark pushed her back face down towards Steve's chest. He reached his fingers round to her dripping cunt impaled halfway down Steve's rod , rubbed her clit and lubed his fingers with her wetness. " I'm sorry this will be your first anal, but you deserve this , you whore" he declared,working first one then two of his sticky fingers into her virgin hole. Sarah bucked and went wild , screaming " oh god, you fuckers ! I'm sorry !"

Paul simply nodded to both his mates and lined his stiff cock to Sarah's arse at the same time as Paul grabbed her chin and fed his meat into her mouth . Mark pushed his rod as far as he could into her and Steve, previously passive, grabbed her waist and raised his hips from the bed, burying all 10 inches of his fat cock deep in her pussy.

Sarah moaned a loud , guttural cry , bucking wildly as a massive orgasm washed over her , almost to the point of making her pass out. The boys went wild, all thrusting into her in sync, giving her more cock than any woman had a right to experience . Paul had managed to push himself fully into Sarah's throat and was the first to cry out as he climaxed. Hips bucking wildly, he withdrew from her mouth and shot his cum all over her face.

On seeing this. Mark withdrew from Sarah's arse and moved infront of her. She had her head down, oblivious, making whimpering noises. He raised her chin so she could see him and his cock. "Now take me" he demanded, delivering a gentle slap to her cheek, more to rouse than hurt. She opened her mouth and allowed Paul to enter , moaning as he did and she worked her tongue round his head before taking him deep . Paul couldn't hold back and cried out, again withdrawing before showering Sarahs face with another load of sticky cum.

This just left Steve, Sarah's pussy now engulfing his cock, just rocking gently together. She was in a near constant state of orgasm, barely conscious but Steve needed more. He grabbed her roughly just moving her round like a play thing on the bed. He rested her on her knees, her head just resting on her arms. He looked at her tender red arse, saw the bright puckered arsehole , slightly spread by Marks attentions. Looking at Mark quizzically, to be told “pussy only Steve, I wont be going there for a while after this”. Steve nodded acceptance before positioning his firehose of a cock against Sarah’s now gaping cunt, wet and sticky with her own wetness before thrusting hard , fully forward. Sarah raised her head from her hands and just let out a long “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH” before Steve proceeded to wrap his fist around her long red hear, sticky with sweat down her back. He pulled her up onto extended arms by her hair before holding her waist hit this other hand and began fucking her, wildly. Mark and Paul looked on before Mark , followed by Paul, moved either side of her on the bed, each grabbing an erect nipple apiece. As Steve was pummelling her pussy like she had never experienced, the boys alternated tugging her nipples with smacking her swaying tits, harder with each stroke.

Sarah had felt nothing like it, ever. She was wracked with guilt, remorse , pain but at the same time she felt utterly ecstatic, She had experienced more orgasms and new sensations in the last 2 hours than in 3 months of fucking Mark as they usually did and now she was utterly exhausted but still having the fucking of her life. Every nerve in her body felt on fire, ready to burst. She felt Steve’s strokes quicken and a roar escape his mouth. Her pussy was rocked by the feeling of Steve’s unprotected cock spasming in her, shooting wave after wave of spunk seemingly into the centre of her being. She came massively, feeling her pussy awash with Steve’s load, her own gushing juices and his still solid cock. She collapsed on the bed, Steve on top of her before rolling off.

The boys all stood, wrapping her in the covers before all stroking her shoulders and hair as she fell into a deep slumber.  

Submitted: August 19, 2014

© Copyright 2023 willynofriends. All rights reserved.

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Enjoyed it!

Tue, October 28th, 2014 3:11am


Thank you very much. I enjoyed writing it.

Tue, October 28th, 2014 12:39am

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