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Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Fun in a "club" in Amsterdam


Fun in a "club" in Amsterdam


Submitted: May 27, 2014

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Submitted: May 27, 2014



R woke with a start as the wheels hit the runway. Her mind struggled to make sense of what had happened to her in the last 24 hours.

She had flown into Amsterdam for a business meeting. Having not been there for a few years she had agreed with work that she would pay the return fare and split the hotel bill if she stayed over for the night so she could have a night experiencing what the city had to offer.

After the meeting finished mid afternoon, her time had been her own. She had wandered through the streets, partaking of the coffee shops, walking down and over canals and generally soaking up the scenery on a lovely warm spring day.

After a lovely meal she headed to a nearby bar to have a couple of drinks before she would consider her next move. Whilst stood at the bar, a tall, well built dutch man began talking to her. Being an attractive 28 year old , R was used to this. Despite having no plans to meet anyone on this trip, the Stranger was funny and engaging and didn't seem to be trying too hard.

They got a table and began chatting. A few more drinks were bought but the focus was mainly on the chat. R was merry but not at all drunk and still very much had control of all her faculties. Before she knew it, she glanced at her phone and noticed it was nearly midnight. “Id better be heading back to my hotel, I have a morning flight tomorrow” she told the Stranger. He replied that was a shame and could he not tempt her to at least one drink in a club and that he knew just the kind of place that would let her see the “real” Amsterdam. Despite reservations, R told herself this guy was OK, and was very handsome and entertaining. “In for a penny, in for a pound” she told herself. 

He lead her out of the bar and over a couple of canals before guiding her down a side street. And a closed , unmarked door, she stopped and rang the buzzer. “Don't worry, the best clubs are very anonymous, I'm a member” he said. The door was opened by a large but smartly dressed doorman who nodded and the Stranger and ushered them inside. “This place is the real deal” , he told her. “Just enjoy” as he guided her through a couple of rooms into a darkened room, with odd red lighting and deafening music playing.

In the corner of the darkened room, she could vaguely see a circle of men stood around in a circle. He led her towards the group. As she got closer she was shocked to see that some of the men appeared to have their flies open. She soon saw why. In the middle of the group a woman, probably in her mid 20s, lay spread eagled on a table. One naked man had his cock deep in her pussy, another was deep in her mouth. In each hand she fondled the erect cocks of men from the group. The remaining six or so were stood around, watching intently and slowly wanking their cocks. The men in her holes were fucking her simultaneously. As the guy in her pussy thrust deep inside, the one in her mouth withdrew and then they swapped motions.

R turned to her Stranger in equal parts anger and excitement; “What the fuck is this? What are you doing? Im leaving!” She screamed over the near deafening music. He shook his head and raised his finger to his lips. “Watch” he mouthed. R turned back to the “action” in front of her. The girl was now on her hands and knees of the table with a different guy behind her, this time she was facing in R’s  direction. R noticed the girls face. Instead of a look of fear or pain as she had expected, she saw only pure lust. The guy behind her had hold of her hair tightly in one hand and was obviously pulling hard but the girls face just contorted in a mask of pure ecstasy. Above the din R could hear a low , near constant groan from the girls mouth and her eyes were rolling back in her sockets.

R felt herself flush, felt a warm tingle in her tits as well as a feeling in her pussy she hadn't quite felt before. Her hands unconsciously moved to the front of her dress. Through the material, one glanced  against her erect nipple.  The other moved down.  Through the dress and the material she could feel her pussy was on fire.  She could already tell she was incredibly wet. 

Her attention came back to the room,  she looked at the Stranger and noticed a large bulge in the front of his jeans.  She looked around at the other guys around the table already with their dicks out.  They ranged in size but none was bigger than her current record,  a rugby player with a thick,  veiny 8 inch cock that she had fucked back in University.  She was intrigued by the Stranger's bulge.  She was about to move towards him to touch it when he looked at her and shook his head.  At the same time his hand moved to his fly and unzipped,  reaching in and pulling out the largest cock R had ever seen,  including in the porn films she watched from time to time.  It was barely erect yet was already longer and nearly as thick as the rugby player's.

Without looking back at her, the Stranger moved towards the girl on the  table, who had fixed her eyes on his crotch. She was still being fucked by a guy from behind, hard, but he paused as the Stranger put the tip of his cock to her lips. The girl ran her mouth around his now bulbous head, then ran her tongue down the underside of his shaft  . She then paid attention to his balls . Dipping her body, she placed her mouth around first one, then the other, sucking them into her mouth . The Stranger now looked to be fully erect and R could see he looked to be at least 10 inches long and very,  thick with prominent veins. 

R just looked on in utter amazement.  Size had never been an issue for her,  as long as her lover knew what to do. This was something else entirely though. She desperately wanted to touch herself, and desperately wanted to touch him . She wanted to feel his cock in her hand, her mouth and her pussy. . The stranger saw her looking agog and nodded to two of the men stood around the table. They approached her and slowly began to undress her. Her skirt dropped to the floor revealing her very flattering but sexy bra and knickers . One of the men reached to her thigh, ran his hand up to her mound bad cupped  it. She felt her own wetness soak through to his hand . The Stranger eyed her up appreciatively, his giant cock still proud, the head being tongued still by the girl on the table. He motioned to the 2 men undressing her. One nodded back. They removed her underwear. R wanted so badly to touch herself, just to see if she was as wet and hot as she thought she was. Her hand started moving down her stomach towards her pussy, but before she got there, one of the men snatched her hands away and moved them behind her back. She felt handcuffs being applied . She flinched and began to panic. One of the 2 men next to her, grabbed the top of her arm gently and said, into her ear as softly he could given the music, “nothing will happen that you don't want”. R didnt know why but these words calmed her.

The Stranger now said something R couldnt hear to the girl on the table who turned onto her back. The Stranger then motioned R to approach the table. The rest of the men began to file out of the room and the 2 next to her helped her walk to the table and then also took their leave. The music level dropped significantly so she could hear herself think and hear what was said. “What do you want?” He asked her. “That” she replied, nodding at his cock. “No you don't, you are not ready.” was his reply. The girl on the table, head head towards R , spoke up; “I will help you, come here”. R was too intoxicated with the sight of the Stranger’s cock to begin to think about what this meant, she just moved towards the girl . R felt the girl reach behind her, grab her buttocks and pull her so that her pussy was directly over her face. The girl then touched her with her fingers, spreading her wide and revealing her protruding clit. R felt 2 fingers move inside her wetness until deep inside. “Tight, not ready” she said to the Stranger. “Make her so. “ came the terse reply.

Still not sure what this meant, R felt the girl raise her head to meet her pussy and felt her tongue dance over her lips and clit. R moaned loudly, she hadn't been eaten for months , never by a girl and never like this. The girl was obviously a pro, she alternated between sucking her clit, tongueing her longing hole and even flicking her tongue over R’s puckered arse. The Stranger, meanwhile was slowly stroking his massive cock. The girl on the table raised her knees and proceeded to spread her legs. “Watch this!” she said to R, “watch closely”. R couldnt help but stare as the Stranger put the head of his cock to her now raw looking pussy . He rubbed the tip back and forth over her engorged clit before moving the head down to her gaping hole. Without any hesitation he thrust forward. The girl clamped her mouth back on R’s pussy and let out another of her low, constant moans, the vibrations moving through her pussy and making more cum ooze into the girls mouth. The Stranger then thrust forwards again and R saw his cock slide totally into the girl. Again she moaned and again the sensations R felt were incredible. She couldn't begin to imagine what the girl was feeling, never mind what that monster would feel like in her. Would it hurt, would it stretch her, damage her even? Either way, she couldn't wait to find out.

Just then R felt a sensation at her pussy . Without her knowing, the girl had grabbed a dildo from the table and had it at her pussy entrance. “No, show me” R cried. The girl brought the big thick rubber toy into view . It was big, but a good 2 or 3 inches shorter than the Stranger and not as thick. Probably as big as the Rugby player, and he had only able to fit about ¾ into her. “Please be gentle” was all R could say. She felt the girl begin the work the large object into her. She felt the first few inches slip into her and her pussy felt as full as it ever had. The girl started sliding it in and out and R watched with fascination as the Stranger seemed to match his thrusts into the girl with her actions with the dildo. R felt more and more inch into her with each thrust, could feel her wetness increase and ease its passage. Her pussy was now stretching to accommodate its size and it felt heavenly. Like no sensation she could describe. “In” the girl called, “Now grip tight”, R was instructed. She tensed, feeling all of that large dildo totally inside her, filling her completely as the girl resumed her wonderful clit massage with her tongue. R was in heaven, she couldn't hold on much longer. She watched as the Stranger now began fucking the girl hard, full strokes each time. She could see as he withdrew, his monster cock coated with god knows what juices.

Suddenly, the Stranger stopped fucking the girl  and withdrew . The girl under her stopped her ministrations and R felt the dildo being pulled from her. She relaxed her muscles to ease its release and felt her pussy involuntarily quiver as it left her. She could feel her pussy lips gape slightly , rather than their usual neat and tidy tucked in position. “You are now ready” said the girl. “On all fours” the Stranger instructed; “over her face”. R felt the cuffs loosen from her wrists and turned her head to see that the men had returned and were looking on at the scene.

“Does this mean I get that now?” R asked the Stranger. “We said you were ready” was the only answer. Without hesitation, R mounted the table, her arse pointing towards the waiting men, hovering over the head of the girl. “Please, give it to me” she moaned at the Stranger.

“No one else touches her” , the Stranger addressed the room. “No one but me and her” as he moved round the table . R felt the girls hands move between her legs and spread her pussy wide. R turned her head to see the Stranger approaching, stroking his now bigger than ever cock. The other men were arranged behind him and all had their cocks out, obviously waiting for the spectacle that was about to happen. She felt his hand move to take her hip she unconsciously braced, her arms and back stiffening.

“Relax” the girl under her said “ this will only hurt if you don't relax, I made you ready”. The girl again raised her head and began eating R’s clit as she moved 3 fingers deep inside her. R groaned and instinctively relaxed her muscles. Then she felt the fingers withdraw to be replaced what can only be described as something huge moved its way through her opening. R had never felt anything so big. It was stretching her opening to the point she worried it would tear. She cried out “wait!”. The Stranger obliged and let her pussy get used to him. R felt something cold and wet between her legs. The girl must be applying lube she realised. She was rubbing it on her lips and she presumed the monster cock barely in her pussy. The Stranger proceeded to grab both her hips. Slowly he dragged her back against him. R felt the cock slowly move and inch, then another 2 into her. “Ffffffuccccckk” , R gasped, loudy, her knees and pussy beginning to tremble. “Pleeeease, Fuck meeeee” . The Stranger responded by pulling her hips further closer to him. R felt more enter her, but now her pussy felt full, there was no room for any more. “Barely half way” , the girl called. “Give it to her, i know she can take it!”

R felt the Stranger pull back, his massive girth leave her throbbing cunt. “Be ready” were his only words. “Please , be gentle with me” R replied in a desperate tone.

She looked round behind her in time to see his flattened hand crash first against her left than right arse cheek. A massive stinging sensation hit R’s brain, making her wince and cry in pain. At the same time she felt that massive cock thrust into her, she could feel it go way past the point before, deep deep into her now stretched and sopping pussy. She was worried he would damage her but still he kept pushing into her and still her pussy seemed to accomodate. R just went crazy, she bucked back against him, her pussy contracting in waves of ecstasy as his balls started hitting her She had done it! The girl beneath her started lapping her clit furiously. The Stranger withdrew to around half way, then pushed deep inside again, causing her to gasp. He repeated this thrust after thrust, building momentum. R was going crazy, she was feeling wave after wave of spasm move through her, constantly on the point of coming. Suddenly something let go in her and a near paralysing sensation swept over her. She bucked wildly and was barely able to hear her own screams of utter pleasure. Her pussy was on fire and she just totally let go. The Stranger withdrew, almost pushed off by her bucking. “Yeah!” the girl cried, “She’s squirting!”

R just carried on but was now aware of the totally soaking feeling down her legs. She looked underneath and behind her to see the girl totally sodden in her juices. “OH MY GOD!!!” R squealed. She had never experienced anything like this. Her pussy was still contracting, making her knees nearly gave out. The Stranger and another man had to physically lift her off the table and lay her on her side, as her body spasmed on the floor.

Before passing out, the last thing she remembered seeing was the Stranger and all the other men stood around the girl on the table, spunk flying from their cocks and landing all over the girl’s face and body.



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