A Rose in a Field of Daisies

A Rose in a Field of Daisies

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction


This is the story from Emmett's point of view of meeting, falling in love with, and capturing the heart of his Rose as a college baseball player. Also includes J/A and E/B. Great story about college sports love and lust. rated X for language, adult concepts, and romantic content.


This is the story from Emmett's point of view of meeting, falling in love with, and capturing the heart of his Rose as a college baseball player. Also includes J/A and E/B. Great story about college sports love and lust. rated X for language, adult concepts, and romantic content.

Chapter1 (v.1) - A Rose in a Field of Daisies

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This is the sorry from Emmett's point of view of meeting, falling in love with, and capturing the heart of his Rose as a college baseball player. Also includes J/A and E/B. Great story about college sports love and lust. rated X for language, adult concepts, and romantic content.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2012




Chapter 1: I Never want to be Right Again

“Dude, come on were gunna be late and coach is gunna kick our asses. Hurry up!” I sighed and looked over at the girl collecting her cloths from the floor of my room.

“Ya man be right down.” I bellowed back. I turned to the chick who was now fully dressed as I buttoned my pants and pulled by baseball jersey on, “Wait till were gone then leave ok?” I asked her.

“Not a chance” she said stubbornly and made for the stairs before I could catch her. Bitch. But she wasn’t worth running after, they never were. I heard the door close behind her as I grabbed my gym bag and started heading for the stairs. I look down at Edward and just give him that ‘not a word or ill snap your neck’ look and he just laughs. He’s known me for too long to actually think that I was mad at him. He raised an eyebrow at me as I passed him headed towards the door.

“Not a word man.” I said opening the door and walking towards my Jeep parked in the driveway. He followed behind silently and through his stuff in the back. “We pickin’ up jazz?” I asked

“Nah, the hick is taking him.”

“Seriously why does he put up with her?”

“Dude you know him he’s not in it for the ass he just likes someone to care for.”

“Ya man I know how long have they been together now?”

“Eight or nine months I think.” Edward answered as we pulled out of the subdivision onto the main road leaving the frat house behind.

“Poor kid doesn’t even know she’s just a two timing little snitch I can tell you why a girl that cute is ok with not having sex, cuz she’s gettin’ it every night from her girlfriend.”

“Dude you keep sayin’ that but u've got no proof she’s a lesbian so knock it off its not cool.

“I’m not sayin’ it’s a bad thing, I’m just sayin’ she should at least tell our bro u know its true.”

“Emmett, what if she’s not gay hu? Then what?”

“Ok that’s it. I’m gunna prove it to you.” I said slamming on the breaks and pulling into a parking lot to do a u-turn. “You know how she is always saying she cant watch us play cuz she’s so worried about her Jazzie getting hurt so she never comes to our games even though she’s in our sister sorority? Well ever noticed who else is never there? Its always Victoria and Irina. I bet you if we go there right now while all the other girls are out front of the diamond selling T-shirts and shit and Jazz is warming up I bet you they’re up there getting it on. Remember that party a few weeks ago they were making out right?”

“Dude they were drunk of their skinny little asses. I swear to god of there aren’t two hot girls in there making out up there and we get fucked over by coach ill kill you myself.”

We were getting close to the Beta Gama house and I parked the Jeep a little ways of behind a bend in the road. We got out of the car and walked close to the houses though people’s yards so that we would be hard to see from even the upper story windows.

“Dude are we really walking through people’s yards to spy on Vick Hick and Irina?”  Edward asked.

“Nope we’re walking through people’s yards to prove that our man Jazz’s girlfriend is cheating on him with his big sister.”

“Ok but if she is your explain it to him.”

“Fuck no if I’m right then your wrong which means you have to.” We were to the house by now and crept up to the door and entered the key code that numerous girls had given us over the two years we had been here already. As we walked into the foyer it was clear that someone was in the house. I looked over at Edward who suddenly looked a little worried about what we might find. Frankly I was too. All of the bedrooms were up stairs, but the problem was that the stairs were narrow in the grand but old house and had a habit of creaking under too much weight on the wrong parts of the wrong stairs. Never being one for fineness I usually just bounded up them not giving a fuck who heard me but not this time so I looked over at Edward. He seemed to be on the same wavelength I was and shook his head.

“I’ve known Irena since she was two, no way, if that really is her… dude I can’t,” he said in a hushed whisper.

“I know man but dude look at me I’m fucking huge those stairs wont take me without creaking you have to go. Think about why we knew her since she was two, Jasper.”

Edward sighed, “Fine but we tell him together.” He said and began his careful and skillful assent up the stairs. He went into the central hallway and disappeared for what seemed like an eternity before reappearing ashen faced. ‘Fuck’ I thought. He came down the stairs as silently as he had gone up and walked right past me to the front door opened it and stepped outside before I followed him. I shut the door behind me and looked over at him.

“You win.” Was all he said and headed for the Jeep without another word. I climbed in after him and headed off towards the baseball diamond without another word.

We were of course late for warm up and coach threatened to bench us for the whole game, but of course he couldn’t. A month into our junior year at Oran State University (didn’t want use a real name but it’s a big sports state school) and we were already the stars of the varsity Baseball team. Individually we were all good players, but Jazz, Ed and I have been playing together since we were three, our chemistry was unbeatable if we lost, we would usually just blame it on the rest of the team cuz we were just that good.

After coach was done fuming and we had changed we headed out to warm up and Jazz came over to join us. Ed and I just looked at each other not really sure what to say to him but I knew neither of us was gunna tell him before the game.

“So why where you two morons late? Coach about pissed him self when you guys didn’t show up.”

“Em over here had some brunette chick he couldn’t pull himself away from. Not his best hit if you ask me.” Fuckin Edward the bastard.

“Dude Em really?” he said in an almost exasperated voice. I loved Jazz but the whole ‘I don’t sleep with random bitches so I don’t get it and I act like an exasperated old mom about it’ act gets old. That boy needs to learn to bat around a little.

“Hell man better to be all nice and relaxed before the game than stiff as fuck isn’t it?”  I said.

“Whatever you say man” he said and turned away to continue his warm up with the automated pitcher. I turned and flipped Edward off and his laughing was cut off shortly by coach’s voice booming across the field.

“Hey you guys got a problem? Go work it out in the locker room you… students. I don’t want that kind of… profanities on my…. Baseball diamond.” Edward and I exchanged a grin. Coach loved to cuss and it was hard for him on game days to hold it in so he had taken to cussing under his breath leaving long awkward gaps in his speech.

“No Sir” I bellowed back.

“Good” he said and called us all in for a little pre-game strategizing and pep talk.

The game went well, we won 13- 9, each of us scoring at least once not are best game but considering everything not too bad. There were the usual baseball hoes there, and the Betas, plus a smattering of school population and the slightly overwhelming group of parents, alums, faculty and staff. There was one girl that cought my eye though sitting a bit separate from the baseball hoes and shooting them death glares every once in a while. She was pale skinned with flowing golden hair that she had pilled back into a ponytail that was pulled through a baseball cap. Fuck she was hot nice rack the rest was hard to tell cuz she was sitting down, but I would guess there was nothing to be desired from her body. I couldn’t focus on her long though cuz I was the first baseman and I took my job serious damn it. I was disappointed when Edward suggested we get back to the house right away instead of going out and mingling with the fans but he was right we needed to focus on Jazz so I let the blond beauty go for now. I did look for her as we passed through  the crowd and out to our car, but she was no were to be seen.

It wasn’t until I started backing the jeep out that I saw her speed behind me in her red convertible with her sunglasses on and her long ponytail thrown carelessly over the back of her seat blowing gently in the wind made by her car. I slammed on my breaks to keep from hitting her and honked. Once I pulled out I saw her look up into her rear view mirror and flip me off before she pulled out into the street and hit the accelerator. ‘Huh,’ I thought, ‘Goldie Locks got spunk, I like it’

Once we got to the frat house Edward grabbed Jazz’s arm to keep him from going up to his own room and getting a shower. “Hey man we gotta talk to you before you go up” he said.

“It cant wait till after I get the clay off me at least?” he asked

“Nah man, we need you to hear us out on this one, it’s about Victoria.”

“Ya it can wait till after I need a shower ill come find y’all in a while” He said blowing us off.

I grabbed his shoulder and turned him back around to face me, “Its about Irena dude.” He stopped trying to pull away and looked between me and Ed with a concerned confused look.

“Are they ok? They aren’t fighting are they? I was a little worried when Irena said she wanted to rush betas that there might be an issue, but they seemed to be getting along.”

“Oh Fuck ya they’re getting along” I laughed humorlessly.

“Look Jazz, man, we don’t want to have to tell you this… but your our bro so here goes… dude, your sister and your girlfriend are sleeping together.”  Edward said.

Jazz laughed, I looked over at Ed concerned and saw the same expression mirrored in his face. Either Jazz already knew, or he didn’t get it. I was guessing the latter.

“They’re sorority sisters you morons stop with the serious faces, they have slumber parties all the time.”

“No Jazz we mean they’re Lesbians, or at least bi, they’re fucking dude.” Jazz stopped laughing and looked a little angry.

“No they’re not.” He said “They would never, you would think I would know if my own sister was gay, or my girlfriend for that matter what the fuck are y’all up to? I get it you hate Vic, but seriously, you’ve known Irena you whole lives. You fucking ass holes.”

“Jazz man your right I have known Irena her whole life, and most of mine. How do you think I felt seeing her up on Victoria’s dresser moaning out her name as Vitoria ate her out. I almost puked.” I did not need to hear that, but it seemed to have some sort if impact on Jazz, he was listening now. “That’s why they never come to the games, for a little alone time. That’s where we were at the beginning of warm up man Em kept going on about how Victoria must be gay and I told him to cut the crap, so he turned around and went to the Beta house. We snuck in and he made me go up the stairs cuz he’s too big and the stairs would creek under him. So I went up and I saw them enjoying each other I came back down and we left man. Im sorry I didn’t want to see it either, but you had to know.”

Jazz was perfectly still now. After a few moments Edward reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone and handed it to Jazz who refused to take it but dug in his own pocket and picked number 3 on speed dial. So it would be Vic first. I looked at Edward and we grabbed our bags and his and took them up dropping his bag in his room turning on music and hooping in our showers to give him some privacy.

By the time I decided it was time to see what was up with Jazz the house had filled up with most of the baseball team. Ya we had a baseball frat cuz we were awesome and wanted the school to pay for us to have a house to party in. I crossed the hall and banged on his door with an open hand; he would know it was me.

“Fuck off” was the only response I got so I opened the door slowly and waited till I heard the thump of the baseball he was throwing at me hitting the door. Then I opened it fully just in time to catch the bat being hurled my way. ‘Smart ass little bitch’ I thought ‘that was a new one’. “Ey watch the goods bro. The ladies wont want me if my face is smashed in.” I said

“You think I give a fuck what ‘the ladies’ want any more? Fuck off.”

I ignored his bitching, shut the door behind me and came to sit next to him on the edge of his bed. “So what did she have to say for her self?”

“Ha Vic? Nothing. Lied out her ass denying everything.” He shook his head and looked at his hands.

“And Irena?” I asked.

He sighed heavily. “Cried. She cried and begged for my forgiveness. She said she wanted to tell me she just didn’t know how.”

“Ya I guess ‘hey big bro I’m fucking your girlfriend’ doesn’t just roll off the tongue does it?” He punched me in the arm but we both laughed a bit about it. “So now what?” I asked him.

He sighed and went back to looking at his hands, “Well Vic and I are done no doubt there, and as for Irena… I don’t know.” He said.

“You know its killin her man she’s almost as kind hearted as you are. It’s got to be rippin her apart that you found out.”

“I know, but I cant really deal with her right now.” He said and I nodded understanding.

My phone buzzed in my back pocket and as much of a dick as I felt like doing it I pulled it out and looked at it:

Em please I need you

It’s bad I think he

hates me

I sighed. “Dude anything I can do for you?” I said hiding the phone.

“Nah man, but if she texts you… I don’t know man she’s still my sister… will you go to her? I know she has always wanted u there as the cuddly protective big brother more than me anyway and… I still love her, she’s still our little sis…” I nodded I knew what she meant, Edward was an only child and I had a brother five years older so he wasn’t really around that much, but Irena was only two years younger than us and she had kinda grown up with both me and Ed as older brothers right there along slide Jazz. Jazz was the quiet peaceful one, Edward was the stable one to go to for advice, and I was the one to go to just to cry on, I was the one who would just hold her and let her cry and be there for her no matter how wrong she was or what she did I was always there for her, and everyone.

“Ya man, she texted me, Ill go.” I said and he just nodded and continued stairing at his knee until I left and shut the door behind me. Edward was in the hall and looked at me asking what he had said. I explained to him what Jazz had said and told him to give him some time to cool down then go in and talk some since into him about Irena.

I hopped in my Jeep and drove over to the Beta house and let myself in again. The Beta girls were clearly not happy to see me there, but I wasn’t there for them. It wasn’t until someone went and got Vic out of Irena’s room and she met me at the top of the stairs that anyone put up any resistance to me being in the house.

“Get the fuck out of my house.” She said putting her hands against my chest and pushing me back towards the stairs. I just laughed. I was fucking six food seven inches and built like a motherfucker, her slender five foot four frame was nothing. “I mean it” she said and began smacking my chest.

“Look princess I didn’t come here for you so get the fuck out of my way.” I said picking her up and moving her out of my way.

“NO” She screamed and latched onto my back like a freekin monkey pulling my hair.

“Get off me you fucking bitch” I bellowed attempting to break her grasp from my hair and dump her ass on the ground. I saw Irena’s door open and saw her peek around the doorframe.

“Emmett!” she exclaimed sounding almost relieved despite the tears cascading down her pale face. She ran to me as she had done as a child and leaped up so that I could hold her. After a few seconds I was able to dump the bitch and carried Irena back into her room holding her in my arms. She had shoulder length dirty blond hair and her blue eyes were red and puffy from the crying. We sat on the bed and she just cried into my chest for a while, but eventually she sobered up enough to say something.

“Does he hate me?” she asked looking up at me with wide sad eyes.

“Well he doesn’t like you too much right now, but you’re his sister, he still loves you. He’ll come around.”

She sighed and began crying again and I just held her until she stopped then I tilted her chin so she was looking up at me. “Want to tell me about it?” I asked and she looked away but nodded. “You can you know, im ok with you being lesbian or bi or whatever, it doesn’t really bother me, you can tell me about it. Frankly it just means I’m not gunna have to beat a motherfucker’s ass for screwing my sister.” I said and she laughed a little at that.

“I don’t know what to say… I… I just like girls… I think they’re way more attractive than guys… I just… and Vic… she found out…” she stammered out.

“How?” I asked “Doesn’t sound like something you can just tell about some one not u anyway u seem strait enough.”

“Um… you probably don’t want to know.”

“Ok point taken go on with the other story so she found out and?” I prompted eager to get away from any story she thought was too much for me. I’m a fucking beast of it was too much for me I was probably gunna have to choke a bitch if I found out.

“Well she said that she had gone both ways… and I had never actually been with another girl before… so we kinda…”

“hooked up?”

“Ya kinda.”

“But Ira she was your brother’s girlfriend…”

“I know… and that’s the only part I regret… I just… I had never tired it before… I had to know what it was like… and once we did it once…”

“It’s easier the second time, and the third, and the fourth trust me I know” I said and she nodded looking ashamed. “You do realize you helped someone cheat on your own brother right?” she nodded and sobbed quietly again into my chest. I sighed. I hadn’t meant to upset her again it was all just so fucked up. “Shhh baby it’s ok. It’s ok I’m sorry that was mean of me.” I said holding her closer and patting down her hair. 

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