Wicked Angel Adventures: China by Night

Wicked Angel Adventures: China by Night

Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


Status: Finished

Genre: Erotica


the adventures of our girl anna in china, this time with philip.


the adventures of our girl anna in china, this time with philip.


Submitted: July 11, 2016

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Submitted: July 11, 2016



Anna: The camera comes on, image out of focus as is usual in her by now, still not a pro with the camera. Finally it is held up in front of her face, focusing on Anna's face and the mischievous expression she had. - "It's Anna again... still in Asia, but this time I'm in China, I don't exactly know where... or to which lovely hotel I'm being taken to, but I know I'm in for a surprise. I'm with gorgeous Philip." - With that introduction, the camera moves and focuses on Philip. - "Say hi, Philip... and also tell them where exactly are we and where are you taking me?"

Philip: He smiled towards the camera with a wink and raised a hand " Hey guys and gals, Philip here.. Today we're in Hong Kong and I’m taking the lovely Anna here to a hotel where I spend a lot of time when I first came to china... it's where I discovered my love for rope use and that's what Anna will discover today..." Another smile played on his lips and he took Anna by the hand as he guided her towards the hotel which was just down the street. The camera was able to capture the ambiance on the street and see how busy the city of Hong king was. Some strange looks were offered towards Philip due to his tattooed appearance, but he spoke fluent Chinese and wished them a good day. The camera was angled up behind them to see them walking and focused some on Anna’s ass as Philip ran a hand over her behind for a quick moment and guided her into a rather luxurious hotel.

Anna: A laugh is heard and it is clearly Anna's as it is delicate and feminine. - "I'm gonna get tied." - points out as she brings the camera back to her face, winking with that usual playful demeanor of hers. The sight of the hotel impressive and the streets as busy as everyone knows them to be, random passerby's faces blurred as the attention now focuses on the hotel, which name is also blurred. - "I didn't have something like this in mind." - admits and nudges his side.

Philip: "Well it's part of the surprise " He chuckled and went to the lobby desk, speaking in fluent Chinese asking for their keys and what floor they needed to be after a few he was handed the keycard and looked at the camera before looking back at Anna " Let the games begin.... " He said with a chuckle and guided her towards the elevator " This way... I got us a top floor suite , so you can enjoy the view...."

Anna: "I've learned to deal with surprises these days." - laughs. - "I wish I understood what everyone is saying though." - follows him to the elevator. She holds the camera up to her face and with that typical smile of hers says. - "You need to see this." - The camera pans the elevator, capturing the luxury of it and for a moment, she holds and locks it on their reflections. Anna in a black and red, short flared dress and red pumps on her feet. - "We look good together."

Philip: "That we definitely do" He aid with a grin as he was dressed in his typical black long sleeved t-shirt , pair of easy going black jeans and red high tops underneath , his hair combed back and slightly to the side to show off the undercut and the lotus tattooed on the side of his scalp. ''But I’m most curious to find out what you got on underneath that sexy dress... that's gonna be my surprise" At that moment the elevator dinged and the doors opened up behind them, and he took the camera from her to show the hallways. They walked up towards a door and he swiped the card to unlock the door. He pushed it open and the viewer had the first look of the luxurious and lush Chinese inspired room . Pale walls with dark wooden furniture, the bed itself was a piece of arthttp://images.visitbeijing.com.cn/20130730/Img214879291.jpg . The room wasn't very large but more then enough for the two off them. The southern wall was all window, offering a view over the city of Hong Kong. Their bags had been set near the bed and a length of dark red silken rope was coiled up on the bed

Anna: "Your own little surprise." - walks down the hall, the camera capturing her from behind, the clicking of her heels slightly loud. They reach the door and she steps to the side so he can unlock the door, open it and capture the room entirely. Anna follows closely behind and the surprised expression on her face is absolutely candid and natural. - "What a beautiful room." - Nods and walks to the floor to ceiling window and stood in front of it, eyes scanning the area. - "Stunning view!" - turns back to the bed, smirking at the sight of the rope. - "I should be nervous, instead, I'm oddly fascinated."

Philip: He chuckled at those words " good...I like it when you're fascinated..;" He said as he walked up to her and set the camera down on the table nearby, offering a shot of where she was standing at the window and Philip walking up to her, sliding a hand up the side of her face " Were going to have a lot of fun Anna... why don't you show me your surprise" He said as he moved over to the coiled up rope and started to, within view of the wide angle lens to uncoil the rope as he started to double it up. It showed that he handled the rope with utmost respect and was very skilled in using it. Slowly preparing the rope for her

Anna: Anna watches him intently for a moment, honestly curious about the way he handled the rope. After a short moment, that smile spreads her lips again as she steps back. Hands move behind her, taking a hold of the dresses zipper, pulling it down painfully slow. - "Have you been waiting this moment for too long?" - asks. The zipper undone, hands move to her front, easily tugging on the dress and dropping her arms down, the dress smoothly slides down, exposing her black, very see through, lace lingerie.

Philip: "yeah I have been waiting for this moment ever since we got on the plane" He said to her with a grin and his jaw dropped a bit as she revealed the lingerie she was wearing "Oh wow... you look amazing" He said as he picked up the camera and moved around her to show off every single angle of her body in that sexy black half see through piece she wore. " It's almost a shame knowing you'll ruin those panties by the time I'm done with the rope" He said with a light chuckle to his voice and once he had doubled up the rope and prepared it with a double lasso loop he hung it from the corner of the table and moved over towards her again, setting down the camera once more to offer a wide angle shot as he moved closer to her and slipped a hand down over her side as the other slid up over her stomach and teasingly brushed over one of her covered up breast to end up at the side of her neck before he leaned in to kiss her. The kiss was deep and passionate. The hand on her side slid up over her back and she felt him unclasp the bra, the snap released and he broke the longing kiss ever so slowly with a grin on his lips " We wouldn't want to ruin that lovely bra with the rope , now do we...."

Anna: Anna's eyes shift from him to the camera, biting her lip and then smiling just in time to turn back to him now that he is in front of her. Hands are pressed against his chest, through the black fabric of his shirt, massaging his pecks visibly and her fingers knowingly searching his pierced nipples, giving them a tug before retrieving her hands. Their lips pressed together and their tongues tangled, searching for one another and dancing around until her bra snaps, her breasts bounce and he breaks the kiss. - "That would've been a shame." whispers and gives his lips a light nip.

Philip: He reached up and removed her bra , setting it down on the table and looked at the camera for a moment and then back at , He took one of her hands in his and guided her towards a small low table and sat her down on it , he adjusted the camera" I'm going to try and do this slow so you can pick up how to do this one knot I'm going to be using on Anna, its called pentagram bondage" He said with a soft smiled and interloped the two lasso parts of the rope as he walked back up to Anna and stood behind her " Anna dearest, could please cross your arms behind your back for me"

Anna: Anna throws her head back behind her shoulders as her head turns to face the camera, listening to him intently. A single nod is given and Anna crosses her arms behind her back, having him guide her through it. - "This is my first time, so be gentle." - Jokes, as she clearly meant her first time being tied like this. - "...but not too gentle." - Chuckles.

Philip: He chuckled as he placed the loops around her, one double loop underneath her breasts, the other above them. He tightened the rope up, nice and firmly to make her breasts pop up and stick out even more so then they already did. The lose end of the rope was turned around the two loops on her back and pulled them together, creating more tension around her breasts. The double rope was tossed over one shoulder and pulled diagonally down across her chest going between her breasts down to the middle of the rope that ran under hear breast, it looped around and back up over her other shoulder. There was now a large V shape of rope across her chest and one on her back. The same process was repeated through each of the loops and it created the pentagram shape on both her back and her chest, with her breasts being tied between two points of the pentagram. The final loop was pulled around her wrist, locking them in place on her back. He tightened that one nice and firm, causing her shoulders to pull back and make her chest stick outwards and forward which created a lovely sided profile of her body, those hips and breasts of her sticking out even more so then before. "Tight enough? " he asked her with grin as he tightened the knot up nice and strong. He then moved the camera around her to offer the view from all angles. He flipped the screen around so Anna could see herself in it. She did look oddly enough very sexy with that dark red silken rope pressed into her skin

Anna: Anna seemed to be completely relaxed, which is unlikely for a woman that was being bound - following the series, one knows she is no stranger to cuffs and being restricted in a way, but this is a whole new level of art. - "Define 'tight enough'?" - Smirks as her eyes follow the camera, looking at herself bound with those ropes. Her arms and torso move a little, showing off the fact that her arms were completely restricted, only one that could free her right now: Philip. - "I have to say... I feel very sexual for some reason." - laughs.

Philip: "The beauty here now is that you are completely at my mercy right now...."He said with a grin and turned the camera back to her. He reached down between her legs and she could feel his slide his hand over her panties, starting to grind against her covered up pussy, the camera angle changing from the close up between her legs back up over her breasts and to her face. His lips wrapped around one of her nipples as he sucked on it, giving it a tugging bite before he released it "Hmm those breasts of yours... they are simply wonderful.... " A hand came up and slid around one of them, cupping it from underneath and giving it a firm squeeze, as he did that she felt the ropes around her tighten up due to the movement "I'm going to have some fun with your breasts and your mouth And if you're good enough at it..." He said as that dominant alpha side of him started to shine through just a little " Then I’ll let you cuff me to the bed and have your way with me"

Anna: "Completely at your mercy." - repeats his words with a bit of a smile on her face. She has to test the ropes and so she moves a little, just to see how restricted is she, her experimenting suddenly coming to an end when he starts to rub and tease her covered pussy, making her squirm a little and only then really feel how limited her movement from the waist up is. Moans echo through the room, his lips sealed around her nipple, sucking it to hardness. His words making her smirk with a bit of pride on her expression. - "Can't wait." whispers and bites her bottom lip seductively.

Philip: He slid her panties aside to expose her pussy to the camera before he rubbed her again, spreading her lips with his fingers as he started to rub over her pinkness and clit with his fingers. He pulled at her nipple with his teeth, slightly letting them drag over her erect nipple before he released it and watched her with a curious grin playing on his lips" You look like you know how to suck cock rather well...Let's see if that true...." Another smile played on his lips as he looked at her form and slowly rose up to his full height, sliding his fingers away from her pussy. He licked them clean “Hmm tastes as good as it looks...." The grin remained on his lips as he removed his jacket and tossed it aside along with the black sleeved shirt that he pulled up over his head and revealed his athletic and muscular frame. Dark in design creating a rather scary and intimidating appearance for him. It was his tattoos, specially the design on his chest and back that were seen as scary by some. He rolled his shoulders a moment and made his muscles pop up just a little bit more before he unzipped his pants and unbuttoned them. He pulled out his semi-hard cock and guided it towards her mouth

Anna: She is breathing heavily now, those fingers moving along her slick sex, toying with her clit, making it swell against his digits, all of that while he sucks on her nipple and pulls his teeth along it. He pulls back and leaves Anna breathing hard and heavy again and a slight shiver running down her spine, eyes slowly opening again to admire Astor as he slides off his clothes, tossing them aside, making a display of his impressive physique and then standing right in front of her, Anna smiles mischievously towards the camera then leans over, giving him a very slow, messy lick all the way up the underside of his cock, to the head which she sucks softly before letting go and then run her tongue up along the upper side.

Philip: A grin played on his lips and a soft yet audible moan escaped his lips when she licked along the length of his cock. It grew harder as she suckled on the tip of his cock. A single hand brushed up the side of her face and caressed the side of her face as his lips turned into a smile " Hmm that feels nice... " he said to her and turned to the camera " But we both know she can do better than this..." His hand slid down the side of her face and down to her chin, taking a nice firm hold on her chin and guided her open mouth down to his shaft. Guiding it into her mouth and pushed his hips forward slightly, making more of his cocks slide into her mouth. He looked back at her and his hand slid up over her shoulder and down her back, she felt him tug on the ropes and tightened them up around her breasts some more, making them appear even bigger and thicker.

Anna: Anna looks up at him with that knowing glint in her eye; she could do more, she could better, but she simply loved teasing. Her tongue moves along his cock slowly, leaving it slick, making it look even more intimidating now that is harder and so wet. The hand on her chin is her queue to close her eyes and relax herself whole body, pushing her head forward, swallowing almost half of it and using her tongue to give it a nice, tight massage and also a sudden squeeze when he pulls on the ropes.

Philip: Another moan escaped those lips at the sudden squeeze and he grinned, when she started to take half of him in her mouth, he started moving his hips opposite of her as he started to slowly but steadily fuck her mouth. That thick cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The veins on his shaft getting thicker and pulsing with want and desire at how well she was teasing and sucking his cock. He leaned his body back some to increase the pressure and offer the camera a better angle and viewpoint from how she was sucking him off in that rather interesting position with her upper body restricted by the ropes. His free hand moved down to her left breast and he cupped his hand over it, giving it a firm squeeze before he started to massage into her breast. Her nipple caught between his fingers now and then to give them a squeeze

Anna: Her head moves back and forth at a steady, slow pace, sucking half of his cock and tracing the veins with her tongue, giving him light squeezes here and there, never picking up the pace, just keeping up with his. Her cheeks bulge every time she moves forward and then are sucked in when she pulls back. Slowly her lips slide a little further, taking more than the last time and he'd be able to feel the tightness of her throat around the head of his shaft. With his hand on her breast, squeezing and kneading them teasing her nipple, her head stops for a moment so she can sigh hard, but when she resumes, she pushes all the way in, her nose pressed against his crotch.

Philip: He grinned when she let out that hard deep sigh but then she shoved all of his cock into her mouth and he could feel the head of his cock slide into her throat. He moaned out louder than before and his hands moved to the side of her face, holding her head steady in place as he fucked her throat a couple of times before he pulled all the way back out to let her catch a breath " Holy fuck that is amazing" His cock covered in her spit and saliva . He lowered himself a little bit and bend his knees, letting his cock drape between her breasts. And with a tactical use of the rope he made her breasts push together, harshly wrapping them around his cock. As he slowly started to fuck her tits, letting the tip of his thick veiny cock slide and poke out above them each time his balls were pushed up against her upper torso “You look about ready to have some fun yourself"

Anna: Anna wasn't used to be this restricted and it became obvious on camera from time to time, whenever she wanted to move a certain way, the ropes kept her from do it, but she took it lightly and readjusted her movements. Lewd sounds echoed through the small, yet luxurious room, her mouth and tongue slurping around his shaft, his hips moving back and forth, his cock massaged by her throat, making it bulge until he pulls out and with that, she gasps hard and looks up at him, letting him position their bodies until his cock is squeezed between her breasts. - "I'm always ready to have fun." - Whispers and looks down, licking the head of his cock whenever it surfaces.

Philip: "Hmm good, cause I did like that little taste I had earlier...." He said to her and that faint British accent of his started to shine through a little .He offered his cock to her mouth once more, and would push it all the way down again, ever so slowly and ever so slowly pulled it back out before he took a step back and grabbed her by her elbows, helping her up to her feet. Knowing how hard it was to get up when your upper body was that restricted. "You enjoying the ropes? Because I’m leaving them on just a little bit longer..." He said to her as he guided her towards the bed and picked up the camera. He'd push her gently over, to have her flat on her stomach in the bed, but with her legs still out of the bend, having her bend over the mattress while standing next to the bed. But since she couldn't rest on her arms, she ended up resting on her chest. He lowered himself behind her and placed the camera next to his head so they could see him spread her ass cheeks and offer a nice close up of Anna’s pussy and asshole

Anna: Anna bites her bottom lip. - "Isn't that accent, sexy." - whispers and gets on her feet with his help. - "It's an acquired taste. I think I might enjoy it more than I'd like to admit." - grind before being guided to the bed, her lower half hanging from the edge of it and with his hands spreading her ass cheeks, her tight little asshole and wet pussy all exposed for his viewing pleasure. Anna can't help squirming on the bed, that need to try and turn to look at him over her shoulder and a frustrated, yet funny laugh escapes her.

Philip: "well good then we can leave it on a little longer" he said to her and the camera moved over her body while a camera had been attached to him, the image switches to both of his hands one her asscheeks, spreading them just a bit more as he digs his face in, she felt that warm thick tongue of his lick over her pussy lips, getting a taste for her before he lapped up from her clit all the way up to her asshole, running his tongue over her anal ring teasingly before sliding back down to her pussy, which he started to lick and suck on her lips now and then. A hand slid between her legs and his fingers rubbed her clit while his tongue teased her soaking wet pussy

Anna: Soon Anna's moans and gasps fill in the air, that tongue of his moving from her soaked sex, to her tight asshole, smearing those juices and teasing that little entrance. Hips wiggle and rub herself against his face. She moans and calls his name as her hands close into fists.- "Fuck... Philip..." calls his name. Thighs and legs kick and move, pushing her hips up, face pressed against the mattress. - "...that feels so good." - Groans visibly aroused.

Philip: He turned around, resting his head on the mattress between her legs and pulled her hips down on his face, letting her sit on his face as his tongue licked and ran over her clit with determination at a slow but steady pace. His teeth graced over her flesh at times, softly dragging them over her clit before he rubbed his lips over it and sucked it in between them. Meanwhile his free hand slid up over her leg and felt two fingers slide into her tight wet pussy as he slowly but steadily started to finger her. One finger inside her curled up to grace and scrape over her g spot, as his pinky finger teasingly rubbed over her asshole, curious how she'd react to her ass being stimulated. There was a clear intend in what he was doing as he didn’t show any signs of stopping. Did he want to make her cum and maybe even squirt? the way he was working her pussy was a clear indication that that was exactly what he wanted.

Anna: Anna's expression went from playful, to a pleasured one; she couldn't mask the fact that Astor was doing an amazing job keeping her stimulated and aroused. She moaned non-stop, her hips quick and twitch and her breathing? Deep and erratic. She was completely out of words and could only moan his name, calling Philip over and over. At some point her hips twitch and Anna's eyes roll, her lips parted as if she was going to say something, but the hard spasm her warm tunnel around his finger, kept her from doing so. When she finally catches her breath back, she opens her eyes, glazed with pleasure. - "Right there - don't stop!" - begs moments before her hips buck and kick, his wishes granted: Anna moans loudly, letting her hips twitch as she has a hard, squirting orgasm that leaves her sex twitching and dripping.

Philip: He listened to her and kept exactly at that place, he kept going and doing what he was doing and was rewarded by her squirting her juices all over his face, his mouth opened up to let it all sink into his mouth as he drank from her, licking wildly at her pussy and rubbing her g spot harder with his fingers. He didn't stop however; he let her ride out that orgasm to the fullest. But eventually came to a slow stop and slid from underneath her form His English accent was no longer hidden “Bloody hell that was fantastic... I think you've earned it to cuff me..." He said with a chuckled and wiped a hand down his facet to clean it off a little before he leaned over her and started to undo the knots to free her from her rope harness. He discarded the rope to the side as his eyes and the camera moved over her used and soaking wet form*" Anna you have no idea how hot you are when yer a soaking hot mess..."

Anna: She was shaking and shivering from the orgasm he just gave her. For a moment there she remained quiet, unable to do anything but try and catch her breath back, which took her a little while; luckily, when he undid the ties that she was back to her senses and had that knowing grin plastered on her cheeks. She kneels on the bed, fingers combing her long hair throwing it back as she crawls to the edge of the bed, wraps her arms around his tattooed neck and brings his down to kiss his upper lip. - "I'm going to enjoy have you cuffed to this bed." - Whispers.

Philip: He leaned in and crawled onto the bed with a smile playing on his lips, when she kissed him he returned the kiss and nipped at her lower lip, she could taste herself on his. He broke the kiss " I hope so..." Another grin played on his features as he started to move and get those pants off of him, tossing them aside. She still had her panties on and they were a soaking mess at this point, as he had promised her when they started “But good to know you like the ropes.... good to know indeed"

Anna: Anna tastes herself on his lips, all too glad to do so before giving him space to take off his pants. When he is fully naked she grabs him and pulls him to the bed. All of this while nibbling his lower lip and then switching to the upper one, slowly guiding him to lie on the bed. Now that he is lying on the bed, she straddles his waist and then stretches out to take the cuffs from the night table. She lowers herself, kissing the side of his face to his earlobe. - "Don't go getting any ideas." whispers, referencing the fact that he finds it 'good' that she liked the ropes. Her hands caress up along his arms, raising them to the headboard, first cuffing his left hand. - "No second thoughts so far, I'm hoping?"

Philip: He leaned with her as she guided him and kissed him. Returning the kisses with just as eager a mouth as she was offering to him. His hands slid u her sides and caressed the side of her breasts before she lifted up one of his hands and cuffed it to the bed , a playful grin on his lips " Oh none at all M'lady Anna" There was a certain gleam in his eyes. Something told her he had been in situations like this before, which didn't strike her as odd most likely

Anna:"Good." - whispers in his ear, kisses it and pulls back. She cuffs his other hand and then sits up, pressing her warmness against his lap; arms and torso stretch to take the camera, capturing the image of a cuffed Philip. - "You do look gorgeous like this, could get used to this." - Points and smirks. - "...now you are at my mercy." - Camera goes back to the table, perfect angle to capture her every movements. Anna slides herself down his body, now sitting on his thighs and lowering her face so she can lick and nibble across his chest, until she comes across one of his pierced nipples, giving it a gentle nip and a tug.

Philip: The sight was one of a million. His wide powerfully tattooed torso stretched out with his arms pointing upwards. Those abs tight and toned with large pectoral muscles giving more definition to his upper body. His eyes moved to follow her as she sat down on hi slower body and he let out a soft moan when she teased his pierced nipples. It was clear he enjoyed it and that they were sensitive. His cock twitched out of control each time she bit and tugged at them. But she and the viewer could tell he liked it harder as well. "Oh I’m sure you could get used to that innit... Maybe you could “He said with a moaning wink as she nipped his nipple again

Anna: "I might keep a pair of cuffs close, just in case." - Whispers and winks back. Her lips are graced against his pierced nipple, making him exhale out loud and then, after teasing both for a while, she finally gives his right nipple a hard bite and a suck, pulling it for a moment. Teeth finally part, letting go off the pierced nub, only so she could go to the other one, giving it the same treatment. While still on top of him, she moves and switches in that position, just enough so her right arm slides between their bodies, soft hand finding his throbbing cock, giving it a single jerk from the head down to the base.

Philip: Each time she teased his nipples a grin was seen on his face and when she finally bit down on one of them he moaned out and a smile played on his lips “Oh you tease.... "His body moved upwards into the bite as she switched nipples, stretching his body out in a way that offered the viewer a nice view of the muscular body and how they moved underneath that layer of skin, he strained himself so hard that she felt his cock press up against her wet pussy and slide up against it, before she shifted her position and found her way down to his shaft and gave him a single jerk, which was rewarded by another moan directed at her

Anna:The woman was clearly having some fun making him wait; after all they both were being playful and taking their time with each other. Her lips slowly travel from his chest up to his throat and to his chin, licking it playfully before getting to his lips, giving him a deep, lustful, tongue-filled kiss. Hand gives another jerk, just to have his moan muffled into their kiss. Hand lets go of his shaft and her body is slowly positioned on his again, this time, she sits her wet pussy along his shaft, letting it rest between her sex and his abdomen. Hands rest on his chest and hips move slowly back and forth, smearing her wetness along his cock. Eyes locked on his face, intently watching the effect this has on him.

Philip: He welcomed the kiss and when she offered her tongue to his mouth she could feel him eagerly kissing her back, pressing his tongue up against her own in a wrestling match, sucking at her tongue and biting at it when she broke the kiss. He did indeed moan into her mouth and let their kiss muffle it. When she placed his cock between her pussy and his abdomen he grinned as he looked up at her and moaned out her name “Oh fuck Anna, that feels amazing.... “She felt his tense up his cock to make it a harder surface for her to grind her clit against, so she'd have the best feeling from it as well

Anna: "I really could get used to this." - Whispers in that kiss. She breaks their lustful kiss and just keeps her lips pressed against his bottom one, hips moving back and forth, sewing her wet slit against his cock. Hands on his chest slowly move until her fingers find his nipples, tweaking and tugging on the pierced buds. Anna keeps that up for a while, loving how hard he gasped and groaned whenever she played with his pierced nips. Eventually her hips slow down and she pushes her hips up, playful eyes locked on his face and a hand moves between their bodies, takes a hold of his shaft and painfully slowly, she lowers herself on him. Her face contorts; the head of his cock stretches her entrance and slowly slides in her warm sex. - "Fuck.." blurts out and sucks on her own lips.

Philip: They could see his arms strain against the restraints as he wanted to touch her so badly but couldn't, especially when she whispered those words to him, word he'd not forget easily. Each time she teased his nipples she did get that reaction she loved so much, his body straining upwards, his cock being pressed herder between their bodies. His eyes were on her when she adjusted the angle and slipped him inside of her, he groaned out as he felt her tightness slide down his length and thickness “Holy fucking god... “He moaned and he tried to reach her, to touch her body and her chest when she sat on him, but he couldn't due to the cuffs

Anna: Anna's hands rest on his chest and abdomen as she slowly continues to lower herself on him, eyes barely remaining open so she could watch his face, loving that bit of frustration at not being able to reach and touch her and just then she had to flash a devilish grin to the camera: sweet revenge. That smile was short lived as she couldn't keep up with the slow torture, with a sudden groan and a desperate moan she pushes herself all the way down, sitting on his lap, pressing her ass against his pelvis and thighs. She wastes no time and immediately starts moving herself up and down, filling that small, yet stunning room with clapping sounds and their moans.

Philip: He used those cuffs to his advantage however, he used it to tone up his arms and chest, and that allowed him to push his hips up against her once she started riding him , he picked up the pace and made his balls slap up against her asshole as she rode him like a true champ, He watched her and how her breasts bounced and moved each time his hips slammed into her " that’s it Anna, play with those tits for me...." she felt every single vein on his thickness grind against her inner walls, they were a close to perfect fit, tight and hot together

Anna: Anna's moans were still considerably low, but the expression on her face was obvious; she was enjoying riding her bound lover. Her wet, warm tunnel hugged his shaft tightly, which really helped her feel every throbbing vein and added more to the pleasure. Her hot, wet sex was tight as a glove around him, massaging every single inch of that huge cock, leaving it coated with her juices and very slick. One of her hands still on his abdomen, scratching through his skin, the other coming to her bouncing breasts, kneading them and pinching her nipples. Moans growing louder and more desperate.

Anna: Anna straightens her body and throws her head back, putting herself on full display, her fit body bouncing on and off him and now both hands on her breasts, kneading them, pinching and tugging her hard nipples, stretching the flesh as she continues to bounce up and down, using only her legs and of course that push of his hips every time she moved onto him. "Oh fuck! So good!" - says in a desperate tone of voice. Her body leans forward and a hand rests on his strong, open chest.

Philip: "Oh fuck I’m gonna cum" He moaned to her , her body out on display, the way she moved, her breasts, all of that added up along with how tight and wet she was on his thick shaft. He was building up to that limit. His body tense and his muscles popped up even more, the creaking sound of those links on the cuffs weakening was heard very faintly in between the sounds of their body's colliding, in between the sounds of their moans and the sounds of their juices being squeezed between their bodies as they moved

Anna: Anna's both hands now rest on his chest, using him to push herself up and also to be able to really move those hips. She lets loose on her hips, jumping up and down his cock, as if his announcement triggered something in her; she wanted to give him a nice, big orgasm, make him cum hard. Her moans are loud, almost pleasure filled screams and yelps. - "Oh fuck, ooowngn fuck! "

Philip: She felt his cock twitch inside of her and with a loud moan she felt that first massive stream of cum fill up her pussy, from the cheer force of the orgasm he managed to snap one of the links and one hand reached for her body, grabbing her by one of her breasts and kneaded firmly into it, squeezing that nipple between his fingers nice and hard . He kept bucking his hips into her and fucking her as he came hard and violently. She felt more and more cum being squirted straight into her pussy "Holy fucking hell"

Anna: Her moans become even louder the moment one of his big hands takes a hold of her breast, massaging it and unforgivably playing with her nipple, keeping it hard and sensitive. She continues to bounce, jump on and off his lap, even now that his orgasm has obviously taken over, his cock covered in both their juices. Anna does not stop, she keeps riding him hard, and her asscheeks clapping lewdly against him, the rounded thick cheeks slightly red from all the smacking; she leans over and traps his bottom lip between her teeth, giving it a hard suck.

Philip: When she kissed him he still moaned against her and she felt his hand release her breast and slide up over the side of her face to cup it and pressed her into the hard kiss, licking his tongue over her lips before sliding it into her mouth and kissing her hard and wetly. His hips kept moving against her, enjoying the fact she just kept going. The viewer could see their mixed cum slide down the length of his cock as she kept on riding him

Anna: She eventually stops moving, rests her forehead on his; she is breathing heavily, almost gasping against his face and between those gasps he'd hear a light giggle. - "You snapped those cuffs." - says and gives his upper lip a single nibble. - "sexy." - teases. After showering his face and lips with kisses and nibbles, slowly pulls up, his cock sliding out until it lewdly pops out, followed by a single drip of juices. - "I should probably get the keys and free you."

Philip: He leaned his head against hers when she did so and he chuckled at her words " Yeah guess I did... seems the need to touch was bigger...." Another grin and a soft moan she slipped off of him in that manner " Hmm you could get the key or you could make sure you don’t end up spilling any of that cum...." He said with a light chuckle to her, seeing if she'd go for it or not, either way was fine for him but he always had to tease in one way or another

Anna: Anna laughs before she gets off the bed to get the keys and came back, quickly getting the cuffs off his wrists. Once he is free, she leans on him and kisses his lips again. - "There you go, a free man again." - says as her naked, body turns to the camera, stretching an arm towards it. "China..." says while grinning playfully and the screen goes black.

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