Closure *y.m*

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Celebrities and Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

When his wife passes away suddenly, Yoongi falls into a fit of depression. Dropping out of family and friend meet ups. Not being able to stand his brother in such condition, Taehyung offers to sign him up for an omega program.

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Yoongi rubbed under his eyes with his free hand, the other writing a small note about his day. It was a task he developed after reading it helped with grief. Not grief specifically, it just took his mind off... off everything.


"Hyung, you need to stop shoving your self in your computer." 


The icy blonde groaned in response, "I'm almost done with work today, Taehyung. Work keeps me busy." Taehyung huffed, rubbing at his neck, "Whatever... I wanted to ask if I could go and visit one of my friends?"




"You haven't met him before, we met in the program." 


"Sure." Yoongi nodded, watching his brother trekk out of the makeshift office. His bed was shoved against the wall, covered in dark blue sheets and a checkered felt comforter hung on the bedpost.


The alpha narrowed his eyes at the repetitive pop-up, something about adoption.


I can barely take care of myself and Tae... Why do they think I need a child? He sighed, clicking the last documents settings before submitting it. 




Yoongi turned around, "I thought you left?"


"I haven't yet..." Taehyung sat on the bed without another word, nervous hand tapping his knee out of habit. "What's wrong, bub?"


"Ever since... Ever since she died, you haven't been the same. I'm worried, really worried." Taehyung explained slowly. Yoongi opened his mouth, then closed it, debating on a correct response.


"It's not just me who is worried, Hyung... Everyone is." 


Yoongi bit his lip, "I'm okay, Taehyung... It's just sometimes I get sad."


Taehyung shook his head, "No, Hyung, this isn't just you being sad. You're depressed, this isn't just you being sad." 


"Maybe you're right Tae... I just don't know how to get better. I feel lonely and sad and my mind fucks me up."


"I'm here for you, I know it's not the same, but I am." Taehyung promised, "You could go to the same therapy sessions Jin did when his boyfriend passed away." 


"I'll think about it. They gave me another deadline, so I'm busy all of this week."


"Why don't you get a omega?"


Yoongi froze, halting his walking towards the window, "What?"


"An omega... There's programs where you can get one, for company. They need a place to live, and you need someone to keep you from being lonely."


"I'm not buying an omega, Taehyung, that's weird. No."


"You wouldn't being buying them! They need a home, you have a home. You need company, they give you company."


"I said no. Go and visit your friend already." Yoongi growled, harsh mint scent filling the room the point where Taehyung felt his eyes water. "I'm sorry." The male whispered quickly, running out of the room.


Yoongi sat on his chair with a shaky sigh, hating himself for exploding like that. 


Despite the guilt a thought played in his mind.


How bad would having an companion be?




"I was so worried!" SeokJin cried, wiping the tears pooling under his eyes. "I'm sorry, Hyung... Taehyung knocked some sense into me, I was being selfish." Yoongi told, a sad smile on his lips.


"It wasn't selfish. You were grieving the death of your wife, Yoon, you loved her." SeokJin reasoned, rubbing the youngers dark hair.


"I loved her, Hyung. I loved her so much." Yoongi sniffled, keeping the years back despite the pain it caused. "I know you did, she was a wonderful person..."


A moment of silence rushed over the two, blocking out the noise of the loud streets.


"Why did you come by? You never come by?" A quiet aggressive voice growled, making SeokJin whimper softly, clenching his fists and send in the alpha a glare.


"I- I... Taehyung wanted to sign me up for this thing. I don't know what to do." Yoongi confessed, a nervous hand placing itself on his shoulder. "Come in, let's talk about it." SeokJin coaxed, shoving the alpha in the doorway away before stepping in.



Yoongi sat quietly, listening to SeokJin and the stranger argue. Nothing crazy, just SeokJin telling him his top using his dominat voice constantly.


"I'm sorry, Yoongi. What program was Taehyung talking about?" SeokJin asked, sliding into the seat in front of the alpha. "Something about letting an omega live with me? I thought most omegas were gone... Beside you of course."


"Most are. Most have went into hiding as well. But the omega's in that program are trained."




"To be pets. The omega's are given instructions on how to do this and this, stripping away their choices."


"Oh. How is that allowed?" Yoongi asked in shock.


"Because they take homeless and abandoned omegas off the streets. They throw them in cramped bedrooms until an alpha or beta want them."


"I had no idea... I was going to... I hate saying 'get one', they're people too." Yoongi paused, "I was going to let one live with me."


"You still can. Just... As sad as it sounds, pick the one in the worst condition. They dump them after a while."


Yoongi shook his head in disgust, "Okay... At least I'll be saving him or her, or them." He added, standing from his seat.


"Are you going right now?"


"No. I need to get ready and buy some stuff... I've been stuffed in my apartment."


"Okay, be careful, Yoon. Call me when you get home."


"I will, bye Hyung."



Submitted: February 16, 2021

© Copyright 2023 Welp_Jimin. All rights reserved.

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