Sticky Times

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Bill 'loved' fulfilling all of Marie's fantasies. Even if it involved a 'sticky' situation!

Bill wanted to indulge all of Marie's fantasies.  He bent over backwards (almost literally) to please her (sometimes) extreme, fetish-ridden wants and needs.  He had some fun over the years with it, but, maybe tonight would be the exception to that rule.  He actually remembered, fondly, when his beautiful bride had as many as five lovers at a time, while he filmed the action.  Close calls with other men's 'parts' were in the job description, but tonight might turn out to be a bit much.

Ten, drone-like (some hard bodied) men, had been having their way with Marie for the last forty-five minutes.  Presently, she had all of her 'holes' filled with three stranger's cocks, and seemed to be enjoying herself.  She looked at her husband with her beautiful, piercing eyes, as she balanced on the guy who was beneath her, but he could see through the obvious lust that was visible in her facial expression.  He was not sure what to think as he felt he detected a little boredom being expressed by his hot, sweaty, well-fucked wife.  She motioned for him to come closer.  It was not unusual for the love of his life to want him to hold her hand for a few moments, while her fantasies played out.  This was the case now, and Marie looked up at him lovingly, as she pulled his hand against her cheek.  It was funny that he could feel the guy's penis, that was 'fucking' her mouth; as it slipped off course and 'poked' against the inside of her cheek.

Bill was no prude, and it turned him on a little; though that wasn't his wife's intention.  She moved her hand back up to the gentleman's balls, as he seemed to be trying to measure the depth of her mouth with his 'yard stick'.  Bill took the opportunity to pinch her nipple extra hard.  It wasn't unusual for Marie to come out of these 'marathon' sessions with her areolas severely bruised.  It was a good indication that she had been handled in a way she loved and desired.  He pinched and twisted it sharply a couple more times, and saw the lust in her eyes increase exponentially.  He knew she wouldn't want him to stop, but he still moved away to continue capturing the action.

Another fifteen minutes had passed, and three of the ten guys had emptied their nuts inside of his wife's pussy.  The stuff was dripping out of her, as another one of them positioned himself between her legs and put his cock inside.  She already had cum on her face and her firm, champagne glass-shaped titties; and a pool of it in her belly button.  There were four more 'cum shots' to go before Bill's part of her fantasy would begin.  He had cleaned up strange men's cum from her tits, while he fucked her, a couple of times, but it wasn't his favorite thing.  He did enjoy exchanging sweet kisses with her after she blew a couple of his work friends, but, otherwise, wasn't a 'giant' fan of other men's jizz.  As he moved around to get various angles of the remainder of tonight's 'gang bang', he thought about the many times, he had finished off in her mouth, before bringing her to orgasm with a vibrator.  She always got off much faster when he relented to giving her long, deep kisses on, and around her sticky, glistening mouth.

Three of the men finished off on her face, tits and pubic mound, while she talked like a drunken, racist sailor to them.  The last one shared his considerable 'seed' inside of her mouth, and then between her titties.  With her body literally covered with their cum, to include a little dribble hanging from her nose, and a puddle covering her left eye socket, she motioned, without talking, for her sexy, 'obedient' husband to approach her.  With one of the other men behind the camera now, Bill bent down and kissed his wife lightly on her closed lips.  She hadn't told him what would be expected, so he moved very tentatively.  He wished sometimes that she would consider how much easier, and possibly more pleasurable, things might be if he knew the plan before they started.

It was obvious, after she put her arms out to invite him to make love to her, that his reaction, in this case, was part of the fantasy.  It wasn't disgust, but it was tenuous.  She motioned for him to lay on her.  He remembered his first experience with his own cum, while enjoying the awkward three-way kiss he got from Marie and her best girl from work.  It was after an impressively accurate shot of cum he 'placed' onto their lips while they were kissing.  This however, seemed a little much.  Ever the dutiful husband though, he carefully got into position to fuck his wife.  Before he could get inside her, she grabbed his head on either side, and then pulled him forward; along her cum-covered torso.  She skipped his face off of, and then through the goo on her stomach on the way up to suckle her breasts.  Bill loved making love to his wife, but weakly pulled back a little as she pressed his face into the sticky coating that was dripping down the 'insides' of her titties. 

After he suckled, then nibbled, and then outright bit her nipples, she let go of his head long enough for him to put his hard penis inside her.  It was kind of like fucking a bowl of hot gelatin, as his 'junk' was engulfed in the remnants of the other men's cum.  The area around her shaved pussy kind of stuck to him after he bottomed out.  The whole mess made a 'sucking' noise as he moved in and out of her vagina.  He knew her privates were very excited, because her juices were quickly thinning out the men's cum that didn't get displaced, when he entered her love zone.  Much of it was running down the insides of her thighs and pooling up on the sheets between her ass cheeks.  As Bill pumped away, he lowered himself down onto her sticky, gooey torso.  He kissed her lightly on her, still closed lips, before sliding down to her neck to kiss and nibble at it.  She tensed up from a little tingle she got from him picking the side that she let most of the facial shots run onto, during her multi-man engagement.  She purposely twisted her head to her left, to try and empty her cum-filled eye socket; hoping it would drip down to where he was nuzzling her.  He was getting into it as she pulled him tightly against her and the goo that covered her.

Marie could always cum from vaginal (clitoral) stimulation from Bill's cock.  He wasn't sure how a woman, who had ten lovers in the last hour or so, didn't have a real orgasm.  He didn't remember her 'I'm cumming' face make even one appearance earlier, but felt her pussy squeeze his manhood the way it always did, before she 'blew her gasket'.  Bill raised his head from his 'swim' in the jizz that was covering her neck, ear and hair on that side.  He kissed his wife on her closed lips, then slowly pushed his tongue between them to 'tongue-fuck' her mouth.  He knew she had kept her mouth closed to keep a small amount of 'group' cum safe, and warm for her love-making session with him; 'post bukkake'.  After 'fucking' her closed lips for a few seconds, he moved his face away.  She opened her mouth and it revealed many strands of cum that were stretching from her bottom lip to her top.

Her big smile, just behind the sticky 'web' of goo she was displaying, stole most of the five minutes Bill was going to be able to hold out; before adding his cum to that of her earlier lovers.  He whispered, "I love you", into her ear as he pumped his manly 'elixir' inside her.  He continued to fuck her as hard as he could, trying to make her cum too.  He lifted himself upward to make maximum contact with her clitoris as he rammed in, and then withdrew his semi-hard penis.  There just wasn't enough friction to do it with his 'tool', was awfully slippery down there.  After he stopped his 'fruitless', but stalwart effort, they lay there silently for a moment, before she motioned for the cameraman to take his leave.  Bill just lay on top of her while she took control of it, and turned it off.  She gently rubbed her hand on the back of his head, before guiding him to the 'wet' side of her face again.  She just stroked his hair and allowed him to 'recharge' for a few moments.  The back of his head was matted down with the cum she scooped up from the mattress; where it had run off her breast.  Marie couldn't believe she had such great luck finding someone to spend the rest of her life with.  Someone who was willing to go to such lengths to please her.

The 'junk' that was between the two lovers and on the other parts of Marie's body was cold, sticky, and becoming less and less desirable to the fetish 'dynamic duo'.  With a whisper to her 'worker bee', she then dispatched him downward, so she could get 'hers'; though she had actually been getting 'hers', steadily, for the last hour and a half.  Bill knew his duty and was resigned to do it.  He kissed her 'shimmering' breasts on the way down, and licked at her bruised, sticky nipples.  He sucked gently at first, but then began to suck her nipples hard, one at a time, while his teeth were clamped around their base.  He could taste a little blood before giving the one he was biting and sucking on a break.  As he moved downward, her hand followed him.  She stopped to grab her left nipple and squeezed it hard between her thumb and forefinger.  She pulled it away from her, until her grip failed and allowed it to 'snap' back toward her chest.  She was the most-skilled torturer when it came to her already battered boobs.  She got to 'work' on them as Bill studied the situation a bit farther down.

Marie's 'husband of the year' found himself facing something of a swamp in her nether region.  He inserted his finger inside her, and it came out coated with the semen of the three strangers, plus his and her junk.  He pulled more of it out, and used it as a slippery barrier, as he rubbed the side of his (knifed) hand up and down, just inside of her pussy lips.  It looked funny, since he wasn't inserting anything inside her, but was making a little lather with the 'warm' cum that kept oozing out of her snatch.  Marie was moaning now as Bill continued to use the full length of the side of his hand to rub up and down on her 'spot'.  There was more than enough 'man-junk' to eliminate any friction she might have experienced otherwise.  She arched her back as he relentlessly rubbed up and down over and over again.  When he thought she was about to cum, Bill changed tactics.  'She wanted to make things special'?  He would, at least, make things different, as he bent in and suckled her clitoris.  He knew how much she liked getting off with him using the side of his hand, but he continued working with his mouth, while inserting three and then four fingers inside of her twat.  He worked her for a full three minutes at what seemed like 'break neck' speed.

Marie's orgasm made the bed feel like one of those 'magic fingers' mattresses in hotel rooms for just a split second.  She writhed, and moaned loudly as she slowly bounced her ass up and down on the mattress in slow motion.  Her noisy reaction to him changing things up brought a couple of the guys in from the other room.  Marie looked at them for a moment; as if considering what part they could play in finishing her off.  She waived for them to get out and leave the couple alone before letting out a little scream, under her breath.  Bill didn't flinch, when Marie's pussy became like a sponge having the liquid squeezed out of it.  It didn't shoot out of her, but the 'flash flood' zone her pubic area had become tasted, mostly, like the 'lady' cum Bill loved to get in his mouth.  He lapped at it, while keeping his mouth around her clitoris area; so he could give her little 'licks' to keep her going until she collapsed onto the mattress for the final time.

Bill used his lips to take some of the multi-sourced mixture of cum from her pussy, to coat her dry, cum crusted lips, and give her a taste of his favorite 'spring water'; right from the source.  While he was kissing her, Marie reached underneath her ass and grabbed as much of the puddle of cum as she could.  She rubbed it on thick; around, and between her breasts.  The two lovers kissed sweetly for a few minutes before they rolled onto their sides facing each other.  Marie pulled her husband's face into her cum-lined cleavage, where the other men's offerings had warmed up a bit.  She was delighted, as usual, that he seemed content in their closeness, despite the gooey 'man junk' that would still be clinging to his face when he withdrew.

The two lay there like that for ten minutes before she got up and walked, naked, out into the living room area.  The crowd, who was hanging out watching TV applauded her when she appeared.  After a mock 'bow', and a big smile, she walked into the kitchen to get a beer.  Bill was in the bathroom, getting 'his' part of the fantasy showered off.  After getting dried off and dressed, he followed her out to the front room.  There was no applause for him, because half of the group was watching the rest; who were in the beginning stages of ravaging his wife again.  Bill smiled and said, "Oh you!", before grabbing her abandoned beer and sitting down to enjoy some TV.

Submitted: February 03, 2018

© Copyright 2021 wellokiguess. All rights reserved.

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