Pre Fantasy (Humorous conversation leading up to the fantasy)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: General Erotica  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

This is not a long, drawn out script. It's short, sweet, kind of funny, and to the point. You see fantasies about screwing your sister in law or brother in law (with your spouse's permission) all over the net. What you don't see is what comes before the fantasy. It might look like this...

H = husband.  W = wife.


H “In our bedroom?”

W “I suppose so.”

H “I just thought…”

W “Don’t think; just do.”

H “Alright…I have to admit that I’m kind of nervous though.”

W “You should be better be nervous.”

H “Why?”

W “Unless you do this sort of thing all of the time.”

H “Of course not.”

W “Then, don’t think; just do.  Damn it; now you’re making me think!”

H “I’m sorry; I was just kind of antsy about the whole thing.”

W “If you don’t want to fucking do it...!”

H “No…I said I would, and I will…”

W (Sarcastic) “Well, we don’t want to be a bother!”

H “Sorry…I’m just afraid that I, I…well…I might…”

W “Be looking forward to it too it too much?!”

W “You always thought she was prettier than me anyway!”

H “I knew it; you really don’t want me to do this!”

W "OF COURSE I don't WANT you to do it...but my sister NEEDS it!"

W “Damn it!  I just don’t know!”

H "Why doesn't she get a boyfriend for this kind of stuff?"

W "She doesn't trust men; she trusts you."

H "?????"

H “Just call her and tell her we’ve changed our minds.”

W “Really…you really want me to call her?”

H “It’s YOUR sister.”

W “I know it’s my fucking sister!”

W “You think I don’t know that; that I forgot that?!”

H “I’m sorry.”

W “Please quit fucking saying you’re sorry!”

W “You can really be an ass sometimes!”

W (Conciliatory) “I might have been hoping this wouldn't work out.”

H “Are you mad at me?!”

W “Why the fuck would I be mad at you?!”

W “Are you mad?!”

H “What…?”

W “Mad that you no longer get to fuck my sister?!”

H “None of this was my idea; you and your sister ‘cooked’ this up!”

W “Calm the fuck down!”

H “Well, are you going to call her?!”

W “No, I’m not going to fucking call her!”

W “She's counting on us!”

H “I know, and it’s screwing with my mind.”

H “You think she’s been thinking about this for a while now?”

W “How-the-fuck am I supposed to know that?!”

H “You guys are close…I thought that…”

W “We’re not THAT fucking close!”

H “Really; you guys never confided in each other about her husband’s and my…errr…’skills’?”

W “No…we did NOT!”

H “You never compared naked body’s or practiced kissing on each other when you were teenagers…never talked about me and know...sizes?”

W “Well, maybe practiced..."

W "SHUT THE FUCK UP, and quit smiling!”

H “Did she touch you like this?”

H “Maybe rub you here?”

H “Did she kiss you behind the ear like this?”

Smack, smooch, lick…

W (breathless) “Nooooo…never like that.”

W “But, all five of the guys I dated, before I met you, did; while they were fucking me!”

H “Fuck you!”

W “Fuck you!”

H “No…I’m going to fuck your sister!”

W “Yeah, yeah, yeah…she’ll have fun with you…she really needs's been a long time since her husband...”

W (meekly)  “I told her, a very, very long time ago, how good you were at eating pussy.”

?H "That's the first I heard that."

H "Maybe we could all three..."

W "Finish that sentence and lose your nuts while you sleep!"

H “This is going to be super weird.”

W “Just close your eyes and pretend it’s me.”

H “You don’t want me to get hard?!”

W “Fuuuuuuuck you!”

H “I’m just kidding around because I’m nervous.”

H “You know baby; all you have to do is walk by me to get me going sometimes”.

H (Whisper under his breath)  “Not.”

W (Sarcastic) “Yeah, I get you really hard; right.”

H “When is she supposed to get here?”

W “Keep it in your pants asshole.”

H “I just…”

W “You just can’t wait to fuck my sister…I know!”

W “Don’t make her put her mouth on it.”

H “Whaaaaat!?”

W “She gets gagged really easy.”

H “Damn!”

H “Wellll???”

W “She’ll get her when she gets here!”

W “I can’t believe you’re in such a hurry to fuck her!”

W “You’re never this excited about fucking me…(sniff).”

H “Come on; I’m always ready to jump your bones…you’ve never went more than an hour without my hands in your shirt."

W “Yeah…you jump ‘over’ my bones, on your way out to your garage to tinker!”

W “And every woman loves having an adult-sized adolescent constantly pawing at her boobs!”

W “Sometimes I think you must be fucking some bitch out in that garage.”

H “Only your sister.”

H “Ha ha ha ha ha…ummm OK.”

W “Yeah, laugh it up shithead.”

W (Broken up, sad voice) “You know your teasing upsets me.”

H “That’s all it is honey; teasing.”

W “Sorry…I love you.”

H “I love you too.”

H “So, let’s get your sis over here, so I can fuck her brains out!”

H “Just kidding dear…well I am supposed to fuck her.”


H “Who was it?”

W “My sister…she chickened out.”

H “What a bitch!”

W “I knew you really wanted to fuck her!”

W “I really can’t believe you!”

W “Maybe we could make love.”

H “I guess we could.”

- Silence -

W “What’s on TV?”

H “Let’s rent a movie on the Playboy Channel!”

H "Hey, Maybe we could go over to her house?"

W (walking toward the door) “I am, but you're NOT, you asshole!”

Submitted: December 28, 2017

© Copyright 2021 wellokiguess. All rights reserved.

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Well written. I like how you made it like a conversation
XoxoX SW.

Fri, December 29th, 2017 4:16am


LMAO This was funny and sad and somehow titillating. Really sounded like a true incident, I'm still smiling!

Thu, March 22nd, 2018 3:22pm

Sibz Lee

Fun!! I like :)

Tue, March 27th, 2018 5:47pm

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