Her Life After, Part 3

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Adult Romance  |  House: Booksiesilk Classic Group

Trish continues down the road she seems to have chosen. (Trish is suffering from empty nest syndrome and needs a new life. Why not the one she stumbled into.) See Her Life After, chapter 1 and chapter two before reading this one. Thanks!

The continuing saga of Trish.  (See also, Her Life After Chapter One, and Her Life After, Chapter Two).  The others are listed as books, but that's a pain in the ass, soooo....it will become a series of short stories.  Please comment.


At around 6:30 P.M., Nick showed up as promised and took Trish to a nice steakhouse down town.  “I hope I’m not underwhelming you”, Nick said.  “I hear the salad bar here is 4-star and the steak sauce is hand crafted by A-1”.  Trish laughed and thought, ‘The ex asshole might have brought me here too, but at least Nick isn’t ignoring me and rushing to get a good spot in line at the food bar’.  Trish was honestly having a good time.  After they finished eating, Nick suggested they see what was playing at the movies; and then stopped by the quick shop to pick up a paper.  Trish thumbed through it and asked, “what are you into”?  “Anything you might like to see”, he replied.  Trish 'waded' through the movie section and picked out a romantic comedy.

Since they had more than an hour before the movie started, the two drove around for a bit and talked to pass the time.  Nick pulled into a parking lot and stopped his old, noisy truck.  Trish had been so engrossed in the conversation she hadn’t noticed he had driven them to a sex store.  ‘What is it with these people?…everything leads to sex’, she thought to herself as she got out of the truck and followed Nick towards the entrance.  She wasn’t sure of a lot of things these past weeks, but realized that every ‘door’ she had opened so far, lately, had paid off in pleasure…pleasure she didn’t want to end anytime soon.  “It will be interesting”, said Nick as they showed their IDs to the attendant and entered the store.  The lady behind the counter smiled at Nick, like maybe she had seen him in there before, and then looked Trish up and down as if inspecting her.  This wasn’t Trish’s first time in a store like this, but it had been a while…twenty-five years to be exact.  The walls were lined with every imaginable sexual toy and there were shelves filled to bursting with a selection of porn movies and magazines for any and every taste.  ‘No light weight, endearing romance novels here’, she pondered.  ‘If Fabio is on the cover of anything here, it will be with a raging hard-on, or with his hands full of well-oiled D cups’, Trish thought.  Nick reached out to hold her hand to lead her through the store.  She let him for a moment, but didn’t want to give him the wrong idea.  They could be friends, but Tim was the prize.  Trish pulled a very large plastic penis from its wall perch.  ‘If it had a motor and wheels, I could drive it to the grocery store’, she thought.  Though her vibrator at home was getting more use these days, Trish really wasn’t into plastic gratification if the real thing was available.  Her ‘toy’ was a gag gift once upon a time, but turned out to be a good friend she could rely on.  After opening it up to find a badly corroded battery, she cleaned it up and was surprised that it still worked.  Nick pulled a leather mask onto his head and said, “What do you think of this”?  “I think I like to reserve my leather use to just shoes and purses”, she replied.  Nick picked up various oils, lubes, and lotions.  He asked the woman at the counter if she had a package for him and she indicated that she did.  He opened it and produced a long, but not overly thick, less than life-like looking dildo made of plastic.  It didn’t have fake balls on it or look terribly special.  Nick checked out and they headed for the door.  Trish would have to come back and do a little private shopping because she could swear that Tim modeled for some of these fake cocks.

The movie was long and paled in comparison to the action and excitement that was Trish’s real life over the past weeks.  There wasn’t any hanky-panky while they watched the movie.  Nick again attempted to hold her hand, and she let him for a few minutes.  His palms were all sweaty and hot, so it wasn’t comfortable.  After the movie, Nick drove Trish home.  As she thanked him for a nice time, he leaned in for a kiss goodnight.  Trish met him half way and gave him a short, closed mouth kiss followed by a little peck on the cheek.  She knew he wanted her to invite him in, but she wasn’t looking to lead on a guy, who acted a little obsessed with her.  She said, “I’ll see you around…again, thanks for the evening.”  She got out of the truck and made her way down the sidewalk towards the front door.

As she neared the porch, she stumbled on that ‘little mother-fucking crack’ that her ex asshole had promised to fix over five years ago, and then fell to her knees.  She wasn’t getting up very fast and Nick was quickly at her side.  He helped her get inside the house, and then into the bathroom.  Trish, void of the modesty she would have displayed just a month earlier, pulled her athletic pants down to expose her cotton briefs and bloody knee.  She sat on the toilet lid and let Nick clean up her wound.  He rinsed the bloody wash rag with cold water, and then placed the soothing cloth on her wound.  He looked up and their eyes met to created a brief awkward moment.  Trish didn’t want to go any farther, but she couldn’t get Paula sliding up and down on his dick, the night before, out of her mind.  He rose up and she met him again, half way, but with a full open mouth kiss.  ‘Who’s my little knight in shining armor-come lately?’ she thought.  She gave him another good kiss and licked his upper lip as they broke off.  She was quickly catching on to this ‘fun sex’ thing.  “If you want to hook up tonight, AS FRIENDS, you’ll have to do me one more favor”.  “What’s that?” he said.  “How do you get your balls so smooth without leaving razor burns and cutting yourself”?  “Easy money”, he replied.

With a little direction from Trish, Nick found the asshole's (now Trish's) shaving cream and a new disposable razor for her impromptu haircut.  She removed her panties to let him survey the job ahead.  He grabbed a pair of manicure scissors, because they couldn't find anything else.  She spread her legs enough for him to safely trim away as much hair as possible with the tiny tool.  With one foot on the floor and one on the side of the bathtub now, she was already getting excited and the musty smell of her snatch was distractive to Nick.  He soaked her patchy mound using a very hot wash cloth.  After a moment, he pulled it away and began lathering her up with shaving cream.  Careful not to injure her, he began to take short, gentle strokes from the outskirts of her bush towards her full pussy lips.  He went back and forth, and back and forth again; cleaning the razor every couple strokes and soon enough, she was smooth as a baby’s rump plus a few little razor burns.  Nick went out to the truck to get one of the lotions he had picked up earlier.  “This is what I use”, he told her.  He let the warm rag sit on her pubic mound for a moment, and then rubbed the lotion into her freshly shaved pussy area.  She was, already, beyond excited, and, even if she didn't promise him sex, there was no way he was getting out of there without fucking her.  ‘Old faithful’, she thought; adding ‘I’ve cum more in the last few weeks than the whole time I've been alive’.  Nick could see the glisten of her juices gathering at the bottom of her snatch.  He wasn’t interested in bathroom sex with a bedroom just around the corner, so he helped her up and she led him to her bed.

She wiggled out of her t-shirt and bra (good enough for a casual date), and lay back on the bed.  Nick got on his knees and pulled her over to the edge.  He began kissing her now bare crotch area and nuzzled his nose up and down the crack of her pussy.  He didn’t react to the two or three rough spots his lips found on her snatch, as he explored between her legs.  He pictured a golf course, with its sand traps and water hazards, and laughed in his mind.  She was wet and ready to go.  Nick ran his tongue up and down inside her pussy, and then stuck it inside her to experience her juicy, warm, wonderful snatch.  Her outer lips were like little wings, lying perfectly on either side of her entrance.  Her clitoris was decent-sized; not large, and not hooded.  He decided she had a very beautiful pussy and told her so.  ‘I’ve never really given it a good look, and don’t want to anytime soon’, she thought…‘just get that tongue in there and start licking’!  Nick was a little awkward and didn’t have the sense of rhythm that Tim had.  He was still getting the job done though and soon, Trish’s back was arching and she was on the verge of exploding.  She pulled his hands up to her titties and reached down to spread her pussy lips for him.  Nick was still a little off with his rhythm and Trish pulled his head into the right position, and then coached him until she came.  ‘That was a little better than a vibrator’, she thought before saying “that was nice”.  ‘I wonder if any orgasm could be considered not nice’, she thought; and laughed to herself. 

‘Tim’ rose up and crawled up to mount her.  She was excitedly waiting to feel those ‘washboard abs’, and giant, hard dick.  She woke from her momentary day dream and remembered that it wasn’t Tim, but Nick; the guy she just wanted to be friends with.  He fumbled around and got his cock inside her finally.  She was surprised that he didn't wear a condom.  The feel of his bare ‘tool’ going inside her was awesome.  ‘The shaved feeling is something I’ll have to get used to’, she thought.  His shaved crotch felt good against her smooth, oiled up pussy.  He stroked in and out and leaned in for a kiss.  This made Trish uncomfortable, and she offered him her neck instead.  He got the idea and worked from her neck down to her titties.  He suckled the left and then the right before sitting back on his legs, and pulling her closer to him.  He grabbed at both tits, while pumping harder than at first.  He rubbed her belly, and, even grabbed a little of her spare tire, as he continued pumping in and out.  He pulled her hard into him to meet his thrust and moaned to signal he was ready to cum.  Trish wasn’t looking for a face full of Nick’s cum, so she put her legs around him and held him inside her.  Nick began to cum and moaned loudly as she bore down on the back of his legs, and his butt, with her heels.  He kept stroking in and out as best he could and then slowly continued running his hard dick in and out of her cum filled pussy.  “Ah”, said Nick.  “That was nice”, replied Trish.  The doctor had told her several years ago that she wasn't capable of making any more babies, but she still worried about creating new, little tax deductions.  ‘I'm a little too old to deal with that shit again’, she thought.  She also worried that casual sex was something she harped on her daughters about when giving them the ‘heading to college’ speech.  She knew she had been in a monogamous relationship for over 25 years and was free of disease.  Paula and Mindy had assured her that everyone in their group was routinely tested at the same clinic in town, and that she would be expected to do the same if she became a frequent flyer.  Each time he tried to back away, she pulled him back inside her because if felt good to have gentle, attentive, complete sex on her own bed.  After Nick rolled off of her, she turned away from him and lay still.  She could feel his stuff ‘gooshing’ around inside her, but didn’t want to have to look at him, or make ‘conversation’.  She felt a little gross, as he pulled in close to her back to cuddle and spoon a little.  Though, she had to admit, the cuddling was nice, his, cold, wet, sticky penis, lying against her, didn’t feel the best.  He must have been afraid to get up, and get sent home.

When Trish woke up the next morning, Nick was gone, thank goodness.  She was due at Mindy’s place to join her and Paula for lunch in a couple of hours.  She straightened up the house, showered and got dressed.  ‘Nothing fancy’, she thought as she walked out of the house with sweats, no bra and her leather sandals.  When she arrived at Mindy’s, Paula and Mindy were happy to see her.  They had both dressed similarly for the occasion.  She was happy that Heather was nowhere in sight.  ‘Maybe she got in a car wreck and had to have the firemen remove her face from between her giant, fake tits’, Trish thought and laughed out loud.  Her two friends looked at their odd friend, and chose to ignore the weird chuckle.  They dined on soup and sandwiches while Trish told them about her night.  “Nick’s got a great cock, but isn’t the most skilled at using it”, Paula said.  “You noticed on Friday night that I immediately got on top to control what was going on”.  “He’s eager to please though”.  After lunch dishes were done, they all grabbed a beer and sat on the ‘love pit’.  Paula and Mindy smoked, while Trish surveyed the room in the light of day.  Trish noticed the bag Nick got from the store, the night before, was lying next to something that was covered with an afghan.  “Nick’s been here?” she asked; "and, what is that under the cover over there?"  Paula and Mindy got up and walked over to the mystery object and pulled the cover off.  There was an odd shaped, brown leather looking thing there…kind of shaped like a giant, short tootsie roll.  It was about 12 inches tall and had a hole in the top.  She walked over to examine the odd looking contraption and asked Paula what it was.  “This is a woman’s dream come true Trish”.  "Does whatever you tell it to and will never spend your money, or cheat on you".  Mindy pulled the generic, plain, penis-shaped dildo Nick picked up the night before, and had apparently delivered here this morning, from the package.  She walked over to the kitchen sink to wash it off.  “Don’t want something from China growing in our vagina, eh”?  They all laughed while Mindy carefully cleaned and dried off the dildo. 

She brought it over to the 'tootsie roll' and, within a few minutes, had it installed and ready to work.  ‘Right off the pages of a twisted porn magazine and into Mindy’s front room’, Trish thought.  The fake penis' details were more like something you'd find on an anatomically correct Ken doll.  It was about 7 inches long and was a penis in basic shape only.  It could be adjusted to ‘fully extended’ or be made to protrude only a couple of inches.  The base could also make it vibrate and simulate a fucking motion.  It wasn’t that impressive looking.  Mindy slipped a red, ribbed condom over 'Ken's' penis and stood up to take her sweat pants off.  A little lube from Nick’s bag and she was ready to go.  It was adjusted out to about five inches.  Mindy stood over it and then slowly lowered herself, until it disappeared.  A wire that trailed off the bottom of the machine led to a controller in Paula’s hand.  Paula pushed a button and Mindy gasped a little.  “Unfortunately, you can’t count on a machine to know it’s rubbing you the wrong way”, said Paula, after making a little 'snort'.  Mindy adjusted herself so that the mechanical pleasure machine was aligned correctly and soon the penis was thrusting in and out of her.  It couldn’t be seen because it was all inside her as she sat flush atop of ‘tootsie’.  She leaned forward to get a little more contact on her clitoris and stayed very still with her eyes closed for a moment.  Paula pushed another button, and Trish felt the floor vibrating faintly.  Mindy said, “No fair Paula” as she alternately leaned forward then back on the still thrusting penis.  Mindy was having the ride of her life when she reached and grabbed Trish’s hand.  “A little help here please”, she said.  She pulled Trish’s hand to her breast and began to rub the back of it across her nipple.  Trish was VERY uncomfortable at this point, but didn’t want to be a party pooper.  She turned her palm towards Mindy’s breast and cupped it.  She had no idea what she was doing, but knew what she liked to have done.  Mindy motioned for her to climb aboard behind her.  Trish did as she was told and reached around from behind to massage Mindy’s large boobs.  They were firmer than they looked, very soft, and much more of a handful than she would have thought.  She rubbed her hands across the nipples and soon began pinching them lightly and rolling them between her fingers and thumbs.  The vibration of the 'horse' was getting to her and she was a little startled when Paula moved Trish's hand down to Mindy’s crotch area, and then began sucking on the now abandoned nipple.  Trish couldn’t quite bring herself to go all the way down to Mindy’s clit, but rubbed her belly and occasionally brushed against the top of her bush.  Mindy began to moan loudly and Trish could feel her tensing up; preparing to enjoy her orgasm.  Mindy’s juice was now running down the sides of the ‘horse’ and she looked like she was having a fit.  Trish had a moment of clarity.  Like the lesbian she was several past lives ago; she reached down to dip her finger into Mindy’s juice and brought it up to Mindy’s face to let her suck it off.  Mindy went down on Trish's finger like it was a tiny penis and continued to moan until she fell silent.  Paula turned the machine off and they spent a few minutes cleaning it off and changing the condom.  “Your turn Trish”, said Paula.  Mindy didn’t put her clothes back on, and joined Paula in coaxing Trish to go for a ‘ride’.

Trish wanted to run out the door and go home to her simpler life of cleaning the yard and preparing for a leisurely rest of her Sunday, but something told her this was something she’d regret not doing.  She pulled off her pants and panties and reached for the lube Mindy had used.  Mindy got her hands on it first and said “I gotcha!”  Both of her friends complimented her on her new 'bald look', as Mindy began to massage the lube into the lips of Trish’s pussy.  Her legs almost buckled when Mindy touched her pussy and Trish actually thought about the asshole watching football all Sunday afternoon during her not very exciting marriage to combat the urge to cum.  Mindy briefly pushed two fingers inside her to make sure she was properly lubed for the ride.  Trish lowered herself onto the penis and almost couldn’t contain herself.  She didn’t want to embarrass herself by gushing all over the machine before the penis started moving in and out of her.  Paula started slow and Mindy immediately joined Trish on the horse and reached her hands into Trish’s sweatshirt and began kneading her breasts.  “These are really nice”, Mindy said.  “Mine are the same age, but have gone ‘south’...you’re lucky”.  Trish wasn’t listening too closely to anything that was being said because she was in a different world than her two friends.  She thought of Tim as the penis went in and out at a steady pace.  Paula had turned the vibrator on very slightly, and reached over to help Mindy get Trish’s top off.  Both of her friends took up positions at her sides and leaned in to suckle her breasts.  Mindy had her finger on her own clitoris and was rubbing madly.  Trish was on a different plane and whimpered when she started to cum.  ‘It’s another gusher…Old Faithful’, she thought as she was cumming all over the apparatus.  “That didn’t take long”, said Mindy as she raised her face up to give Trish her first girl kiss ever.  Mindy’s lips were softer than any man she’d ever been with and Trish returned the kiss.  ‘What the hell is going on here’, she thought as she enjoyed the lingering 'lip lock' with her friend. 

Now it was Paula’s turn on the love machine.  She adjusted it to its lowest point and kept the controls to herself.  “Get a load of this”, Mindy said to Trish. Paula left Trish’s condom on the fake cock and turned the fuck horse to much faster than it was for Trish and Mindy.  Paula lubed herself up and mounted the machine just behind the bobbing penis.  She inched forward until it was bobbing up through her pussy lips but not quite touching her clitoris.  She sighed and leaned forward on the penis’ head and let it ram into and up and down into her clitty.  Her eyes rolled back in her head a little as Mindy and Trish found their positions on either side of Paula, rubbing her back and neck.  After a few minutes, Paula stopped the machine briefly to extend the penis out to its max, squirted more lube in the general direction of her pussy and turned it back on at the same fast speed.  “She’s in the zone”, said Mindy.  Paula had bent forward, hitting the spot between her ass and pussy.  It would hit, slide forward, run up through her well lubricated pussy lips and hit her clitoris.  "Don't break this one too", exclaimed Mindy as the dildo bent increasingly forward.  Trish and Mindy began suckling Paula’s small tits and moved to rubbing and pinching her nipples.  “Harder”, she cried.  Her two friends pinched harder and Paula repeated her demand; “harder”!  Trish mimicked Mindy and began pinching Paula’s nipple very hard and pulling it to the sides until it felt like she was going to rip it off the end of her tit.  Paula begin to twitch and stiffen and screamed loudly as she came, and put her hands around each of her friend’s shoulder’s, so she wouldn’t fall  over when it was done.  Paula bucked like she was riding a wild bronco but her orgasm soon began to subside.  Her friends had stopped pinching her nipples as her orgasm finished up.  Paula smiled really big, blew air out of her mouth like she had been holding her breath all this time; then cupped her hands hard over her little titties and said “OWWWWWW”.  They all laughed so hard, they could hardly contain themselves.  They rested for a few minutes, got up, got dressed, and then cleaned the machine off before covering it up until next time.  When Trish left Mindy’s house to go home this time she got two nice kisses goodbye, from two different women…another first!  Monday at work, the inside jokes were almost too funny to keep secret, but they did.

Wednesday night Mindy called Trish to see if she wanted to come over for awhile.  Paula was busy with some charity work she had to do with her ‘boring’ friends.  Trish showed up at Mindy’s with a pizza and a six pack.  They ate and went through the six pack and a couple cocktails, and then sat on the pit to watch some Doctor show where everything works out in the end each week.  The cocktails had them pretty loosened up and Trish suspected that they weren’t going to just watch TV.  Mindy, leaned her head on Trish’s shoulder and said, “I had a lot of fun this weekend”.  “You’re a great addition to our group, and I wanted you to know that we all appreciate you”.  Mindy lifted Trish's arm up and put it around her shoulder and said, “you are a whole lot of fucking fun Ms Trish!".  The TV doctor was busy cracking the case, while Mindy just looked at Trish, without saying anything or coming any closer.  She was studying her face as Trish thought, ‘ready for inspection ma’am’!  Mindy nuzzled closer to Trish and came in for a kiss.  She lightly touched her open lips to Trish’s and sighed with relief when Trish responded by opening her mouth and returning the kiss with a little tongue.  They sweetly made out for a few minutes while fumbling with each other’s tops.  This was definitely new to Trish even though she had kind of made out with both her and Paula on Sunday.  Trish fell back onto the couch and Mindy followed her.  Mindy took off her bra and climbed on top of Trish.  She continued kissing her lips then started alternating between kissing her neck and her exposed cleavage.  Trish liked the feelings she was having and was enjoying every moment of this.  Mindy said, “I love bras that clasp in the front”.  I’ve noticed that’s what you always wear.  She began unhooking it and quickly had it pushed to each side, exposing her breasts.  “I told you I love your boobs, didn’t I”?  She licked each nipple and settled in to suckling her left titty.  Mindy’s knee was dry humping Trish’s crotch as she sucked and nibbled at her nipple.  Mindy then pushed her knee harder against her crotch and slid up on Trish so that her breasts were dangling over her face. 

Trish took one of Mindy’s large soft nipples into her mouth and began to suck.  She grabbed the sides of both and pulled them down onto her face.  She was getting nothing out of sucking on a woman’s tits, but wanted her friend to enjoy the same feeling she had; while having hers sucked.  Mindy rolled off Trish so they were lying side by side facing each other.  Trish couldn’t help thinking about Heather and Mindy enjoying their cum-kiss the other night…Tim’s cum.  Mindy pushed her hand into Trish’s pants and began to massage her pussy, and then managed to slip her finger inside.  It was hot, tight and wet, just as Mindy remembered it.  She couldn’t wait to bury her face in it and rolled off the couch to hastily get Trish’s pants and underwear off.  Then, there was a knock at the door.  “Shit”, said Mindy as she got up to look out the peephole.  “You’ll like this sweetie” she said as she opened the door to reveal that Tim was on the other side.  “Bad timing much”, said Mindy?!?  “Sorry”, he replied.  “I’ll scrounge around the kitchen for something to drink...no problem”. Without wasting another minute, Mindy was on her knees in front of Trish; helping her finish getting naked.  She pulled Trish’s ass halfway off the couch and buried her face into her bald pussy.  Mindy instantly proved the theory that a woman can do it better than any man, any time, any day.  She lightly flicked her tongue on Trish’s clitty while inserting her finger inside and walking it back and forth on her G Spot.  In one motion, Mindy pulled Trish to the floor, spun around and pushed her own pussy into her friend's face while continuing to lap at her pussy.  She reached the point of no return and squirted cum up into Mindy’s face.  Mindy loved that she could get women off faster than any man, or woman; but Trish had proved herself an easy mark every time anyone even got close to her snatch.

A naked Tim had crept up behind Mindy and looked down at Trish while she was squirting her cum all over Mindy’s face.  Trish looked up into his eyes and got lost in them.  He reached around and cupped one of Mindy’s titties and reached down to massage one of Trish’s.  He put his beautiful cock into Mindy and she responded by pushing back at it.  “I love your ass”, Tim said as he wet his fingers and carefully inserted one, two, then three of them into Mindy’s back door.  He worked them in and out carefully until she was ready to take him, then slipped out of her pussy she had been grinding against him and eased into her ass.  ‘Tim and his bag of tricks’, Trish thought as she watched from her vantage point, just inches away.  As she quickly took his entire length into her ass, Mindy said it was time for Trish to ‘pay up’.  Trish put her hand under her head to reach Mindy's snatch and began her trip into uncharted territory.  She licked at Mindy's junk and was surprised at how bad she was at it.  ‘Come on you idiot!’ she thought to herself.  ‘Who can do this better than a woman?’  Trish tried to relax and began to lick more deliberately at Mindy's clit.  She tried to make a sushi joke in her head, but couldn't come up with anything.  Mindy began responding and moved lower to help Trish reach her business.  Tim followed Mindy down, never missing a beat.  Trish still marveled at the view as Tim pounded Mindy’s ass, his balls slapping against her forehead.  She wanted his cock in her, but resigned herself to concentrate on making Mindy happy.  The thought that he might drop out of Mindy's ass, and onto her face made Trish nervous; but she was determined to do a good job on her friend.  She was still having trouble believing her face was buried in a woman's pussy and wanted to not over think it.  She reached down and found Mindy's breasts; hanging off to the sides and jiggling with the rhythm Tim was providing.  She squeezed them from the sides and heard Mindy begin to moan.  She continued licking Mindy's snatch and Mindy pushed it even harder into Trish's face.  Trish placed her mouth over the clitoris and was able to get her teeth to lightly scrape it.  She ran her lips from top to bottom of the inside of Mindy’s pussy lips.  She reached back and ran the back of her hand up and down Tim’s midsection while getting more and more aggressive with the pussy covering her mouth. 

Mindy began to tense up like she was getting ready to cum.  Tim’s dick filling her ass felt really good, and she began to do just that…slowly at first, then with a gush that left Trish gasping for air a little.  She didn’t stop licking though.  ‘I’m going to give as well as I got, after all’, she thought.  Mindy’s orgasm was all but over, but Trish continued to lick her clitty until Mindy collapsed and put her full weight on her.  Tim was doing all he could to hold back as Mindy’s orgasm was making her squeeze very tightly on his cock.  He sighed loudly and pulled his beautiful cock out of her ass and emptied his balls across Trish’s mouth, eyes and forehead.  Mindy kept her position and created a kind of concentrated area where Tim's cum was building and covering Trish's mouth and nose.  Tim rammed the head of his shitty cock into Trish’s mouth and finished the last few pumps of his cum shot.  Mindy wasn't moving and Trish was drowning in his jism because there wasn't any place for the stuff to run off.  Tim let his dick lie on Trish’s face lengthways as Trish struggled to escape the flood and the remnants of what came out of Mindy's ass.  As she began choking a little, Mindy moved off her and came in for a kiss before Trish could get orientated enough to escape the mass of goo she was covered in.  Trish tried to turn her head again, but Mindy covered her lips with her own.  Trish instinctively open her mouth and Mindy sucked out much of the cum, lifted her face to Tim and then let it run out of her mouth, down her chin and onto Trish’s titties.  Trish had wondered where her next breath was coming from and was completely blinded by Tim’s cum that had pooled up in her eye sockets.  She rose up coughing, wiped the stuff from her eyes and said, “Well, that was different”.  She was kind of pissed that neither of them seemed to care that she was literally ‘drowning’ in the moment.  After a few minutes in the bathroom cleaning her face, Trish and the group exchanged small talk before Trish headed for home.  Suddenly Tim wasn’t quite the man of her dreams anymore.  “Man, that pisses me off”, she said to herself in the rearview mirror as she drove away.

When Trish got home, Nick was sitting on her porch waiting.  “I thought I would drop by to see how you were”.  “How long have you been here Nick”, she asked?  “Oh, about an hour or so...wasn’t much to do tonight.  Got off work late, and stopped for dinner at ‘our place’…he laughed.  She invited him in, though it was after 11 P.M.  She told him about her ‘encounter’ that evening, and said, “I’m not sure I’m going back”.  “Oh, you just have to pick your situations a little more carefully.  “It helps to have a Wingman with you”, he offered.  She smiled, and she sat down next to him on the couch.  She leaned into him…it felt good…right maybe.  “Hey, you gonna stay over?”, Trish asked.  “Sure”, he replied; “of course”.  “Maybe we could touch up my art work”, he said. “Maybe this weekend”, she cooed.  “Let’s get to bed, I’m beat”, she said. They went to bed, him in his boxers, and her in a long, loose T-Shirt and nothing else.  They lay there and kissed sweetly for a moment, and then she rolled over.  He snuggled up to her back and stuck his hand up her shirt and rested it between her breasts.  They fell asleep like that, and Trish slept more soundly than she had in a long time.

It had been about 2 weeks since the attempted ‘drowning of Trish’.  The incident had been discussed a little over the significantly fewer lunches and nights out with Mindy and Paula.  Mindy apologized profusely; saying that "she would have 'pooped', if she knew Tim was going to take the detour".  She was concerned when Trish didn't crack up at her poor effort at a joke.  Nick was a regular overnight guest and Trish really enjoyed his company.  Seems he had been very nervous about asking her out, even though he had seen her be ravaged by Mindy and Tim and had taken a razor to her pubes in a night that ended with them sleeping together for the first time.  Nick was happy that he was seeing her steady and keeping her bed bouncing and rocking.  The day Trish dreaded most came when Paula walked over to her desk Friday afternoon and said, “come out with us tonight…bring Nick…you’re missed; especially by Tim”.  Trish couldn’t help still having a thing for Tim even though she considered herself ‘with Nick’ for now.  Mindy could see that Trish may be a little scared from their encounter and assured her, “listen, it was kind of a shitty thing, no pun intended, to leave you hanging that day”.  “It’ll take time to learn your boundaries and limitations”.  “Come out with us tonight and have some fun...we haven’t seen Nick for a couple weeks either”.  “I don’t know", Trish said.”  “I’ll give you a call later”.  She didn’t know what to think.  The guilt from her conservative upbringing, again, loomed large and had been constantly nagging at her.  She’d see what Nick thought at dinner tonight.

Nick and Trish were just finishing up dinner when the subject of Mindy’s play house came up.  While she and Nick had been exclusive lately, she kind of missed the unpredictability and predictability of the happenings at Mindy’s.  “I’m up for it if you are, but would like to go home with you afterwards”, Nick said.  “Agreed”, she replied.  They decided to forgo the bar scene and went by The Mart to pick up some things, and then dropped by the sex store to browse.  This was their first time back, 'together', and Trish wasn’t as self-conscious about being there.  They teased each other and were laughing as they went through the door.  Once in, Trish walked straight up to the giant, plastic cock she had noticed last trip and said, “Do you think you could take this if I got a strap”?  “I think you’d split me in half”, laughed Nick.  “I only need to stretch you out a little so we can smuggle cheap candy and pop into the movies”, she added.  They laughed and continued to shop for their first toy together.  After looking for a few minutes and continuing to joke around, they decided on a soft, lifelike cock about the size of Tim’s.  Trish hoped that Nick didn’t catch on that it was the one she had scoped out the last time; vowing in her head to return for the 'prize’ later.  The two lovers held hands almost the entire time they shopped.  The palm of his hand was hot, sweaty and weird, but it ‘belonged’ to Trish.  They went by the house to drop off their purchases.  She looked at the stack of building material off to the side of her porch, as they walked along her new sidewalk.  Nick was in the middle of redoing her extra bathroom.  She patted his butt as they entered the house.  She had become more and more appreciative of her new ‘boyfriend’ and made sure he knew it, in bed, on the living room floor, on the kitchen table, and on her back porch, on a moonlit night.

They pulled up in front of Mindy’s at about 11 P.M.  Her driveway was full of cars; the ‘usual suspects’.  Before getting out of the car, Nick pulled her close and kissed her deeply.  “We go in together, we leave together”, he said.  ‘Yes my cave man husband’ Trish thought.  As they walked towards the door, they could hear music playing and people talking.  Trish walked over to the window and peaked in through a very small crack in the blinds.  Mindy, Paula, and “Yuk” Heather were all on their knees in a line.  The men were playing musical cocks, rotating from woman to woman getting their dicks sucked.  Trish was a little jealous as Nick joined the peepshow, and said, “Let’s get in there”.  Trish knocked and walked through the door in one motion as Mindy looked up to acknowledge their arrival; while continuing to suck Dave’s dick.  Trish and Nick got undressed and joined the ‘assembly line’.  Trish was first lined up with Josh, the one guy who had been part of the group, but hadn’t been with her.  He was a twenty-something guy with unremarkable looks; that had a clueless young wife sitting home watching TV.  His penis was pretty average and offered no challenge.  She rubbed the inside of his leg with one hand and grabbed his balls between her thumb and forefinger of her other.  To keep herself interested and interesting to Josh, she pretended he was Tim.  She found herself getting more and more of his junk into her mouth until it bottomed out with its entire length disappearing inside.  It felt weird as it occasionally bounced against the back of her throat.  ‘Neat’, she thought as she added her hand going up and down in concert with her lips.  Her blowjobs were getting better with a little patient instruction from Nick over the last weeks.  There was no way in hell she could ever get Nick’s entire dick inside her mouth.  She was pleased when Josh began to moan.  She pulled her mouth off his dick, but kept her hand busy running slowly up and down the shaft with her grip occasionally running over the top of his dickhead.  It was time to change, but Josh’s groan started a chain reaction among the men that signaled that it was break time.

They all walked over to the table, which had been restocked with booze.  Trish was a little behind so she took a decent sized hit off a bottle of vodka, poured a cup of diet cola over ice and walked over to the love pit.  She sat next to Nick, put her hand around his cock and began to slowly stroke it to keep it hard.  Tim noticed them and walked over to sit on her other side.  Trish, though a little uncomfortable about her ‘steady’ getting the same treatment at the same time, reached over and began servicing Tim’s cock as well.  After a minute, she moved forward to the edge of the couch, savored the buzz she had gotten from the vodka chug, then moved to her knees in front of both Tim and Nick.  She alternated between sucking one and jerking the other.  After a couple minutes of this, Trish felt someone’s hands on her ass.  Josh had slipped in behind her and cupped her pussy with his hand.  He dipped in with two fingers to get some ‘lube’ and then laid his finger length-wise, just inside her pussy lips, and was just barely moving the tip of it on her clit.  Trish hadn’t developed her tolerance to the level of a porn star, but would be able to hold back longer than in previous encounters.  ‘Mount Trish-suveous’ isn’t going to blow in the first minute this time’, she thought.  Josh had switched up and was using the tip of his penis to stimulate her clitty now; though it was a little bit of a reach.  His cock felt good as it parted her lips and pushed through to her clit.  Josh then put his dick inside her.  It wasn't overwhelming, but was sufficient.  She grunted and looked up at Nick’s face while she had just the head of his penis in her mouth.  She smiled and mock bit him.  The rest of the gang moved in and made Trish the focus of their work. 

Trish got up and mounted Nick in a face to face position.  He slid out towards the edge of the couch and had her lean in to him.  They kissed as she went up and down on his dick.  She then felt someone’s hand steadying her rear end.  Something dribbled onto her ass and was dragged to her asshole with a finger.  She felt the finger moving into her until it could go in no farther.  As the finger worked in and out of her, she began feeling tingly.  Nick was sucking on her neck and had her breasts cupped in his hands squeezing them.  Another finger found its way into Trish’s virginal ass and then another.  She was surprised how much room she had in there and was thankful it had been stretched out when Josh put the sheathed head of his dick in.  He paused for a moment, and then started slipping her a little more until he was in all the way.  It felt like she had a watermelon up there, and that she needed to ‘poop’.  She cramped and wondered why anyone would want a dick in their ass.  He patiently stayed still until she got used to him being in there.  It began to feel different and exciting as the cramping had all but disappeared.  Nick started pumping in and out of her pussy again as she raised up and put her titties in his face.  A few minutes had passed and Josh was going in and out freely in a steady rhythm that matched Nick’s.  Trish couldn’t believe she had that much meat in her and loved every scary minute of it.  She could feel their cocks rubbing against each other through the thin wall that separated her ass from her pussy; 'what the hell was that called?', she thought.  Mindy led Dave around to the back of the couch and gave him a stool to stand on.  He was at the perfect height to offer his penis to Trish for her mouth.  Though he teetered and had trouble keeping his balance, she got her mouth around it sporadically while the two cocks were pumping in and out of her other two holes.  She couldn't really concentrate on Dave's penis because there was just too much going on farther down. After a few minutes, Josh and Dave pulled away.  Mindy had placed a foam mat and a quilt onto the coffee table and Nick lifted Trish, and with some help from Tim and Josh, moved her onto her back on the coffee table.  Josh put his thing right back in her ass and started a slow steady pump while Tim and Nick put their cocks close to her face so she could switch back and forth; servicing both of them.  Mindy knelt by her side, kissed her nipple briefly and nipped at it before moving up to her face.  She helped Trish suck on Tim and Nick’s dicks.  Then as Nick ran his cock in and out of Trish’s mouth, Mindy wrapped her lips as far around Nick’s cock as she could and let him fuck her lips as he was fucking Trish's mouth.  She thought she had seen that in a movie once, but immediately realized she wasn’t enough of a ‘pro’ to pull it off.  Trish moved to give Tim’s cock a turn.  Meanwhile, Josh was still pumping in and out of her while Heather had taken up a position above Trish’s pussy and was flicking her tongue across her clitty.  She would actually dip her tongue into her pussy on Josh’s down stroke.  She was a pro!  Tim and Mindy both dropped in to suckle Trish’s titties while Nick began to, again, gently fuck her mouth.  Trish was being worked on by five people and could only remember some of her orgasm before she lapsed into semi-consciousness.  She just remembered that Heather had bore down on her clitty and began sucking on it before she experienced the largest orgasm ever recorded in human history; she thought so anyway.

After a brief bathroom break and sexual pit stop, it was Paula’s turn.  She had remained in the background for Trish’s ride and was now ready for action.  “Are you OK sweetie”, she asked Trish, to which her newest friend just nodded her head.  Trish helped Paula onto the table.  Everyone watched as the highly aroused newbie kissed Paula’s belly, moved to graze her lips on each tiny nipple, and then moved up to kiss her hard and passionately.  When Paula opened her eyes, Tim had moved in and began sliding his manhood through the two pair of lips.  They instinctively pressed their lips to meet half way around his cock.  He slowly fucked their lips for the three seconds the two girls could keep from laughing, and then, the whore…I mean Heather, joined them in a three way kiss; before they all turned their attention back to his cock.  Nick lowered his head between Paula’s legs and began slurping at her pussy.  She was surprised that the same Nick, who couldn’t tongue the broad side of a barn just two weeks earlier, was hitting just the right spot and had his finger inside, rubbing her pelvic bone.  Mindy joined Nick, and was surprised that Paula didn’t push him away in favor of her.  So she wet her finger and began working it through Paula's butt cheeks in search of her ass.  Soon Paula had Tim and Josh’s cocks in her mouth, Nick’s ‘now-talented’ tongue in her pussy, Mindy’s fingers in her ass, and Trish and Heather’s mouths on her titties.  After about a minute of ‘too much’ attention, Paula began to moan.  She pushed her friends away, stood up, and arranged them in the same position Trish had been earlier on the couch.  This time however, Nick pounded her ass as she lifted and dropped on Tim's dick.  Paula was taller and more adept at the game and was skillfully working on Dave's cock as he teetered on the stool behind the couch.  Mindy came out of the bedroom with the Polaroid and captured the moment for Paula just before Dave fell on his ass.  A few minutes later, Paula was back on the coffee table with her six lovers giving her the works.

Tim, Nick, Dave and Josh all took positions around Paula and were finishing themselves off.  Heather had taken over eating Paula’s pussy after the double penetration fun.  Trish and Mindy were working her titties and kissing (at) her alternately.  As Paula began to arch her back, Tim unloaded on her face.  Mindy and Trish worked the ‘goo’ running down Paula’s cheeks back up to her mouth with their lips.  Trish gagged a little as the three pushed the gooey mess back and forth.  It was the grossest, and, close to, the most exciting thing she had ever been involved in.  Next up was Nick and, though she felt bad for about a millisecond, Trish instinctively moved in to catch his entire load; swallowing every drop.  She didn't even allow Paula to suck the leftovers out of the tip of his cock.  Nick took note of his lover's attention and greed, and he liked it.  Dave was up next and squirted his considerable load into Paula’s mouth.  ‘Fill up the sand bags, the flood is coming!’ Trish thought.  Trish moved in to share it with Paula and while the women played 'cum catch', Josh, who couldn't hold it any longer, pulled his cock out of Paula's pussy and shot his stuff into Heather’s face as she snuck in as many licks as she could from her position over Paula's snatch.  It dripped off her nose and onto Paula’s pussy.  Paula had Trish playing with Dave’s cum on her face, an expert pussy licker slurping her now cum-bathed pussy and Tim and Nick sucking hard on her titties.  She erupted, gyrated and screamed until her orgasm was complete.  Mindy grabbed the Polaroid again and got a couple more shots for Paula’s photo album.  Trish slurped every drop of Nick's semen and was fine, but thought she might avoid the ‘cum’ Olympics with the other women in the future though.

Everyone fell away from Paula and rested for a moment.  Mindy and Heather hadn’t gotten theirs yet.  So, after Heather made a trip to the bathroom to clean up and fix her face, she and Mindy began making out on the overstuffed chair.  Mindy and Heather really liked each other and clicked very well when it came to sex.  One seemed to read the other’s mind as they took each other on.  Mindy pulled out a two headed, red dildo from the end table drawer, and pushed it into her pussy.  Heather was sucking the other end and everyone’s attention was focused on them.  Heather took over pumping the dildo in and out of Mindy’s puss.  She tried to position herself to straddle Mindy’s “cock” and lost her balance a little.  They both slipped down to the floor laughing; but were quickly ‘linked’ by their red toy.  Their legs were intertwined so they could ‘fuck’ each other, but it was awkward at best.  Trish and Paula moved in to help.  Paula moved the toy back and forth for a moment and signaled for Trish to follow her lead.

Mindy and Heather were now lying on their backs, connected by their double headed friend.  Paula straddled Mindy and planted her pussy right on her face.  Trish was, for anything involving Heather, hesitant.  Heather had grown on her a little, but still owned Trish’s dream cock in the form of Tim.  She went ahead and lowered her pussy onto Heather’s face, ‘Whore smothered in bizarre sex accident, leaves cock to her beloved friend Trish’, she envisioned the headline reading.  She laughed a little out loud, and then suddenly groaned when Heather went to work.  “Oh my goodness!…this bitch can eat pussy”, Trish thought as Heather made short work of her and tasted the gush of success running down her cheeks.  Trish, embarrassed by the return of 'Mount Gushmore' just leaned forward and began to work on Heather’s ‘area’.  Heather’s clit was rather large and hooded.  Trish couldn’t help joking to herself.  ‘It has its own garage…its own zip code…in the spring a beautiful butterfly will emerge…object is larger than it appears in mirror’.  She snorted, and got to work.  Trish spread Heather’s lips apart, put her mouth on her clitty, and sucked.  Heather shifted her position approvingly.  ‘Oui Oui, dinner for two’, Mindy joked, as she had traded positions with Paula.  She was looking Trish in the eye as she attacked Paula's snatch.  Trish couldn’t quite figure out what to do with Heather’s ‘ninja’ clitoris and moved away enough to get a good look at it.  She grabbed it lightly with her thumb and finger and it slipped out of her grasp.  It was like the little elf pimp, that lived inside the whore’s snatch, flushed the ‘cum toilet’.  Trish pictured everyone in the room trying to stand while slipping around on the stuff like an old comedy movie.  When the clitty slipped away, Heather moaned a little.  Trish grabbed it again and pinched it just enough where her clit was being pushed back and forth while still inside its hood.Heather responded with another moan.  Trish then peeled back the hood and touched her tongue on Heather’s clit.  Heather couldn’t believe that some ‘rube housewife from the suburbs’ was on the verge of making her cum.  As Trish placed her mouth over Heather’s exposed clit and sucked, another ‘Mount Gushmore’ was revealed.  Heather squirted a tiny stream of cum, or pee, or whatever, right into Trish's nose before it dripped back out and onto its source.  Heather reached her arms around Trish's hips and gave her a firm hug.  Trish appreciated being appreciated.  She still thought the bitch was a fucking whore though.

Meanwhile Mindy had made short work of Paula's second orgasm after the men joined in and were biting and sucking her titties.  There was barely room for them to get at them with Mindy on top of her, but they managed.  Mindy was on the verge again as well and rose up to sit more squarely on Paula’s face.  As she knelt there, grinding her puss into her sometimes roommate’s face, things got weirder.  Dave walked up behind Mindy, grabbed two hands full of her hair and yanked on it.  Mindy moaned and began grinding harder into Paula’s face.  Tim then stood in front of Mindy, straddling Paula and began to alternately slap Mindy’s breasts from the sides.  He slapped her with an open hand, just a few times, but hard enough to knock the boobs to her sides before swinging back to the front.  It was surreal and Tim was saying awful things.  “Cum you whore”!  “Grind it into her face you fucking cunt!”  Mindy was squealing by now and began to cum in one of her favorite places; all over Paula’s face. 

Those last few minutes (and an hour of drinking and snacking) resulted in four dicks ready to ‘play’ again. Trish helped Paula up off the ground and the four girls went into the bathroom together.  Mindy, Heather and Paula shared a smoke while Trish sat on the edge of the bath tub drinking her diet cola.  Tim met Trish, as the girls exited the ladies' room, and took her by the hand.  She looked over at Nick and he nodded his approval, but didn’t look very enthusiastic.  Trish cared for Nick, but she wanted Tim inside her tonight before she left the party.  He was always the prize.  Tim sat in the overstuffed chair and Trish knelt in front of him and began sucking his dick.  She applied what she had learned from Nick and went down on it as far as she could go, stuck out her tongue and let it ride behind her lips as she came up for air.  She left considerable saliva on him and slowly, firmly jerked him off while nuzzling his balls with her nose.She lifted her head up and looked up at him while running from the base of his cock all the way up and over the head with her clinched hand.  While stopping just below the head, she moved in and kissed the tip of his penis, then followed her hand down with her mouth. 

After a few more minutes of a ‘grade A’ number one hummer, she moved up, positioned herself on his lap and lowered her ready pussy onto his rock hard cock until it bottomed out.  She absolutely loved the way his manhood filled her.  Tim reacted a little differently than she thought he would.  She raised up high enough so he could bury his face in her titties for a few seconds, then lowered down and kissed him.  Instead of pounding her down on his cock, he pulled her in close to him and helped her slowly rise then fall onto her favorite dick.  He kissed her lightly and repeatedly and they settled in for a long sweet lover’s kiss.  With his lips just touching hers, he began to whisper how sweet and beautiful she was and how he wanted to fill her with his cum.  He lowered and raised her on his wonderful penis and never lost eye contact with his current lover.  It went on this way for a few minutes, and this ‘new’ Tim was making her feel uncomfortable.  A few weeks ago, she would have continued on with this ‘thing’ and completed the process of falling in love with this gorgeous man.  But, something about this moment finally arriving caused her to turn to Heather and motion for her to take over.  Heather moved in and put her hands on Trish’s shoulders, then moved her face close to Tim’s and said, “my turn”.  Tim didn’t immediately respond to Heather’s ‘request’, and seemed determined to finish off inside of Trish after the long, slow, loving fuck.  As Heather peeled his arms from around Trish and pushed in to take her place, he finally conceded.  Trish walked over to Nick, who was making another drink and said, “it’s time to go home”. 

They left the party, in full swing, behind and didn’t say much on the way to Trish’s place.  She thought maybe he was upset at the personal way Tim was fucking her.  She was upset about the same thing, but couldn’t figure out why.  When they went through the front door, Trish turned to Nick and started undressing him.  She pushed him down on the couch and knelt down to suck his cock.  She was trying to do an even sexier job than she had done on Tim and used both her hands to make him feel special.  She finally rose up and stood in front of him.  She peeled her clothes off, but didn’t rush.  She stood there naked in front of him and reached down to make herself wet…not a big job.  She climbed up and mounted him.  She rose and fell slowly on his dick and pushed her breasts into his face.  Nick responded by kissing and nuzzling them without working on her nipples or squeezing them.  She lowered down on his cock again and kissed him sweetly.  She was just touching her lips to his and whispered, “You’re my beautiful, sexy, sweet man.  You’re the only one who gets to fuck me this way.  Don’t forget it”.  She spent another 20 minutes riding him and whispering loving things to him, until he finally shot his load.  After he came, they sat like that, with him inside her, for another 10 minutes; kissing, cuddling and talking about what they were going to do with their Saturday.

Submitted: January 16, 2018

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