House Mistress

House Mistress

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


Status: Finished

Genre: Romance


This is a erotic and psychological story about people who want to escape from their past and find new lives in the world of female domination. The story takes place over five days where mistresses have to prove their cruelty over ten slaves in order to win them all. Beside the pornographic, this story is going to show you freedom and liberty in the most extreme sense of the way, where people can choose to give themselves to another completely, breaking all taboos. Enjoy! (Also published on regular Booksie)


This is a erotic and psychological story about people who want to escape from their past and find new lives in the world of female domination. The story takes place over five days where mistresses have to prove their cruelty over ten slaves in order to win them all. Beside the pornographic, this story is going to show you freedom and liberty in the most extreme sense of the way, where people can choose to give themselves to another completely, breaking all taboos. Enjoy! (Also published on regular Booksie)


Submitted: April 10, 2016

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Submitted: April 10, 2016





Somewhere in the countryside, away from the urban everyday life that most of us live, lies a grand mansion amidst a beautiful garden. It's white white walls tower over the countryside, only endless green fields surround it in all directions. We can barely imagine what type of oligarch rules there, what businessman had the founds to build it, what lord the power to control it's many servants and guests. Indeed there was no lord who ruled here, but a lady. In her mid-twenties, with long blond hair, almost white, and dressed in trousers and a white collar shirt, lady Rayla sat upon a wooden chair facing a large window. She was looking at the long road that disappeared in the distance.

While Rayla was lost in her thoughts, one of the servants creped up behind her

"M-mistress, we're ready for you down in the main hall." The man said.

Rayla turned to look at him, he was very afraid, shaking, this was the first time he was directly addressing the mistress of the house. The boy was a teenager, a bit younger than Rayla. He was wearing nothing but thin, white boxer and a collar around his neck, this was the way all the servants in the house were dressed. The fabric was so thin that mistress Rayla could see his cock through it, it was average size. She glanced upon it and smirked, seeing her reaction the boy immediately put his arms in front of his, that's when Rayla gave him a piercing looking with her blue eyes that scared the boy immensely. No servant or guest was allowed to hide or sexually deny the mistress of the house.

"I'll, be there in just a moment." Rayla said, her voice as rough and gentle as ever.

The boy quickly nodded and disappeared. Rayla stood up, she was a taller woman but she was shorter than most man. She unbuttoned the first two buttons of her shirt to reveal just a bit of cleavage for her frustrated slaves. Walking up to the door she grabbed the riding crop and left for the main hall where everyone was waiting for her. Rayla emerged on the balcony in the main hall.

The main hall was a huge room, in height it took two floors and in weight almost the third f the house. On  the south side of the room was a large door that lead outside, there were two doors on both the west and the east side, the doors on the east lead to the slave pit and the doors on the west to the master’s chambers. On the north wall of the hall was a balcony with a staircase leading down to the ground, and a door that lead to mistress Rayla’s chambers. On the balcony was a big, red and black throne, with gold and silver ornaments.

Rayla sat upon the throne, and rested her crop in her lap. On either side of her were two servants, both masculine and tall, dressed like the boy before but with much larger cocks. Behind the throne was another servant, this was an older gentleman with a bunch of papers and notes in his hands.

Down below the balcony, on the west side of the hall were five servants, all male, standing in a straight line, and behind them a ground of five masters, all girl around Rayla’s age and younger.

Opposite to them, on the east side was another row of servants, and behind them a ground of ten slaves, all boys not older than their girl masters.

Rayla stood up and walked to the edge of the balcony.

“Welcome!” She shouted, “ This is your first day at our sinful paradise. Here we have a group of five young girls who will assume the roles of mistresses, and ten young boys who will assume the roles of slaves. Both of them paied good money to be a part of our party, and finally experience their uncommon desires. Now, out “announcer” will read to you the rules of the house.” Rayla sat back on her throne.

A few minutes passed in silence while the servant behind her prepared his notes, he walked up to the edge of the balcony and started to read: “Rule one, both mistresses and slaves must obey the commands of mistress Rayla.

Rule two, slaves must obey the orders of their designated mistress.

Rule three, mistresses must tend to their designated slaves.

Rule four, every day, one mistress will be called out to demonstrate her control over her slaves to mistress Rayla in the most foul way possible, at the end of the fifth day mistress Rayla will decide which mistress will get the ownership of all of the slaves, the grand prize as it were.

Rule four, once your stay here is over, the slaves will begin their new life with their chosen mistress, and so escape their old lives.

Now that you know the rules, I will read the parings of mistresses and slaves.”

The servant cleared his throat and started to read:

(chastity and tease)“Mistress Linda will have slaves one and two.” As the announcer read their names, mistress Linda stepped up to the center of the hall. She was a tall, attractive woman, with curly red hair. She was dressed in a leather suit with only her nipples exposed and a zipper over the crotch. The servants on the other side brought her her two slaves, both completely naked, leashed and crawling on the ground. She took their leashes as the announcer raid the second pair.

(extreme pain)“Mistress Cassandra, will have slaves three and four.” Cassandra stepped up, she was a woman of darker skin, her hair black and his figure curvy. She was dressed in a white bra and panties, the servants gave her her slaves.

(chastity,humiliation)“Mistress Alexandra, will have slaves five and six.” Alexandra was an average girl with beautiful green eyes, she was completely naked save the duck tape over her nipples.

(cbt,cuckhold,)“Mistress Mira, will have slaves seven and eight.” This mistress was very short, with long black hair and huge tits. She wasn’t a very pretty girl but there was a certain charm to her.

(piss, shit, pain)“Mistress Rea, will have slaves nine and ten.” She was a very slim girl, with short reddish hair and an evil grin on her face. She seemed the most sadistic of all the mistresses yet. She was wearing nothing but a black corset.

Once all the slaves were kneeling before their mistresses, Rayla stood up from her throne and spoke again: “Now that you all have your slaves you can spend the rest of the day getting to know them. Tomorrow the first mistress to performe will be mistress Mira. Good luck ladies.” And with that Rayla retreated to her chambers for the night.


Day 1

It was around half past eleven when the day officially started, before than both salves and master had their breakfast separately, served by the servants. The masters would eat first together with Rayla, and then the leftover food would be taken to the slave pit.

As usual the masters took the west side of the hall, and the slaves the were lines up at the east wall, except Mira’s slaves who were waiting for her in the slave pit. They were all waiting for Rayla, the mistresses were excited to see how Mira would break the ice on the first day, and the slaves were anxious about what lied ahead of them, still they were eager to start their new life.

Finally our mistress of the house emerged on the balcony, dressed in a red dress, her golden hair tied in a ponytail. She sat on her special throne silently, her riding crop in hand.

“Let us begin.” She uttered, taking a sip from the cup of coffee one of her servants held for her.

Mira  walked out of the crowd, she was dressed as before.

“House mistress, today I prepared a show for you full of torture and satisfaction, pleasure and pain combined in great ecstasy. One of the slaves you gave me is, as you know, my husband, and the other one my lover. They both wanted to enter this life long before we arrived in your mansion. I hope you and the other mistresses enjoy the show.” Mira said and smiled, as she went off to the slave pit to bring in her slaves.

The slave pit was a small and dirty place, nothing like the great main hall. Walls were lined with small cages each one with another slave in it, living there like dogs, only being brought out to be tortured and trained by their owners. Mira took out her two slaves from the cage, her husband was a tall man with brown hair and a small penis, her lover on the other hand very short, almost like her, but much more pleasant to the eye. She took them by their leashes and they brought them out in the main hall. Both of the slaves were naked, crawling behind their mistress. In the center of the room there was a large armchair and a table with equipment and all kinds of toys designed to bring pain to the abused and pleasure to the abuser. Mistress Mira took off their leashes and put them on the table. The slaves knelt in front of her as she inspected every inch of their body.

Mira took the tiny cock of her husband in hand and squeezed it hard. “I see you haven’t grown at all boy.” She smirked.

“No mistress” The slave said through a moan of pain as Mira’s long fingernails dug deep into his flesh.

With her other hand Mira took the cock of her lover which was much bigger.

“Mm, now there’s a dish I’d like to try.” She slowly stroked his dick making him smile. Mira let them both go and took a piece of thin metal string from the table. She made her slaves face away from each other, kneeling, and she attached the string to both of their balls.

“Now, we’re gonna play tug of war, whoever screams out first is the loser, and the winner gets to pleasure me while the loser watches. Are the rules  understood?” Mira asked.

“Yes mistress.” Answered both of them.

Mira sat on her armchair, as the two slaves crawled forward putting a strain of the thing string. Their walls stretched backwards and pain could be seen on both of their faces. They both refused to move any further, as the pain wouldn’t allow it.

“Pull harder!” Mira commanded from her throne. Her lover immediately obeyed, stretching both of their balls back behind them. The husband tried to crawl forward but wasn’t able. Rayla looked down at the show Mira has prepared, she was impressed with the stamina of the lover, but she saw lack of training in the husband. Both slaves now struggling to keep quiet, while Mira was getting wet watching their misery. Finally the pain was too much for her husband to bare, he moaned loudly.

“Well, looks like you won’t be having any pleasure anytime soon.” Mira mocked the loser, as she lead her lover by his cock to the armchair. She sat and spread her legs wide, showing her wetness. She slowly inserted her lovers erect cock inside her. He pounded her hard and deep, their combined moans made the husband erect, while he was kneeling by the armchair and watching.

“May I touch myself mistress?” The husband asked.

“No slave! You’re lucky you get to watch while a real man pleasures your wife!” She laughed at him though her moans. Finally as the husbands face grew red of humiliation, the lover came inside his mistress, filling her womb with his warm cum.

Mira sighed, “Clean it up slave!” She ordered, and her husband craw over and started to lick her lover’s cum that was dripping off of her pussy and on the ground.

Rayla was impressed by the show, she admired the way Mira made her husband humiliate himself by getting aroused at her infidelity. She stood up and walked to the edge of the balcony.

“Fine show mistress mistress Mira. I hope your slaves enjoyed it as much as I did.” Said Rayla.

“One of them did.” Mira laughed as she jerked the cock of her loved standing next to her, while her husband was still on his knees licking the cum.

“As we saw here today, only the most resilient and strong man get the ultimate reward. I trust your husband will learn much from your other slaves, the weak need to accept their inferiority.” Rayla said and she took the last sip of her morning coffee.

“After you are done take the slaves to the slave pit. Tomorrow mistress Linda will entertain us with her slaves, good luck.” Rayla turned around and left the main hall, while Mira took the cock of her lover in her mouth just to humiliate her husband more.

 Day 2

The second day began quite late. Around eight the masters ate breakfast, and later trained with their slaves until five in the morning when house mistress Rayla summoned them all to the main hall. The setup was as usual, however mistress Rea was absent today, she excused herself by letting the house mistress know she would spend the day training her poor slaves in piss fetish.

In the middle of the room stood the same table with toys like yesterday, but this time instead of the armchair there were two wooden crosses with leather straps on each end for the hands. Mistress Linda stood between the two crosses, dressed in her outfit. She inspected the toys on the table and when she was done she addressed Rayla:

“Dear mistress, my two slaves are both complete strangers to me. They are both very good and obedient specimens, I trained them to accept torture them by means of denying pleasure. I hope you enjoy.” And with these words she went into the slave pit and took out her two slaves. Both were naked, their bodies were strong and their cocks big. Linda could see the envy on the faces of other mistresses, most of whom got very weak man for slaves. The two slaves stood in line before her, their cock already hard for their beautiful owner.

“I see you boys got excited early.” She smiled, one of the slaves smiles back at her, a huge mistake, she grabbed him by his hair and forced him down to his knees.

“You get hard without my permission and now you smile in my face for it?!” Linda scorns her slave and spits at his face.

“I-I’m sorry mistress” He stutters, his dick pulsating from the humiliation. Linda smiles again, “Clean my boots bitchboy.” She orders and the salve gets to work immediately, polishing the leather with his tongue.

“Today we will play a little game, I will tie you both to the crosses you see here and I will pleasure you both with my hands, the first man to cum will be punished brutally and the “winner” will be speared any further torture, for now.” Mistress Linda explained the rules. She kicked off the slave that was cleaning her boots, she took them both and fixed their hands on the crosses to that they would face away from her and the other mistresses. She stood between them and took their hard cock in her hands. The slaves shivered in pleasure when they felt her leather gloves against their manhood. Slowly Linda began to stroke their dicks. Her hand stroked up and down their shaft, and each time she reached the head her fingers here gently squeeze it. At first she went show, both of the slaves were filled with pure pleasure, since this was the first time they received any stimulation since they arrived. Linda slowly begun to speed up her strokes, making them shorter and faster, the slaves begun to pant heavily now as their mistress would strong only their shaft but she kept her thumb on the bottom of their head massaging it constantly. Slow and gentle moans escaped their mouth, even though they tried desperately to keep quit.

“Shut up slaves!” Linda ordered and started to stroke their cock fast and without pause, her grip was hard and only getting harder as she pumped them up and down faster and faster. The slaves now couldn’t suppress their moan, they moaned and groaned loudly as they could barely keep from spilling their semen all over the floor. Finally after minutes of merciless stroking the slave on the left cross came, his white cum sprayed all over the red carpet.

Mistress Linda untied the other slave and ordered him to go back into his cage in the slave pit. Then she came behind the loser and grabbed his balls hard, squeezing even harder than she squeezed his cock before.

“Now you’re going to pay you little pervert.” She whispered into his ear and let go of his balls. Linda turned back to the table and took a thick cane. She hit him repeatedly on his ass, each strike was harder than then last. The slave started to cry and scream in pain after the twentieth strike.

“Do you see what happens when you cannot control yourself? When you disobey your one true goddess?!” Linda shouted as the slave’s cries for mercy overpowered her voice. After the fiftieth strike his ass started to bleed, it was then that Linda stopped hitting it and instead started to cane his bare balls. Fixed and unable to move the slave could only beg for mercy as his mistress hurt him.

“After this I doubt you will be able to cum again, maybe I’ll turn you into a girl.” She mocked him as he was caned. After twenty hits Linda stopped, her slave’s ass was bloody and his balls hung flat and purple. She untied him and he fell to the ground in pain, unable to scream anymore.

Linda turned to face mistress Rayla. Rayla stood up and walked to the edge again. She was panting hard, she looked upon the slaves ruined balls as she rubbed her own clit. “Impressing...just…marvelous…” She managed to say through her moans. In her excitement mistress Rayla came, falling back onto her throne and crying out in pleasure. Her announcer spoke instead of her:

“Tomorrow, mistress Cassandra will shoe her talent to the guests and our house mistress.” As the announcer finished his sentence, Rayla grabbed one of the ripped servants standing next to her, and ordered  him to rape her then and there.


Day 3

Mistress Cassandra was the most efficient of all the mistresses, she insisted to have the ceremony before breakfast and the house mistress allowed it. They were barely able to see the sun on the horizon when they were all summoned to the main hall. Most of the mistresses were woken up by the servants that morning and hurried into the hall, most of them didn’t even wear their outfits. And while all mistresses started to arrive one by one, mistress Cassandra was already waiting in the main hall, preparing the needed equipment.

Her dark skin was covered in a white, silk uniform that consisted of a very short skirt and two strips that formed an X over her breasts, barely covering her nipples. On her feet she wore deep, white, leather boots that fitted her legs perfectly and went all the way up to her knee.


Once all the mistresses and slaves were ready, Cassandra faced Rayla’s balcony.

“House mistress, as you know I am popular in the fetish world as one of the most tolerant mistresses, most of the man who throw themselves at my feet any plan to swim in the shallowest waters of perversion. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t be a cruel, sadistic bitch like Linda, or a power hungry animal like Mira, I made my two little slaves into perfect anal whore, I sodomized them all night to prepare them for the show. I hope you enjoy.” Cassandra talked in a calm but strict tone, that would send shivers down anybody’s spine.


Rayla calmly nodded in approval, and as a sight to begin the show. Cassandra clapped her hands twice, the door to the slave pit opened, and two younger man came crawling out. They were both naked, on their hands and knees, with black leather collars around their neck, crawling towards their mistress with their tongue out and panting like dogs. Once they came closer, everyone could see the gaping holes on their asses. They were about the size of a fist. Rayla was pleased when she saw how Cassandra prepared her slaves, while other, more gentile mistresses like Mira were shocked, and everyone in the room was aroused by the scene.


“Hello boys, I see your anuses were loosened beyond all hope last night.” Cassandra admired her work, while both slaves were only panting.

She turned to Rayla: “They are forbidden to talk, they only serve as animals for anal abuse.” Cassandra explained.


She walked up to the table with equipment, taking from it a huge strap on dildo. She put in around her waist. Before she turned back to her slaves, they were so excited to see the dildo on her that they started to drip precum out of their hard cocks, they panted deeper and faster.

“This is the only tool I need, you both are going to worship MY cock, and the one that does a better job will have the privilege of being raped by it, while licking the asshole of the loser.” Cassandra explain the rules of her game.

Immediately, both slaves jumped to their knees and started to lick the rubber cock and balls. One of the slaves massaged the cock with his tongue, while the other one sucked on both of the fake balls, spit dripping off his face. They both seemed to be enchanted by their mistress. Rayla looked on, getting turned on more and more, she was delighted to see Cassandra’s ability to wash the minds of her slaves, making them like blank paper on which to write whatever their owner wished, to turned them into what their owner wants them to be.


After a while one of the slaves started to swallow Cassandra’s cock whole, deprived of any gag reflex he once may have had. He put the dildo down his throat and didn’t move for minutes, even his own mistress was impressed by this.

“And we have a winner!” She laughed, pushing the slave down on the ground and forcing the cock out of his mouth.


The slave them immediately got up to his hands and knees, he bowed his head down and pushed his gaping ass up, ready to take his reward. Mistress Cassandra knelt behind his, ramming her dick inside his ass, it fitted perfectly and didn’t even stretch him at all. Cassandra started to fuck him hard, her whole 20cm long dildo rammed in and out of his ass, but the slave stayed silent because of the way he was trained. The first few times the whole mansion could hear his screams, but after a few sessions with Cassandra he accepted his fate, and learned to enjoy the bloody mess she would leave him in. The other slave crawled in front of the first one, spreading his ass wide. The slaves that was being fucked raised his head and without any hesitation inserted his tongue into the other slave’s anus. The both of the slaves in this chain of sodomy were quiet, Cassandra fucked one mercilessly, while he kept pleasuring the other slave. From time to time Cassandra would slap her bitch on his ass making him shiver a little.

“You see house mistress, both of my dogs are silent while I take away their manhood. Once I win and you give them to me, I will castrate them, and make them into my little anal whore for life, they will love me for it!” Cassandra screamed while ramming the slave’s ass.

She was right, both of the slaves wanted nothing more but that to happen to them, they craved it since as long as they could remember, it was the way nature made them, they only needed to surrender to it, and with the help of mistress Cassandra they will.

As the show reached the end, and the slaves returned to the slave pit, Cassandra stood before the balcony, waiting eagerly to hear Rayla’s judgment.

Rayla stood up from her throne:

“The power and sheer mental control you hold over your dogs is impressive, Cassandra. It’s most noble of you to help those poor souls achieve their ultimate goal. Some men are created to serve, and it’s our job to help them fulfill their deepest desires. Thank you Cassandra for the wonderful show. Tomorrow, mistress Alexandra will show us her way of guiding the slaves to their destiny. I hope yours are as well trained as Cassandra's, mistress Alexandra.” Rayla smiled, it was obvious she was impressed by Cassandra’s show the most.


Day 4

The fourth day was very uneventful, after Cassandra’s presentation most mistresses thought it was impossible for Alexandra to give them a better show, and instead decided to spend the day training their slaves further. When the time finally came for the show to begin, only Cassandra and Rea were present with their slaves, while other mistresses were all training in their private dungeons. Mistress Alexandra was determined not to be swayed by this. Her slaves were already ready, kneeling on the podium in the middle of the main hall. As usual servants were present to help with the session, and house mistress Rayla sat upon her throne on the balcony.

Mistress Alexandra was dresses in a leather corset that covered her upper body, but with two large holes that left the area around her nipples pop out, her lower body was completely naked, except for her black high heels. The table had noticeably less equipment than before, there were only two glass chastity tubes, a small leash and a thick leather whip.

Alexandra stood before the balcony ready to start:

“Mistress Rayla, my slaves are as well trained as any other slaves, but these salves you gave me are the most perverted, dirty sex addicts I have ever seen! When I caught both of them masturbating without my permission I got so mad I wanted to order castration for them! But instead I decided to go for an option that would please my audience more. I had their tiny cocks locked in chastity tubes, preventing them from any stimulation, their cocks felt nothing for the last three days, and as you can see they are already hard only moments after I unlocked them!” Alexandra humiliated the slaves, they were both on their knees behind her with their legs spread apart, their manhood riding up between their legs.

“Today, I will tease them both mercilessly, until they cry for release, at the end I will decide if they are worthy to cum!” As Alexandra explained, her slave’s cocks would tense at any moment “cum” was mentioned.

Rayla could see how desperate they were to cum, Alexandra didn’t look like a mistress that would enjoy inflicting pain, but Rayla saw the sadistic pleasure she derived from denying pleasure to others.


Alexandra had her two slaves kneel next to each other, she took the two chastity cages and tried to put them on, but their cocks were too hard for the tubes to fit without hurting them. In her sadistic mercy, Alexandra decided to allow one slave to keep his genitals in a bowl of ice until his cock shrinks, as for the other one she forced his hard dick to bend in the chastity tube until it could be locked. All the while both slaves were moaning in the mix of pain and pleasure, one from the cold burn of the ice, and the other from the force of his mistresses hands, but both enjoyed the sensation on their cock, which were kept deprived of any touch for days.

After both of the tubes were on, Alexandra attached two small leaches to the balls of the slaves, and held them both in hand. She would then press her foot on the caged cock of one of the slaves thus keeping it in place while she pulls the leash tight around his balls and up from the ground. The first places started to moan the moment he felt something touch his chastity tube, he tried desperately to feel any pleasure he might by rubbing against the souls of Alexandra’s feet. He could feel nothing, but his cock did get hard inside his tiny tube, and he harder he got, the more pain and pressure he felt in his genitals. After a while the slave decided that it wasn;t worth it and tried to back away from Alexandra feet, but he was quickly reminded that he had no choice by her stepping even harder on his cock and the pull of the leash on his balls. This went on for at least half an hour before mistress Alexandra decided she had enough of it, and she moved on to the other slave, he was tortured in the same manner for the next half an hour. By the time this little game was finished both slaves were whining in pain and hopelessly begging for release from their tubes.


Mistress Alexandra then got each of her slaves to stand next to her legs, she ordered them to rub themselves against the lower part of her legs. They did as they were told and without any hesitation.

“Look at you little dogs! Doing anything I say just for the chance to pump your little dicks in front of me. You both aren’t even worthy of seeing me in this sexy outfit you dogs!”  Alexandra humiliated the slaves who just kept on moaning and rubbing against her legs.

“Now you both will beg for me to unlock your chastity tubes, while rubbing your caged cocks against my perfect legs. The one that does the better job will have the honor to cum in front of me and the loser will stay in permanent chastity!” The slaves both nodded unable to speak from frustration.

Please my perfect Goddess, allow me to spill my unworthy seed on the floor!” The slave begged through the moans while pain and slight pleasure flowed through his cock as he rubbed against his mistress.

“I’ll do anything just for you to touch my worthless cock with just a finger mistress! Please have mercy on your dogs!” The other one begged.

Alexandra smiled, enjoying the power she held over her slaves. She knew they would do anything for her, as she got wet from the power lust and sadistic pleasure, she decided that the slave which suffered earlier by having his cock rammed into a tiny cage deserved to cum more.

Alexandra kicked the other slave away from her, she obediently crawled back accepting his fate, he will never get any sexual pleasure, but even the idea of denial was all the pleasure he ever needed. Mistress Alexandra unlocked the other slave, his huge rock hard cock jumped out. Immediately he started to jerk off fast and hard, his eyes rolled back and he started to moan loudly for the was the first pleasure he felt in days.

“You pathetic slut, you used to be a porn addict that would cum seven times a day, but now you beg at my feet for a chance to entertain me by pumping your dick.” Alexandra mocked him and spat on his face. Hearing her humiliation words and feeling the spit on his face, the slave felt so obedient and submissive, and this feeling brought the greatest pleasure he ever felt in his life, immediately he came massive amounts of semen dropping on the red carpet.


Rayla was very impressed by the show. She thought that it was impossible for Alexandra to be better than Cassandra but she was. Rayla admired the way she thought her slaves to derive pleasure from denial, to be so excited by humiliation that they empty their balls on command.

“Well done mistress Alexandra, you are definitely worthy to dominate these slaves. Tomorrow mistress Rea will hold the last show, after that we all will meet here and I will declare the winner of our little game, I wish you all luck!” 


Day 5

And so came the final day of the adventure. All of the mistress were excited for Rayla’s judgment, still Rea was just getting ready to put on the last performance. She was the quietest of the mistresses, most of the time she spent alone or training her slaves, this made Rayla even more excited to see what kind of show did this introvert prepare for her.

By noon the main hall was filled with people, all of the servants, mistresses and slaves were there waiting for the final performance, even more important, waiting for the moment the winner is declared. Mistress Rea stood in the middle of the room, her table was full of all kinds of toys, from whips, to cuffs, to dildos. Her slaves were standing in line beside her. They were both naked, while Rea was wearing a red latex corset, and red panties.

Without uttering a word, Rea started the show. She took the thinner slave by his hair and threw him on the ground, Rea took a small needle and started to stab the skin around his crotch. The poor slave tried crawling away from the pain but was quickly reminded of his place by mistress Rea pulling his head back by his hair. The small and quick stabs were harmless but painful, each time the needle would pierce the skin, the slave would treble and moan. All the while Rea was laughing sadistically at her slave’s discomfort, the more he cried and struggled the deeper she would push the needle. After a few minutes she paused, and turned to the other slave.

“Bitch, I need to see you stick something dry up your ass, now!” Rea screamed at her slave, panting from the pleasure she got earlier from stabbing the other slave.

The fat slave quickly took a large, black plug, he turned around and spread his fat ass cheeks revealing his dirty asshole, he them proceeded to force the plug inside without any lube. It hurt him badly, he screamed in pain, but he didn’t stop. He knew too well that stopping would cause mistress Rea to punish him even worse. And while he was ramming the plug inside him Rea looked on, with a satisfied smile on her face, she started to get wet from the sadistic satisfaction. The fat slave managed to get half of the plug in, but he was having trouble with the thick part, Rea left him to struggle with it, knowing that he was too afraid of her to stop. She instead turned back to the thin slave and again stated to stab him.

“What’s that little piggy? Will you bleed for you mistresses pleasure?!” She whispered and laughed after spitting on his face.

After she dug the needle a bit deeper, the slave started to bleed a little around his balls, Rea immediately threw the needle away, and started to lick the blood from his balls. This got the slave aroused, and his cock started to get hard, he moaned and panted from the feeling of his mistresses tongue going over his private parts. Once all of the blood was cleaned, Rea grabbed his wounded balls and squeezed as hard as she could. The slave cried in pain.

“You dare to get hard without my permission?! You fucking pig!” Rea screamed squeezing his balls, as the blood started to drip again slowly.

“I’m sorry mistress, please have mercy on me, I’ll take any punishment!” The slave begged through his tears.

The other, fat slave got the plug inside, although his ass was very stiff around it. He knelt aside, cringing at his companion’s pain.

Mistress Rayla looked on from her balcony, she was satisfied with the performance, though she could see that mistress Rea was a very unpredictable and especially sadistic mistress. Rayla could only wander what Rea did to her slaves to make them so obedient, and so afraid.

After Rea had enough of the poor man’s begging, she let go of his balls, his cock was now totally limb from the pain. Rea took a small bowl, she squatted over it, and started to piss in it. The two slaves knelt and watched in anticipation for what is to come next. After the bowl was half-full, Rea took the fat slave and pushed him on his back:

“You did good forcing that thing up your dirty hole, you get to pleasure your Goddess.” Rea said, mounting him.

Then she turned to the thinner slave: “As for you, pig! I will have mercy on you and I will not cut off your balls, instead you will eat my piss!” She laughed as she slapped the fat slave’s tiny cock hard.

The thinner slave started to lick the piss from the bowl without any hesitation, he was afraid to stop or disobey, Rea had total control over him, and he was honored to slurp up his mistresses fluids. Rea then took a strap on dildo and put it over the fat slave’s cock. His cock was the smallest cock in the slave pit, and the dildo Rea choose was a 30cm giant. He road the dildo hard and deep, Rea felt the huge monster tear against the walls of her vagina. It hurt her badly but the pain made the pleasure even greater, she screamed in pure bliss as she getting fucked. The slave beneath her would moan each time she went down on the dildo, his cock getting crushed beneath it.

Rea took the piss eating slave by the head and forced his face inside the bowl.

“Drink faster pig, unless you want to drown in piss!” She screaming through her moans.

Finally after getting brutally fucked, she cried out one last time and came so hard her whole body was shaking. Rea stood up, and pulled the slave’s head out of her piss. The slave panted and struggled for breath, Rea could see that he didn’t drink all of her piss from the bowl, she picked it up and pored it all over the fat slave’s face, all while laughing maniacally and panting.


Rayla stood u from her throne,

“The time has come! Gather around for my final speech!” She declared.

All of the servants were standing in the back of the main hall, in front of them were mistresses, and in front of each mistress knelt her two slaves. Rayla was the only one on the balcony.

“And now out little party must end. I hope you all enjoyed the raw urges that flew through this house for the past five days. All of you came here seeking to find your natural state, pure nature is our only mandate, we cannot accept  any laws but the laws she gave us. And under her rule you all poses the ultimate liberty, the freedom to pursue your most basic instincts, unbound by society and her norms! Mistresses, you are all very talented in your sadistic ways, but I must choose one of you who is the best in her works. The one mistress who frees her slaves from the bondage of law and authority, and instead shows them their nature, their place. There are those nature made to rule, and those nature made to submit, who are we to question our mother’s will? In your knew life you will find the pleasure, the satisfaction your old lived hid from you under the thin veil of civilization. Now, while all of the mistresses did well, I must choose Rea as the ultimate winner!” Rayla proclaimed, all of the mistresses looked on as all their slave offered their leashes to their new owner.

“You mistress Rea offer the greatest liberation for your slave, you guide them in their pursuit of happiness, you are the embodiment of raw natural urges. To you I give ownership to all these people, seeking to find their place in the world.” With these words, Rayla took her leather crop, turned around and disappeared  into her chamber, just as quietly and mysteriously as she emerged.

Soon all the guests were gone, mistresses were off to find new slaves, and the slaves went with their new owner into their new life. Rayla sat naked in her chair, facing the window, and the mansion was soon overgrown by weeds.



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